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Nature Photonics contents September 2014 Volume 8 Number 9 pp665-774

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Nature Photonics

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September 2014 Volume 8, Issue 9

Research Highlights
News and Views

900-1700nm photon counter with the best dark count rate: <200Hz at 20  quantum efficiency
The ID230 series is a major breakthrough for single photon detection in free-running mode (asynchronous detection) at telecom wavelength. The avalanche photodiode working in Geiger mode is cooled down to -100°C. A timing resolution below 200ps can be reached at 25% quantum efficiency.

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Solar cell woes   p665
The pressure to publish results claiming organic solar cells with high efficiencies is leading to pervasive problems of false reporting within the community.



Hot photoluminescence or Raman scattering?   p666
Kasey J. Russell and Evelyn L. Hu

See also: Correspondence by Aspetti et al.

Reply to 'Hot photoluminescence or Raman scattering?'   pp667 - 668
Carlos O. Aspetti, Chang-Hee Cho, Joohee Park and Ritesh Agarwal

See also: Correspondence by Russell & Hu



Erroneous efficiency reports harm organic solar cell research   pp669 - 672
Eugen Zimmermann, Philipp Ehrenreich, Thomas Pfadler, James A. Dorman, Jonas Weickert et al.
Mischaracterization of solar cell power conversion efficiencies and widespread publication of inconsistent data in scientific journals threatens to undermine progress in organic and hybrid photovoltaics research.

Research Highlights


Optical fibres: Low loss nanofibres | Molecular sensing: Fluorescent-free detection | Displays: Phase-changing pixels | Quantum optics: Subnatural-linewidth biphotons | Quantum optics: Giant Casimir effect | Optoelectronics: Broadband lasers | Optomechanics: Vibrating VCSELs | Optical communications: A dark soliton laser | Quantum cascade lasers: 2D photonic crystal laser | Optomechanics: Nanocavity torque sensor

News and Views


Biophotonics: Through-skull brain imaging   pp677 - 678
Steen J. Madsen
The use of carbon nanotubes makes it possible to perform fluorescent imaging of cerebral vasculature of mice through their intact skulls. The high spatial and temporal resolution of the non-invasive technique may prove useful for studies of stroke and other brain disorders.

See also: Article by Hong et al.

Lasers: Coupled laser surprise   p678
Maria Maragkou

Materials: Superconductor photonics   pp679 - 680
Ranjan Singh and Nikolay Zheludev
The fields of metamaterials and plasmonics are both set to benefit from the use of superconducting materials.

Silicon photonics: One-way photons in silicon   pp680 - 682
Alexander B. Khanikaev and Andrea Alù
In the quest for on-chip optical isolation, scientists demonstrate non-reciprocal optical response based on a 'synthetic' magnetic field in an all-silicon platform. This may open directions to optical routing, on-chip lasers and integrated nanophotonic signal processing.

See also: Letter by Tzuang et al.

View from... CLEO 2014: High-performance optics   pp682 - 683
David Pile
Developments in optical materials and components for extreme applications such as the James Webb Space Telescope and petawatt laser systems were showcased at CLEO 2014.

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Tenure Track Position - Applied Physics
Cornell University
Laser Beamline Scientist (F / M) Tenure Track
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY - Helmholtz Association
Postdoctoral Researcher, Biomedical Optics / Nonlinear Optics
The University of Texas at El Paso
Postdoctoral Fellow in Optics
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Post-doctoral research position in Atomic Quantum Optics
ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences
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Photonics 2014
Kharagpur, India
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Quantum nonlinear optics — photon by photon   pp685 - 694
Darrick E. Chang, Vladan Vuletić and Mikhail D. Lukin
This review article summarizes the emerging field of quantum nonlinear optics. Three major approaches to generate optical nonlinearities based on cavity quantum electrodynamics, atomic ensembles with large Kerr nonlinearities and strong atomic interactions are reviewed. Applications of quantum nonlinear optics and many-body physics with strongly interacting photons are also discussed.



Sequentially timed all-optical mapping photography (STAMP)   pp695 - 700
K. Nakagawa, A. Iwasaki, Y. Oishi, R. Horisaki, A. Tsukamoto et al.
A single-shot burst camera has been developed that can generate motion pictures without performing repetitive measurements. It has a frame rate of 4.4 trillion frames per second and a high pixel resolution of 450 × 450 pixels, making it a powerful tool for observing difficult-to-reproduce or non-repetitive events in real time.

See also: Interview with Keiichi Nakagawa

Non-reciprocal phase shift induced by an effective magnetic flux for light   pp701 - 705
Lawrence D. Tzuang, Kejie Fang, Paulo Nussenzveig, Shanhui Fan and Michal Lipson
An effective magnetic field is generated on a chip and a non-reciprocal phase shift is demonstrated in an 8.35-mm-long interferometer. The magnitude of the non-reciprocal phase produced is comparable to that achievable with monolithically integrated magneto-optical materials.

See also: News and Views by Khanikaev & Alu

Sub-femtosecond precision measurement of relative X-ray arrival time for free-electron lasers   pp706 - 709
N. Hartmann, W. Helml, A. Galler, M. R. Bionta, J. Grünert et al.
Some X-ray free-electron laser facilities are pushing towards sub-10 fs pulses, making it desirable to reduce errors in X-ray/optical delay measurements to the 1 fs level. Researchers have now demonstrated X-ray measurements with a temporal resolution shorter than 1 fs, opening up new possibilities for time-resolved X-ray experiments.



High-throughput optical screening of cellular mechanotransduction   pp710 - 715
Jonathan L. Compton, Justin C. Luo, Huan Ma, Elliot Botvinick and Vasan Venugopalan
A pulsed laser technique that induces mechanical stress in cells offers high-throughput testing of the effect of molecular agents on mechanotransduction in cells.

Ternary blend polymer solar cells with enhanced power conversion efficiency   pp716 - 722
Luyao Lu, Tao Xu, Wei Chen, Erik S. Landry and Luping Yu
The use of two, rather than one, donor polymers in an organic solar cell is shown to enhance charge separation, transport and recombination.

Through-skull fluorescence imaging of the brain in a new near-infrared window   pp723 - 730
Guosong Hong, Shuo Diao, Junlei Chang, Alexander L. Antaris, Changxin Chen et al.
Near-infrared photoluminescence from carbon nanotubes makes it possible to optically image the vasculature in the brain directly through the skull.

See also: News and Views by Madsen

Reduced spin measurement back-action for a phase sensitivity ten times beyond the standard quantum limit   pp731 - 736
J. G. Bohnet, K. C. Cox, M. A. Norcia, J. M. Weiner, Z. Chen et al.
The phase of a collection of spins is measured with a sensitivity ten times beyond the limit set by the quantum noise of an unentangled ensemble of 87Rb atoms. A cavity-enhanced probe of an optical cycling transition is employed to mitigate back-action associated with state-changing transitions induced by the probe.

Band filling with free charge carriers in organometal halide perovskites   pp737 - 743
Joseph S. Manser and Prashant V. Kamat
Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy measurements indicate that the dominant relaxation pathway for excited states in perovskite materials is by recombination of free electrons and holes.



Femtophotography   p774
Interview with Keiichi Nakagawa
A burst-mode camera developed in Japan called STAMP with a femtosecond frame rate could become a powerful tool for studying ultrafast dynamics. Nature Photonics asked Keiichi Nakagawa about the technique.

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