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  28 March 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Synergistic Effects of Micro-electrolysis-Photocatalysis on Water Treatment and Fish Performance in Saline Recirculating Aquaculture System


Zhangying Ye, Shuo Wang, Weishan Gao et al.


A new physico-chemical process for TAN (total ammonia nitrogen) removal and disinfection is introduced in saline recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), in which the biofilter is …


Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Planetary Wave Resonance and Extreme Weather Events


Michael E. Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf, Kai Kornhuber et al.


Persistent episodes of extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere summer have been shown to be associated with the presence of high-amplitude quasi-stationary atmospheric Rossby …


Environmental DNA in subterranean biology: range extension and taxonomic implications for Proteus


Špela Gorički, David Stanković, Aleš Snoj et al.


Europe’s obligate cave-dwelling amphibian Proteus anguinus inhabits subterranean waters of the north-western Balkan Peninsula. Because only fragments of its habitat are …


Community temporal variability increases with fluctuating resource availability


Wei Li, M. Henry H. Stevens


An increase in the quantity of available resources is known to affect temporal variability of aggregate community properties. However, it is unclear how might fluctuations in …


Contrasting influences of aerosols on cloud properties during deficient and abundant monsoon years


Nitin Patil, Prashant Dave, Chandra Venkataraman


Direct aerosol radiative forcing facilitates the onset of Indian monsoon rainfall, based on synoptic scale fast responses acting over timescales of days to a month. Here, we …


210Pb-226Ra disequilibria in young gas-laden magmas


Mark Reagan, Simon Turner, Heather Handley et al.


We present new 238U-230Th-226Ra-210Pb and supporting data for young lavas from southwest Pacific island arcs, Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland, and Terceira, Azores. The arc lavas have …


Automated detection and enumeration of marine wildlife using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and thermal imagery


A. C. Seymour, J. Dale, M. Hammill et al.


Estimating animal populations is critical for wildlife management. Aerial surveys are used for generating population estimates, but can be hampered by cost, logistical …


Optimal array of sand fences


Izael A. Lima, Ascânio D. Araújo, Eric J. R. Parteli et al.


Sand fences are widely applied to prevent soil erosion by wind in areas affected by desertification. Sand fences also provide a way to reduce the emission rate of dust particles, …


Mass coral mortality under local amplification of 2 °C ocean warming


Thomas M. DeCarlo, Anne L. Cohen, George T. F. Wong et al.


A 2 °C increase in global temperature above pre-industrial levels is considered a reasonable target for avoiding the most devastating impacts of anthropogenic climate change. In …


The theory of parallel climate realizations as a new framework for teleconnection analysis


Mátyás Herein, Gábor Drótos, Tímea Haszpra et al.


Teleconnections are striking features of the Earth climate system which appear as statistically correlated climate-related patterns between remote geographical regions of the …


New insights on the biomineralisation process developing in human lungs around inhaled asbestos fibres


Fabrizio Bardelli, Giulia Veronesi, Silvana Capella et al.


Once penetrated into the lungs of exposed people, asbestos induces an in vivo biomineralisation process that leads to the formation of a ferruginous coating embedding the fibres. …


Silver metal nano-matrixes as high efficiency and versatile catalytic reactors for environmental remediation


Ludovic F. Dumée, Zhifeng Yi, Blaise Tardy et al.


Nano-porous metallic matrixes (NMMs) offer superior surface to volume ratios as well as enhanced optical, photonic, and electronic properties to bulk metallic materials. Such …


Inertial bioluminescence rhythms at the Capo Passero (KM3NeT-Italia) site, Central Mediterranean Sea


J. Aguzzi, E. Fanelli, T. Ciuffardi et al.


In the deep sea, the sense of time is dependent on geophysical fluctuations, such as internal tides and atmospheric-related inertial currents, rather than day-night rhythms. …


Cell cycle arrest and biochemical changes accompanying cell death in harmful dinoflagellates following exposure to bacterial algicide IRI-160AA


Kaytee L. Pokrzywinski, Charles L. Tilney, Mark E. Warner et al.


Bacteria may play a role in regulating harmful algal blooms, but little is known about the biochemical and physiological changes associated with cell death induced by algicidal …


Anthropogenic shift of planktonic food web structure in a coastal lagoon by freshwater flow regulation


Deevesh A. Hemraj, A. Hossain, Qifeng Ye et al.


Anthropogenic modification of aquatic systems has diverse impacts on food web interactions and ecosystem states. To reverse the adverse effects of modified freshwater flow, …


High-throughput amplicon sequencing and stream benthic bacteria: identifying the best taxonomic level for multiple-stressor research


R. K. Salis, A. Bruder, J. J. Piggott et al.


Disentangling the individual and interactive effects of multiple stressors on microbial communities is a key challenge to our understanding and management of ecosystems. Advances …


Near-surface Heating of Young Rift Sediment Causes Mass Production and Discharge of Reactive Dissolved Organic Matter


Yu-Shih Lin, Boris P. Koch, Tomas Feseker et al.


Ocean margin sediments have been considered as important sources of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) to the deep ocean, yet the contribution from advective settings has just …


Impact of temperature on mortality in Hubei, China: a multi-county time series analysis


Yunquan Zhang, Chuanhua Yu, Junzhe Bao et al.


We examined the impact of extreme temperatures on mortality in 12 counties across Hubei Province, central China, during 2009–2012. Quasi-Poisson generalized linear regression …


Dopamine functionalized tannic-acid-templated mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a new sorbent for the efficient removal of Cu2+ from aqueous solution


Junkai Gao, Hao Lei, Zhi Han et al.


A simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective nonsurfactant template method was used to synthesize tannic-acid-templated mesoporous silica nanoparticles (TMSNs), and then …


Genetic and functional diversity of ubiquitous DNA viruses in selected Chinese agricultural soils


Li-Li Han, Dan-Ting Yu, Li-Mei Zhang et al.


Viral community structures in complex agricultural soils are largely unknown. Electron microscopy and viromic analyses were conducted on six typical Chinese agricultural soil …


Estimated Daily Intake and Cumulative Risk Assessment of Phthalates in the General Taiwanese after the 2011 DEHP Food Scandal


Jung-Wei Chang, Ching-Chang Lee, Wen-Harn Pan et al.


A food scandal occurred in Taiwan in 2011 because the DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) had been intentionally used in food products. We assessed the daily intakes (DIs) and …


Gully evolution and geomorphic adjustments of badlands to reforestation


J. A. Ballesteros Cánovas, M. Stoffel, J. F. Martín-Duque et al.


Badlands and gullied areas are among those geomorphic environments with the highest erosion rates worldwide. Nevertheless, records of their evolution and their relations with …


Optimum soil frost depth to alleviate climate change effects in cold region agriculture


Yosuke Yanai, Yukiyoshi Iwata, Tomoyoshi Hirota


On-farm soil frost control has been used for the management of volunteer potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.), a serious weed problem caused by climate change, in northern Japan. Deep …


Orogen-scale uplift in the central Italian Apennines drives episodic behaviour of earthquake faults


P. A. Cowie, R. J. Phillips, G. P. Roberts et al.


Many areas of the Earth’s crust deform by distributed extensional faulting and complex fault interactions are often observed. Geodetic data generally indicate a simpler picture …


A global reference model of Curie-point depths based on EMAG2


Chun-Feng Li, Yu Lu, Jian Wang


In this paper, we use a robust inversion algorithm, which we have tested in many regional studies, to obtain the first global model of Curie-point depth (GCDM) from magnetic …


Effects of ecological restoration projects on changes in land cover: A case study on the Loess Plateau in China


Jun Zhao, Yanzheng Yang, Qingxia Zhao et al.


Changes in land cover have become key components of global environmental change and represent the impact of human activity. To better understand the fundamental processes of land …


Causal mechanisms of seismo-EM phenomena during the 1965–1967 Matsushiro earthquake swarm


Yuji Enomoto, Tsuneaki Yamabe, Nobuo Okumura


The 1965–1967 Matsushiro earthquake swarm in central Japan exhibited two unique characteristics. The first was a hydro-mechanical crust rupture resulting from degassing, volume …


Quantification of the impact of aerosol on broadband solar radiation in North China


Bo Hu, Xiujuan Zhao, Hui Liu et al.


PM2.5 plays a key role in the solar radiation budget and air quality assessments, but observations and historical data are relatively rare for Beijing. Based on the synchronous …


Global temperature change potential of nitrogen use in agriculture: A 50-year assessment


R. K. Fagodiya, H. Pathak, A. Kumar et al.


Nitrogen (N) use in agriculture substantially alters global N cycle with the short- and long-term effects on global warming and climate change. It increases emission of nitrous …


Distribution of Bathyarchaeota Communities Across Different Terrestrial Settings and Their Potential Ecological Functions


Xing Xiang, Ruicheng Wang, Hongmei Wang et al.


High abundance and widespread distribution of the archaeal phylum Bathyarchaeota in marine environment have been recognized recently, but knowledge about Bathyarchaeota in …

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