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Volume 30, Issue 7 (July 2017)

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Inside the USCAP Journals


Inside the USCAP Journals

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 906-907; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.48

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Original Articles


Polyembryoma of the testis: a report of two cases dominant within mixed germ cell tumors and review of gonadal polyembryomas

Jennifer N Stall and Robert H Young

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 908-918; advance online publication, April 21, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.25

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Potential role of the OVOL1–OVOL2 axis and c-Myc in the progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Takamichi Ito, Gaku Tsuji, Fumitaka Ohno, Takeshi Nakahara, Hiroshi Uchi and Masutaka Furue

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 919-927; advance online publication, March 24, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2016.169

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SF3B1 and BAP1 mutations in blue nevus-like melanoma

Klaus G Griewank, Hansgeorg Müller, Louise A Jackett, Michael Emberger, Inga Möller, Johannes AP van de Nes, Lisa Zimmer, Elisabeth Livingstone, Thomas Wiesner, Simone L Scholz, Ioana Cosgarea, Antje Sucker, Tobias Schimming, Uwe Hillen, Bastian Schilling, Annette Paschen, Henning Reis, Thomas Mentzel, Heinz Kutzner, Arno Rütten, Rajmohan Murali, Richard A Scolyer and Dirk Schadendorf

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 928-939; advance online publication, April 14, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.23

Abstract | Full Text

3q26.2/EVI1 rearrangement is associated with poor prognosis in classical Philadelphia chromosome-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms

Zhihong Hu, L Jeffrey Medeiros, Wei Wang, Zi Chen, Guilin Tang, Parsa Hodjat, Su Yang, Lianghua Fang, Yan Li, Srdan Verstovsek and Shimin Hu

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 940-951; advance online publication, March 24, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.19

Abstract | Full Text

Breast ductal carcinoma in situ carry mutational driver events representative of invasive breast cancer OPEN

Jia-Min B Pang, Peter Savas, Andrew P Fellowes, Gisela Mir Arnau, Tanjina Kader, Ravikiran Vedururu, Chelsee Hewitt, Elena A Takano, David J Byrne, David YH Choong, Ewan KA Millar, C Soon Lee, Sandra A O'Toole, Sunil R Lakhani, Margaret C Cummings, G Bruce Mann, Ian G Campbell, Alexander Dobrovic, Sherene Loi, Kylie L Gorringe and Stephen B Fox

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 952-963; advance online publication, March 24, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.21

Abstract | Full Text

Reaching the limits of prognostication in non-small cell lung cancer: an optimized biomarker panel fails to outperform clinical parameters

Marianna Grinberg, Dijana Djureinovic, Hans RR Brunnström, Johanna SM Mattsson, Karolina Edlund, Jan G Hengstler, Linnea La Fleur, Simon Ekman, Hirsh Koyi, Eva Branden, Elisabeth Ståhle, Karin Jirström, Derek K Tracy, Fredrik Pontén, Johan Botling, Jörg Rahnenführer and Patrick Micke

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 964-977; advance online publication, March 10, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.14

Abstract | Full Text

A critical appraisal of the morphological criteria for diagnosing intestinal neuronal dysplasia type B

Simone A Terra, Pedro L de Arruda Lourenção, Márcia G Silva, Hélio A Miot and Maria A M Rodrigues

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 978-985; advance online publication, March 17, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.4

Abstract | Full Text

Dichotomy in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas based on histologic similarities to hilar cholangiocarcinomas

Masayuki Akita, Kohei Fujikura, Tetsuo Ajiki, Takumi Fukumoto, Kyoko Otani, Takeshi Azuma, Tomoo Itoh, Yonson Ku and Yoh Zen

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 986-997; advance online publication, March 24, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.22

Abstract | Full Text

TFEB-VEGFA (6p21.1) co-amplified renal cell carcinoma: a distinct entity with potential implications for clinical management

Sounak Gupta, Sarah H Johnson, George Vasmatzis, Binu Porath, Jeannette G Rustin, Priya Rao, Brian A Costello, Bradley C Leibovich, R Houston Thompson, John C Cheville and William R Sukov

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 998-1012; advance online publication, March 24, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.24

Abstract | Full Text

HPV-negative penile squamous cell carcinoma: disruptive mutations in the TP53 gene are common

Karl Kashofer, Elke Winter, Iris Halbwedl, Andrea Thueringer, Marisa Kreiner, Stefan Sauer and Sigrid Regauer

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 1013-1020; advance online publication, April 7, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.26

Abstract | Full Text

Evaluation of p16/Ki-67 dual-stained cytology as triage test for high-risk human papillomavirus-positive women

Renée MF Ebisch, Judith van der Horst, Meyke Hermsen, L Lucia Rijstenberg, Judith EM Vedder, Johan Bulten, Remko P Bosgraaf, Viola MJ Verhoef, Daniëlle AM Heideman, Peter JF Snijders, Chris JLM Meijer, Folkert J van Kemenade, Leon FAG Massuger, Willem JG Melchers, Ruud LM Bekkers and Albert G Siebers

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 1021-1031; advance online publication, March 17, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.16

Abstract | Full Text

CTNNB1 (beta-catenin) mutation identifies low grade, early stage endometrial cancer patients at increased risk of recurrence

Katherine C Kurnit, Grace N Kim, Bryan M Fellman, Diana L Urbauer, Gordon B Mills, Wei Zhang and Russell R Broaddus

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 1032-1041; advance online publication, March 10, 2017; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.15

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Letter to the Editor


No compelling need to reclassify

Louis P Dehner

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 1042; 10.1038/modpathol.2016.216

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The myeloproliferative neoplasms, unclassifiable: clinical and pathological considerations

Umberto Gianelli, Daniele Cattaneo, Anna Bossi, Ivan Cortinovis, Leonardo Boiocchi, Yen-Chun Liu, Claudia Augello, Arturo Bonometti, Stefano Fiori, Nicola Orofino, Francesca Guidotti, Attilio Orazi and Alessandra Iurlo

Mod Pathol 2017 30: 1043; 10.1038/modpathol.2017.2

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