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  25 April 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Relation between molecular electronic structure and nuclear spin-induced circular dichroism


Petr Štěpánek, Sonia Coriani, Dage Sundholm et al.


The recently theoretically described nuclear spin-induced circular dichroism (NSCD) is a promising method for the optical detection of nuclear magnetization. NSCD involves both …


Solitonic Josephson-based meminductive systems


Claudio Guarcello, Paolo Solinas, Massimiliano Di Ventra et al.


Memristors, memcapacitors, and meminductors represent an innovative generation of circuit elements whose properties depend on the state and history of the system. The hysteretic …


Gold nanoparticle-polymer nanocomposites synthesized by room temperature atmospheric pressure plasma and their potential for fuel cell electrocatalytic application


Ri-Chao Zhang, Dan Sun, Ruirui Zhang et al.


Conductive polymers have been increasingly used as fuel cell catalyst support due to their electrical conductivity, large surface areas and stability. The incorporation of metal …


Stretchable Ag electrodes with mechanically tunable optical transmittance on wavy-patterned PDMS substrates


Eun-Hye Ko, Hyo-Joong Kim, Sang-Mok Lee et al.


We report on semi-transparent stretchable Ag films coated on a wavy-patterned polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate for use as stretchable electrodes for stretchable and …


Spatiotemporally and Sequentially-Controlled Drug Release from Polymer Gatekeeper–Hollow Silica Nanoparticles


L. Palanikumar, M. T. Jeena, Kibeom Kim et al.


Combination chemotherapy has become the primary strategy against cancer multidrug resistance; however, accomplishing optimal pharmacokinetic delivery of multiple drugs is still …


Abnormal gas-liquid-solid phase transition behaviour of water observed with in situ environmental SEM


Xin Chen, Jiapei Shu, Qing Chen


Gas-liquid-solid phase transition behaviour of water is studied with environmental scanning electron microscopy for the first time. Abnormal phenomena are observed. At a fixed …


Electrochemistry-mass spectrometry for mechanism study of oxygen reduction at water/oil interface


Shu-Juan Liu, Zheng-Wei Yu, Liang Qiao et al.


Electrochemistry methods have been widely employed in the development of renewable energy, and involved in various processes, e.g. water splitting and oxygen reduction. …


Photon-phonon-photon transfer in optomechanics


Andrey A. Rakhubovsky, Radim Filip


We consider transfer of a highly nonclassical quantum state through an optomechanical system. That is we investigate a protocol consisting of sequential upload, storage and …


Thermal stability, storage and release of proteins with tailored fit in silica


Yun-Chu Chen, Tristan Smith, Robert H. Hicks et al.


Biological substances based on proteins, including vaccines, antibodies, and enzymes, typically degrade at room temperature over time due to denaturation, as proteins unfold with …


A salient effect of density on the dynamics of nonaqueous electrolytes


Sungho Han


The mobility and solvation of lithium ions in electrolytes are crucial for the performance and safety of lithium ion batteries. It has been known that a single type of solvent …


Definition of fractal topography to essential understanding of scale-invariance


Yi Jin, Ying Wu, Hui Li et al.


Fractal behavior is scale-invariant and widely characterized by fractal dimension. However, the cor-respondence between them is that fractal behavior uniquely determines a …


Empirical Modeling of Physiochemical Immune Response of Multilayer Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials under UV Exposure to Melanoma and Foreskin Fibroblasts


Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam, M. Waseem Akram, Seemab Iqbal et al.


Carcinogenesis is a complex molecular process starting with genetic and epigenetic alterations, mutation stimulation, and DNA modification, which leads to proteomic adaptation …


A feasible strategy to balance the crystallinity and specific surface area of metal oxide nanocrystals


Q. P. Zhang, X. N. Xu, Y. T. Liu et al.


Practical, efficient synthesis of metal oxide nanocrystals with good crystallinity and high specific surface area by a modified polymer-network gel method is demonstrated, taking …


Erratum: Influence of substrate modulus on gecko adhesion


Mena R. Klittich, Michael C. Wilson, Craig Bernard et al.



PathoSpotter-K: A computational tool for the automatic identification of glomerular lesions in histological images of kidneys


George O. Barros, Brenda Navarro, Angelo Duarte et al.


PathoSpotter is a computational system designed to assist pathologists in teaching about and researching kidney diseases. PathoSpotter-K is the version that was developed to …


Multiplex lexical networks reveal patterns in early word acquisition in children


Massimo Stella, Nicole M. Beckage, Markus Brede


Network models of language have provided a way of linking cognitive processes to language structure. However, current approaches focus only on one linguistic relationship at a …


Prediction of intraventricular haemorrhage in preterm infants using time series analysis of blood pressure and respiratory signals


Jacqueline Huvanandana, Chinh Nguyen, Cindy Thamrin et al.


Despite the decline in mortality rates of extremely preterm infants, intraventricular haemorrhage (IVH) remains common in survivors. The need for resuscitation and …


Synthesis and anti-obesity effects in vivo of Crotadihydrofuran C as a novel PPARγ antagonist from Crotalaria albida


Qin-Hu Sun, Yu Zhang, Gui-Xin Chou


Crotadihydrofuran C (CC) from the herbs of Crotalaria albida is able to inhibit adipocyte differentiation and lipid accumulation. However, the effects of CC on obesity and …


Functional, thermodynamics, structural and biological studies of in silico-identified inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl-ACP(CoA) reductase enzyme


Leonardo K. B. Martinelli, Mariane Rotta, Anne D. Villela et al.


Novel chemotherapeutics agents are needed to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the main causative agent of tuberculosis (TB). The M. tuberculosis 2-trans-enoyl-ACP(CoA) reductase …


Micelle-template synthesis of hollow silica spheres for improving water vapor permeability of waterborne polyurethane membrane


Yan Bao, Tong Wang, Qiaoling Kang et al.


Hollow silica spheres (HSS) with special interior spaces, high specific surface area and excellent adsorption and permeability performance were synthesized via micelle-template …


Bio-inspired, large scale, highly-scattering films for nanoparticle-alternative white surfaces


Julia Syurik, Radwanul Hasan Siddique, Antje Dollmann et al.


Inspired by the white beetle of the genus Cyphochilus, we fabricate ultra-thin, porous PMMA films by foaming with CO2 saturation. Optimising pore diameter and fraction in terms …


Corrigendum: A Doping Lattice of Aluminum and Copper with Accelerated Electron Transfer Process and Enhanced Reductive Degradation Performance


Lin Zhang, Xue Gao, Zhixuan Zhang et al.



Single-step One-pot Synthesis of TiO2 Nanosheets Doped with Sulfur on Reduced Graphene Oxide with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity


Weilin Wang, Zhaofeng Wang, Jingjing Liu et al.


A hybrid photocatalyst based on anatase TiO2 was designed by doping TiO2 with sulfur and incorporating reduced graphene oxide (TiO2-S/rGO hybrid), with an aim to narrow the band …


Spatial Control of Functional Response in 4D-Printed Active Metallic Structures


Ji Ma, Brian Franco, Gustavo Tapia et al.


We demonstrate a method to achieve local control of 3-dimensional thermal history in a metallic alloy, which resulted in designed spatial variations in its functional response. A …


Annealing Induced Re-crystallization in CH3NH3PbI3−xClx for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells


Yingguo Yang, Shanglei Feng, Meng Li et al.


Using poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):polystyrene sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS) as hole conductor, a series of inverted planar CH3NH3PbI3−xClx perovskite solar cells (PSCs) were …


Dual mechanisms of grain refinement in a FeCoCrNi high-entropy alloy processed by high-pressure torsion


Wenqian Wu, Min Song, Song Ni et al.


An equiatomic FeCoCrNi high-entropy alloy with a face-centered cubic structure was fabricated by a powder metallurgy route, and then processed by high-pressure torsion. Detailed …


A Forest of Sub-1.5-nm-wide Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes over an Engineered Alumina Support


Ning Yang, Meng Li, Jörg Patscheider et al.


A precise control of the dimension of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in their vertical array could enable many promising applications in various fields. Here, we demonstrate the growth …


Real-Time Detection of Tsunami Ionospheric Disturbances with a Stand-Alone GNSS Receiver: A Preliminary Feasibility Demonstration


Giorgio Savastano, Attila Komjathy, Olga Verkhoglyadova et al.


It is well known that tsunamis can produce gravity waves that propagate up to the ionosphere generating disturbed electron densities in the E and F regions. These ionospheric …


Control of structural transition in FeSe1−xTex thin films by changing substrate materials


Yoshinori Imai, Yuichi Sawada, Fuyuki Nabeshima et al.


Iron chalcogenide superconductors FeSe1−xTex are important materials for investigating the relation be-tween the superconductivity and the orbital and/or electronic nematic …


Soft Electronics Enabled Ergonomic Human-Computer Interaction for Swallowing Training


Yongkuk Lee, Benjamin Nicholls, Dong Sup Lee et al.


We introduce a skin-friendly electronic system that enables human-computer interaction (HCI) for swallowing training in dysphagia rehabilitation. For an ergonomic HCI, we utilize …


Attogram mass sensing based on silicon microbeam resonators


In-Bok Baek, Sangwon Byun, Bong Kuk Lee et al.


Using doubly-clamped silicon (Si) microbeam resonators, we demonstrate sub-attogram per Hertz (ag/Hz) mass sensitivity, which is extremely high sensitivity achieved by …


Pressure Self-focusing Effect and Novel Methods for Increasing the Maximum Pressure in Traditional and Rotational Diamond Anvil Cells


Biao Feng, Valery I. Levitas


The main principles of producing a region near the center of a sample, compressed in a diamond anvil cell (DAC), with a very high pressure gradient and, consequently, with high …


High Temperature Terahertz Detectors Realized by a GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor


H. W. Hou, Z. Liu, J. H. Teng et al.


In this work, a high temperature THz detector based on a GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) with nano antenna structures was fabricated and demonstrated to be able to …


Heat, temperature and Clausius inequality in a model for active Brownian particles


Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi, Andrea Puglisi, Claudio Maggi


Methods of stochastic thermodynamics and hydrodynamics are applied to a recently introduced model of active particles. The model consists of an overdamped particle subject to …


Weak connections form an infinite number of patterns in the brain


Hai-Peng Ren, Chao Bai, Murilo S. Baptista et al.


Recently, much attention has been paid to interpreting the mechanisms for memory formation in terms of brain connectivity and dynamics. Within the plethora of collective states a …


Impact of Surface-Active Guanidinium-, Tetramethylguanidinium-, and Cholinium-Based Ionic Liquids on Vibrio Fischeri Cells and Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Liposomes


Antti H. Rantamäki, Suvi-Katriina Ruokonen, Evangelos Sklavounos et al.


We investigated the toxicological effect of seven novel cholinium, guanidinium, and tetramethylguanidinium carboxylate ionic liquids (ILs) from an ecotoxicological point of view. …


Hierarchical Decomposition for Betweenness Centrality Measure of Complex Networks


Yong Li, Wenguo Li, Yi Tan et al.


Betweenness centrality is an indicator of a node’s centrality in a network. It is equal to the number of shortest paths from all vertices to all others that pass through that …


Methyl parathion detection in vegetables and fruits using silver@graphene nanoribbons nanocomposite modified screen printed electrode


Mani Govindasamy, Veerappan Mani, Shen-Ming Chen et al.


We have developed a sensitive electrochemical sensor for Organophosphorus pesticide methyl parathion (MP) using silver particles supported graphene nanoribbons (Ag@GNRs). The …


Modulation Doping of Silicon using Aluminium-induced Acceptor States in Silicon Dioxide


Dirk König, Daniel Hiller, Sebastian Gutsch et al.


All electronic, optoelectronic or photovoltaic applications of silicon depend on controlling majority charge carriers via doping with impurity atoms. Nanoscale silicon is …


Strong Reduction of Thermal Conductivity and Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties in CoSbS1-xSex Paracostibite


Radoslaw Chmielowski, Sandip Bhattacharya, Stéphane Jacob et al.


In order to reduce the thermal conductivity of CoSbS, a newly developed thermoelectric semiconductor, we have aimed at intentionally induce atomic disorder in its structure. This …


Model potential for the description of metal/organic interface states


Nico Armbrust, Frederik Schiller, Jens Güdde et al.


We present an analytical one-dimensional model potential for the description of electronic interface states that form at the interface between a metal surface and flat-lying …


An Analytic Approach for Optimal Geometrical Design of GaAs Nanowires for Maximal Light Harvesting in Photovoltaic Cells


Dan Wu, Xiaohong Tang, Kai Wang et al.


Semiconductor nanowires(NWs) with subwavelength scale diameters have demonstrated superior light trapping features, which unravel a new pathway for low cost and high efficiency …


Molecular differentiation of five Cinnamomum camphora chemotypes using desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry of raw leaves


Xiali Guo, Meng Cui, Min Deng et al.


Five chemotypes, the isoborneol-type, camphora-type, cineole-type, linalool-type and borneol-type of Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl have been identified at the molecular level …


A New Phenomenon: Sub-Tg, Solid-State, Plasticity-Induced Bonding in Polymers


Nikhil Padhye, David M. Parks, Bernhardt L. Trout et al.


Polymer self-adhesion due to the interdiffusion of macromolecules has been an active area of research for several decades. Here, we report a new phenomenon of sub-Tg, …


Real-time Crystal Growth Visualization and Quantification by Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging


Anton S. Tremsin, Didier Perrodin, Adrian S. Losko et al.


Energy-resolved neutron imaging is investigated as a real-time diagnostic tool for visualization and in-situ measurements of “blind” processes. This technique is demonstrated for …


Complementary spin transistor using a quantum well channel


Youn Ho Park, Jun Woo Choi, Hyung-jun Kim et al.


In order to utilize the spin field effect transistor in logic applications, the development of two types of complementary transistors, which play roles of the n- and p-type …


Hybridization of Strength Pareto Multiobjective Optimization with Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Rectangular Array


Khairul Najmy Abdul Rani, Mohamedfareq Abdulmalek, Hasliza A. Rahim et al.


This research proposes the various versions of modified cuckoo search (MCS) metaheuristic algorithm deploying the strength Pareto evolutionary algorithm (SPEA) multiobjective …


Red light improves spermatozoa motility and does not induce oxidative DNA damage


Daryl Preece, Kay W. Chow, Veronica Gomez-Godinez et al.


The ability to successfully fertilize ova relies upon the swimming ability of spermatozoa. Both in humans and in animals, sperm motility has been used as a metric for the …


Estimating the irreversible pressure drop across a stenosis by quantifying turbulence production using 4D Flow MRI


Hojin Ha, Jonas Lantz, Magnus Ziegler et al.


The pressure drop across a stenotic vessel is an important parameter in medicine, providing a commonly used and intuitive metric for evaluating the severity of the stenosis. …


Characterization of Different Microbubbles in Assisting Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening


Sheng-Kai Wu, Po-Chun Chu, Wen-Yen Chai et al.


Microbubbles (MBs) serve as a critical catalyst to amplify local cavitation in CNS capillary lumen to facilitate focused ultrasound (FUS) to transiently open the blood-brain …


Revealing Hidden Conformational Space of LOV Protein VIVID Through Rigid Residue Scan Simulations


Hongyu Zhou, Brian D. Zoltowski, Peng Tao


VIVID(VVD) protein is a Light-Oxygen-Voltage(LOV) domain in circadian clock system. Upon blue light activation, a covalent bond is formed between VVD residue Cys108 and its …


Development and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Recombinant Human Myelin Basic Protein Nano Therapeutic Vaccine in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Mice Animal Model


Medhat A. Al-Ghobashy, Aliaa N. ElMeshad, Rania M. Abdelsalam et al.


Recombinant human myelin basic protein (rhMBP) was previously produced in the milk of transgenic cows. Differences in molecular recognition of either hMBP or rhMBP by …


Structure Shapes Dynamics and Directionality in Diverse Brain Networks: Mathematical Principles and Empirical Confirmation in Three Species


Joon-Young Moon, Junhyeok Kim, Tae-Wook Ko et al.


Identifying how spatially distributed information becomes integrated in the brain is essential to understanding higher cognitive functions. Previous computational and empirical …


Ultrahigh Responsivity and Detectivity Graphene–Perovskite Hybrid Phototransistors by Sequential Vapor Deposition


Po-Han Chang, Shang-Yi Liu, Yu-Bing Lan et al.


In this work, graphene-methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) perovskite hybrid phototransistors fabricated by sequential vapor deposition are demonstrated. Ultrahigh responsivity …


Patterning Graphene Film by Magnetic-assisted UV Ozonation


Yixuan Wu, Haihua Tao, Shubin Su et al.


Developing an alternative method for fabricating microscale graphene patterns that overcomes the obstacles of organic contamination, linewidth resolution, and substrate damaging …


GaAs1−xBix/GaNyAs1−y type-II quantum wells: novel strain-balanced heterostructures for GaAs-based near- and mid-infrared photonics


Christopher A. Broderick, Shirong Jin, Igor P. Marko et al.


The potential to extend the emission wavelength of photonic devices further into the near- and mid-infrared via pseudomorphic growth on conventional GaAs substrates is appealing …


On the Role of the Electrical Field in Spark Plasma Sintering of UO2+x


Vaclav Tyrpekl, Mohamed Naji, Michael Holzhäuser et al.


The electric field has a large effect on the stoichiometry and grain growth of UO2+x during Spark Plasma Sintering. UO2+x is gradually reduced to UO2.00 as a function of …


A study of the effects of synthesis conditions on Li5FeO4/carbon nanotube composites


Suk-Woo Lee, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Myeong-Seong Kim et al.


Li5FeO4/carbon nanotube (LFO/CNT) composites composed of sub-micron sized LFO and a nanocarbon with high electrical conductivity were successfully synthesized for the use as …


Carbon nanotube/metal-sulfide composite flexible electrodes for high-performance quantum dot-sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors


Chandu V. V. Muralee Gopi, Seenu Ravi, S. Srinivasa Rao et al.


Carbon nanotubes (CNT) and metal sulfides have attracted considerable attention owing to their outstanding properties and multiple application areas, such as electrochemical …


Nanoporous Microsphere Assembly of Iodine-Functionalised Silver Nanoparticles as a Novel Mini-Substrate for Enriching and Sensing


X. -L. Wu, H. Wu, Z.-M. Wang et al.


Herein, debris particulates of nanoporous silver (np-Ag) were synthesised by a dealloying method, and their integration behaviour and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) …


Elucidation of crystal and electronic structures within highly strained BiFeO3 by transmission electron microscopy and first-principles simulation


In-Tae Bae, András Kovács, Hong Jian Zhao et al.


Crystal and electronic structures of ~380 nm BiFeO3 film grown on LaAlO3 substrate are comprehensively studied using advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) technique …


Quantum Enhanced Inference in Markov Logic Networks


Peter Wittek, Christian Gogolin


Markov logic networks (MLNs) reconcile two opposing schools in machine learning and artificial intelligence: causal networks, which account for uncertainty extremely well, and …


Dynamic through-silicon-via filling process using copper electrochemical deposition at different current densities


Fuliang Wang, Zhipeng Zhao, Nantian Nie et al.


This work demonstrates the dynamic through-silicon-via (TSV) filling process through staged electrodeposition experiments at different current densities. Different morphologies …


Towards automatic pulmonary nodule management in lung cancer screening with deep learning


Francesco Ciompi, Kaman Chung, Sarah J. van Riel et al.


The introduction of lung cancer screening programs will produce an unprecedented amount of chest CT scans in the near future, which radiologists will have to read in order to …


Competitions between prosocial exclusions and punishments in finite populations


Linjie Liu, Xiaojie Chen, Attila Szolnoki


Prosocial punishment has been proved to be a powerful mean to promote cooperation. Recent studies have found that social exclusion, which indeed can be regarded as a kind of …


Assessment of metabolic phenotypic variability in children’s urine using 1H NMR spectroscopy


Léa Maitre, Chung-Ho E. Lau, Esther Vizcaino et al.


The application of metabolic phenotyping in clinical and epidemiological studies is limited by a poor understanding of inter-individual, intra-individual and temporal variability …


Increased spontaneous MEG signal diversity for psychoactive doses of ketamine, LSD and psilocybin


Michael M. Schartner, Robin L. Carhart-Harris, Adam B. Barrett et al.


What is the level of consciousness of the psychedelic state? Empirically, measures of neural signal diversity such as entropy and Lempel-Ziv (LZ) complexity score higher for …


Heritability maps of human face morphology through large-scale automated three-dimensional phenotyping


Dimosthenis Tsagkrasoulis, Pirro Hysi, Tim Spector et al.


The human face is a complex trait under strong genetic control, as evidenced by the striking visual similarity between twins. Nevertheless, heritability estimates of facial …


Attractive force-driven superhardening of graphene membranes as a pin-point breaking of continuum mechanics


Makoto Ashino, Roland Wiesendanger


Bending at the nanometre scale can substantially modify the mechanical, chemical and electronic properties of graphene membranes. The subsequent response of chemical bonds leads …


Selective orbital reconstruction in tetragonal FeS: A density functional dynamical mean-field theory study


Luis Craco, Stefano Leoni


Transport properties of tetragonal iron monosulfide, mackinawite, show a range of complex features. Semiconductive behavior and proximity to metallic states with nodal …


Accessing Forbidden Glass Regimes through High-Pressure Sub-Tg Annealing


Mouritz N. Svenson, John C. Mauro, Sylwester J. Rzoska et al.


Density and hardness of glasses are known to increase upon both compression at the glass transition temperature (Tg) and ambient pressure sub-Tg annealing. However, a serial …


Efficient Heat Dissipation of Uncooled 400-Gbps (16×25-Gbps) Optical Transceiver Employing Multimode VCSEL and PD Arrays


Tien-Tsorng Shih, Yu-Chieh Chi, Ruei-Nian Wang et al.


An effective heat dissipation of uncooled 400-Gbps (16×25-Gbps) form-factor pluggable (CDFP) optical transceiver module employing chip-on-board multimode 25-Gbps …


Solution Process Synthesis of High Aspect Ratio ZnO Nanorods on Electrode Surface for Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Uric Acid


Rafiq Ahmad, Nirmalya Tripathy, Min-Sang Ahn et al.


This study demonstrates a highly stable, selective and sensitive uric acid (UA) biosensor based on high aspect ratio zinc oxide nanorods (ZNRs) vertical grown on electrode …


Zero birefringence films of pullulan ester derivatives


Takahiro Danjo, Yukiko Enomoto, Hikaru Shimada et al.


High-performance films with almost zero-birefringence and zero-wavelength dispersion were succeeded to prepare from pullulan esters derivatives (PLEs) without any additives. …


Oxygen Vacancy-Tuned Physical Properties in Perovskite Thin Films with Multiple B-site Valance States


Erik Enriquez, Aiping Chen, Zach Harrell et al.


Controlling oxygen content in perovskite oxides with ABO3 structure is one of most critical steps for tuning their functionality. Notably, there have been tremendous efforts to …


Multiple p-n junction subwavelength gratings for transmission-mode electro-optic modulators


Ki Young Lee, Jae Woong Yoon, Seok Ho Song et al.


We propose a free-space electro-optic transmission modulator based on multiple p-n-junction semiconductor subwavelength gratings. The proposed device operates with a high-Q …


Highly sensitive strain sensor based on helical structure combined with Mach-Zehnder interferometer in multicore fiber


Hailiang Zhang, Zhifang Wu, Perry Ping Shum et al.


Optical fiber sensors for strain measurement have been playing important roles in structural health monitoring for buildings, tunnels, pipelines, aircrafts, and so on. A highly …


A graphene based frequency quadrupler


Chuantong Cheng, Beiju Huang, Xurui Mao et al.


Benefit from exceptional electrical transport properties, graphene receives worldwide attentions, especially in the domain of high frequency electronics. Due to absence of …


Exciton emission of quasi-2D InGaN in GaN matrix grown by molecular beam epitaxy


Dingyu Ma, Xin Rong, Xiantong Zheng et al.


We investigate the emission from confined excitons in the structure of a single-monolayer-thick quasi-two-dimensional (quasi-2D) InxGa1−xN layer inserted in GaN matrix. This …


Effects of calcination temperature for rate capability of triple-shelled ZnFe2O4 hollow microspheres for lithium ion battery anodes


Hojin Hwang, Haeun Shin, Wan-Jin Lee


Triple-shelled ZnFe2O4 hollow microspheres (ZFO) as anode materials for lithium ion battery are prepared through a one-pot hydrothermal reaction using the composite solution …


Accurate and reproducible invasive breast cancer detection in whole-slide images: A Deep Learning approach for quantifying tumor extent


Angel Cruz-Roa, Hannah Gilmore, Ajay Basavanhally et al.


With the increasing ability to routinely and rapidly digitize whole slide images with slide scanners, there has been interest in developing computerized image analysis algorithms …


Maximal violation of Bell inequalities under local filtering


Ming Li, Huihui Qin, Jing Wang et al.


We investigate the behavior of the maximal violations of the CHSH inequality and Vèrtesi’s inequality under the local filtering operations. An analytical method has been …


Light-Patterned Current Generation in a Droplet Bilayer Array


Vanessa Restrepo Schild, Michael J. Booth, Stuart J. Box et al.


We have created a 4 × 4 droplet bilayer array comprising light-activatable aqueous droplet bio-pixels. Aqueous droplets containing bacteriorhodopsin (bR), a light-driven proton …


Radiomics-based Prognosis Analysis for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


Yucheng Zhang, Anastasia Oikonomou, Alexander Wong et al.


Radiomics characterizes tumor phenotypes by extracting large numbers of quantitative features from radiological images. Radiomic features have been shown to provide prognostic …


Multicolour nanoscopy of fixed and living cells with a single STED beam and hyperspectral detection


Franziska R. Winter, Maria Loidolt, Volker Westphal et al.


The extension of fluorescence nanoscopy to larger numbers of molecular species concurrently visualized by distinct markers is of great importance for advanced biological …

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