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  28 March 2017   
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Chemical Sciences

Degree of functionalisation dependence of individual Raman intensities in covalent graphene derivatives


Philipp Vecera, Siegfried Eigler, Maria Koleśnik-Gray et al.


Covalent functionalisation of graphene is a continuously progressing field of research. The optical properties of such derivatives attract particular attention. In virtually all …


Integration of thermocouple microelectrode in the scanning electrochemical microscope at variable temperatures: simultaneous temperature and electrochemical imaging and its kinetic studies


He Pan, Hailing Zhang, Junhui Lai et al.


We describe herein a method for the simultaneous measurement of temperature and electrochemical signal with a new type of thermocouple microelectrode. The thermocouple …


Coexistence of superconductivity and charge-density wave in the quasi-one-dimensional material HfTe3


Saleem J. Denholme, Akinori Yukawa, Kohei Tsumura et al.


We present the first experimental evidence for metallicity, superconductivity (SC) and the co-existence of charge density waves (CDW) in the quasi-one-dimensional material HfTe3. …


Heteroleptic Copper(I) Complexes of “Scorpionate” Bis-pyrazolyl Carboxylate Ligand with Auxiliary Phosphine as Potential Anticancer Agents: An Insight into Cytotoxic Mode


Rais Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Usman, Rajakumar Dhivya et al.


New copper(I) complexes [CuCl(PPh3)(L)] (1: L = LA = 4-carboxyphenyl)bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)methane; (2: L = LB = 3-carboxyphenyl)bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)methane) were …


Redshifted Cherenkov Radiation for in vivo Imaging: Coupling Cherenkov Radiation Energy Transfer to multiple Förster Resonance Energy Transfers


Yann Bernhard, Bertrand Collin, Richard A. Decréau


Cherenkov Radiation (CR), this blue glow seen in nuclear reactors, is an optical light originating from energetic β-emitter radionuclides. CR emitter 90Y triggers a cascade of …


Effect of decomposition and organic residues on resistivity of copper films fabricated via low-temperature sintering of complex particle mixed dispersions


Yingqiong Yong, Mai Thanh Nguyen, Hiroki Tsukamoto et al.


Mixtures of a copper complex and copper fine particles as copper-based metal-organic decomposition (MOD) dispersions have been demonstrated to be effective for low-temperature …


In-situ Raman spectroscopy to elucidate the influence of adsorption in graphene electrochemistry


Wesley T. E. van den Beld, Mathieu Odijk, René H. J. Vervuurt et al.


Electrochemistry on graphene is of particular interest due to graphene’s high surface area, high electrical conductivity and low interfacial capacitance. Because the graphene …


Simulating electric field interactions with polar molecules using spectroscopic databases


Alec Owens, Emil J. Zak, Katy L. Chubb et al.


Ro-vibrational Stark-associated phenomena of small polyatomic molecules are modelled using extensive spectroscopic data generated as part of the ExoMol project. The external …


Microstructure formation and interface characteristics of directionally solidified TiAl-Si alloys in alumina crucibles with a new Y2O3 skull-aided technology


Jianglei Fan, Jianxiu Liu, Shen Wu et al.


The microstructure evolution and interface characteristics of a directionally solidified Ti-43Al-3Si (at.%) alloy in an alumina (Al2O3) crucible with new Y2O3 skull-aided …


“Breakthrough” osmosis and unusually high power densities in Pressure-Retarded Osmosis in non-ideally semi-permeable supported membranes


Andriy Yaroshchuk


Osmosis is the movement of solvent across a membrane induced by a solute-concentration gradient. It is very important for cell biology. Recently, it has started finding …


Hierarchical meso/macro-porous carbon fabricated from dual MgO templates for direct electron transfer enzymatic electrodes


Hiroto Funabashi, Satoshi Takeuchi, Seiya Tsujimura


We designed a three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical pore structure to improve the current production efficiency and stability of direct electron transfer-type biocathodes. The 3D …


Discovery of multi-target receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors as novel anti-angiogenesis agents


Jinfeng Wang, Lin Zhang, Xiaoyan Pan et al.


Recently, we have identified a biphenyl-aryl urea incorporated with salicylaldoxime (BPS-7) as an anti-angiogenesis agent. Herein, we disclosed a series of novel …


Synthesis of Norbornene Derived Helical Copolymer by Simple Molecular Marriage Approach to Produce Smart Nanocarrier


Shivshankar R. Mane, Ashlin Sathyan, Raja Shunmugam


A novel library of norbornene derived helical copolymer has been synthesized through the coupling of two homopolymers via Molecular Marriage Approach. The helicity is governed by …


Calibration-free assays on standard real-time PCR devices


Pawel R. Debski, Kamil Gewartowski, Seweryn Bajer et al.


Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) is one of central techniques in molecular biology and important tool in medical diagnostics. While being a golden standard qPCR …


A facile ultrasonic-assisted fabrication of nitrogen-doped carbon dots/BiOBr up-conversion nanocomposites for visible light photocatalytic enhancements


Yifan Zhang, Mira Park, Hak Yong Kim et al.


A highly efficient novel photocatalyst consisting of nitrogen-carbon dots (N-CDs) and three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical BiOBr was synthesized via a simple ultrasonic-assisted …


Metal-Organic Framework Templated Synthesis of Ultrasmall Catalyst Loaded ZnO/ZnCo2O4 Hollow Spheres for Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties


Won-Tae Koo, Seon-Jin Choi, Ji-Soo Jang et al.


To achieve the rational design of nanostructures for superior gas sensors, the ultrasmall nanoparticles (NPs) loaded on ternary metal oxide (TMO) hollow spheres (HS) were …


Bioactive silicon nitride: A new therapeutic material for osteoarthropathy


Giuseppe Pezzotti, Elia Marin, Tetsuya Adachi et al.


While the reciprocity between bioceramics and living cells is complex, it is principally governed by the implant’s surface chemistry. Consequently, a deeper understanding of the …


Elaboration and controlling excited state double proton transfer mechanism of 2,5-bis(benzoxazol-2-yl)thiophene-3,4-diol


Jinfeng Zhao, Yujun Zheng


In the present work, we theoretically illuminate the excited state double proton transfer (ESDPT) process about a novel synthesized system …


In Situ Characterization of the Initial Effect of Water on Molecular Interactions at the Interface of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Systems


Sven Pletincx, Lena Trotochaud, Laura-Lynn Fockaert et al.


Probing initial interactions at the interface of hybrid systems under humid conditions has the potential to reveal the local chemical environment at solid/solid interfaces under …


Surface chemistry of rare-earth oxide surfaces at ambient conditions: reactions with water and hydrocarbons


Elçin Külah, Laurent Marot, Roland Steiner et al.


Rare-earth (RE) oxide surfaces are of significant importance for catalysis and were recently reported to possess intrinsic hydrophobicity. The surface chemistry of these oxides …


A computational approach to calculate the heat of transport of aqueous solutions


Silvia Di Lecce, Tim Albrecht, Fernando Bresme


Thermal gradients induce concentration gradients in alkali halide solutions, and the salt migrates towards hot or cold regions depending on the average temperature of the …


Tuning of Exchange Coupling and Switchable Magnetization Dynamics by Displacing the Bridging Ligands Observed in Two Dimeric Manganese(III) Compounds


Xiang-Yu Liu, Pei-Pei Cen, Li-Zhou Wu et al.


Two Mn(III)-based dimers, [Mn2(bpad)2(CH3O)4]n (1) and [Mn2(bpad)2(pa)2]n·2H2O (2) (Hbpad = N3-benzoylpyridine-2-carboxamidrazone, H2pa = phthalic acid), have been assembled from …


Ag/AgO Nanoparticles Grown via Time Dependent Double Mechanism in a 2D Layered Ni-PCP and Their Antibacterial Efficacy


Rashmi A. Agarwal, Neeraj K. Gupta, Rajan Singh et al.


A simple synthesis route for growth of Ag/AgO nanoparticles (NPs) in large quantitative yields with narrow size distribution from a functional, non-activated, Ni (II) based …


Sweet taste in apple: the role of sorbitol, individual sugars, organic acids and volatile compounds


Eugenio Aprea, Mathilde Charles, Isabella Endrizzi et al.


Sweetness is one of the main drivers of consumer preference, and thus is given high priority in apple breeding programmes. Due to the complexity of sweetness evaluation, soluble …


An aqueous electrolyte of the widest potential window and its superior capability for capacitors


Hiroshi Tomiyasu, Hirokazu Shikata, Koichiro Takao et al.


A saturated aqueous solution of sodium perchlorate (SSPAS) was found to be electrochemically superior, because the potential window is remarkably wide to be approximately 3.2 V …

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