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  12 June 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Optimized protocol for combined PALM-dSTORM imaging ▶


O. Glushonkov, E. Réal, E. Boutant et al.


Whole Exome Sequencing of Patients from Multicase Families with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Identifies Multiple Rare Variants ▶


Angélica M. Delgado-Vega, Manuel Martínez-Bueno, Nina Y. Oparina et al.


Integrated analysis of long noncoding RNA and mRNA expression profile in children with obesity by microarray analysis ▶


Yuesheng Liu, Yuqiang Ji, Min Li et al.


Impact of physical confinement on nuclei geometry and cell division dynamics in 3D spheroids ▶


Annaïck Desmaison, Ludivine Guillaume, Sarah Triclin et al.


Interactome analyses revealed that the U1 snRNP machinery overlaps extensively with the RNAP II machinery and contains multiple ALS/SMA-causative proteins ▶


Binkai Chi, Jeremy D. O’Connell, Tomohiro Yamazaki et al.


A novel dynamic multicellular co-culture system for studying individual blood-brain barrier cell types in brain diseases and cytotoxicity testing ▶


Patricia Miranda-Azpiazu, Stavros Panagiotou, Gin Jose et al.


MicroRNA-7450 regulates non-thermal plasma-induced chicken Sertoli cell apoptosis via adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase activation ▶


Jiao Jiao Zhang, Xian Zhong Wang, Huynh Luong Do et al.


Anti-band 3 and anti-spectrin antibodies are increased in Plasmodium vivax infection and are associated with anemia ▶


Luiza Carvalho Mourão, Rodrigo de Paula Baptista, Zélia Barbosa de Almeida et al.


The biogeochemical fate of nickel during microbial ISA degradation; implications for nuclear waste disposal ▶


Gina Kuippers, Christopher Boothman, Heath Bagshaw et al.


Inferring population dynamics of HIV-1 subtype C epidemics in Eastern Africa and Southern Brazil applying different Bayesian phylodynamics approaches ▶


Daiana Mir, Tiago Gräf, Sabrina Esteves de Matos Almeida et al.


Music playschool enhances children’s linguistic skills ▶


Tanja Linnavalli, Vesa Putkinen, Jari Lipsanen et al.


Enhanced quantification of metabolic activity for individual adipocytes by label-free FLIM ▶


Michael Evers, Nunciada Salma, Sam Osseiran et al.


Global miRNA expression profile reveals novel molecular players in aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage ▶


Katia de Paiva Lopes, Tatiana Vinasco-Sandoval, Ricardo Assunção Vialle et al.


Identification of serpins specific for activated protein C using a lysate-based screening assay ▶


Stéphanie G. I. Polderdijk, James A. Huntington


Genome-wide association study identifies genes associated with neuropathy in patients with head and neck cancer ▶


Cielito C. Reyes-Gibby, Jian Wang, Sai-Ching J. Yeung et al.


MicroRNA-410-5p exacerbates high-fat diet-induced cardiac remodeling in mice in an endocrine fashion ▶


Tong Zou, Mei Zhu, Yi-Cheng Ma et al.


mTORC1 controls long-term memory retrieval ▶


Magdalena Pereyra, Cynthia Katche, Ana Belén de Landeta et al.


Far rapid synthesis of giant DNA in the Bacillus subtilis genome by a conjugation transfer system ▶


Mitsuhiro Itaya, Mitsuru Sato, Miki Hasegawa et al.


Wireless control of cellular function by activation of a novel protein responsive to electromagnetic fields ▶


Vijai Krishnan, Sarah A. Park, Samuel S. Shin et al.


Comparative transcriptome analysis of Sogatella furcifera (Horváth) exposed to different insecticides ▶


Cao Zhou, Hong Yang, Zhao Wang et al.


Climatic niche divergence drives patterns of diversification and richness among mammal families ▶


Adrián Castro-Insua, Carola Gómez-Rodríguez, John J. Wiens et al.


Expression of the Shrimp wap gene in Drosophila elicits defense responses and protease inhibitory activity ▶


Dianxiang Li, Yuanyuan Luan, Lei Wang et al.


Contact-free trans-pars-planar illumination enables snapshot fundus camera for nonmydriatic wide field photography ▶


Benquan Wang, Devrim Toslak, Minhaj Nur Alam et al.


The Roles of Attentional Shifts and Attentional Reengagement in Resolving The Spatial Compatibility Effect in Tactile Simon-like Tasks ▶


Wanting Zheng, Lihan Chen


Chloroquine and amodiaquine enhance AMPK phosphorylation and improve mitochondrial fragmentation in diabetic tubulopathy ▶


Hye Yun Jeong, Jun Mo Kang, Hak Hoon Jun et al.


The Drosophila homologue of MEGF8 is essential for early development ▶


Deborah L. Lloyd, Markus Toegel, Tudor A. Fulga et al.


In vivo detection of nanometer-scale structural changes of the human tympanic membrane in otitis media ▶


Roshan Dsouza, Jungeun Won, Guillermo L. Monroy et al.


Insights into the skin microbiome dynamics of leprosy patients during multi-drug therapy and in healthy individuals from Brazil ▶


Paulo E. S. Silva, Mariana P. Reis, Marcelo P. Ávila et al.


Mutations in blind cavefish target the light-regulated circadian clock gene, period 2 ▶


Rosa Maria Ceinos, Elena Frigato, Cristina Pagano et al.


Regulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation by Nanopatterning of Bulk Metallic Glass ▶


Ayomiposi M. Loye, Emily R. Kinser, Sabrine Bensouda et al.


Therapeutic positioning of secretory acetylated APE1/Ref-1 requirement for suppression of tumor growth in triple-negative breast cancer in vivo ▶


Yu Ran Lee, Myoung Soo Park, Hee Kyoung Joo et al.


Angiogenic Factors produced by Hypoxic Cells are a leading driver of Anastomoses in Sprouting Angiogenesis–a computational study ▶


Maurício Moreira-Soares, Rita Coimbra, Luís Rebelo et al.


Recurrent development of song idiosyncrasy without auditory inputs in the canary, an open-ended vocal learner ▶


Chihiro Mori, Wan-chun Liu, Kazuhiro Wada


Blocking the 5′ splice site of exon 4 by a morpholino oligomer triggers APOL1 protein isoform switch ▶


Amber M. Cheatham, Shamara E. Davis, Atanu K. Khatua et al.


Snail knockdown reverses stemness and inhibits tumour growth in ovarian cancer ▶


N. Hojo, A. L. Huisken, H. Wang et al.


Carriage of critically important antimicrobial resistant bacteria and zoonotic parasites amongst camp dogs in remote Western Australian indigenous communities ▶


Bertha Rusdi, Tanya Laird, Rebecca Abraham et al.


Temperature-dependent cell death patterns induced by functionalized gold nanoparticle photothermal therapy in melanoma cells ▶


Yujuan Zhang, Xuelin Zhan, Juan Xiong et al.


Honeybees show adaptive reactions to ethanol exposure ▶


Krzysztof Miler, Karolina Kuszewska, Valeriya Privalova et al.


Pyrimidine synthesis inhibition enhances cutaneous defenses against antibiotic resistant bacteria through activation of NOD2 signaling ▶


Samreen Jatana, Craig R. Homer, Maria Madajka et al.


28-homobrassinolide regulates antioxidant enzyme activities and gene expression in response to salt- and temperature-induced oxidative stress in Brassica juncea ▶


Harpreet Kaur, Geetika Sirhindi, Renu Bhardwaj et al.


Effects of repeated transcranial direct current stimulation on smoking, craving and brain reactivity to smoking cues ▶


Marine Mondino, David Luck, Stéphanie Grot et al.


Molecular profiling and sequential somatic mutation shift in hypermutator tumours harbouring POLE mutations ▶


Keiichi Hatakeyama, Keiichi Ohshima, Takeshi Nagashima et al.


Immunoprofiles of human Sertoli cells infected with Zika virus reveals unique insights into host-pathogen crosstalk ▶


Daniel P. Strange, Richard Green, David N. Siemann et al.


Could vectors’ fear of predators reduce the spread of plant diseases? ▶


G. Tholt, A. Kis, A. Medzihradszky et al.


Low night temperature at veraison enhances the accumulation of anthocyanins in Corvina grapes (Vitis Vinifera L.) ▶


Federica Gaiotti, Chiara Pastore, Ilaria Filippetti et al.


Sour Promotes Risk-Taking: An Investigation into the Effect of Taste on Risk-Taking Behaviour in Humans ▶


Chi Thanh Vi, Marianna Obrist


Post-stroke kinematic analysis in rats reveals similar reaching abnormalities as humans ▶


Gustavo Balbinot, Clarissa Pedrini Schuch, Matthew S. Jeffers et al.


Characterization of a novel MYO3A missense mutation associated with a dominant form of late onset hearing loss ▶


Vitor G. L. Dantas, Manmeet H. Raval, Angela Ballesteros et al.


Discovery of pancreastatin inhibitor PSTi8 for the treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes: studies in rodent models of diabetes mellitus ▶


Zakir Hossain, Guru R. Valicherla, Anand P. Gupta et al.


Lysosomal Targeting Enhancement by Conjugation of Glycopeptides Containing Mannose-6-phosphate Glycans Derived from Glyco-engineered Yeast ▶


Ji-Yeon Kang, Keun Koo Shin, Ha Hyung Kim et al.


Mouse medulloblastoma driven by CRISPR activation of cellular Myc ▶


BaoHan T. Vo, Jin Ah Kwon, Chunliang Li et al.


Uncovering Cellular retinoic acid-binding protein 2 as a potential target for rheumatoid arthritis synovial hyperplasia ▶


Nerea Mosquera, Angela Rodriguez-Trillo, Antonio Mera-Varela et al.


A toll-like receptor 9 antagonist restores below-level glial glutamate transporter expression in the dorsal horn following spinal cord injury ▶


Alexandra Pallottie, Ayomi Ratnayake, Li Ni et al.


Reelin and aromatase cooperate in ovarian follicle development ▶


Maurice Meseke, Felicitas Pröls, Camilla Schmahl et al.


Validation of Common Housekeeping Genes as Reference for qPCR Gene Expression Analysis During iPS Reprogramming Process ▶


Yulia Panina, Arno Germond, Shinji Masui et al.


Optogenetic auditory fMRI reveals the effects of visual cortical inputs on auditory midbrain response ▶


Alex T. L. Leong, Celia M. Dong, Patrick P. Gao et al.


Glucocorticoids suppress Wnt16 expression in osteoblasts in vitro and in vivo ▶


Susanne Hildebrandt, Ulrike Baschant, Sylvia Thiele et al.


Targeted linked-read sequencing for direct haplotype phasing of maternal DMD alleles: a practical and reliable method for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis ▶


Se Song Jang, Byung Chan Lim, Seong-Keun Yoo et al.


The dynamic interplay between acute psychosocial stress, emotion and autobiographical memory ▶


Signy Sheldon, Sonja Chu, Jonas P. Nitschke et al.


Dissociating neural markers of stimulus memorability and subjective recognition during episodic retrieval ▶


Wilma A. Bainbridge, Jesse Rissman


Effect of HIV-1 Tat on the formation of the mitotic spindle by interaction with ribosomal protein S3 ▶


Jiyoung Kim, Yeon-Soo Kim


Identifying differentially expressed proteins in sorghum cell cultures exposed to osmotic stress ▶


Rudo Ngara, Elelwani Ramulifho, Mahsa Movahedi et al.


Metagenomics detection and characterisation of viruses in faecal samples from Australian wild birds ▶


Jessy Vibin, Anthony Chamings, Fiona Collier et al.


Population resequencing reveals candidate genes associated with salinity adaptation of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas ▶


Zhicai She, Li Li, Jie Meng et al.


Lobohedleolide suppresses hepatitis C virus replication via JNK/c-Jun-C/EBP-mediated down-regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression ▶


Chun-Kuang Lin, Chin-Kai Tseng, Chih-Chuang Liaw et al.


Expression and localization of CB1R, NAPE-PLD, and FAAH in the vervet monkey nucleus accumbens ▶


Ryan Kucera, Joseph Bouskila, Laurent Elkrief et al.


Testing the Precedence Effect in the Median Plane Reveals Backward Spatial Masking of Sound ▶


Rachel Ege, A. John van Opstal, Peter Bremen et al.


Colorimetric LAMP microfluidic chip for detecting three allergens: peanut, sesame and soybean ▶


Dan Yuan, Jilie Kong, Xinxin Li et al.


Glucose challenge metabolomics implicates medium-chain acylcarnitines in insulin resistance ▶


Christoph Nowak, Susanne Hetty, Samira Salihovic et al.


Polyploid lineages in the genus Porphyra ▶


Elena Varela-Álvarez, João Loureiro, Cristina Paulino et al.


Rivers as carriers and potential sentinels for Burkholderia pseudomallei in Laos ▶


Rosalie E. Zimmermann, Olivier Ribolzi, Alain Pierret et al.


Prophylactic efficacy of orally administered Bacillus poly-γ-glutamic acid, a non-LPS TLR4 ligand, against norovirus infection in mice ▶


Wooseong Lee, Minwoo Kim, Seung-Hoon Lee et al.


Temporal and Spatial Effects of Blast Overpressure on Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Traumatic Brain Injury ▶


Matthew Kuriakose, Kakulavarapu V. Rama Rao, Daniel Younger et al.

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