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Volume 116, Issue 5 (553-696)
Published online 28 February 2017

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Clinical Studies
Translational Therapeutics
Molecular Diagnostics
Genetics & Genomics

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Tissue-based next generation sequencing: application in a universal healthcare system

Seán O Hynes, Brendan Pang, Jacqueline A James, Perry Maxwell and Manuel Salto-Tellez

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 553-560; advance online publication, January 19, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.452

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Clinical Studies


Efficacy of fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy in patients with advanced biliary tract cancer after failure of gemcitabine plus cisplatin: retrospective analysis of 321 patients

Bum Jun Kim, Changhoon Yoo, Kyu-pyo Kim, Jaewon Hyung, Seong Joon Park, Baek-Yeol Ryoo and Heung-Moon Chang

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 561-567; advance online publication, January 12, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.446

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A phase III randomised controlled trial of erlotinib vs gefitinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer with EGFR mutations

J J Yang, Q Zhou, H H Yan, X C Zhang, H J Chen, H Y Tu, Z Wang, C R Xu, J Su, B C Wang, B Y Jiang, X Y Bai, W Z Zhong, X N Yang and Y L Wu

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 568-574; advance online publication, January 19, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.456

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A phase 1 dose-escalation and expansion study of binimetinib (MEK162), a potent and selective oral MEK1/2 inhibitor

Johanna C Bendell, Milind Javle, Tanios S Bekaii-Saab, Richard S Finn, Zev A Wainberg, Daniel A Laheru, Colin D Weekes, Benjamin R Tan, Gazala N Khan, Mark M Zalupski, Jeffrey R Infante, Suzanne Jones, Kyriakos P Papadopoulos, Anthony W Tolcher, Renae E Chavira, Janna L Christy-Bittel, Emma Barrett and Amita Patnaik

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 575-583; advance online publication, February 2, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.10

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Comparison of two protocols for the management of asymptomatic postmenopausal women with adnexal tumours – a randomised controlled trial of RMI/RCOG vs Simple Rules

Natalie Nunes, Gareth Ambler, Xulin Foo, Joel Naftalin, Grigoris Derdelis, Martin Widschwendter and Davor Jurkovic

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 584-591; advance online publication, February 2, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.17

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Translational Therapeutics


Aurora B expression modulates paclitaxel response in non-small cell lung cancer

Ahmed SK Al-Khafaji, Michael PA Davies, Janet M Risk, Michael W Marcus, Maria Koffa, John R Gosney, Richard J Shaw, John K Field and Triantafillos Liloglou

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 592-599; advance online publication, January 17, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.453

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A combination of low-dose bevacizumab and imatinib enhances vascular normalisation without inducing extracellular matrix deposition

L M Schiffmann, M Brunold, M Liwschitz, V Goede, S Loges, M Wroblewski, A Quaas, H Alakus, D Stippel, C J Bruns, M Hallek, H Kashkar, U T Hacker and O Coutelle

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 600-608; advance online publication, January 31, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.13

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Exosomes confer chemoresistance to pancreatic cancer cells by promoting ROS detoxification and miR-155-mediated suppression of key gemcitabine-metabolising enzyme, DCK

Girijesh Kumar Patel, Mohammad Aslam Khan, Arun Bhardwaj, Sanjeev K Srivastava, Haseeb Zubair, Mary C Patton, Seema Singh, Moh'd Khushman and Ajay P Singh

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 609-619; advance online publication, February 2, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.18

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Neratinib resistance and cross-resistance to other HER2-targeted drugs due to increased activity of metabolism enzyme cytochrome P4503A4

Susan Breslin, Michelle C Lowry and Lorraine O'Driscoll

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 620-625; advance online publication, February 2, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.445

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Molecular Diagnostics


Circular RNA 0000096 affects cell growth and migration in gastric cancer

Peifei Li, Huilin Chen, Shengcan Chen, Xiaoyan Mo, Tianwen Li, Bingxiu Xiao, Rui Yu and Junming Guo

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 626-633; advance online publication, January 12, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.451

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MicroRNA promoter methylation: a new tool for accurate detection of urothelial carcinoma

Nuno André Padrão, Sara Monteiro-Reis, Jorge Torres-Ferreira, Luís Antunes, Luís Leça, Diana Montezuma, João Ramalho-Carvalho, Paula C Dias, Paula Monteiro, Jorge Oliveira, Rui Henrique and Carmen Jerónimo

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 634-639; advance online publication, January 12, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.454

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Tenascin-C and fibronectin expression divide early stage tongue cancer into low- and high-risk groups

Elias Sundquist, Joonas H Kauppila, Johanna Veijola, Rayan Mroueh, Petri Lehenkari, Saara Laitinen, Juha Risteli, Ylermi Soini, Veli-Matti Kosma, Iris Sawazaki-Calone, Carolina Carneiro Soares Macedo, Risto Bloigu, Ricardo D Coletta and Tuula Salo

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 640-648; advance online publication, January 17, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.455

Abstract | Full Text

The predictive and prognostic value of tumour necrosis in muscle invasive bladder cancer patients receiving radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy in the BC2001 trial (CRUK/01/004)

Ananya Choudhury, Catharine M West, Nuria Porta, Emma Hall, Helen Denley, Carey Hendron, Rebecca Lewis, Syed A Hussain, Robert Huddart and Nicholas James on behalf of the BC2001 investigators

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 649-657; advance online publication, January 26, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.2

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Genetics & Genomics


Epigenomic landscape of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine reveals its transcriptional regulation of lncRNAs in colorectal cancer

Hanyang Hu, Maoguo Shu, Lin He, Xueyuan Yu, Xiangyu Liu, Yalin Lu, Yinghong Chen, Xiaoping Miao and Xiaohua Chen

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 658-668; advance online publication, January 31, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2016.457

Abstract | Full Text

The spectrum of EWSR1-rearranged neoplasms at a tertiary sarcoma centre; assessing 772 tumour specimens and the value of current ancillary molecular diagnostic modalities

Jonathan Noujaim, Robin L Jones, John Swansbury, David Gonzalez, Charlotte Benson, Ian Judson, Cyril Fisher and Khin Thway

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 669-678; advance online publication, January 31, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.4

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Composite protective lifestyle factors and risk of developing gastric adenocarcinoma: the Singapore Chinese Health Study

Zhensheng Wang, Woon-Puay Koh, Aizhen Jin, Renwei Wang and Jian-Min Yuan

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 679-687; advance online publication, January 26, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.7

Abstract | Full Text

Circulating copper and zinc levels and risk of hepatobiliary cancers in Europeans

Magdalena Stepien, David J Hughes, Sandra Hybsier, Christina Bamia, Anne Tjønneland, Kim Overvad, Aurélie Affret, Mathilde His, Marie-Christine Boutron-Ruault, Verena Katzke, Tilman Kühn, Krasimira Aleksandrova, Antonia Trichopoulou, Pagona Lagiou, Phlippos Orfanos, Domenico Palli, Sabina Sieri, Rosario Tumino, Fulvio Ricceri, Salvatore Panico, H B(as) Bueno-de-Mesquita, Petra H Peeters, Elisabete Weiderpass, Cristina Lasheras, Catalina Bonet Bonet, Elena Molina-Portillo, Miren Dorronsoro, José María Huerta, Aurelio Barricarte, Bodil Ohlsson, Klas Sjöberg, Mårten Werner, Dmitry Shungin, Nick Wareham, Kay-Tee Khaw, Ruth C Travis, Heinz Freisling, Amanda J Cross, Lutz Schomburg and Mazda Jenab

Br J Cancer 2017 116: 688-696; advance online publication, February 2, 2017; 10.1038/bjc.2017.1

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