Thursday, April 27, 2017

March in April, data fears, DIY tech, 3-minute PhDs

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Stepping up for hope
The March for Science is now over. Now scientists face some big questions. What message did they deliver, what comes next, and what does it mean for their careers?
Why I marched for science – a transatlantic perspective
The March for Science won't have a lasting effect unless we improve science communication, says Judith Reichel.
Boffins, Brexit, Trump and a Time Lord
The media seized on "nerdy signs," celebrity appearances and interviews with working scientists to demonstrate that the March for Science had firmly engaged the public.
Turbulence ahead
US science faces a political storm. It's time to tighten up your online privacy and data security, say experts.
How to pitch your PhD in 180 seconds
Joshua Chu-Tan had just three minutes to describe his research. Here's how he managed it.
Maximising the role of UK universities as "anchor institutions"
Universities have a positive impact on their home cities. This US-coined term is catching on in the UK.
Researcher mobility in a post-Brexit world
Young scientists from Europe and the UK are unsure what opportunities will be available for them after Brexit imposes freedom of movement changes, says Erica Brockmeier.
Workplace technology from
Need an instrument? Build it!
How an NGO dedicated to scientific education in Africa is helping to drive innovation.
Busy? Here's the big news in careers made small
Degrees of progress
The number of women receiving physics PhDs is at an all-time high, according to latest figures from the American Institute of Physics.
University transparency
Australia's 39 universities have pledged to release data on sexual assault and harassment at their institutions.
From our library
Non-profit work: Take my advice
Part-time work at a consulting firm can provide management skills and connections outside academia.
Elsewhere in Nature
What happened at March for Science events around the world

What all those scientists on Twitter are really doing

More surgeons must start doing basic science

French scientists focus on the big political picture

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