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  14 March 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Single-mode interface states in heterostructure waveguides with Bragg and non-Bragg gaps


Ya-Xian Fan, Tang-Qing Sang, Ting Liu et al.


Interface states can always arise in heterostructures that consist of two or more (artificial) materials with topologically different energy bands. The gapped band structure can …


Double-Wall Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Mode-Locker in Tm-doped Fibre Laser: A Novel Mechanism for Robust Bound-State Solitons Generation


Maria Chernysheva, Anastasia Bednyakova, Mohammed Al Araimi et al.


The complex nonlinear dynamics of mode-locked fibre lasers, including a broad variety of dissipative structures and self-organization effects, have drawn significant research …


Beam shaping in high-power broad-area quantum cascade lasers using optical feedback


Simon Ferré, Louise Jumpertz, Mathieu Carras et al.


Broad-area quantum cascade lasers with high output powers are highly desirable sources for various applications including infrared countermeasures. However, such structures …


Correlating Oxygen Evolution Catalysts Activity and Electronic Structure by a High-Throughput Investigation of Ni1-y-zFeyCrzOx


Christoph Schwanke, Helge Sören Stein, Lifei Xi et al.


High-throughput characterization by soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and electrochemical characterization is used to establish a correlation between electronic structure …


Doped zirconia phase and luminescence dependence on the nature of charge compensation


Krisjanis Smits, Dags Olsteins, Aleksejs Zolotarjovs et al.


Zirconia is a relatively new material with many promising practical applications in medical imaging, biolabeling, sensors, and other fields. In this study we have investigated …


SPAD imagers for super resolution localization microscopy enable analysis of fast fluorophore blinking


Ivan Michel Antolovic, Samuel Burri, Claudio Bruschini et al.


sCMOS imagers are currently utilized (replacing EMCCD imagers) to increase the acquisition speed in super resolution localization microscopy. Single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) …


Separation of nuclear isomers for cancer therapeutic radionuclides based on nuclear decay after-effects


R. Bhardwaj, A. van der Meer, S. K. Das et al.


177Lu has sprung as a promising radionuclide for targeted therapy. The low soft tissue penetration of its β emission results in very efficient energy deposition in small-size …


Ni(OH)2 nanosheets grown on porous hybrid g-C3N4/RGO network as high performance supercapacitor electrode


Lei Li, Jia Qin, Huiting Bi et al.


A porous hybrid g-C3N4/RGO (CNRG) material has been fabricated through a facile hydrothermal process with the help of glucose molecules, and serves as an efficient immobilization …


Efficient Photocatalytic Bilirubin Removal over the Biocompatible Core/Shell P25/g-C3N4 Heterojunctions with Metal-free Exposed Surfaces under Moderate Green Light Irradiation


Shifei Kang, Hengfei Qin, Lu Zhang et al.


Highly-monodispersed g-C3N4/TiO2 hybrids with a core/shell structure were synthesized from a simple room temperature impregnation method, in which g-C3N4 was coated through …


Fabrication of graded index single crystal in glass


Keith Veenhuizen, Sean McAnany, Daniel Nolan et al.


Lithium niobate crystals were grown in 3D through localized heating by femtosecond laser irradiation deep inside 35Li2O-35Nb2O5-30SiO2 glass. Laser scanning speed and power …


Formation of novel transition metal hydride complexes with ninefold hydrogen coordination


Shigeyuki Takagi, Yuki Iijima, Toyoto Sato et al.


Ninefold coordination of hydrogen is very rare, and has been observed in two different hydride complexes comprising rhenium and technetium. Herein, based on a …


Self-Assembled Array of Tethered Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles for the Next Generation of Energy Storage


Tyler E. Stevens, Charles J. Pearce, Caleah N. Whitten et al.


Many challenges must be overcome in order to create reliable electrochemical energy storage devices with not only high energy but also high power densities. Gaps exist in both …


Multicolor emission from intermediate band semiconductor ZnO1−xSex


M. Welna, M. Baranowski, W. M. Linhart et al.


Photoluminescence and photomodulated reflectivity measurements of ZnOSe alloys are used to demonstrate a splitting of the valence band due to the band anticrossing interaction …


Noise-enabled optical ratchets


Roberto de J. León-Montiel, Pedro A. Quinto-Su


In this contribution, we report on the implementation of a novel noise-enabled optical ratchet system. We demonstrate that, unlike commonly-used ratchet schemes—where complex …


DNA-conjugated gold nanoparticles based colorimetric assay to assess helicase activity: a novel route to screen potential helicase inhibitors


Jashmini Deka, Aditya Mojumdar, Pietro Parisse et al.


Helicase are essential enzymes which are widespread in all life-forms. Due to their central role in nucleic acid metabolism, they are emerging as important targets for …


Optimizing non-invasive radiofrequency hyperthermia treatment for improving drug delivery in 4T1 mouse breast cancer model


Matthew J. Ware, Martyna Krzykawska-Serda, Jason Chak-Shing Ho et al.


Interactions of high-frequency radio waves (RF) with biological tissues are currently being investigated as a therapeutic platform for non-invasive cancer hyperthermia therapy. …


Near-field terahertz probes with room-temperature nanodetectors for subwavelength resolution imaging


Oleg Mitrofanov, Leonardo Viti, Enrico Dardanis et al.


Near-field imaging with terahertz (THz) waves is emerging as a powerful technique for fundamental research in photonics and across physical and life sciences. Spatial resolution …


Understanding and controlling morphology evolution via DIO plasticization in PffBT4T-2OD/PC71BM devices


Yiwei Zhang, Andrew J. Parnell, Fabio Pontecchiani et al.


We demonstrate that the inclusion of a small amount of the co-solvent 1,8-diiodooctane in the preparation of a bulk-heterojunction photovoltaic device increases its power …


Biofunctionalized 3-D Carbon Nano-Network Platform for Enhanced Fibroblast Cell Adhesion


A. K. M. Rezaul Haque Chowdhury, Amirhossein Tavangar, Bo Tan et al.


Carbon nanomaterials have been investigated for various biomedical applications. In most cases, however, these nanomaterials must be functionalized biologically or chemically due …


A Novel Microwave-Induced Plasma Ionization Source for Ion Mobility Spectrometry


Jianxiong Dai, Zhongjun Zhao, Gaoling Liang et al.


This work demonstrates the application of a novel microwave induced plasma ionization (MIPI) source to ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). The MIPI source, called Surfatron, is …


Influence of substrate modulus on gecko adhesion


Mena R. Klittich, Michael C. Wilson, Craig Bernard et al.


The gecko adhesion system fascinates biologists and materials scientists alike for its strong, reversible, glue-free, dry adhesion. Understanding the adhesion system’s …


A unified nonlinear stochastic time series analysis for climate science


Woosok Moon, John S. Wettlaufer


Earth’s orbit and axial tilt imprint a strong seasonal cycle on climatological data. Climate variability is typically viewed in terms of fluctuations in the seasonal cycle …


Single Molecule Investigation of Kinesin-1 Motility Using Engineered Microtubule Defects


Michael W. Gramlich, Leslie Conway, Winnie H. Liang et al.


The structure of the microtubule is tightly regulated in cells via a number of microtubule associated proteins and enzymes. Microtubules accumulate structural defects during …


Hydrogel increases localized transport regions and skin permeability during low frequency ultrasound treatment


Tatiana Aparecida Pereira, Danielle Nishida Ramos, Renata F. V. Lopez


Low frequency ultrasound (LFU) enhances skin permeability via the formation of heterogeneous localized transport regions (LTRs). In this work, hydrogels with different zeta …


Assessing the risk of an emerging zoonosis of worldwide concern: anisakiasis


Miguel Bao, Graham J. Pierce, Santiago Pascual et al.


Anisakiasis is an emerging zoonosis caused by the fish parasitic nematode Anisakis. Spain appears to have the highest reported incidence in Europe and marinated anchovies are …


Extreme Ultraviolet Fractional Orbital Angular Momentum Beams from High Harmonic Generation


Alex Turpin, Laura Rego, Antonio Picón et al.


We investigate theoretically the generation of extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) beams carrying fractional orbital angular momentum. To this end, we drive high-order harmonic generation …


Three electron beams from a laser-plasma wakefield accelerator and the energy apportioning question


X. Yang, E. Brunetti, D. Reboredo Gil et al.


Laser-wakefield accelerators are compact devices capable of delivering ultra-short electron bunches with pC-level charge and MeV-GeV energy by exploiting the ultra-high electric …


Roles of vacuum tunnelling and contact mechanics in single-molecule thermopower


Makusu Tsutsui, Kazumichi Yokota, Takanori Morikawa et al.


Molecular junction is a chemically-defined nanostructure whose discrete electronic states are expected to render enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit suitable for …


Infiltrated bunch of solitons in Bi-doped frequency-shifted feedback fibre laser operated at 1450 nm


Joona Rissanen, Dmitry A. Korobko, Igor O. Zolotovsky et al.


Mode-locked fibre laser as a dissipative system is characterized by rich forms of soliton interaction, which take place via internal energy exchange through noisy background in …


An innovative application of time-domain spectroscopy on localized surface plasmon resonance sensing


Meng-Chi Li, Ying-Feng Chang, Huai-Yi Wang et al.


White-light scanning interferometry (WLSI) is often used to study the surface profiles and properties of thin films because the strength of the technique lies in its ability to …


High-Speed Scalable Silicon-MoS2 P-N Heterojunction Photodetectors


Veerendra Dhyani, Samaresh Das


Two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a promising material for ultrasensitive photodetector owing to its favourable band gap and high absorption coefficient. However, …


Measurement and Visualization of Tight Rock Exposed to CO2 Using NMR Relaxometry and MRI


Haitao Wang, Zengmin Lun, Chengyuan Lv et al.


Understanding mechanisms of oil mobilization of tight matrix during CO2 injection is crucial for CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and sequestration engineering design. In this …


Monodomain Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Layers for Phase Modulation


E. Oton, E. Netter, T. Nakano et al.


Liquid crystal “Blue Phases” (BP) have evolved, in the last years, from a scientific curiosity to emerging materials for new photonic and display applications. They possess …


Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Selected Emerging Brominated Flame Retardants in Foods


Surong Lv, Yumin Niu, Jing Zhang et al.


Emerging brominated flame retardants (eBFRs) other than polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) and their derivatives in foods have been in focus …


Aluminum-induced dreierketten chain cross-links increase the mechanical properties of nanocrystalline calcium aluminosilicate hydrate


Guoqing Geng, Rupert J. Myers, Jiaqi Li et al.


The incorporation of Al and increased curing temperature promotes the crystallization and cross-linking of calcium (alumino)silicate hydrate (C-(A-)S-H), which is the primary …


Formulation for Oral Delivery of Lactoferrin Based on Bovine Serum Albumin and Tannic Acid Multilayer Microcapsules


Ece Kilic, Marina V. Novoselova, Su Hui Lim et al.


Lactoferrin (Lf) has considerable potential as a functional ingredient in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. However, the bioavailability of Lf is limited as it is …


Fabrication of Porous Ag/TiO2/Au Coatings with Excellent Multipactor Suppression


Duoduo Wu, Jianzhong Ma, Yan Bao et al.


Porous Ag/TiO2/Au coatings with excellent multipactor suppression were prepared by fabrication of porous Ag surface through two-step wet chemical etching, synthesis of TiO2


Surface Crystallization of a MgO/Y2O3/SiO2/Al2O3/ZrO2 Glass: Growth of an Oriented β-Y2Si2O7 Layer and Epitaxial ZrO2


Wolfgang Wisniewski, Sabrina Seidel, Christian Patzig et al.


The crystallization behavior of a glass with the composition 54.7 SiO2·10.9 Al2O3·15.0 MgO·3.4 ZrO2·16.0 Y2O3 is studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron …


SrCo1−xTixO3−δ perovskites as excellent catalysts for fast degradation of water contaminants in neutral and alkaline solutions


Jie Miao, Jaka Sunarso, Chao Su et al.


Perovskite-like oxides SrCo1−xTixO3−δ (SCTx, x = 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6) were used as heterogeneous catalysts to activate peroxymonosulfate (PMS) for phenol degradation under a wide …


One-step fabrication of porous GaN crystal membrane and its application in energy storage


Lei Zhang, Shouzhi Wang, Yongliang Shao et al.


Single-crystal gallium nitride (GaN) membranes have great potential for a variety of applications. However, fabrication of single-crystalline GaN membranes remains a challenge …


Compelling experimental evidence of a Dirac cone in the electronic structure of a 2D Silicon layer


Sana Sadeddine, Hanna Enriquez, Azzedine Bendounan et al.


The remarkable properties of graphene stem from its two-dimensional (2D) structure, with a linear dispersion of the electronic states at the corners of the Brillouin zone (BZ) …


Reversible Humidity Sensitive Clothing for Personal Thermoregulation


Ying Zhong, Fenghua Zhang, Meng Wang et al.


Two kinds of humidity-induced, bendable smart clothing have been designed to reversibly adapt their thermal insulation functionality. The first design mimics the pores in human …


Ultrafast quantum computation in ultrastrongly coupled circuit QED systems


Yimin Wang, Chu Guo, Guo-Qiang Zhang et al.


The latest technological progress of achieving the ultrastrong-coupling regime in circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) systems has greatly promoted the developments of quantum …


Impurity bound states in fully gapped d-wave superconductors with subdominant order parameters


Mahdi Mashkoori, Kristofer Björnson, Annica M. Black-Schaffer


Impurities in superconductors and their induced bound states are important both for engineering novel states such as Majorana zero-energy modes and for probing bulk properties of …


Dean Flow Dynamics in Low-Aspect Ratio Spiral Microchannels


Nivedita Nivedita, Phillip Ligrani, Ian Papautsky


A wide range of microfluidic cell-sorting devices has emerged in recent years, based on both passive and active methods of separation. Curvilinear channel geometries are often …


Distinct enhancement of sub-bandgap photoresponse through intermediate band in high dose implanted ZnTe:O alloys


Jing Li, Jiandong Ye, Fangfang Ren et al.


The demand for high efficiency intermediate band (IB) solar cells is driving efforts in producing high quality IB photovoltaic materials. Here, we demonstrate ZnTe:O highly …


Soft plasma electrolysis with complex ions for optimizing electrochemical performance


Muhammad Prisla Kamil, Mosab Kaseem, Young Gun Ko


Plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) was a promising surface treatment for light metals to tailor an oxide layer with excellent properties. However, porous coating structure was …


Identification of the Beer Component Hordenine as Food-Derived Dopamine D2 Receptor Agonist by Virtual Screening a 3D Compound Database


Thomas Sommer, Harald Hübner, Ahmed El Kerdawy et al.


The dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) is involved in food reward and compulsive food intake. The present study developed a virtual screening (VS) method to identify food components, …


Visualising recalcitrance by colocalisation of cellulase, lignin and cellulose in pretreated pine biomass using fluorescence microscopy


Lloyd Donaldson, Alankar Vaidya


Mapping the location of bound cellulase enzymes provides information on the micro-scale distribution of amenable and recalcitrant sites in pretreated woody biomass for biofuel …


Multiplex visibility graphs to investigate recurrent neural network dynamics


Filippo Maria Bianchi, Lorenzo Livi, Cesare Alippi et al.


A recurrent neural network (RNN) is a universal approximator of dynamical systems, whose performance often depends on sensitive hyperparameters. Tuning them properly may be …


Effects of silk fibroin in murine dry eye


Chae Eun Kim, Ji Hyun Lee, Yeung Kyu Yeon et al.


The study aimed to investigate the effects of silk fibroin in a mouse model of dry eye. The experimental dry eye mouse model was developed using more than twelve-weeks-old …


A Glycyrrhetinic Acid-Modified Curcumin Supramolecular Hydrogel for liver tumor targeting therapy


Guoqin Chen, Jinliang Li, Yanbin Cai et al.


Curcumin (Cur), a phenolic anti-oxidant compound obtained from Curcuma longa plant, possesses a variety of therapeutic properties. However, it is suffered from its low water …


Noninvasive scoring system for significant inflammation related to chronic hepatitis B


Mei-Zhu Hong, Linglong Ye, Li-Xin Jin et al.


Although a liver stiffness measurement-based model can precisely predict significant intrahepatic inflammation, transient elastography is not commonly available in a primary care …


Development of Eco-friendly Soy Protein Isolate Films with High Mechanical Properties through HNTs, PVA, and PTGE Synergism Effect


Xiaorong Liu, Ruyuan Song, Wei Zhang et al.


This study was to develop novel soy protein isolate-based films for packaging using halloysite nanotubes (HNTs), poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA), and 1,2,3-propanetriol-diglycidyl-ether …


Significant improvement in Mn2O3 transition metal oxide electrical conductivity via high pressure


Fang Hong, Binbin Yue, Naohisa Hirao et al.


Highly efficient energy storage is in high demand for next-generation clean energy applications. As a promising energy storage material, the application of Mn2O3 is limited due …


Epitaxially grown BaM hexaferrite films having uniaxial axis in the film plane for self-biased devices


Xiaozhi Zhang, Siqin Meng, Dongsheng Song et al.


Barium hexaferrite (BaM) films with in-plane c-axis orientation are promising and technically important materials for self-biased magnetic microwave devices. In this work, highly …


Novel Programmable Shape Memory Polystyrene Film: A Thermally Induced Beam-power Splitter


Peng Li, Yu Han, Wenxin Wang et al.


Micro/nanophotonic structures that are capable of optical wave-front shaping are implemented in optical waveguides and passive optical devices to alter the phase of the light …


Generation of perfect vortex and vector beams based on Pancharatnam-Berry phase elements


Yachao Liu, Yougang Ke, Junxiao Zhou et al.


Perfect vortex beams are the orbital angular momentum (OAM)-carrying beams with fixed annular intensities, which provide a better source of OAM than traditional Laguerre-Gaussian …


Corrigendum: Trade-offs between driving nodes and time-to-control in complex networks


Sérgio Pequito, Victor M. Preciado, Albert-László Barabási et al.



Portable Infrared Laser Spectroscopy for On-site Mycotoxin Analysis


Markus Sieger, Gregor Kos, Michael Sulyok et al.


Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites of fungi that spoil food, and severely impact human health (e.g., causing cancer). Therefore, the rapid determination of mycotoxin …


Magnetically controlled ferromagnetic swimmers


Joshua K. Hamilton, Peter G. Petrov, C. Peter Winlove et al.


Microscopic swimming devices hold promise for radically new applications in lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic technology, diagnostics and drug delivery etc. In this paper, we …


Spatial control of chirality in supramolecular aggregates


Maria A. Castriciano, Denis Gentili, Andrea Romeo et al.


Chirality is one of the most intriguing properties of matter related to a molecule’s lack of mirror symmetry. The transmission of chirality from the molecular level up to the …


Microwave Study of Field-Effect Devices Based on Graphene/Aluminum Nitride/Graphene Structures


Mohammad Adabi, Johannes Lischner, Stephen M. Hanham et al.


Metallic gate electrodes are often employed to control the conductivity of graphene based field effect devices. The lack of transparency of such electrodes in many optical …


Electrochemical tuning of the optical properties of nanoporous gold


D. Jalas, L.-H. Shao, R. Canchi et al.


Using optical in-situ measurements in an electrochemical environment, we study the electrochemical tuning of the transmission spectrum of films from the nanoporous gold (NPG) …


Growth Mechanism for Low Temperature PVD Graphene Synthesis on Copper Using Amorphous Carbon


Udit Narula, Cher Ming Tan, Chao Sung Lai


Growth mechanism for synthesizing PVD based Graphene using Amorphous Carbon, catalyzed by Copper is investigated in this work. Different experiments with respect to Amorphous …


Bioinspired lignocellulosic films to understand the mechanical properties of lignified plant cell walls at nanoscale


L. Muraille, V. Aguié-Béghin, B. Chabbert et al.


The physicochemical properties of plant fibres are determined by the fibre morphology and structural features of the cell wall, which is composed of three main layers that differ …


Separation of Oligosaccharides from Lotus Seeds via Medium-pressure Liquid Chromatography Coupled with ELSD and DAD


Xu Lu, Zhichang Zheng, Song Miao et al.


Lotus seeds were identified by the Ministry of Public Health of China as both food and medicine. One general function of lotus seeds is to improve intestinal health. However, to …


Computational On-Chip Imaging of Nanoparticles and Biomolecules using Ultraviolet Light


Mustafa Ugur Daloglu, Aniruddha Ray, Zoltan Gorocs et al.


Significant progress in characterization of nanoparticles and biomolecules was enabled by the development of advanced imaging equipment with extreme spatial-resolution and …


Ultrasensitive colorimetric detection of circulating tumor DNA using hybridization chain reaction and the pivot of triplex DNA


Ruimin Li, Li Zou, Yanwei Luo et al.


This work presents an amplified colorimetric biosensor for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), which associates the hybridization chain reaction (HCR) amplification with G-Quadruplex …


Effect of halide-mixing on the switching behaviors of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite memory


Bohee Hwang, Chungwan Gu, Donghwa Lee et al.


Mixed halide perovskite materials are actively researched for solar cells with high efficiency. Their hysteresis which originates from the movement of defects make perovskite a …


Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Dual-Modality Imaging-Guided Photothermal and Photodynamic Dual-Therapy with Magnetic Porphyrin-Metal Organic Framework Nanocomposites


Hui Zhang, Yu-Hao Li, Yang Chen et al.


Phototherapy shows some unique advantages in clinical application, such as remote controllability, improved selectivity, and low bio-toxicity, than chemotherapy. In order to …


Real-time monitoring and visualization of the multi-dimensional motion of an anisotropic nanoparticle


Gi-Hyun Go, Seungjin Heo, Jong-Hoi Cho et al.


As interest in anisotropic particles has increased in various research fields, methods of tracking such particles have become increasingly desirable. Here, we present a new and …


Standoff Detection of Uranium and its Isotopes by Femtosecond Filament Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry


Kyle C. Hartig, Isaac Ghebregziabher, Igor Jovanovic


The ability to perform not only elementally but also isotopically sensitive detection and analysis at standoff distances is impor-tant for remote sensing applications in diverse …


CNT Enabled Co-braided Smart Fabrics: A New Route for Non-invasive, Highly Sensitive & Large-area Monitoring of Composites


Sida Luo, Yong Wang, Guantao Wang et al.


The next-generation of hierarchical composites needs to have built-in functionality to continually monitor and diagnose their own health states. This paper includes a novel …


Structure Evolution and Multiferroic Properties in Cobalt Doped Bi4NdTi3Fe1-xCoxO15-Bi3NdTi2Fe1-xCoxO12-δ Intergrowth Aurivillius Compounds


D. L. Zhang, W. C. Huang, Z. W. Chen et al.


Here, we report the structure evolution, magnetic and ferroelectric properties in Co-doped 4- and 3-layered intergrowth Aurivillius compounds Bi4NdTi3Fe1-xCoxO15-Bi3NdTi2Fe1-xCoxO


Critical increase in Na-doping facilitates acceptor band movements that yields ~180 meV shallow hole conduction in ZnO bulk crystals


Narendra S. Parmar, Haena Yim, Ji-Won Choi


Stable p-type conduction in ZnO has been a long time obstacle in utilizing its full potential such as in opto-electronic devices. We designed a unique experimental set-up in the …


Center Frequency Stabilization in Planar Dual-Mode Resonators during Mode-Splitting Control


Adham Naji, Mina H. Soliman


Shape symmetry in dual-mode planar electromagnetic resonators results in their ability to host two degenerate resonant modes. As the designer enforces a controllable break in the …


Homogeneous spectral spanning of terahertz semiconductor lasers with radio frequency modulation


W. J. Wan, H. Li, T. Zhou et al.


Homogeneous broadband and electrically pumped semiconductor radiation sources emitting in the terahertz regime are highly desirable for various applications, including …


Stabilization of Two Radicals with One Metal: A Stepwise Coupling Model for Copper-Catalyzed Radical–Radical Cross-Coupling


Xiaotian Qi, Lei Zhu, Ruopeng Bai et al.


Transition metal-catalyzed radical–radical cross-coupling reactions provide innovative methods for C–C and C–heteroatom bond construction. A theoretical study was performed to …


High-performance Supercapacitors Based on Electrochemical-induced Vertical-aligned Carbon Nanotubes and Polyaniline Nanocomposite Electrodes


Guan Wu, Pengfeng Tan, Dongxing Wang et al.


Supercapacitors, which store electrical energy through reversible ion on the surface of conductive electrodes have gained enormous attention for variously portable energy storage …


Precision controlled atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy using spiral scan pathways


Xiahan Sang, Andrew R. Lupini, Jilai Ding et al.


Atomic-resolution imaging in an aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) can enable direct correlation between atomic structure and materials …


Colour-crafted phosphor-free white light emitters via in-situ nanostructure engineering


Daehong Min, Donghwy Park, Kyuseung Lee et al.


Colour-temperature (Tc) is a crucial specification of white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) used in a variety of smart-lighting applications. Commonly, Tc is controlled by …


Controlling self-assembly of diphenylalanine peptides at high pH using heterocyclic capping groups


Adam D. Martin, Jonathan P. Wojciechowski, Andrew B. Robinson et al.


Using small angle neutron scattering (SANS), it is shown that the existence of pre-assembled structures at high pH for a capped diphenylalanine hydrogel is controlled by the …


All Biomass and UV Protective Composite Composed of Compatibilized Lignin and Poly (Lactic-acid)


Youngjun Kim, Jonghwan Suhr, Hee-Won Seo et al.


Utilization of carbon-neutral biomass became increasingly important due to a desperate need for carbon reduction in the issue of global warming in light of replacing …


Off-axis points encoding/decoding with orbital angular momentum spectrum


Jiaqi Chu, Daping Chu, Quinn Smithwitck


Encoding/decoding off-axis points with discrete orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes is investigated. On-axis Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) beams are expanded into off-axis OAM spectra, …


Interlaced zone plate optics for hard X-ray imaging in the 10 nm range


Istvan Mohacsi, Ismo Vartiainen, Benedikt Rösner et al.


Multi-keV X-ray microscopy has been particularly successful in bridging the resolution gap between optical and electron microscopy. However, resolutions below 20 nm are still …


Sound Insulation in a Hollow Pipe with Subwavelength Thickness


Hai-Long Zhang, Yi-Fan Zhu, Bin Liang et al.


Suppression of the transmission of undesired sound in ducts is a fundamental issue with wide applications in a great variety of scenarios. Yet the conventional ways of duct noise …


Highly Sensitive Aluminum-Based Biosensors using Tailorable Fano Resonances in Capped Nanostructures


Kuang-Li Lee, Hsuan-Yeh Hsu, Meng-Lin You et al.


Metallic nanostructure-based surface plasmon sensors are capable of real-time, label-free, and multiplexed detections for chemical and biomedical applications. Recently, the …


Superior Adsorption and Regenerable Dye Adsorbent Based on Flower-Like Molybdenum Disulfide Nanostructure


Sancan Han, Kerui Liu, Linfeng Hu et al.


Herein we report superior dye-adsorption performance for flower-like nanostructure composed of two dimensional (2D) MoS2 nanosheets by a facile hydrothermal method, more …


Non-destructive monitoring of mouse embryo development and its qualitative evaluation at the molecular level using Raman spectroscopy


Mika Ishigaki, Kosuke Hashimoto, Hidetoshi Sato et al.


Current research focuses on embryonic development and quality not only by considering fundamental biology, but also by aiming to improve assisted reproduction technologies, such …


The Making of the Andrea Wave and other Rogues


Mark A. Donelan, Anne-Karin Magnusson


Unexpectedly large ocean waves or ‘rogues’ are sometimes claimed to be the cause of damage to ships at sea and to offshore structures. While wind-driven wave models are capable …


Co3O4 nanoparticles anchored on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide as a multifunctional catalyst for H2O2 reduction, oxygen reduction and evolution reaction


Tingting Zhang, Chuansheng He, Fengzhan Sun et al.


This study describes a facile and effective route to synthesize hybrid material consisting of Co3O4 nanoparticles anchored on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide (Co3O4/N-rGO) …


Tunable Nanoantennas for Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy by Colloidal Lithography and Post-Fabrication Etching


Kai Chen, Thang Duy Dao, Tadaaki Nagao


We fabricated large-area metallic (Al and Au) nanoantenna arrays on Si substrates using cost-effective colloidal lithography with different micrometer-sized polystyrene spheres. …


Anisotropic layered Bi2Te3-In2Te3 composites: control of interface density for tuning of thermoelectric properties


Dongmei Liu, Xinzhong Li, Pedro Miguel de Castro Borlido et al.


Layered (Bi1−xInx)2Te3-In2Te3 (x = 0.075) composites of pronounced anisotropy in structure and thermoelectric properties were produced by zone melting and subsequent coherent …


Assembling Ordered Nanorod Superstructures and Their Application as Microcavity Lasers


Pai Liu, Shalini Singh, Yina Guo et al.


Herein we report the formation of multi-layered arrays of vertically aligned and close packed semiconductor nanorods in perfect registry at a substrate using electric field …


Fabrication of Hierarchical Layer-by-Layer Assembled Diamond-based Core-Shell Nanocomposites as Highly Efficient Dye Absorbents for Wastewater Treatment


Xinna Zhao, Kai Ma, Tifeng Jiao et al.


The effective chemical modification and self-assembly of diamond-based hierarchical composite materials are of key importance for a broad range of diamond applications. Herein, …


Dynamics of laser-driven proton acceleration exhibited by measured laser absorptivity and reflectivity


J. H. Bin, K. Allinger, K. Khrennikov et al.


Proton acceleration from nanometer thin foils with intense laser pulses is investigated experimentally. We analyzed the laser absorptivity by parallel monitoring of laser …


Engineering Topological Surface State of Cr-doped Bi2Se3 under external electric field


Jian-Min Zhang, Ruqian Lian, Yanmin Yang et al.


External electric field control of topological surface states (SSs) is significant for the next generation of condensed matter research and topological quantum devices. Here, we …


Dual-energy fluorescent x-ray computed tomography system with a pinhole design: Use of K-edge discontinuity for scatter correction


Tenta Sasaya, Naoki Sunaguchi, Thet- Thet-Lwin et al.


We propose a pinhole-based fluorescent x-ray computed tomography (p-FXCT) system with a 2-D detector and volumetric beam that can suppress the quality deterioration caused by …


Generalized Mechanism of Field Emission from Nanostructured Semiconductor Film Cathodes


Ru-Zhi Wang, Wei Zhao, Hui Yan


Considering the effect of both the buffer layer and substrate, a series of ultrathin multilayered structure cathodes (UTMC) is constructed to simulate the field emission (FE) …


Universal quantum gates for hybrid system assisted by atomic ensembles embedded in double-sided optical cavities


A.-Peng Liu, Liu-Yong Cheng, Qi Guo et al.


We propose deterministic schemes for controlled-NOT (CNOT), Toffoli, and Fredkin gates between flying photon qubits and the collective spin wave (magnon) of an atomic ensemble …


The complementarity relations of quantum coherence in quantum information processing


Fei Pan, Liang Qiu, Zhi Liu


We establish two complementarity relations for the relative entropy of coherence in quantum information processing, i.e., quantum dense coding and teleportation. We first give an …


Effective Construction of High-quality Iron Oxy-hydroxides and Co-doped Iron Oxy-hydroxides Nanostructures: Towards the Promising Oxygen Evolution Reaction Application


Xinyu Zhang, Li An, Jie Yin et al.


Rational design of high efficient and low cost electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) plays an important role in water splitting. Herein, a general gelatin-assisted …


Maximum Power Game as a Physical and Social Extension of Classical Games


Pilwon Kim


We consider an electric circuit in which the players participate as resistors and adjust their resistance in pursuit of individual maximum power. The maximum power game(MPG) …


Control quantum evolution speed of a single dephasing qubit for arbitrary initial states via periodic dynamical decoupling pulses


Ya-Ju Song, Qing-Shou Tan, Le-Man Kuang


We investigate the possibility to control quantum evolution speed of a single dephasing qubit for arbitrary initial states by the use of periodic dynamical decoupling (PDD) …


Flash Memory Featuring Low-Voltage Operation by Crystalline ZrTiO4 Charge-Trapping Layer


Yung-Shao Shen, Kuen-Yi Chen, Po-Chun Chen et al.


Crystalline ZrTiO4 (ZTO) in orthorhombic phase with different plasma treatments was explored as the charge-trapping layer for low-voltage operation flash memory. For ZTO without …


Preparation of active 3D film patches via aligned fiber electrohydrodynamic (EHD) printing


Jun-Chuan Wang, Hongxia Zheng, Ming-Wei Chang et al.


The design, preparation and application of three-dimensional (3D) printed structures have gained appreciable interest in recent times, particularly for drug dosage development. …


Accuracy and safety verification of ovarian reserve assessment technique for ovarian tissue transplantation using optical coherence tomography in mice ovary


Seido Takae, Kosuke Tsukada, Yorino Sato et al.


Except for histological study, there are currently no suitable techniques available for the detection and identification of primordial follicles in ovary of primary ovarian …


Emergence of linguistic laws in human voice


Iván González Torre, Bartolo Luque, Lucas Lacasa et al.


Linguistic laws constitute one of the quantitative cornerstones of modern cognitive sciences and have been routinely investigated in written corpora, or in the equivalent


Enhanced cellular uptake of size-separated lipophilic silicon nanoparticles


Aubrey E. Kusi-Appiah, Melanie L. Mastronardi, Chenxi Qian et al.


Specific size, shape and surface chemistry influence the biological activity of nanoparticles. In the case of lipophilic nanoparticles, which are widely used in consumer …


Atomistic structural ensemble refinement reveals non-native structure stabilizes a sub-millisecond folding intermediate of CheY


Jade Shi, R. Paul Nobrega, Christian Schwantes et al.


The dynamics of globular proteins can be described in terms of transitions between a folded native state and less-populated intermediates, or excited states, which can play …


Laser-Accelerated Proton Beams as Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage


M. Barberio, S. Veltri, M. Scisciò et al.


This paper introduces the first use of laser-generated proton beams as diagnostic for materials of interest in the domain of Cultural Heritage. Using laser-accelerated protons, …


An optimized microfabricated platform for the optical generation and detection of hyperpolarized 129Xe


Daniel J. Kennedy, Scott J. Seltzer, Ricardo Jiménez-Martínez et al.


Low thermal-equilibrium nuclear spin polarizations and the need for sophisticated instrumentation render conventional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and imaging …


Structural relaxation phenomena in silicate glasses modified by irradiation with femtosecond laser pulses


Thomas Seuthe, Alexandre Mermillod-Blondin, Moritz Grehn et al.


Structural relaxation phenomena in binary and multicomponent lithium silicate glasses were studied upon irradiation with femtosecond (fs) laser pulses (800 nm central wavelength, …


Observation of laser pulse propagation in optical fibers with a SPAD camera


Ryan Warburton, Constantin Aniculaesei, Matteo Clerici et al.


Recording processes and events that occur on sub-nanosecond timescales poses a difficult challenge. Conventional ultrafast imaging techniques often rely on long data collection …


Ultrathin (<1 μm) Substrate-Free Flexible Photodetector on Quantum Dot-Nanocellulose Paper


Jingda Wu, Lih Y. Lin


Conventional approaches to flexible optoelectronic devices typically require depositing the active materials on external substrates. This is mostly due to the weak bonding …


Spectroscopic properties in Er3+-doped germanotellurite glasses and glass ceramics for mid-infrared laser materials


Shiliang Kang, Xiudi Xiao, Qiwen Pan et al.


Transparent Er3+-doped germanotellurite glass ceramics (GCs) with variable Te/Ge ratio were prepared by controllable heat-treated process. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and …


Unusual seeding mechanism for enhanced performance in solid-phase magnetic extraction of Rare Earth Elements


Elizabeth Polido Legaria, Joao Rocha, Cheuk-Wai Tai et al.


Due to the increasing demand of Rare Earth Elements (REE or RE), new and more efficient techniques for their extraction are necessary, suitable for both mining and recycling …


Anomalous shear band characteristics and extra-deep shock-affected zone in Zr-based bulk metallic glass treated with nanosecond laser peening


Yanpeng Wei, Guangyue Xu, Kun Zhang et al.


The effects of nanosecond laser peening on Zr41Ti14Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 metallic glass were investigated in this study. The peening treatment produced an extra-deep shock-affected …


Efficient frequency generation in phoXonic cavities based on hollow whispering gallery mode resonators


Daniele Farnesi, Giancarlo Righini, Gualtiero Nunzi Conti et al.


We report on nonlinear optical effects on phoxonic cavities based on hollow whispering gallery mode resonators pumped with a continuous wave laser. We observed stimulated …


Gradual collapse of nuclear wave functions regulated by frequency tuned X-ray scattering


Nina Ignatova, Vinícius V. Cruz, Rafael C. Couto et al.


As is well established, the symmetry breaking by isotope substitution in the water molecule results in localisation of the vibrations along one of the two bonds in the ground …


Formation and evolution of a pair of collisionless shocks in counter-streaming flows


Dawei Yuan, Yutong Li, Meng Liu et al.


A pair of collisionless shocks that propagate in the opposite directions are firstly observed in the interactions of laser-produced counter-streaming flows. The flows are …


Information-theoretic equilibrium and observable thermalization


F. Anzà, V. Vedral


A crucial point in statistical mechanics is the definition of the notion of thermal equilibrium, which can be given as the state that maximises the von Neumann entropy, under the …


Ultralong well-aligned TiO2:Ln3+ (Ln = Eu, Sm, or Er) fibres prepared by modified electrospinning and their temperature-dependent luminescence


Hongquan Yu, Yue Li, Yang Song et al.


Electrospinning has emerged as an attractive technique for the fabrication of ultrafine fibres in micro-/nano-scale fineness: however, it remains a significant technological …


Superior Pre-Osteoblast Cell Response of Etched Ultrafine-Grained Titanium with a Controlled Crystallographic Orientation


Seung Mi Baek, Myeong Hwan Shin, Jongun Moon et al.


Ultrafine-grained (UFG) Ti for improved mechanical performance as well as its surface modification enhancing biofunctions has attracted much attention in medical industries. Most …


Amplitude concentration in a phase-modulated spectrum due to femtosecond filamentation


J. V. Thompson, P. A. Zhokhov, M. M. Springer et al.


We present a method by which the spectral intensity of an ultrafast laser pulse can be accumulated at selected frequencies by a controllable amount. Using a 4-f pulse shaper we …


Edge magnetism of Heisenberg model on honeycomb lattice


Wen-Min Huang, Toshiya Hikihara, Yen-Chen Lee et al.


Edge magnetism in graphene sparks intense theoretical and experimental interests. In the previous study, we demonstrated the existence of collective excitations at the zigzag …


Position and orientation measurement adopting camera calibrated by projection geometry of Plücker matrices of three-dimensional lines


Guan Xu, Anqi Zheng, Xiaotao Li et al.


A position and orientation measurement method is investigated by adopting a camera calibrated by the projection geometry of the skew-symmetric Plücker matrices of 3D lines. The …


Plasmon-Modulated Excitation-Dependent Fluorescence from Activated CTAB Molecules Strongly Coupled to Gold Nanoparticles


Si-Jing Ding, Fan Nan, Xiao-Li Liu et al.


Excitation-dependent fluorophores (EDFs) have been attracted increasing attention owing to their high tunability of emissions and prospective applications ranging from multicolor …


Physics of chewing in terrestrial mammals


Emmanuel Virot, Grace Ma, Christophe Clanet et al.


Previous studies on chewing frequency across animal species have focused on finding a single universal scaling law. Controversy between the different models has been aroused …


Identifying the chiral d-wave superconductivity by Josephson φ0-states


Jun-Feng Liu, Yong Xu, Jun Wang


We propose the Josephson junctions linked by a normal metal between a d + id superconductor and another d + id superconductor, a d-wave superconductor, or a s-wave superconductor …


Superconducting gap structure of FeSe


Lin Jiao, Chien-Lung Huang, Sahana Rößler et al.


The microscopic mechanism governing the zero-resistance flow of current in some iron-based, high-temperature superconducting materials is not well understood up to now. A central …


A refined wideband acoustical holography based on equivalent source method


Guoli Ping, Zhigang Chu, Zhongming Xu et al.


This paper is concerned with acoustical engineering and mathematical physics problem for the near-field acoustical holography based on equivalent source method (ESM-based NAH). …


Corrigendum: Relationship between nanotopographical alignment and stem cell fate with live imaging and shape analysis


Peter Newman, Jorge Luis Galeano Niño, Pamela Graney et al.



Mineral Surface Chemistry and Nanoparticle-aggregation Control Membrane Self-Assembly


Nita Sahai, Hussein Kaddour, Punam Dalai et al.


The self-assembly of lipid bilayer membranes to enclose functional biomolecules, thus defining a “protocell,” was a seminal moment in the emergence of life on Earth and likely …


Complexation of Manganese with Glutarimidedioxime: Implication for Extraction Uranium from Seawater


Xiang Xie, Yin Tian, Zhen Qin et al.


The molecule of glutaroimidedioxime, a cyclic imidedioxime moiety that can form during the synthesis of the poly(amidoxime)sorbent and is reputedly responsible for the extraction …


Actual fusion efficiency in the lipid mixing assay - Comparison between nanodiscs and liposomes


Claire François-Martin, Frédéric Pincet


Lipid exchange occurs between membranes during fusion or active lipid transfer. These processes are necessary in vivo for the homeostasis of the cell at the level of the …


Hydrogen peroxide in deep waters from the Mediterranean Sea, South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans


Mark J. Hopwood, Insa Rapp, Christian Schlosser et al.


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is present ubiquitously in marine surface waters where it is a reactive intermediate in the cycling of many trace elements. Photochemical processes are …


Influence of the Valsalva maneuver on cardiac hemodynamics and right to left shunt in patients with patent foramen ovale


Enfa Zhao, Yafei Zhang, Chunmiao Kang et al.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of the Valsalva maneuver (VM) on cardiac hemodynamics in patients with patent foramen ovale (PFO). Sixty-five patients …


Design of a k-space spectrometer for ultra-broad waveband spectral domain optical coherence tomography


Gongpu Lan, Guoqiang Li


Nonlinear sampling of the interferograms in wavenumber (k) space degrades the depth-dependent signal sensitivity in conventional spectral domain optical coherence tomography …


Corrigendum: Mechanism of Consistent Gyrus Formation: an Experimental and Computational Study


Tuo Zhang, Mir Jalil Razavi, Xiao Li et al.



Partial delignification of wood and membrane preparation using a quaternary ammonium ionic liquid


Jiaojiao Miao, Yongqi Yu, Zeming Jiang et al.


This work determined that southern yellow pine wood can almost be completely dissolved in the quaternary ammonium ionic liquid tetrabutylammonium acetate with dimethyl sulfoxide …


High-throughput search of ternary chalcogenides for p-type transparent electrodes


Jingming Shi, Tiago F. T. Cerqueira, Wenwen Cui et al.


Delafossite crystals are fascinating ternary oxides that have demonstrated transparent conductivity and ambipolar doping. Here we use a high-throughput approach based on density …

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