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  21 March 2017   
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Chemical Sciences

A facile template route to periodic mesoporous organosilicas nanospheres with tubular structure by using compressed CO2


Xin Huang, Wei Li, Meijin Wang et al.


Periodic mesoporous organosilicas (PMOs) nanospheres with tubular structure were prepared with compressed CO2 using cationic and anionic mixed surfactant (CTAB/SDS) and triblock …


Size-tunable Synthesis of Silver Nanobelts Using a Polyaniline Derived Polymer as a Template


Sudakar Padmanaban, Minog Kim, Sungho Yoon


Silver nanobelts (AgNBs) have attracted a great interest due to their excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, leading a facile synthesis of these AgNBs in …


Effect of defects on reaction of NiO surface with Pb-contained solution


Jongjin Kim, Binyang Hou, Changyong Park et al.


In order to understand the role of defects in chemical reactions, we used two types of samples, which are molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) grown NiO(001) film on Mg(001) substrate as …


NMR spectroscopy of single sub-nL ova with inductive ultra-compact single-chip probes


Marco Grisi, Franck Vincent, Beatrice Volpe et al.


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy enables non-invasive chemical studies of intact living matter. However, the use of NMR at the volume scale typical of microorganisms …


Dynamic monitoring of membrane nanotubes formation induced by vaccinia virus on a high throughput microfluidic chip


Min Xiao, Na Xu, Cheng Wang et al.


Membrane nanotubes (MNTs) are physical connections for intercellular communication and induced by various viruses. However, the formation of vaccinia virus (VACV)-induced MNTs …


Rigid High Temperature Heat-Shrinkable Polyimide Tubes with Functionality as Reducer Couplings


Deyan Kong, Xinli Xiao


Flexible and semi-rigid heat-shrinkable tubes (HSTs) have been used in thousands of applications, and here rigid high temperature HSTs are reported for the first time. These …


High Thermoelectric Power Factor of a Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Low Bandgap Polymer via Finely Tuned Doping Engineering


In Hwan Jung, Cheon Taek Hong, Un-Hak Lee et al.


We studied the thermoelectric properties of a diketopyrrolopyrrole-based semiconductor (PDPP3T) via a precisely tuned doping process using Iron (III) chloride. In particular, the …


Re-construction layer effect of LiNi0.8Co0.15Mn0.05O2 with solvent evaporation process


Kwangjin Park, Jun-Ho Park, Suk-Gi Hong et al.


The solvent evaporation method on the structural changes and surface chemistry of the cathode and the effect of electrochemical performance of Li1.0Ni0.8Co0.15Mn0.05O2 (NCM) has …


Direct measurement of the propagation of the phase-transition region of liquid crystals


Takahiro Sato, Kenji Katayama


Many types of active matter, such as biological cells, have liquid-crystalline membranes, which are soft and flexible in their interactions with their surroundings and sometimes …


Tuning the multiferroic mechanisms of TbMnO3 by epitaxial strain


Kenta Shimamoto, Saumya Mukherjee, Sebastian Manz et al.


A current challenge in the field of magnetoelectric multiferroics is to identify systems that allow a controlled tuning of states displaying distinct magnetoelectric responses. …


Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1M HCl by D-glucose derivatives of dihydropyrido [2,3-d:6,5-d′] dipyrimidine-2, 4, 6, 8(1H,3H, 5H,7H)-tetraone


Chandrabhan Verma, M. A. Quraishi, K. Kluza et al.


D-glucose derivatives of dihydropyrido-[2,3-d:6,5-d′]-dipyrimidine-2, 4, 6, 8(1H,3H, 5H,7H)-tetraone (GPHs) have been synthesized and investigated as corrosion inhibitors for …


Automated Protein Biomarker Analysis: on-line extraction of clinical samples by Molecularly Imprinted Polymers


Cecilia Rossetti, Magdalena A. Świtnicka-Plak, Trine Grønhaug Halvorsen et al.


Robust biomarker quantification is essential for the accurate diagnosis of diseases and is of great value in cancer management. In this paper, an innovative diagnostic platform …


Integrated multi-ISE arrays with improved sensitivity, accuracy and precision


Chunling Wang, Hongyan Yuan, Zhijuan Duan et al.


Increasing use of ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) in the biological and environmental fields has generated demand for high-sensitivity ISEs. However, improving the sensitivities …


Preparation of Ho3+/Tm3+ Co-doped Lanthanum Tungsten Germanium Tellurite Glass Fiber and Its Laser Performance for 2.0 μm


Dechun Zhou, Xuemei Bai, Hang Zhou


Ho3+/Tm3+ co-doped 50TeO2-25GeO2-3WO3-5La2O3-3Nb2O5-5Li2O-9BaF2 glass fiber is prepared with the rod-tube drawing method of 15 μm core diameter and 125 μm inner cladding diameter …


Phospholipid imprinted polymers as selective endotoxin scavengers


Robert Sulc, Gyorgy Szekely, Sudhirkumar Shinde et al.


Herein we explore phospholipid imprinting as a means to design receptors for complex glycolipids comprising the toxic lipopolysaccharide endotoxin. A series of polymerizable …


Signature of an aggregation-prone conformation of tau


Neil A. Eschmann, Elka R. Georgieva, Pritam Ganguly et al.


The self-assembly of the microtubule associated tau protein into fibrillar cell inclusions is linked to a number of devastating neurodegenerative disorders collectively known as …


Chemical profiling analysis of Maca using UHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap MS coupled with UHPLC-ESI-QqQ MS and the neuroprotective study on its active ingredients


Yanyan Zhou, Peng Li, Adelheid Brantner et al.


Lepidium meyenii (Maca), originated from Peru, has been cultivated widely in China as a popular health care food. However, the chemical and effective studies of Maca were less …


Host-guest complexation of cucurbit[8]uril with two enantiomers


Zhong-Zheng Gao, Rui-Lian Lin, Dong Bai et al.


Host-guest complexation of cucurbit[8]uril (Q[8]) with two enantiomers, D-3-(2-naphthyl)-alanine (D-NA) and L-3-(2-naphthyl)-alanine (L-NA), has been fully investigated. …


Corrigendum: Paper-based CRP Monitoring Devices


Shang-Chi Lin, Chung-Yuh Tzeng, Po-Liang Lai et al.



Erratum: Adsorption of methylene blue on an agro-waste oiltea shell with and without fungal treatment


Jiayang Liu, Enzhong Li, Xiaojuan You et al.



Quantum mechanical calculation of nanomaterial-ligand interaction energies by molecular fractionation with conjugated caps method


Dawei Zhang


Molecular fractionation with conjugate caps (MFCC) method is introduced for the efficient estimation of quantum mechanical (QM) interaction energies between nanomaterial (carbon …


Effect of hydro-oleophobic perfluorocarbon chain on interfacial behavior and mechanism of perfluorooctane sulfonate in oil-water mixture


Pingping Meng, Shubo Deng, Ziwen Du et al.


Perfluorocarbon chain of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is not only hydrophobic but also oleophobic, and its effect on PFOS distribution in oil-water mixture and underlying …


Application of conventional molecular dynamics simulation in evaluating the stability of apomyoglobin in urea solution


Dawei Zhang, Raudah Lazim


In this study, we had exploited the advancement in computer technology to determine the stability of four apomyoglobin variants namely wild type, E109A, E109G and G65A/G73A by …


Fast detection of tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy


Jiyu Peng, Kunlin Song, Hongyan Zhu et al.


Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is one of the most devastating viruses to crops, which can cause severe production loss and affect the quality of products. In this study, we have …


A single residue controls electron transfer gating in photosynthetic reaction centers


Oksana Shlyk, Ilan Samish, Martina Matěnová et al.


Interquinone QA → QB electron-transfer (ET) in isolated photosystem II reaction centers (PSII-RC) is protein-gated. The temperature-dependent gating frequency “k” is described …


Solar-mediated thermo-electrochemical oxidation of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate by modulating the effective oxidation potential and pathway for green remediation of wastewater


Di Gu, Simeng Gao, TingTing Jiang et al.


To match the relentless pursuit of three research hot points - efficient solar utilization, green and sustainable remediation of wastewater and advanced oxidation processes, …


Guest concentration, bias current, and temperature-dependent sign inversion of magneto-electroluminescence in thermally activated delayed fluorescence devices


Junquan Deng, Weiyao Jia, Yingbing Chen et al.


Non-emissive triplet excited states in devices that undergo thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) can be up-converted to singlet excited states via reverse intersystem …


Tunable Twin Matching Frequency (fm1/fm2) Behavior of Ni1−xZnxFe2O4/NBR Composites over 2–12.4 GHz: A Strategic Material System for Stealth Applications


Lokesh Saini, Manoj Kumar Patra, Raj Kumar Jani et al.


The gel to carbonate precipitate route has been used for the synthesis of Ni1−xZnxFe2O4 (x = 0, 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75) bulk inverse spinel ferrite powder samples. The optimal zinc …


Mixed Molybdenum Oxides with Superior Performances as an Advanced Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries


Di Wu, Rui Shen, Rong Yang et al.


A simple and effective carbon-free strategy is carried out to prepare mixed molybdenum oxides as an advanced anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The new material shows a …


Low-Cost and Durable Bipolar Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyzers


P. Lettenmeier, R. Wang, R. Abouatallah et al.


Cost reduction and high efficiency are the mayor challenges for sustainable H2 production via proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis. Titanium-based components such as …


Antimicrobial peptides at work: interaction of myxinidin and its mutant WMR with lipid bilayers mimicking the P. aeruginosa and E. coli membranes


Lucia Lombardi, Marco Ignazio Stellato, Rosario Oliva et al.


Antimicrobial peptides are promising candidates as future therapeutics in order to face the problem of antibiotic resistance caused by pathogenic bacteria. Myxinidin is a peptide …


Creation of nano eye-drops and effective drug delivery to the interior of the eye


Yoshikazu Ikuta, Shigenobu Aoyagi, Yuji Tanaka et al.


Nano eye-drops are a new type of ophthalmic treatment with increased potency and reduced side effects. Compounds in conventional eye-drops barely penetrate into the eye because …


Corrigendum: The hydrogen-bond collective dynamics in liquid methanol


Stefano Bellissima, Simone De Panfilis, Ubaldo Bafile et al.



Fast selective homogeneous extraction of UO22+ with carboxyl-functionalised task-specific ionic liquids


Yinyong Ao, Jian Chen, Min Xu et al.


The carboxyl-functionalised task-specific ionic liquid of 1-carboxymethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethyl-sulfonyl)imide ([HOOCmim][NTf2]) was used as solvent and …


Reduced graphene oxide composites with water soluble copolymers having tailored lower critical solution temperatures and unique tube-like structure


Mina Namvari, Chandra S. Biswas, Massimiliano Galluzzi et al.


Nanohybrids of graphene with water soluble polymer were synthesized using ‘grafting from’ method. GO, prepared by modified Hummers’ method, was first reacted with sodium azide. …


Discovery of Cellulose Surface Layer Conformation by Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy


Libing Zhang, Li Fu, Hong-fei Wang et al.


Significant questions remain in respect to cellulose’s structure and polymorphs, particularly the cellulose surface layers and the bulk crystalline core as well as the …


Expression and characterization of Pantoea CO dehydrogenase to utilize CO-containing industrial waste gas for expanding the versatility of CO dehydrogenase


Eun Sil Choi, Kyoungseon Min, Geun-Joong Kim et al.


Although aerobic CO dehydrogenases (CODHs) might be applicable in various fields, their practical applications have been hampered by low activity and no heterologous expression. …


Electrospun Nb-doped TiO2 nanofiber support for Pt nanoparticles with high electrocatalytic activity and durability


MinJoong Kim, ChoRong Kwon, KwangSup Eom et al.


This study explores a facile method to prepare an efficient and durable support for Pt catalyst of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). As a candidate, Nb-doped TiO2


Platonic Micelles: Monodisperse Micelles with Discrete Aggregation Numbers Corresponding to Regular Polyhedra


Shota Fujii, Shimpei Yamada, Sakiko Matsumoto et al.


The concept of micelles was first proposed in 1913 by McBain and has rationalized numerous experimental results of the self-aggregation of surfactants. It is generally agreed …

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