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Nature News highlights: 27 April 2017

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  27 April 2017    

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  The 5th Helmholtz-Nature Medicine

September 17-19, 2017 | Munich, Germany

Presented by: Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen | Nature Medicine

  • Latest News  

BioRxiv preprint server gets cash boost from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

26 April 2017

Money will be used to develop open-source platform and help put articles in web-friendly formats. Read More


Controversial study claims humans reached Americas 100,000 years earlier than thought

26 April 2017

Broken mastodon bones hint that Homo sapiens wasn't the first hominin to get to the New World. Read More


March for Science, climate engineering and China's space station

26 April 2017

The week in science: 21–27 April 2017 Read More

  • More Stories  

California's $3-billion bet on stem cells faces final test

26 April 2017

Major investment in regenerative medicine enters its last stage — and the money might run out before treatments are ready. Read More


The next big hit in molecule Hollywood

26 April 2017

Superfast imaging techniques are giving researchers their best views yet of what happens in the atomic world. Read More


Dog family tree reveals hidden history of canine diversity

25 April 2017

Genetic map showing how dog breeds are related provides a wealth of information about their origins. Read More


Climate change is making algal blooms worse

25 April 2017

Rising ocean temperatures drive more intense and longer lasting toxic outbreaks. Read More


Surprise El Niño causes devastation but offers lessons for ecologists

25 April 2017

How Peruvian coastal deserts respond to rains will aid future disaster response. Read More


Planetariums — not just for kids

25 April 2017

Planetariums are not just for education, or even astronomy: they could display all sorts of data, if only scientists thought to use them, says Tom Kwasnitschka. Read More


Ripple effects of New Zealand earthquake continue to this day

24 April 2017

November tremor sparked slow, deep movements in Earth's crust that increase the chances of a similar severe quake within a year. Read More


What happened at March for Science events around the world

21 April 2017

Nature reported from marches in cities including Sydney, Washington DC and Paris, as people took to the streets in support of science. Read More


What all those scientists on Twitter are really doing

20 April 2017

Analysis reveals that female researchers are over-represented on the social-media site and that mathematicians and life scientists are less likely to use it. Read More


Mining threatens Chinese fossil site that revealed planet's earliest animals

20 April 2017

Protests sparked by the destruction of three key fossil-hunting areas result in a temporary halt of phosphate mining. Read More


Physicists excited by latest LHC anomaly

19 April 2017

A series of odd findings have theorists hoping for new particles. Read More


DNA's secret weapon against knots and tangles

19 April 2017

A simple process seems to explain how massive genomes stay organized. But no one can agree on what powers it. Read More

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November 16-18, 2017 | Milan, Italy
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