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  25 April 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Extratropical Forcing Triggered the 2015 Madden–Julian Oscillation–El Niño Event


Chi-Cherng Hong, Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Wan-Ling Tseng et al.


In this paper, we report the triggering effect of extratropical perturbation on the onset of an atypical Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) and onset of the 2015–16 El Niño in March …


Definition of fractal topography to essential understanding of scale-invariance


Yi Jin, Ying Wu, Hui Li et al.


Fractal behavior is scale-invariant and widely characterized by fractal dimension. However, the cor-respondence between them is that fractal behavior uniquely determines a …


Tissue accumulation of microplastics in mice and biomarker responses suggest widespread health risks of exposure


Yongfeng Deng, Yan Zhang, Bernardo Lemos et al.


Microplastics (MPs) are a significant environmental health issue and increasingly greater source of concern. MPs have been detected in oceans, rivers, sediments, sewages, soil …


The pre-Argo ocean reanalyses may be seriously affected by the spatial coverage of moored buoys


S. Sivareddy, Arya Paul, Travis Sluka et al.


Assimilation methods, meant to constrain divergence of model trajectory from reality using observations, do not exactly satisfy the physical laws governing the model state …


Nutrient removal from Chinese coastal waters by large-scale seaweed aquaculture


Xi Xiao, Susana Agusti, Fang Lin et al.


China is facing intense coastal eutrophication. Large-scale seaweed aquaculture in China is popular, now accounting for over 2/3’s of global production. Here, we estimate the …


New Bicyclic Cembranoids from the South China Sea Soft Coral Sarcophyton trocheliophorum


Lin-Fu Liang, Wen-Ting Chen, Xu-Wen Li et al.


Nine new bicyclic cembranoids, sarcophytrols M–U(1–9), were isolated from the South China Sea soft coral Sarcophyton trocheliophorum as minor components, along with one known …


Real-Time Detection of Tsunami Ionospheric Disturbances with a Stand-Alone GNSS Receiver: A Preliminary Feasibility Demonstration


Giorgio Savastano, Attila Komjathy, Olga Verkhoglyadova et al.


It is well known that tsunamis can produce gravity waves that propagate up to the ionosphere generating disturbed electron densities in the E and F regions. These ionospheric …


Crossing lines: a multidisciplinary framework for assessing connectivity of hammerhead sharks across jurisdictional boundaries


A. Chin, C. A. Simpfendorfer, W. T. White et al.


Conservation and management of migratory species can be complex and challenging. International agreements such as the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) provide policy …


Scenario dependence of future changes in climate extremes under 1.5 °C and 2 °C global warming


Zhili Wang, Lei Lin, Xiaoye Zhang et al.


The 2015 Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming below 2 °C and pursue efforts to even limit it to 1.5 °C relative to pre-industrial levels. Decision makers need reliable …


Anatomy of terminal moraine segments and implied lake stability on Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal, from electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)


Sarah S. Thompson, Bernd Kulessa, Douglas I. Benn et al.


Moraine-dammed lakes at debris-covered glaciers are becoming increasingly common and pose significant outburst flood hazards if the dam is breached. While moraine subsurface …


Individual size but not additional nitrogen regulates tree carbon sequestration in a subtropical forest


Jianping Wu, Honglang Duan, Wenfei Liu et al.


Recent studies have indicated that tree carbon accumulation in subtropical forests has been negatively affected by global change phenomena such as warming and drought. However, …


Toxicological and biochemical basis of synergism between the entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium and the insecticide matrine against Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)


Shaukat Ali, Can Zhang, Zeqing Wang et al.


The sweetpotato whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) was challenged with different combinations of matrine (insecticide) and Lecanicillium muscarium (entomopathogenic fungus). Our …


The effect of hydraulic flowback and produced water on gill morphology, oxidative stress and antioxidant response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


Tamzin A. Blewett, Alyssa M. Weinrauch, Perrine L. M. Delompré et al.


Hydraulic fracturing fluid are complex mixtures containing high concentrations of salts (up to 330,000 ppm), organic, and metal contaminants. However, little data exist on the …


Structure and Variability of the North Equatorial Current/Undercurrent from Mooring Measurements at 130°E in the Western Pacific


Linlin Zhang, Fu Jun Wang, Qingye Wang et al.


The mean structure and variability of the North Equatorial Current/Undercurrent (NEC/NEUC) are investigated with one-year Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers measurements from 4 …


The relationship between climate change and the endangered rainforest shrub Triunia robusta (Proteaceae) endemic to southeast Queensland, Australia


Yoko Shimizu-Kimura, Arnon Accad, Alison Shapcott


Threatened species in rainforests may be vulnerable to climate change, because of their potentially narrow thermal tolerances, small population sizes and restricted …


Sea-level proxies in Holocene raised beach ridge deposits (Greenland) revealed by ground-penetrating radar


Lars Nielsen, Mette Bendixen, Aart Kroon et al.


Identification of sea-level proxies is important for reconstruction of past sea-level variation. Methods for reconstructing Holocene relative sea-level curves are crucial for …


Impact of low-temperature, overcast and rainy weather during the reproductive growth stage on lodging resistance of rice


Fei Weng, Wujun Zhang, Xiaoran Wu et al.


The objectives of this study were to explore the mechanism by which the lodging resistance of the rice population during the late growth period responds to low-temperature, …


Simulated climate effects of desert irrigation geoengineering


Wei Cheng, John C. Moore, Long Cao et al.


Geoengineering, the deliberate large-scale manipulation of earth’s energy balance to counteract global warming, is an attractive proposition for sparsely populated deserts. We …

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