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  21 March 2017   
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npj Climate and Atmospheric Science: open for submissions

An open access, online-only journal providing researchers, policy makers and the public with the latest research on weather and climate, publishing high-quality papers that focus on topics including climate dynamics, climate variability, weather and climate prediction, climate change, weather extremes, atmospheric composition including aerosols, the hydrological cycle and atmosphere-ocean interactions.
Earth & Environmental Sciences

Evidence for coseismic subsidence events in a southern California coastal saltmarsh


Robert Leeper, Brady Rhodes, Matthew Kirby et al.


Paleoenvironmental records from a southern California coastal saltmarsh reveal evidence for repeated late Holocene coseismic subsidence events. Field analysis of sediment gouge …


Daytime warming has stronger negative effects on soil nematodes than night-time warming


Xiumin Yan, Kehong Wang, Lihong Song et al.


Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, that is, stronger warming during night-time than during daytime. Here we focus on how soil nematodes respond to the current …


Physiological and transcriptional approaches reveal connection between nitrogen and manganese cycles in Shewanella algae C6G3


Axel Aigle, Patricia Bonin, Chantal Iobbi-Nivol et al.


To explain anaerobic nitrite/nitrate production at the expense of ammonium mediated by manganese oxide (Mn(IV)) in sediment, nitrate and manganese respirations were investigated …


Continuous transport of Pacific-derived anthropogenic radionuclides towards the Indian Ocean


Daniela Pittauer, Stephen G. Tims, Michaela B. Froehlich et al.


Unusually high concentrations of americium and plutonium have been observed in a sediment core collected from the eastern Lombok Basin between Sumba and Sumbawa Islands in the …


Experimental investigation on the coupled effect of effective stress and gas slippage on the permeability of shale


Diansen Yang, Wei Wang, Weizhong Chen et al.


Permeability is one of the most important parameters to evaluate gas production in shale reservoirs. Because shale permeability is extremely low, gas is often used in the …


Sophisticated Clean Air Strategies Required to Mitigate Against Particulate Organic Pollution


T. Grigas, J. Ovadnevaite, D. Ceburnis et al.


Since the 1980’s, measures mitigating the impact of transboundary air pollution have been implemented successfully as evidenced in the 1980–2014 record of atmospheric sulphur …


Increased chemical weathering during the deglacial to mid-Holocene summer monsoon intensification


Pavan Miriyala, N. P. Sukumaran, B. Nagender Nath et al.


Chemical weathering and the ensuing atmospheric carbon dioxide consumption has long been considered to work on geological time periods until recently when some modelling and …


Strain differences in arsenic-induced oxidative lesion via arsenic biomethylation between C57BL/6J and 129X1/SvJ mice


Ruirui Wu, Xiafang Wu, Huihui Wang et al.


Arsenic is a common environmental and occupational toxicant with dramatic species differences in its susceptibility and metabolism. Mouse strain variability may provide a better …


A combination mode of climate variability responsible for extremely poor recruitment of the Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica)


Yong-Fu Lin, Chau-Ron Wu, Yu-San Han


Satellite data and assimilation products are used to investigate fluctuations in the catch of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) in eastern Asian countries. It has been reported …


A rapid-screening approach to detect and quantify microplastics based on fluorescent tagging with Nile Red


Thomas Maes, Rebecca Jessop, Nikolaus Wellner et al.


A new approach is presented for analysis of microplastics in environmental samples, based on selective fluorescent staining using Nile Red (NR), followed by density-based …


Biogenic silver nanoparticles based on trichoderma harzianum: synthesis, characterization, toxicity evaluation and biological activity


Mariana Guilger, Tatiane Pasquoto-Stigliani, Natália Bilesky-Jose et al.


White mold is an agricultural disease caused by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, which affects important crops. There are different ways of controlling this organism, but …


Erratum: Adsorption of methylene blue on an agro-waste oiltea shell with and without fungal treatment


Jiayang Liu, Enzhong Li, Xiaojuan You et al.



Estimating the abundance of airborne pollen and fungal spores at variable elevations using an aircraft: how high can they fly?


Athanasios Damialis, Evangelos Kaimakamis, Maria Konoglou et al.


Airborne pollen and fungal spores are monitored mainly in highly populated, urban environments, for allergy prevention purposes. However, their sources can frequently be located …


Evidence and mapping of extinction debts for global forest-dwelling reptiles, amphibians and mammals


Youhua Chen, Shushi Peng


Evidence of extinction debts for the global distributions of forest-dwelling reptiles, mammals and amphibians was tested and the debt magnitude was estimated and mapped. By using …


Effect of hydro-oleophobic perfluorocarbon chain on interfacial behavior and mechanism of perfluorooctane sulfonate in oil-water mixture


Pingping Meng, Shubo Deng, Ziwen Du et al.


Perfluorocarbon chain of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is not only hydrophobic but also oleophobic, and its effect on PFOS distribution in oil-water mixture and underlying …


Nanoscale zero-valent iron/persulfate enhanced upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for dye removal: Insight into microbial metabolism and microbial community


Fei Pan, Xiaohan Zhong, Dongsheng Xia et al.


This study investigated the efficiency of nanoscale zero-valent iron combined with persulfate (NZVI/PS) for enhanced degradation of brilliant red X-3B in an upflow anaerobic …


Droughts in India from 1981 to 2013 and Implications to Wheat Production


Xiang Zhang, Renee Obringer, Chehan Wei et al.


Understanding drought from multiple perspectives is critical due to its complex interactions with crop production, especially in India. However, most studies only provide …


Erratum: Spring maize yield, soil water use and water use efficiency under plastic film and straw mulches in the Loess Plateau


Wen Lin, Wenzhao Liu, Qingwu Xue



Tomography of the subducting Pacific slab and the 2015 Bonin deepest earthquake (Mw 7.9)


Dapeng Zhao, Moeto Fujisawa, Genti Toyokuni


On 30 May 2015 an isolated deep earthquake (~670 km, Mw 7.9) occurred to the west of the Bonin Islands. To clarify its causal mechanism and its relationship to the subducting …


Elucidation of major contributors involved in nitrogen removal and transcription level of nitrogen-cycling genes in activated sludge from WWTPs


You Che, Peixin Liang, Ting Gong et al.


We investigated nitrogen-cycle bacterial communities in activated sludge from 8 municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Redundancy analyses (RDA) showed that temperature …


Impacts of twenty years of experimental warming on soil carbon, nitrogen, moisture and soil mites across alpine/subarctic tundra communities


Juha M. Alatalo, Annika K. Jägerbrand, Jaanis Juhanson et al.


High-altitude and alpine areas are predicted to experience rapid and substantial increases in future temperature, which may have serious impacts on soil carbon, nutrient and soil …


Stochastic modelling of deep magmatic controls on porphyry copper deposit endowment


Massimo Chiaradia, Luca Caricchi


Porphyry deposits, our main source of copper and of significant amounts of Mo, Re and Au, form at convergent margins in association with intermediate-felsic magmas. Although it …


Quantitative analysis of the impacts of terrestrial environmental factors on precipitation variation over the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Coastal Southwest China


Yinjun Zhao, Qiyu Deng, Qing Lin et al.


Taking the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone as the study area, this paper utilizes the geographical detector model to quantify the feedback effects from the terrestrial …


Novel transcriptome assembly and comparative toxicity pathway analysis in mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) embryos and larvae exposed to Deepwater Horizon oil


Elvis Genbo Xu, Edward M. Mager, Martin Grosell et al.


The impacts of Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil on morphology and function during embryonic development have been documented for a number of fish species, including the economically …


Resisting majesty: Apis cerana, has lower antennal sensitivity and decreased attraction to queen mandibular pheromone than Apis mellifera


Shihao Dong, Ping Wen, Qi Zhang et al.


In highly social bees, queen mandibular pheromone (QMP) is vital for colony life. Both Apis cerana (Ac) and Apis mellifera (Am) share an evolutionarily conserved set of QMP …


Abrupt response of chemical weathering to Late Quaternary hydroclimate changes in northeast Africa


Luc Bastian, Marie Revel, Germain Bayon et al.


Chemical weathering of silicate rocks on continents acts as a major sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide and has played an important role in the evolution of the Earth’s climate. …


Late Quaternary faulting in the Sevier Desert driven by magmatism


T. Stahl, N. A. Niemi


Seismic hazard in continental rifts varies as a function of strain accommodation by tectonic or magmatic processes. The nature of faulting in the Sevier Desert, located in …


Historical changes of the Mediterranean Sea ecosystem: modelling the role and impact of primary productivity and fisheries changes over time


Chiara Piroddi, Marta Coll, Camino Liquete et al.


The Mediterranean Sea has been defined “under siege” because of intense pressures from multiple human activities; yet there is still insufficient information on the cumulative …


Microbial communities of aquatic environments on Heard Island characterized by pyrotag sequencing and environmental data


Michelle A. Allen, Ricardo Cavicchioli


Heard Island in the Southern Ocean is a biological hotspot that is suffering the effects of climate change. Significant glacier retreat has generated proglacial lagoons, some of …


Porewater methane transport within the gas vesicles of diurnally migrating Chaoborus spp.: An energetic advantage


Daniel F. McGinnis, Sabine Flury, Kam W. Tang et al.


Diurnally-migrating Chaoborus spp. reach populations of up to 130,000 individuals m−2 in lakes up to 70 meters deep on all continents except Antarctica. Linked to eutrophication, …


Fast selective homogeneous extraction of UO22+ with carboxyl-functionalised task-specific ionic liquids


Yinyong Ao, Jian Chen, Min Xu et al.


The carboxyl-functionalised task-specific ionic liquid of 1-carboxymethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethyl-sulfonyl)imide ([HOOCmim][NTf2]) was used as solvent and …


SEDA: A software package for the Statistical Earthquake Data Analysis


A. M. Lombardi


In this paper, the first version of the software SEDA (SEDAv1.0), designed to help seismologists statistically analyze earthquake data, is presented. The package consists of a …


Positive Association between Urinary Concentration of Phthalate Metabolites and Oxidation of DNA and Lipid in Adolescents and Young Adults


Chien-Yu Lin, Pau-Chung Chen, Chia-Jung Hsieh et al.


Phthalate has been used worldwide in various products for years. Little is known about the association between phthalate exposure and biomarkers of oxidative stress in …

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