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  25 April 2017   
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Chemical Sciences

Spatiotemporally and Sequentially-Controlled Drug Release from Polymer Gatekeeper–Hollow Silica Nanoparticles


L. Palanikumar, M. T. Jeena, Kibeom Kim et al.


Combination chemotherapy has become the primary strategy against cancer multidrug resistance; however, accomplishing optimal pharmacokinetic delivery of multiple drugs is still …


Electrochemistry-mass spectrometry for mechanism study of oxygen reduction at water/oil interface


Shu-Juan Liu, Zheng-Wei Yu, Liang Qiao et al.


Electrochemistry methods have been widely employed in the development of renewable energy, and involved in various processes, e.g. water splitting and oxygen reduction. …


Relation between molecular electronic structure and nuclear spin-induced circular dichroism


Petr Štěpánek, Sonia Coriani, Dage Sundholm et al.


The recently theoretically described nuclear spin-induced circular dichroism (NSCD) is a promising method for the optical detection of nuclear magnetization. NSCD involves both …


Thermal stability, storage and release of proteins with tailored fit in silica


Yun-Chu Chen, Tristan Smith, Robert H. Hicks et al.


Biological substances based on proteins, including vaccines, antibodies, and enzymes, typically degrade at room temperature over time due to denaturation, as proteins unfold with …


Synthesis and anti-obesity effects in vivo of Crotadihydrofuran C as a novel PPARγ antagonist from Crotalaria albida


Qin-Hu Sun, Yu Zhang, Gui-Xin Chou


Crotadihydrofuran C (CC) from the herbs of Crotalaria albida is able to inhibit adipocyte differentiation and lipid accumulation. However, the effects of CC on obesity and …


Functional, thermodynamics, structural and biological studies of in silico-identified inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl-ACP(CoA) reductase enzyme


Leonardo K. B. Martinelli, Mariane Rotta, Anne D. Villela et al.


Novel chemotherapeutics agents are needed to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the main causative agent of tuberculosis (TB). The M. tuberculosis 2-trans-enoyl-ACP(CoA) reductase …


Corrigendum: A Doping Lattice of Aluminum and Copper with Accelerated Electron Transfer Process and Enhanced Reductive Degradation Performance


Lin Zhang, Xue Gao, Zhixuan Zhang et al.



Single-step One-pot Synthesis of TiO2 Nanosheets Doped with Sulfur on Reduced Graphene Oxide with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity


Weilin Wang, Zhaofeng Wang, Jingjing Liu et al.


A hybrid photocatalyst based on anatase TiO2 was designed by doping TiO2 with sulfur and incorporating reduced graphene oxide (TiO2-S/rGO hybrid), with an aim to narrow the band …


Annealing Induced Re-crystallization in CH3NH3PbI3−xClx for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells


Yingguo Yang, Shanglei Feng, Meng Li et al.


Using poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):polystyrene sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS) as hole conductor, a series of inverted planar CH3NH3PbI3−xClx perovskite solar cells (PSCs) were …


Impact of Surface-Active Guanidinium-, Tetramethylguanidinium-, and Cholinium-Based Ionic Liquids on Vibrio Fischeri Cells and Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Liposomes


Antti H. Rantamäki, Suvi-Katriina Ruokonen, Evangelos Sklavounos et al.


We investigated the toxicological effect of seven novel cholinium, guanidinium, and tetramethylguanidinium carboxylate ionic liquids (ILs) from an ecotoxicological point of view. …


Methyl parathion detection in vegetables and fruits using silver@graphene nanoribbons nanocomposite modified screen printed electrode


Mani Govindasamy, Veerappan Mani, Shen-Ming Chen et al.


We have developed a sensitive electrochemical sensor for Organophosphorus pesticide methyl parathion (MP) using silver particles supported graphene nanoribbons (Ag@GNRs). The …


Molecular differentiation of five Cinnamomum camphora chemotypes using desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry of raw leaves


Xiali Guo, Meng Cui, Min Deng et al.


Five chemotypes, the isoborneol-type, camphora-type, cineole-type, linalool-type and borneol-type of Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl have been identified at the molecular level …


Strong Reduction of Thermal Conductivity and Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties in CoSbS1-xSex Paracostibite


Radoslaw Chmielowski, Sandip Bhattacharya, Stéphane Jacob et al.


In order to reduce the thermal conductivity of CoSbS, a newly developed thermoelectric semiconductor, we have aimed at intentionally induce atomic disorder in its structure. This …


Revealing Hidden Conformational Space of LOV Protein VIVID Through Rigid Residue Scan Simulations


Hongyu Zhou, Brian D. Zoltowski, Peng Tao


VIVID(VVD) protein is a Light-Oxygen-Voltage(LOV) domain in circadian clock system. Upon blue light activation, a covalent bond is formed between VVD residue Cys108 and its …


Patterning Graphene Film by Magnetic-assisted UV Ozonation


Yixuan Wu, Haihua Tao, Shubin Su et al.


Developing an alternative method for fabricating microscale graphene patterns that overcomes the obstacles of organic contamination, linewidth resolution, and substrate damaging …


Assessment of metabolic phenotypic variability in children’s urine using 1H NMR spectroscopy


Léa Maitre, Chung-Ho E. Lau, Esther Vizcaino et al.


The application of metabolic phenotyping in clinical and epidemiological studies is limited by a poor understanding of inter-individual, intra-individual and temporal variability …


Zero birefringence films of pullulan ester derivatives


Takahiro Danjo, Yukiko Enomoto, Hikaru Shimada et al.


High-performance films with almost zero-birefringence and zero-wavelength dispersion were succeeded to prepare from pullulan esters derivatives (PLEs) without any additives. …


Selective orbital reconstruction in tetragonal FeS: A density functional dynamical mean-field theory study


Luis Craco, Stefano Leoni


Transport properties of tetragonal iron monosulfide, mackinawite, show a range of complex features. Semiconductive behavior and proximity to metallic states with nodal …


Effects of calcination temperature for rate capability of triple-shelled ZnFe2O4 hollow microspheres for lithium ion battery anodes


Hojin Hwang, Haeun Shin, Wan-Jin Lee


Triple-shelled ZnFe2O4 hollow microspheres (ZFO) as anode materials for lithium ion battery are prepared through a one-pot hydrothermal reaction using the composite solution …


Attractive force-driven superhardening of graphene membranes as a pin-point breaking of continuum mechanics


Makoto Ashino, Roland Wiesendanger


Bending at the nanometre scale can substantially modify the mechanical, chemical and electronic properties of graphene membranes. The subsequent response of chemical bonds leads …


Accessing Forbidden Glass Regimes through High-Pressure Sub-Tg Annealing


Mouritz N. Svenson, John C. Mauro, Sylwester J. Rzoska et al.


Density and hardness of glasses are known to increase upon both compression at the glass transition temperature (Tg) and ambient pressure sub-Tg annealing. However, a serial …

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