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Nature Photonics contents July 2017 Volume 11 Number 7 pp 397 - 401

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Nature Photonics

Call for nominations: 2017 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science.

Recognising the work of individuals who promote science in the face of hostility. Winners will be announced at a reception in London, as well as in Nature, and will receive £2,000.

Closing date for nominations is 31st July 2017.

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July 2017 Volume 11, Issue 7

Books and Arts
Research Highlights
News and Views
Nature Research symposium: Metamaterials and Grand Challenges

Nature Communications, Nature Materials and Nature Photonics present a symposium which will cover the potential of metamaterials to address the so-called "grand challenges" in research. The symposium will take place at the upcoming Metamaterials'2017 conference in Marseille, 28 August — 2 September. 


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Nature Electronics launching 

Launching in January 2018, Nature Electronics will publish both fundamental and applied research across all areas of electronics, and will incorporate the work of scientists, engineers and industry. At its core, the journal will be concerned with the development of new technologies and understanding the impact of these developments on society. 

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Open SESAME   p397
The official opening of the SESAME synchrotron in Jordan on 16 May marked an important landmark for science in the Middle East. It is also set to become the world's first solar-powered accelerator.



The case for quantum plasmonics   pp398 - 400
Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi and Jacob B. Khurgin
The discrete quantum nature of plasmons may be exploited to make efficient single-photon sources. Despite the losses associated with metallic resonators, advantages over dielectric counterparts exist when it comes to producing efficient quantum emitters.

Books and Arts


New titles at a glance   p401
Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics Edited by C. Fabre, V. Sandoghdar, N. Treps and L. F. Cugliandolo

Research Highlights


Quantum optics: Efficient extraction | Nanophotonics: Labelling worries | Solar energy: Fungi in the Sun | Integrated optics: Dense comb on a chip | Lasers: Diode-pump fix

News and Views


Silicon photonics: Meshing optics with applications   pp403 - 404
David A. B. Miller
Two concurrent demonstrations of programmable photonic processors based on large meshes of interconnected waveguides on a silicon chip provide new hope for optical information processing.

See also: Article by Shen et al. | Article by Harris et al.

Optomechanics: Light-driven flytrap   p405
Noriaki Horiuchi

Attosecond photonics: Imaging ultrafast electron dynamics   pp405 - 407
Alberto Simoncig
A feasible route towards electron microscopy at the attosecond timescale is now possible thanks to the implementation of an optical gating approach.

See also: Article by Hassan et al.

Black phosphorus: A new bandgap tuning knob   pp407 - 409
Rafael Roldán and Andres Castellanos-Gomez
An external 'tuning knob' by means of applying a transverse electric field has been experimentally demonstrated to modify the bandgap of black phosphorus, making the two-dimensional material practical for integration in functional nanodevices.

View from... XOPT 2017: Evolving X-ray science   pp409 - 410
Noriaki Horiuchi
Reports of photon-photon interaction experiments, novel imaging schemes and state-of-the-art mirrors were highlights of the recent International Conference on X-ray Optics and Applications in Yokohama, Japan.

Nature Photonics
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Professor (Two faculty positions in experimental physics)
University of St Andrews
Higher Scientific Officer - Advanced image analyst and microscopist
Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)
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The 10th International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO 2017)
Guilin, China
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Compressive hyperspectral time-resolved wide-field fluorescence lifetime imaging   pp411 - 414
Qi Pian, Ruoyang Yao, Nattawut Sinsuebphon and Xavier Intes
Single-pixel system enables hyperspectral fluorescent lifetime imaging.

Planar metasurface retroreflector   pp415 - 420
Amir Arbabi, Ehsan Arbabi, Yu Horie, Seyedeh Mahsa Kamali and Andrei Faraon
Thin and lightweight retroreflectors of infrared light have been created from pairs of silicon metasurfaces.

Electrical 2π phase control of infrared light in a 350-nm footprint using graphene plasmons   pp421 - 424
Achim Woessner, Yuanda Gao, Iacopo Torre, Mark B. Lundeberg, Cheng Tan et al.
Phase velocity of graphene plasmons is electrically controlled in a set-up enabling tuning of the phase between 0 and 2π.

Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science — Spain

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High-temporal-resolution electron microscopy for imaging ultrafast electron dynamics   pp425 - 430
M. Th. Hassan, J. S. Baskin, B. Liao and A. H. Zewail
Ultrafast electron microscopy with an order-of-magnitude enhancement in the typical temporal resolution is demonstrated, permitting the imaging of ultrafast electron dynamics that last a few tens of femtoseconds.

See also: News and Views by Simoncig

Valley-polarized exciton–polaritons in a monolayer semiconductor   pp431 - 435
Yen-Jung Chen, Jeffrey D. Cain, Teodor K. Stanev, Vinayak P. Dravid and Nathaniel P. Stern
Exploitation of the valley electronic structure of transition metal dichalcogenides with exciton–polaritons is an elusive challenge. Now, valley-polarized exciton–polaritons in monolayers of MoS2 have been demonstrated.

High-performance direct conversion X-ray detectors based on sintered hybrid lead triiodide perovskite wafers   pp436 - 440
Shreetu Shrestha, René Fischer, Gebhard J. Matt, Patrick Feldner, Thilo Michel et al.
Methyl ammonium lead triiodide perovskite wafers for application in direct conversion X-ray detectors are fabricated by a room-temperature sintering process. A conversion efficiency of 2,527 mC Gyaircm-2 under 70 kVp X-ray exposure is obtained.

Deep learning with coherent nanophotonic circuits   pp441 - 446
Yichen Shen, Nicholas C. Harris, Scott Skirlo, Mihika Prabhu, Tom Baehr-Jones et al.
Programmable silicon nanophotonic processor empowers optical neural networks.

See also: News and Views by Miller

Quantum transport simulations in a programmable nanophotonic processor   pp447 - 452
Nicholas C. Harris, Gregory R. Steinbrecher, Mihika Prabhu, Yoav Lahini, Jacob Mower et al.
A large-scale, low-loss and phase-stable programmable nanophotonic processor is fabricated to explore quantum transport phenomena. The signature of environment-assisted quantum transport in discrete-time systems is observed for the first time.

See also: News and Views by Miller

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