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  18 April 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Sensitivity and accuracy of high-throughput metabarcoding methods for early detection of invasive fish species


Chelsea Hatzenbuhler, John R. Kelly, John Martinson et al.


High-throughput DNA metabarcoding has gained recognition as a potentially powerful tool for biomonitoring, including early detection of aquatic invasive species (AIS). DNA based …


Unravelling mycorrhiza-induced wheat susceptibility to the English grain aphid Sitobion avenae


Amma L. Simon, Peter A. D. Wellham, Gudbjorg I. Aradottir et al.


Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi are root symbionts that can increase or decrease aphid growth rates and reproduction, but the reason by which this happens is unknown. To …


Fewer rainy days and more extreme rainfall by the end of the century in Southern Africa


Benjamin Pohl, Clémence Macron, Paul-Arthur Monerie


Future changes in the structure of daily rainfall, especially the number of rainy days and the intensity of extreme events, are likely to induce major impacts on rain-fed …


Decoupling of soil carbon and nitrogen turnover partly explains increased net ecosystem production in response to nitrogen fertilization


Emad Ehtesham, Per Bengtson


During the last decade there has been an ongoing controversy regarding the extent to which nitrogen fertilization can increase carbon sequestration and net ecosystem production …


Breathing modes of Kolumbo submarine volcano (Santorini, Greece)


Evangelos Bakalis, Theo J. Mertzimekis, Paraskevi Nomikou et al.


Submarine volcanoes, such as Kolumbo (Santorini, Greece) are natural laboratories for fostering multidisciplinary studies. Their investigation requires the most innovative marine …


Persistence of a sugar-rejecting cockroach genotype under various dietary regimes


Kim Jensen, Ayako Wada-Katsumata, Coby Schal et al.


Glucose-aversion is a heritable trait that evolved in a number of German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.) populations in response to strong selection with glucose-containing …


Increasing large scale windstorm damage in Western, Central and Northern European forests, 1951–2010


H. Gregow, A. Laaksonen, M. E. Alper


Using reports of forest losses caused directly by large scale windstorms (or primary damage, PD) from the European forest institute database (comprising 276 PD reports from …


Rapid crystallization during recycling of basaltic andesite tephra: timescales determined by reheating experiments


Nicholas Deardorff, Katharine Cashman


Microcrystalline inclusions within microlite-poor matrix are surprisingly common in low intensity eruptions around the world, yet their origin is poorly understood. Inclusions …


Prenatal stress from trawl capture affects mothers and neonates: a case study using the southern fiddler ray (Trygonorrhina dumerilii)


L. Guida, C. Awruch, T. I. Walker et al.


Assessing fishing effects on chondrichthyan populations has predominantly focused on quantifying mortality rates. Consequently, sub-lethal effects of capture stress on the …


Distinct Soil Microbial Communities in habitats of differing soil water balance on the Tibetan Plateau


Yuntao Li, Jonathan Adams, Yu Shi et al.


Global change may be a severe threat to natural and agricultural systems, partly through its effects in altering soil biota and processes, due to changes in water balance. We …


An Intrathermocline Eddy and a tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal


Arnold L. Gordon, Emily Shroyer, V. S. N. Murty


The Bay of Bengal, subjected to monsoonal forcing and tropical cyclones, displays a complex field of ocean eddies. On 5 December 2013 a sub-surface vortex or Intrathermocline …


Pressure-induced structural and spin transitions of Fe3S4


Shengxuan Huang, Duan Kang, Xiang Wu et al.


Greigite (Fe3S4), isostructural with Fe3O4 has recently attracted great scientific interests from material science to geology due to its complicated structure and electronic and …


Occurrence of fibrates and their metabolites in source and drinking water in Shanghai and Zhejiang, China


Akiko Ido, Youhei Hiromori, Liping Meng et al.


Fibrates, which are widely used lipidaemic-modulating drugs, are emerging environmental pollutants. However, fibrate concentrations in the environment have not been thoroughly …


Sperm whale long-range echolocation sounds revealed by ANTARES, a deep-sea neutrino telescope


M. André, A. Caballé, M. van der Schaar et al.


Despite dedicated research has been carried out to adequately map the distribution of the sperm whale in the Mediterranean Sea, unlike other regions of the world, the species …


Unexpected increase in the oxidation capacity of the urban atmosphere of Madrid, Spain


A. Saiz-Lopez, R. Borge, A. Notario et al.


Atmospheric oxidants such as ozone (O3), hydroxyl and nitrate radicals (OH and NO3) determine the ability of the urban atmosphere to process organic and inorganic pollutants, …


General characteristics of relative dispersion in the ocean


Raffaele Corrado, Guglielmo Lacorata, Luigi Palatella et al.


The multi-scale and nonlinear nature of the ocean dynamics dramatically affects the spreading of matter, like pollutants, marine litter, etc., of physical and chemical seawater …


Adaptation and evolution of deep-sea scale worms (Annelida: Polynoidae): insights from transcriptome comparison with a shallow-water species


Yanjie Zhang, Jin Sun, Chong Chen et al.


Polynoid scale worms (Polynoidae, Annelida) invaded deep-sea chemosynthesis-based ecosystems approximately 60 million years ago, but little is known about their genetic …


Dynamics of archaea at fine spatial scales in Shark Bay mat microbiomes


Hon Lun Wong, Pieter T. Visscher, Richard Allen White III et al.


The role of archaea in microbial mats is poorly understood. Delineating the spatial distribution of archaea with mat depth will enable resolution of putative niches in these …


Reproductive stage physiological and transcriptional responses to salinity stress in reciprocal populations derived from tolerant (Horkuch) and susceptible (IR29) rice


Samsad Razzaque, Taslima Haque, Sabrina M. Elias et al.


Global increase in salinity levels has made it imperative to identify novel sources of genetic variation for tolerance traits, especially in rice. The rice landrace Horkuch, …

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