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Scientific Reports Chemistry Table of Contents e-alert: 12 June 2018

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  12 June 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

High capacity and stable all-solid-state Li ion battery using SnO2-embedded nanoporous carbon ▶


Hiroo Notohara, Koki Urita, Hideyuki Yamamura et al.


Silicon Integrated Interferometric Optical Gyroscope ▶


Beibei Wu, Yu Yu, Jiabi Xiong et al.


Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Se-doped TiO2 under visible light irradiation ▶


Wei Xie, Rui Li, Qingyu Xu


The analysis of latent fingermarks on polymer banknotes using MALDI-MS ▶


K. Scotcher, R. Bradshaw


Simple, low-cost fabrication of acrylic based droplet microfluidics and its use to generate DNA-coated particles ▶


Md. Mamunul Islam, Amanda Loewen, Peter B. Allen


The roughening kinetics of hydrogenated graphene ▶


S. Son, J. Figueira Nunes, Y. Shin et al.


Anomalous ellipticity dependence in nonsequential double ionization of ArXe ▶


Cheng Huang, Mingmin Zhong, Zhengmao Wu


Harvesting electrical energy from torsional thermal actuation driven by natural convection ▶


Shi Hyeong Kim, Hyeon Jun Sim, Jae Sang Hyeon et al.


Accurate and Robust Non-rigid Point Set Registration using Student’s-t Mixture Model with Prior Probability Modeling ▶


Zhiyong Zhou, Jianfei Tu, Chen Geng et al.


Element substitution of kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 for efficient counter electrode of dye-sensitized solar cells ▶


Shuang Lu, Huanying Yang, Fei Li et al.


Unveiling structural, chemical and magnetic interfacial peculiarities in ε-Fe2O3/GaN (0001) epitaxial films ▶


Victor Ukleev, Sergey Suturin, Taro Nakajima et al.


Enhancing coherence via tuning coupling range in nonlocally coupled Stuart–Landau oscillators ▶


Nannan Zhao, Zhongkui Sun, Wei Xu


Understanding the effects of Cr doping in rutile TiO2 by DFT calculations and X-ray spectroscopy ▶


G. Cristian Vásquez, David Maestre, Ana Cremades et al.


Effect of Strong Opinions on the Dynamics of the Majority-Vote Model ▶


André L. M. Vilela, H. Eugene Stanley


First Report on High Entropy Alloy Nanoparticle Decorated Graphene ▶


M. Y. Rekha, Nitin Mallik, Chandan Srivastava


Highly sensitive atomic based MW interferometry ▶


Dangka Shylla, Elijah Ogaro Nyakang’o, Kanhaiya Pandey


Hexagonal MoTe2 with Amorphous BN Passivation Layer for Improved Oxidation Resistance and Endurance of 2D Field Effect Transistors ▶


Benjamin Sirota, Nicholas Glavin, Sergiy Krylyuk et al.


Demonstration of a terahertz pure vector beam by tailoring geometric phase ▶


Toshitaka Wakayama, Takeshi Higashiguchi, Kazuyuki Sakaue et al.


Validation of Twitter opinion trends with national polling aggregates: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump ▶


Alexandre Bovet, Flaviano Morone, Hernán A. Makse


High resolution XUV Fourier transform holography on a table top ▶


G. K. Tadesse, W. Eschen, R. Klas et al.


Reduced partitioning of plastic strain for strong and yet ductile precipitate-strengthened alloys ▶


R. D. Jones, F. Di Gioacchino, H. Lim et al.


Design of Phase Gradient Coding Metasurfaces for Broadband Wave Modulating ▶


Yang Zhou, Guori Zhang, Haiyan Chen et al.

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