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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 02 July 2018; Vol. 37, No. 13

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Volume 37, Number 13

News & Views

Salmonella infection impairs the nuclear RNA decay machinery in human cells, increasing the abundance of long non‐coding RNAs with a role in innate immunity.

Mathias Munschauer and Jörg Vogel
Published online 22.06.2018


Salmonella infection in human cells triggers selective loss of the nuclear RNA degradation machinery, leading to accumulation of unstable lncRNAs and activation of immune‐related genes.

Katsutoshi Imamura, Akiko Takaya, Yo‐ichi Ishida, Yayoi Fukuoka, Toshiki Taya, Ryo Nakaki, Miho Kakeda, Naoto Imamachi, Aiko Sato, Toshimichi Yamada, Rena Onoguchi‐Mizutani, Gen Akizuki, Tanzina Tanu, Kazuyuki Tao, Sotaro Miyao, Yutaka Suzuki, Masami Nagahama, Tomoko Yamamoto, Torben Heick Jensen and Nobuyoshi Akimitsu
Published online 07.06.2018


The first identified assembly factor for Arp2/3‐activating WASH operates at centrosomes and facilitates invasiveness of tumour cells.

Sai P Visweshwaran, Peter A Thomason, Raphael Guerois, Sophie Vacher, Evgeny V Denisov, Lubov A Tashireva, Maria E Lomakina, Christine Lazennec‐Schurdevin, Goran Lakisic, Sergio Lilla, Nicolas Molinie, Veronique Henriot, Yves Mechulam, Antonina Y Alexandrova, Nadezhda V Cherdyntseva, Ivan Bièche, Emmanuelle Schmitt, Robert H Insall and Alexis Gautreau
Published online 29.05.2018


A novel, conserved role for the multifunctional adaptor protein ALIX in facilitating centrosome recruitment of γ‐tubulin and MAP1S ensures correct spindle orientation during both asymmetric and symmetric cell division.

Lene Malerød, Roland Le Borgne, Anette Lie‐Jensen, Åsmund Husabø Eikenes, Andreas Brech, Knut Liestøl, Harald Stenmark and Kaisa Haglund
Published online 01.06.2018


Imaging studies in zebrafish, mouse and human cells reveal how macrophages play essential roles in wound angiogenesis, coordinating both the initial blood vessel sprouting and subsequent vessel regression.

David B Gurevich, Charlotte E Severn, Catherine Twomey, Alexander Greenhough, Jenna Cash, Ashley M Toye, Harry Mellor and Paul Martin
Published online 04.06.2018 Open Access


Reduced expression of cell fate regulator Prospero triggers an expansion of differentiation‐competent neural stem cells, giving rise to supernumerary neurons that functionally integrate into neural circuits in Drosophila.

Rachel E Shaw, Benjamin Kottler, Zoe N Ludlow, Edgar Buhl, Dongwook Kim, Sara Morais da Silva, Alina Miedzik, Antoine Coum, James JL Hodge, Frank Hirth and Rita Sousa‐Nunes
Published online 04.05.2018 Open Access


While miRNAs of the miR‐200 family are known to promote EMT and cancer progression via target mRNA repression, they exert a separate effect on epithelial cell plasticity by modulating alternative splicing signatures.

Katherine A Pillman, Caroline A Phillips, Suraya Roslan, John Toubia, B Kate Dredge, Andrew G Bert, Rachael Lumb, Daniel P Neumann, Xiaochun Li, Simon J Conn, Dawei Liu, Cameron P Bracken, David M Lawrence, Nataly Stylianou, Andreas W Schreiber, Wayne D Tilley, Brett G Hollier, Yeesim Khew‐Goodall, Luke A Selth, Gregory J Goodall and Philip A Gregory
Published online 05.06.2018 Open Access


The antineoplastic photosensitizer redaporfin kills cancer cells via irreversible inactivation of endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi, paralyzing protein secretion and triggering mitochondrial cell death.

Lígia C Gomes‐da‐Silva, Liwei Zhao, Lucillia Bezu, Heng Zhou, Allan Sauvat, Peng Liu, Sylvère Durand, Marion Leduc, Sylvie Souquere, Friedemann Loos, Laura Mondragón, Baldur Sveinbjørnsson, Øystein Rekdal, Gaelle Boncompain, Franck Perez, Luis G Arnaut, Oliver Kepp and Guido Kroemer
Published online 28.05.2018


The crystal structure of a Helicobacter pylori adhesin in complex with its receptors on human gastric epithelial cells provides insight into the interactions underlying translocation of a bacterial oncoprotein.

Daniel A Bonsor, Qing Zhao, Barbara Schmidinger, Evelyn Weiss, Jingheng Wang, Daniel Deredge, Robert Beadenkopf, Blaine Dow, Wolfgang Fischer, Dorothy Beckett, Patrick L Wintrode, Rainer Haas and Eric J Sundberg
Published online 03.05.2018


Crystal structures of HopQ and functional analyses reveal the mechanism by which H. pylori HopQ interacts with human CEACAM to inject the oncoprotein CagA into host cells.

Kristof Moonens, Youssef Hamway, Matthias Neddermann, Marc Reschke, Nicole Tegtmeyer, Tobias Kruse, Robert Kammerer, Raquel Mejías‐Luque, Bernhard B Singer, Steffen Backert, Markus Gerhard and Han Remaut
Published online 01.06.2018

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