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  03 May 2016   
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Physical Sciences

Coherence loss of partially mode-locked fibre laser


Lei Gao, Tao Zhu, Stefan Wabnitz et al.


Stochastically driven nonlinear processes limit the number of amplified modes in a natural system due to competitive mode interaction, which is accompanied by loss of coherence …


Multipolar interference for non-reciprocal nonlinear generation


Ekaterina Poutrina, Augustine Urbas


We show that nonlinear multipolar interference allows achieving not only unidirectional, but also non-reciprocal nonlinear generation from a nanoelement, with the direction of …


Single-wall carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide-based saturable absorbers for low phase noise mode-locked fiber lasers


Xiaohui Li, Kan Wu, Zhipei Sun et al.


Low phase noise mode-locked fiber laser finds important applications in telecommunication, ultrafast sciences, material science, and biology, etc. In this paper, two types of …


Infra-red photoresponse of mesoscopic NiO-based solar cells sensitized with PbS quantum dot


Mahfoudh Raissi, Yann Pellegrin, Stéphane Jobic et al.


Sensitized NiO based photocathode is a new field of investigation with increasing scientific interest in relation with the development of tandem dye-sensitized solar cells …


Ultrafast Band Engineering and Transient Spin Currents in Antiferromagnetic Oxides


Mingqiang Gu, James M. Rondinelli


We report a dynamic structure and band engineering strategy with experimental protocols to induce indirect-to-direct band gap transitions and coherently oscillating pure …


Corrigendum: Critical dependence of magnetostructural coupling and magnetocaloric effect on particle size in Mn-Fe-Ni-Ge compounds


Rongrong Wu, Feiran Shen, Fengxia Hu et al.



Corrigendum: Efficient design, accurate fabrication and effective characterization of plasmonic quasicrystalline arrays of nano-spherical particles


Farhad A. Namin, Yu A. Yuwen, Liu Liu et al.



Influence of SiO2 shell thickness on power conversion efficiency in plasmonic polymer solar cells with Au nanorod@SiO2 core-shell structures


Ran Zhang, Yongfang Zhou, Ling Peng et al.


Locating core-shell metal nanoparticles into a photoactive layer or at the interface of photoactive layer/hole extraction layer is beneficial for fully employing surface plasmon …


Global diabatic potential energy surfaces and quantum dynamical studies for the Li(2p) + H2(X1Σ+g) → LiH(X1Σ+) + H reaction


Di He, Jiuchuang Yuan, Huixing Li et al.


The global diabatic potential energy surfaces which are correlated with the ground state 1A′ and the excited state 2A′ of the Li(2p) + H2 reaction are presented in this study. …


Transformation seismology: composite soil lenses for steering surface elastic Rayleigh waves


Andrea Colombi, Sebastien Guenneau, Philippe Roux et al.


Metamaterials are artificially structured media that exibit properties beyond those usually encountered in nature. Typically they are developed for electromagnetic waves at …


Crystal growth and optical characteristics of beryllium-free polyphosphate, KLa(PO3)4, a possible deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystal


Pai Shan, Tongqing Sun, Hong Chen et al.


Deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystals are of great importance as key materials in generating coherent light with wavelength below 200 nm through cascaded frequency …


Quantum hyperparallel algorithm for matrix multiplication


Xin-Ding Zhang, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Zheng-Yuan Xue


Hyperentangled states, entangled states with more than one degree of freedom, are considered as promising resource in quantum computation. Here we present a hyperparallel quantum …


Pumping Electron-Positron Pairs from a Well Potential


Qiang Wang, Jie Liu, Li-bin Fu


In the presence of very deep well potential, electrons will spontaneously occupy the empty embedded bound states and electron-positron pairs are created by means of a …


Gate-Tunable Spin Transport and Giant Electroresistance in Ferromagnetic Graphene Vertical Heterostructures


Nojoon Myoung, Hee Chul Park, Seung Joo Lee


Controlling tunneling properties through graphene vertical heterostructures provides advantages in achieving large conductance modulation which has been known as limitation in …


Needle-array to Plate DBD Plasma Using Sine AC and Nanosecond Pulse Excitations for Purpose of Improving Indoor Air Quality


Li Zhang, Dezheng Yang, Wenchun Wang et al.


In this study, needle-array to plate electrode configuration was employed to generate an atmospheric air diffuse discharge using both nanosecond pulse and sine AC voltage as …


Evaporation of droplets in a Champagne wine aerosol


Elisabeth Ghabache, Gérard Liger-Belair, Arnaud Antkowiak et al.


In a single glass of champagne about a million bubbles nucleate on the wall and rise towards the surface. When these bubbles reach the surface and rupture, they project a …


Growth Mechanism of Strain-Dependent Morphological Change in PEDOT:PSS Films


Yoo-Yong Lee, Gwang Mook Choi, Seung-Min Lim et al.


Understanding the mechanism of the strain-dependent conductivity change in polymers in stretched conditions is important. We observed a strain-induced growth of the conductive …


In Vivo Mesoscopic Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Brain Activation


Qinggong Tang, Vassiliy Tsytsarev, Aaron Frank et al.


Functional mapping of brain activity is important in elucidating how neural networks operate in the living brain. The whisker sensory system of rodents is an excellent model to …


Erratum: Structural revisions of small molecules reported to cross-link G-quadruplex DNA in vivo reveal a repetitive assignment error in the literature


Paul E. Reyes-Gutiérrez, Tomáš Kapal, Blanka Klepetářová et al.



Erratum: Tumour angiogenesis as a chemo-mechanical surface instability


Chiara Giverso, Pasquale Ciarletta



The lag-phase during diauxic growth is a trade-off between fast adaptation and high growth rate


Dominique Chu, David J. Barnes


Bi-phasic or diauxic growth is often observed when microbes are grown in a chemically defined medium containing two sugars (for example glucose and lactose). Typically, the two …


Quantitative blood flow velocity imaging using laser speckle flowmetry


Annemarie Nadort, Koen Kalkman, Ton G. van Leeuwen et al.


Laser speckle flowmetry suffers from a debated quantification of the inverse relation between decorrelation time (τc) and blood flow velocity (V), i.e. 1/τc = αV. Using a …


An automated tuberculosis screening strategy combining X-ray-based computer-aided detection and clinical information


Jaime Melendez, Clara I. Sánchez, Rick H. H. M. Philipsen et al.


Lack of human resources and radiological interpretation expertise impair tuberculosis (TB) screening programmes in TB-endemic countries. Computer-aided detection (CAD) …


An automatic tooth preparation technique: A preliminary study


Fusong Yuan, Yong Wang, Yaopeng Zhang et al.


The aim of this study is to validate the feasibility and accuracy of a new automatic tooth preparation technique in dental healthcare. An automatic tooth preparation robotic …


Polysaccharide-capped silver Nanoparticles inhibit biofilm formation and eliminate multi-drug-resistant bacteria by disrupting bacterial cytoskeleton with reduced cytotoxicity towards mammalian cells


Sridhar Sanyasi, Rakesh Kumar Majhi, Satish Kumar et al.


Development of effective anti-microbial therapeutics has been hindered by the emergence of bacterial strains with multi-drug resistance and biofilm formation capabilities. In …


Glass-on-Glass Fabrication of Bottle-Shaped Tunable Microlasers and their Applications


Jonathan M. Ward, Yong Yang, Síle Nic Chormaic


We describe a novel method for making microbottle-shaped lasers by using a CO2 laser to melt Er:Yb glass onto silica microcapillaries or fibres. This is realised by the fact that …


Unravelling and controlling hidden imprint fields in ferroelectric capacitors


Fanmao Liu, Ignasi Fina, Riccardo Bertacco et al.


Ferroelectric materials have a spontaneous polarization that can point along energetically equivalent, opposite directions. However, when ferroelectric layers are sandwiched …


Sessile multidroplets and salt droplets under high tangential electric fields


Guoxin Xie, Feng He, Xiang Liu et al.


Understanding the interaction behaviors between sessile droplets under imposed high voltages is very important in many practical situations, e.g., microfluidic devices and the …


Generation of siRNA Nanosheets for Efficient RNA Interference


Hyejin Kim, Jae Sung Lee, Jong Bum Lee


After the discovery of small interference RNA (siRNA), nanostructured siRNA delivery systems have been introduced to achieve an efficient regulation of the target gene …


In-situ Liquid Phase Epitaxy: Another Strategy to Synthesize Heterostructured Core-shell Composites


Zhongsheng Wen, Guanqin Wang


Core-shell Nb2O5/TiO2 composite with hierarchical heterostructure is successfully synthesized In-situ by a facile template-free and acid-free solvothermal method based on the …


A phased antenna array for surface plasmons


Dirk Jan W. Dikken, Jeroen P. Korterik, Frans B. Segerink et al.


Surface plasmon polaritons are electromagnetic waves that propagate tightly bound to metal surfaces. The concentration of the electromagnetic field at the surface as well as the …


Revealing heterogeneous nucleation of primary Si and eutectic Si by AlP in hypereutectic Al-Si alloys


Jiehua Li, Fredrik S. Hage, Xiangfa Liu et al.


The heterogeneous nucleation of primary Si and eutectic Si can be attributed to the presence of AlP. Although P, in the form of AlP particles, is usually observed in the centre …


Ultrafast Imaging using Spectral Resonance Modulation


Eric Huang, Qian Ma, Zhaowei Liu


CCD cameras are ubiquitous in research labs, industry, and hospitals for a huge variety of applications, but there are many dynamic processes in nature that unfold too quickly to …


Ti–Ag–Pd alloy with good mechanical properties and high potential for biological applications


V. Yu. Zadorozhnyy, X. Shi, M. V. Gorshenkov et al.


Ti-based alloys containing Ag were produced by tilt-casting method and their properties were studied. Even in its as-cast state, Ti94Ag3Pd3 showed relatively high tensile …


Epitaxial growth and magnetic properties of ultraviolet transparent Ga2O3/(Ga1−xFex)2O3 multilayer thin films


Daoyou Guo, Yuehua An, Wei Cui et al.


Multilayer thin films based on the ferromagnetic and ultraviolet transparent semiconductors may be interesting because their magnetic/electronic/photonic properties can be …


Whispering galleries and the control of artificial atoms


Derek Michael Forrester, Feodor V. Kusmartsev


Quantum computation using artificial-atoms, such as novel superconducting circuits, can be sensitively controlled by external electromagnetic fields. These fields and the …


Non-commutativity measure of quantum discord


Yu Guo


Quantum discord is a manifestation of quantum correlations due to non-commutativity rather than entanglement. Two measures of quantum discord by the amount of non-commutativity …


Experimental evidence of coherent transport


E. Flores-Olmedo, A. M. Martínez-Argüello, M. Martínez-Mares et al.


Coherent transport phenomena are difficult to observe due to several sources of decoherence. For instance, in the electronic transport through quantum devices the thermal …


Li-Assisted Low-Temperature Phase Transitions in Solution-Processed Indium Oxide Films for High-Performance Thin Film Transistor


Manh-Cuong Nguyen, Mi Jang, Dong-Hwi Lee et al.


Lithium (Li)-assisted indium oxide (In2O3) thin films with ordered structures were prepared on solution-processed zirconium oxide (ZrO2) gate dielectrics by spin-casting and …


Barrier Modification of Metal-contact on Silicon by Sub-2 nm Platinum Nanoparticles and Thin Dielectrics


Haisheng Zheng, Bikram K. Mahajan, Sheng C. Su et al.


We report metal/p-Si contact barrier modification through the introduction of either “isolated” or “nonisolated” tilted-target-sputtered sub-2 nm platinum nanoparticles (Pt NPs) …


Sustainable Sulfur-rich Copolymer/Graphene Composite as Lithium-Sulfur Battery Cathode with Excellent Electrochemical Performance


Arnab Ghosh, Swapnil Shukla, Gaganpreet Singh Khosla et al.


A sulfur-rich copolymer, poly(S-r-C-a) has been synthesized via a sustainable route, showing the utility of two major industrial wastes- elemental sulfur (petroleum waste) and …


High-resolution analytical imaging and electron holography of magnetite particles in amyloid cores of Alzheimer’s disease


Germán Plascencia-Villa, Arturo Ponce, Joanna F. Collingwood et al.


Abnormal accumulation of brain metals is a key feature of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Formation of amyloid-β plaque cores (APC) is related to interactions with biometals, …


Role of time delay on intracellular calcium dynamics driven by non-Gaussian noises


Wei-Long Duan, Chunhua Zeng


Effect of time delay (τ) on intracellular calcium dynamics with non-Gaussian noises in transmission processes of intracellular Ca2+ is studied by means of second-order stochastic …


The effects of magnetic fields exposure on relative permittivity of saline solutions measured by a high resolution SPR system


Li Jiang, Xinyuan Zhao, Yue Fei et al.


A measurement system for the relative permittivity of a physiological solution under 50 Hz magnetic fields (MF) is presented. It is based on a phase-sensitive surface plasmon …


Estimation of Discriminative Feature Subset Using Community Modularity


Guodong Zhao, Sanming Liu


Feature selection (FS) is an important preprocessing step in machine learning and data mining. In this paper, a new feature subset evaluation method is proposed by constructing a …


Field-driven Domain Wall Motion in Ferromagnetic Nanowires with Bulk Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction


Fengjun Zhuo, Z. Z. Sun


Field-driven domain wall (DW) motion in ferromagnetic nanowires with easy- and hard-axis anisotropies was studied theoretically and numerically in the presence of the bulk …


Incommensurate spin correlations in highly oxidized cobaltates La2−xSrxCoO4


Z. W. Li, Y. Drees, C. Y. Kuo et al.


We observe quasi-static incommensurate magnetic peaks in neutron scattering experiments on layered cobalt oxides La2−xSrxCoO4 with high Co oxidation states that have been …


Size and Fiber Density Controlled Synthesis of Fibrous Nanosilica Spheres (KCC-1)


Nisha Bayal, Baljeet Singh, Rustam Singh et al.


We report a facile protocol for the synthesis of fibrous nano-silica (KCC-1) with controllable size and fiber density. In this work, we have shown that the particle size, fiber …


A hybrid system with highly enhanced graphene SERS for rapid and tag-free tumor cells detection


Ningbo Yi, Chen Zhang, Qinghai Song et al.


By dint of unique physical/chemical properties and bio-compatibility, graphene can work as a building block for a SERS substrate and open up a unique platform for tumor cells …


Logical operations with single x-ray photons via dynamically-controlled nuclear resonances


Jonas Gunst, Christoph H. Keitel, Adriana Pálffy


Photonic qubits lie at the heart of quantum information technology, often encoding information in their polarization state. So far, only low-frequency optical and infrared …


Competition between global and local online social networks


Kaj-Kolja Kleineberg, Marián Boguñá


The overwhelming success of online social networks, the key actors in the Web 2.0 cosmos, has reshaped human interactions globally. To help understand the fundamental mechanisms …


Initial rigid response and softening transition of highly stretchable kirigami sheet materials


Midori Isobe, Ko Okumura


We study, experimentally and theoretically, the mechanical response of sheet materials on which line cracks or cuts are arranged in a simple pattern. Such sheet materials, often …


0.26-Hz-linewidth ultrastable lasers at 1557 nm


Lifei Wu, Yanyi Jiang, Chaoqun Ma et al.


Narrow-linewidth ultrastable lasers at 1.5 μm are essential in many applications such as coherent transfer of light through fiber and precision spectroscopy. Those applications …


Low-temperature catalytic oxidative coupling of methane in an electric field over a Ce–W–O catalyst system


Kei Sugiura, Shuhei Ogo, Kousei Iwasaki et al.


We examined oxidative coupling of methane (OCM) over various Ce–W–O catalysts at 423 K in an electric field. Ce2(WO4)3/CeO2 catalyst showed high OCM activity. In a periodic …


A new type of power energy for accelerating chemical reactions: the nature of a microwave-driving force for accelerating chemical reactions


Jicheng Zhou, Wentao Xu, Zhimin You et al.


The use of microwave (MW) irradiation to increase the rate of chemical reactions has attracted much attention recently in nearly all fields of chemistry due to substantial …


Highly sensitive SnO2 sensor via reactive laser-induced transfer


Alexandra Palla Papavlu, Thomas Mattle, Sandra Temmel et al.


Gas sensors based on tin oxide (SnO2) and palladium doped SnO2 (Pd:SnO2) active materials are fabricated by a laser printing method, i.e. reactive laser-induced forward transfer …


Chaotic time series prediction for prenatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls in umbilical cord blood using the least squares SEATR model


Xijin Xu, Qian Tang, Haiyue Xia et al.


Chaotic time series prediction based on nonlinear systems showed a superior performance in prediction field. We studied prenatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) by …


3D printed cellular solid outperforms traditional stochastic foam in long-term mechanical response


A. Maiti, W. Small, J. P. Lewicki et al.


3D printing of polymeric foams by direct-ink-write is a recent technological breakthrough that enables the creation of versatile compressible solids with programmable …


Rapid Stencil Mask Fabrication Enabled One-Step Polymer-Free Graphene Patterning and Direct Transfer for Flexible Graphene Devices


Keong Yong, Ali Ashraf, Pilgyu Kang et al.


We report a one-step polymer-free approach to patterning graphene using a stencil mask and oxygen plasma reactive-ion etching, with a subsequent polymer-free direct transfer for …


High-mobility ZrInO thin-film transistor prepared by an all-DC-sputtering method at room temperature


Peng Xiao, Ting Dong, Linfeng Lan et al.


Thin-film transistors (TFTs) with zirconium-doped indium oxide (ZrInO) semiconductor were successfully fabricated by an all-DC-sputtering method at room temperature. The ZrInO …


Au-Ag-Cu nano-alloys: tailoring of permittivity


Yoshikazu Hashimoto, Gediminas Seniutinas, Armandas Balčytis et al.


Precious metal alloys enables new possibilities to tailor materials for specific optical functions. Here we present a systematic study of the effects of a nanoscale alloying on …


Long-Range Interactions Restrict Water Transport in Pyrophyllite Interlayers


Piotr Zarzycki, Benjamin Gilbert


Water diffusion within smectite clay interlayers is reduced by confinement and hence is highly determined by the interlayer spacings that are adopted during swelling. However, a …


Ear-body lift and a novel thrust generating mechanism revealed by the complex wake of brown long-eared bats (Plecotus auritus)


L. Christoffer Johansson, Jonas Håkansson, Lasse Jakobsen et al.


Large ears enhance perception of echolocation and prey generated sounds in bats. However, external ears likely impair aerodynamic performance of bats compared to birds. But large …


Accurate measurement of liquid transport through nanoscale conduits


Mohammad Amin Alibakhshi, Quan Xie, Yinxiao Li et al.


Nanoscale liquid transport governs the behaviour of a wide range of nanofluidic systems, yet remains poorly characterized and understood due to the enormous hydraulic resistance …


Complete Coherent Control of a Quantum Dot Strongly Coupled to a Nanocavity


Constantin Dory, Kevin A. Fischer, Kai Müller et al.


Strongly coupled quantum dot-cavity systems provide a non-linear configuration of hybridized light-matter states with promising quantum-optical applications. Here, we investigate …


A Chelation Strategy for In-situ Constructing Surface Oxygen Vacancy on {001} Facets Exposed BiOBr Nanosheets


Xiao-jing Wang, Ying Zhao, Fa-tang Li et al.


Surface defect of nanomaterials is an important physical parameter which significantly influences their physical and chemical performances. In this work, high concentration of …


Unconventional magnetisation texture in graphene/cobalt hybrids


A. D. Vu, J. Coraux, G. Chen et al.


Magnetic domain structure and spin-dependent reflectivity measurements on cobalt thin films intercalated at the graphene/Ir(111) interface are investigated using spin-polarised …


Optimisation of GaN LEDs and the reduction of efficiency droop using active machine learning


Bertrand Rouet-Leduc, Kipton Barros, Turab Lookman et al.


A fundamental challenge in the design of LEDs is to maximise electro-luminescence efficiency at high current densities. We simulate GaN-based LED structures that delay the onset …


Mechanism of stress-driven composition evolution during hetero-epitaxy in a ternary AlGaN system


Chenguang He, Zhixin Qin, Fujun Xu et al.


Two AlGaN samples with different strain were designed to investigate mechanism of stress-driven composition evolution. It is discovered that AlGaN grown on AlN or (AlN/GaN …


Excitation of propagating spin waves in ferromagnetic nanowires by microwave voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy


Roman Verba, Mario Carpentieri, Giovanni Finocchio et al.


The voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) effect, which manifests itself as variation of anisotropy of a thin layer of a conductive ferromagnet on a dielectric substrate …


Optical polarization and intervalley scattering in single layers of MoS2 and MoSe2


G. Kioseoglou, A. T. Hanbicki, M. Currie et al.


Single layers of MoS2 and MoSe2 were optically pumped with circularly polarized light and an appreciable polarization was initialized as the pump energy was varied. The circular …


Magnetic neutron scattering by magnetic vortices in thin submicron-sized soft ferromagnetic cylinders


Konstantin L. Metlov, Andreas Michels


Using analytical expressions for the magnetization textures of thin submicron-sized magnetic cylinders in vortex state, we derive closed-form algebraic expressions for the …


Efficiently-cooled plasmonic amorphous silicon solar cells integrated with a nano-coated heat-pipe plate


Yinan Zhang, Yanping Du, Clifford Shum et al.


Solar photovoltaics (PV) are emerging as a major alternative energy source. The cost of PV electricity depends on the efficiency of conversion of light to electricity. Despite of …


Partial Oxidized Arsenene: Emerging Tunable Direct Bandgap Semiconductor


Yu-Jiao Wang, Kai-Ge Zhou, Geliang Yu et al.


Arsenene, as a member of the Group V elemental two-dimensional materials appears on the horizon, has shown great prospects. However, its indirect bandgap limits the applications …


Real-time imaging through strongly scattering media: seeing through turbid media, instantly


Sriram Sudarsanam, James Mathew, Swapnesh Panigrahi et al.


Numerous everyday situations like navigation, medical imaging and rescue operations require viewing through optically inhomogeneous media. This is a challenging task as photons …


Disordered array of Au covered Silicon nanowires for SERS biosensing combined with electrochemical detection


Annalisa Convertino, Valentina Mussi, Luca Maiolo


We report on highly disordered array of Au coated silicon nanowires (Au/SiNWs) as surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) probe combined with electrochemical detection for …


MEMS Based Broadband Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Energy Harvester (PUEH) for Enabling Self-Powered Implantable Biomedical Devices


Qiongfeng Shi, Tao Wang, Chengkuo Lee


Acoustic energy transfer is a promising energy harvesting technology candidate for implantable biomedical devices. However, it does not show competitive strength for enabling …


Comparative study on the spectral properties of boron clusters Bn0/−1(n = 38–40)


Shixiong Li, Zhengping Zhang, Zhengwen Long et al.


The all-boron fullerenes B40−1 and B39−1 discovered in recent experiments are characterized and revealed using photoelectron spectroscopy. Except for the photoelectron …


Bright-field Nanoscopy: Visualizing Nano-structures with Localized Optical Contrast Using a Conventional Microscope


Swathi Suran, Krishna Bharadwaj, Srinivasan Raghavan et al.


Most methods for optical visualization beyond the diffraction limit rely on fluorescence emission by molecular tags. Here, we report a method for visualization of nanostructures …


A New Figure of Merit for Organic Solar Cells with Transport-limited Photocurrents


Dieter Neher, Juliane Kniepert, Arik Elimelech et al.


Compared to their inorganic counterparts, organic semiconductors suffer from relatively low charge carrier mobilities. Therefore, expressions derived for inorganic solar cells to …


Maximizing Photoluminescence Extraction in Silicon Photonic Crystal Slabs


Ali Mahdavi, George Sarau, Jolly Xavier et al.


Photonic crystal modes can be tailored for increasing light matter interactions and light extraction efficiencies. These PhC properties have been explored for improving the …


Using Wannier functions to improve solid band gap predictions in density functional theory


Jie Ma, Lin-Wang Wang


Enforcing a straight-line condition of the total energy upon removal/addition of fractional electrons on eigen states has been successfully applied to atoms and molecules for …


Size-tunable copper nanocluster aggregates and their application in hydrogen sulfide sensing on paper-based devices


Po-Cheng Chen, Yu-Chi Li, Jia-Yin Ma et al.


Polystyrene sulfonate (PSS), a strong polyelectrolyte, was used to prepare red photoluminescent PSS-penicillamine (PA) copper (Cu) nanoclusters (NC) aggregates, which displayed …


On residual stresses and homeostasis: an elastic theory of functional adaptation in living matter


P. Ciarletta, M. Destrade, A. L. Gower


Living matter can functionally adapt to external physical factors by developing internal tensions, easily revealed by cutting experiments. Nonetheless, residual stresses …


Rigorous Approach for Design of Differential Coupled-Line Directional Couplers Applicable in Integrated Circuits and Substrate-Embedded Networks


Kamil Staszek, Krzysztof Wincza, Slawomir Gruszczynski


We report rigorous approach for the design of differential coupled-line directional couplers in multilayer dielectric structures. In the proposed procedure numerically calculated …


Preparation of Nickel Cobalt Sulfide Hollow Nanocolloids with Enhanced Electrochemical Property for Supercapacitors Application


Zhenhua Chen, Zhanghui Wan, Tiezhu Yang et al.


Nanostructured functional materials with hollow interiors are considered to be good candidates for a variety of advanced applications. However, synthesis of uniform hollow …


Strong Surface Orientation Dependent Thermal Transport in Si Nanowires


Yanguang Zhou, Yuli Chen, Ming Hu


Thermoelectrics, which convert waste heat to electricity, offer an attractive pathway for addressing an important niche in the globally growing landscape of energy demand. …


Folding and Stabilization of Native-Sequence-Reversed Proteins


Yuanzhao Zhang, Jeffrey K Weber, Ruhong Zhou


Though the problem of sequence-reversed protein folding is largely unexplored, one might speculate that reversed native protein sequences should be significantly more foldable …


Non-invasive screening for early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis by a sensitively immunomagnetic biosensor


Shan-Shan Li, Chih-Wen Lin, Kuo-Chen Wei et al.


Amyloid-beta peptide 1–42 (Aβ42) is considered as a reliable biomarker for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Thus, it is urgent to develop a simple and efficient …


Combining measurements to estimate properties and characterization extent of complex biochemical mixtures; applications to Heparan Sulfate


Joël R. Pradines, Daniela Beccati, Miroslaw Lech et al.


Complex mixtures of molecular species, such as glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans, have important biological and therapeutic functions. Characterization of these mixtures with …

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