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  24 January 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Corrigendum: Glass-on-Glass Fabrication of Bottle-Shaped Tunable Microlasers and their Applications


Jonathan M. Ward, Yong Yang, Síle Nic Chormaic



Impact of saccharides on the drying kinetics of agarose gels measured by in-situ interferometry


Bosi Mao, Thibaut Divoux, Patrick Snabre


Agarose gels are viscoelastic soft solids that display a porous microstructure filled with water at 90% w/w or more. Despite an extensive use in food industry and microbiology, …


Neutron Radiation Tolerance of Two Benchmark Thiophene-Based Conjugated Polymers: the Importance of Crystallinity for Organic Avionics


G. M. Paternò, V. Robbiano, K. J. Fraser et al.


Aviation and space applications can benefit significantly from lightweight organic electronics, now spanning from displays to logics, because of the vital importance of …


Reduction of radiation loss at small-radius bend using spoof surface plasmon polariton transmission line


Wen Xuan Tang, Hao Chi Zhang, Jun Feng Liu et al.


Spoof surface plasmon polariton (SPP) has been realized at low frequencies through corrugated metallic structures. As two-dimensional application, the ultrathin SPP transmission …


Corrigendum: Full Valley and Spin Polarizations in Strained Graphene with Rashba Spin Orbit Coupling and Magnetic Barrier


Qing-Ping Wu, Zheng-Fang Liu, Ai-Xi Chen et al.



Fabrication of polarization-independent waveguides deeply buried in lithium niobate crystal using aberration-corrected femtosecond laser direct writing


Peng Wang, Jia Qi, Zhengming Liu et al.


Writing optical waveguides with femtosecond laser pulses provides the capability of forming three-dimensional photonic circuits for manipulating light fields in both linear and …


Laser induced white lighting of graphene foam


Wieslaw Strek, Robert Tomala, Mikolaj Lukaszewicz et al.


Laser induced white light emission was observed from porous graphene foam irradiated with a focused continuous wave beam of the infrared laser diode. It was found that the …


Manipulating orbital angular momentum of light with tailored in-plane polarization states


Luping Du, Zhongsheng Man, Yuquan Zhang et al.


Generally, polarization and phase are considered as two relatively independent parameters of light, and show little interaction when a light propagates in a homogeneous and …


Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of a particular class of non-stoquastic Hamiltonians in quantum annealing


Masayuki Ohzeki


Quantum annealing is a generic solver of the optimization problem that uses fictitious quantum fluctuation. Its simulation in classical computing is often performed using the …


Nanoscale Topography on Black Titanium Imparts Multi-biofunctional Properties for Orthopedic Applications


Jafar Hasan, Shubham Jain, Kaushik Chatterjee


We have developed a chlorine based reactive ion etching process to yield randomly oriented anisotropic nanostructures that render the titanium metal surface ‘black’ similar to …


Scattering Forces within a Left-Handed Photonic Crystal


Angeleene S. Ang, Sergey V. Sukhov, Aristide Dogariu et al.


Electromagnetic waves are known to exert optical forces on particles through radiation pressure. It was hypothesized previously that electromagnetic waves inside left-handed …


Property database for single-element doping in ZnO obtained by automated first-principles calculations


Kanghoon Yim, Joohee Lee, Dongheon Lee et al.


Throughout the past decades, doped-ZnO has been widely used in various optical, electrical, magnetic, and energy devices. While almost every element in the Periodic Table was …


Coherent Terahertz Radiation from Multiple Electron Beams Excitation within a Plasmonic Crystal-like structure


Yaxin Zhang, Yucong Zhou, Yin Gang et al.


Coherent terahertz radiation from multiple electron beams excitation within a plasmonic crystal-like structure (a three-dimensional holes array) which is composed of multiple …


Tunable spin and valley dependent magneto-optical absorption in molybdenum disulfide quantum dots


Fanyao Qu, A. C. Dias, Jiyong Fu et al.


Photonic quantum computer, quantum communication, quantum metrology and quantum optical technologies rely on the single-photon source (SPS). However, the SPS with …


Chern structure in the Bose-insulating phase of Sr2RuO4 nanofilms


Hiroyoshi Nobukane, Toyoki Matsuyama, Satoshi Tanda


The quantum anomaly that breaks the symmetry, for example the parity and the chirality, in the quantization leads to a physical quantity with a topological Chern invariant. We …


Impact of Social Reward on the Evolution of the Cooperation Behavior in Complex Networks


Yu’e Wu, Shuhua Chang, Zhipeng Zhang et al.


Social reward, as a significant mechanism explaining the evolution of cooperation, has attracted great attention both theoretically and experimentally. In this paper, we study …


Core-shell homojunction silicon vertical nanowire tunneling field-effect transistors


Jun-Sik Yoon, Kihyun Kim, Chang-Ki Baek


We propose three-terminal core-shell (CS) silicon vertical nanowire tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs), which can be fabricated by conventional CMOS technology. CS TFETs …


Facile synthesis of high strength hot-water wood extract films with oxygen-barrier performance


Ge-Gu Chen, Gen-Que Fu, Xiao-Jun Wang et al.


Biobased nanocomposite films for food packaging with high mechanical strength and good oxygen-barrier performance were developed using a hot-water wood extract (HWE). In this …


Corrigendum: Temporary-tattoo for long-term high fidelity biopotential recordings


Lilach Bareket, Lilah Inzelberg, David Rand et al.



Light-induced dynamic shaping and self-division of multipodal polyelectrolyte-surfactant microarchitectures via azobenzene photomechanics


Nicolas Martin, Kamendra P. Sharma, Robert L. Harniman et al.


Light-induced shape transformations represent a fundamental step towards the emergence of adaptive materials exhibiting photomechanical behaviours. Although a range of covalent …


Enhancement of RecA-mediated self-assembly in DNA nanostructures through basepair mismatches and single-strand nicks


Sybilla Louise Corbett, Rajan Sharma, Alexander Giles Davies et al.


The use of DNA as a structural material for nanometre-scale construction has grown extensively over the last decades. The development of more advanced DNA-based materials would …


Color-coded visualization of magnetic resonance imaging multiparametric maps


Jakob Nikolas Kather, Anja Weidner, Ulrike Attenberger et al.


Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) data are emergingly used in the clinic e.g. for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. In contrast to conventional MR imaging data, …


Electronic State of Sodium trans-[Tetrachloridobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (NKP-1339) in Tumor, Liver and Kidney Tissue of a SW480-bearing Mouse


Amir Blazevic, Alfred A. Hummer, Petra Heffeter et al.


Ruthenium complexes are promising candidates for anticancer agents, especially NKP-1339 (sodium trans-[tetrachloridobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)]), which is on the edge to …


Evidence for Intramolecular Antiparallel Beta-Sheet Structure in Alpha-Synuclein Fibrils from a Combination of Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy


Steven J. Roeters, Aditya Iyer, Galja Pletikapić et al.


The aggregation of the intrinsically disordered protein alpha-synuclein (αS) into amyloid fibrils is thought to play a central role in the pathology of Parkinson’s disease. Using …


High-throughput sheathless and three-dimensional microparticle focusing using a microchannel with arc-shaped groove arrays


Qianbin Zhao, Jun Zhang, Sheng Yan et al.


Sheathless particle focusing which utilises the secondary flow with a high throughput has great potential for use in microfluidic applications. In this work, an innovative …


Quantitative 3D investigation of Neuronal network in mouse spinal cord model


I. Bukreeva, G. Campi, M. Fratini et al.


The investigation of the neuronal network in mouse spinal cord models represents the basis for the research on neurodegenerative diseases. In this framework, the quantitative …


Novel Bioinformatics–Based Approach for Proteomic Biomarkers Prediction of Calpain-2 & Caspase-3 Protease Fragmentation: Application to βII-Spectrin Protein


Atlal El-Assaad, Zaher Dawy, Georges Nemer et al.


The crucial biological role of proteases has been visible with the development of degradomics discipline involved in the determination of the proteases/substrates resulting in …


Corrigendum: Highly sensitive dual mode electrochemical platform for microRNA detection


Pawan Jolly, Marina R. Batistuti, Anna Miodek et al.



Tunable Multifunctional Thermal Metamaterials: Manipulation of Local Heat Flux via Assembly of Unit-Cell Thermal Shifters


Gwanwoo Park, Sunggu Kang, Howon Lee et al.


Thermal metamaterials, designed by transformation thermodynamics are artificial structures that can actively control heat flux at a continuum scale. However, fabrication of them …


Catalyst shape engineering for anisotropic cross-sectioned nanowire growth


Yonatan Calahorra, Alexander Kelrich, Shimon Cohen et al.


The ability to engineer material properties at the nanoscale is a crucial prerequisite for nanotechnology. Hereunder, we suggest and demonstrate a novel approach to realize …


Fabrication of Au-Ag nanocage@NaYF4@NaYF4:Yb,Er Core-Shell Hybrid and its Tunable Upconversion Enhancement


Xu Chen, Donglei Zhou, Wen Xu et al.


Localized electric filed enhancement by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of noble metal nanoparticles is an effective method to amplify the upconversion luminescence (UCL) …


Spectroscopic evidence of odd frequency superconducting order


Avradeep Pal, J. A. Ouassou, M. Eschrig et al.


Spin filter superconducting S/I/N tunnel junctions (NbN/GdN/TiN) show a robust and pronounced Zero Bias Conductance Peak (ZBCP) at low temperatures, the magnitude of which is …


Broadband unidirectional behavior of electromagnetic waves based on transformation optics


XiaoFei Zang, YiMing Zhu, XueBin Ji et al.


High directive antennas are fundamental elements for microwave communication and information processing. Here, inspired by the method of transformation optics, we propose and …


Formation of diverse polycyclic spirooxindoles via three-component reaction of isoquinolinium salts, isatins and malononitrile


Jing Sun, Guo-liang Shen, Ying Huang et al.


The triethylamine promoted three-component reaction of N-(4-nitrobenzyl), N-ethoxycarbonylmethylisoquinolinium bromide, isatins and malononitrile in ethanol afforded …


Bi-axial grown amorphous MoSx bridged with oxygen on r-GO as a superior stable and efficient nonprecious catalyst for hydrogen evolution


Cheol-Ho Lee, Jin-Mun Yun, Sungho Lee et al.


Amorphous molybdenum sulfide (MoSx) is covalently anchored to reduced graphene oxide (r-GO) via a simple one-pot reaction, thereby inducing the reduction of GO and simultaneous …


Synergistically enhanced selective intracellular uptake of anticancer drug carrier comprising folic acid-conjugated hydrogels containing magnetite nanoparticles


Haneul Kim, Ara Jo, Seulgi Baek et al.


Targeted drug delivery has long been extensively researched since drug delivery and release at the diseased site with minimum dosage realizes the effective therapy without …


Silicon-graphene conductive photodetector with ultra-high responsivity


Jingjing Liu, Yanlong Yin, Longhai Yu et al.


Graphene is attractive for realizing optoelectronic devices, including photodetectors because of the unique advantages. It can easily co-work with other semiconductors to form a …


Assembly of flexible CoMoO4@NiMoO4·xH2O and Fe2O3 electrodes for solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors


Jing Wang, Leipeng Zhang, Xusong Liu et al.


In this work, CoMoO4@NiMoO4·xH2O core-shell heterostructure electrode is directly grown on carbon fabric (CF) via a feasible hydrothermal procedure with CoMoO4 nanowires (NWs) as …


M-OTDR sensing system based on 3D encoded microstructures


Qizhen Sun, Fan Ai, Deming Liu et al.


In this work, a quasi-distributed sensing scheme named as microstructured OTDR (M-OTDR) by introducing ultra-weak microstructures along the fiber is proposed. Owing to its …


Effect of gallium environment on infrared emission in Er3+-doped gallium– antimony– sulfur glasses


Qing Jiao, Ge Li, Lini Li et al.


Gallium-based Ga–Sb–S sulfide glasses was elaborated and studied. A relationship between the structure, composition, and optical properties of the glass has been established. The …


{225}γ habit planes in martensitic steels: from the PTMC to a continuous model


Annick P. Baur, Cyril Cayron, Roland E. Logé


Fine twinned microstructures with {225}γ habit planes are commonly observed in martensitic steels. The present study shows that an equibalanced combination of twin-related …


Effect of thermal annealing Super Yellow emissive layer on efficiency of OLEDs


Samantha Burns, Jennifer MacLeod, Thu Trang Do et al.


Thermal annealing of the emissive layer of an organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a common practice for solution processable emissive layers and reported annealing …


Prototypical topological orbital ferromagnet γ-FeMn


Jan-Philipp Hanke, Frank Freimuth, Stefan Blügel et al.


We predict from first principles an entirely topological orbital magnetization in the noncoplanar bulk antiferromagnet γ-FeMn originating in the nontrivial topology of the …


Center of mass in complex networks


Chuanji Fu, Yachun Gao, Shimin Cai et al.


Network dynamics is always a big challenge in nonlinear dynamics. Although great advancements have been made in various types of complex systems, an universal theoretical …


Electronic and atomic structures of the Sr3Ir4Sn13 single crystal: A possible charge density wave material


H.-T. Wang, M. K. Srivastava, C.-C. Wu et al.


X-ray scattering (XRS), x-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopic techniques were used to study the …


Broadband and Broad-angle Polarization-independent Metasurface for Radar Cross Section Reduction


Hengyi Sun, Changqing Gu, Xinlei Chen et al.


In this work, a broadband and broad-angle polarization-independent random coding metasurface structure is proposed for radar cross section (RCS) reduction. An efficient genetic …


Anisotropic hydrogen diffusion in α-Zr and Zircaloy predicted by accelerated kinetic Monte Carlo simulations


Yongfeng Zhang, Chao Jiang, Xianming Bai


This report presents an accelerated kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) method to compute the diffusivity of hydrogen in hcp metals and alloys, considering both thermally activated hopping …


Gradient-Hierarchic-Aligned Porosity SiOC Ceramics


Cekdar Vakifahmetoglu, Damla Zeydanli, Murilo Daniel de Mello Innocentini et al.


This work describes a simple technique to produce porous ceramics with aligned porosity having very high permeability and specific surface area. SiOC-based compositions were …


Erratum: Physico-chemical properties based differential toxicity of graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide in human lung cells mediated through oxidative stress


Sandeep Mittal, Veeresh Kumar, Nitesh Dhiman et al.



Scale-dependent diffusion anisotropy in nanoporous silicon


Daria Kondrashova, Alexander Lauerer, Dirk Mehlhorn et al.


Nanoporous silicon produced by electrochemical etching of highly B-doped p-type silicon wafers can be prepared with tubular pores imbedded in a silicon matrix. Such materials …


Efficient method for comprehensive computation of agent-level epidemic dissemination in networks


Gilberto M. Nakamura, Ana Carolina P. Monteiro, George C. Cardoso et al.


Susceptible-infected (SI) and susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) are simple agent-based models often employed in epidemic studies. Both models describe the time evolution of …


Investigation of changes in structure and thermodynamic of spruce budworm antifreeze protein under subfreezing temperature


Hung Nguyen, Ly Le


The aim of this theoretical work is to investigate of the changes in structure and thermodynamics of spruce budworm antifreeze protein (sbAFP) at low temperatures by using …


Effect of myocyte-fibroblast coupling on the onset of pathological dynamics in a model of ventricular tissue


S. Sridhar, Nele Vandersickel, Alexander V. Panfilov


Managing lethal cardiac arrhythmias is one of the biggest challenges in modern cardiology, and hence it is very important to understand the factors underlying such arrhythmias. …


Efficient visible light-induced degradation of rhodamine B by W(NxS1−x)2 nanoflowers


Peitao Liu, Jingyan Zhang, Daqiang Gao et al.


Here, W(NxS1−x)2 nanoflowers were fabricated by simple sintering process. Photocatalytic activity results indicated our fabricated N-doped WS2 nanoflowers shown outstanding …


Retooling Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis Algorithm to Enhance Non-Invasive High Resolution Laser Speckle Functional Imaging of Cutaneous Microcirculation


Surya C. Gnyawali, Kevin Blum, Durba Pal et al.


Cutaneous microvasculopathy complicates wound healing. Functional assessment of gated individual dermal microvessels is therefore of outstanding interest. Functional performance …


Small-window parametric imaging based on information entropy for ultrasound tissue characterization


Po-Hsiang Tsui, Chin-Kuo Chen, Wen-Hung Kuo et al.


Constructing ultrasound statistical parametric images by using a sliding window is a widely adopted strategy for characterizing tissues. Deficiency in spatial resolution, the …


In vivo detection of cucurbit[6]uril, a hyperpolarized xenon contrast agent for a xenon magnetic resonance imaging biosensor


Francis T. Hane, Tao Li, Peter Smylie et al.


The Hyperpolarized gas Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (HyperCEST) Magnetic Resonance (MR) technique has the potential to increase the sensitivity of a hyperpolarized …


Reference-free, high-resolution measurement method of timing jitter spectra of optical frequency combs


Dohyeon Kwon, Chan-Gi Jeon, Junho Shin et al.


Timing jitter is one of the most important properties of femtosecond mode-locked lasers and optical frequency combs. Accurate measurement of timing jitter power spectral density …


Electrolyte-Sensing Transistor Decals Enabled by Ultrathin Microbial Nanocellulose


Jonathan D. Yuen, Scott A. Walper, Brian J. Melde et al.


We report an ultra-thin electronic decal that can simultaneously collect, transmit and interrogate a bio-fluid. The described technology effectively integrates a thin-film …


Super-strong materials for temperatures exceeding 2000 °C


Laura Silvestroni, Hans-Joachim Kleebe, William G. Fahrenholtz et al.


Ceramics based on group IV-V transition metal borides and carbides possess melting points above 3000 °C, are ablation resistant and are, therefore, candidates for the design of …


Polarization conversion in plasmonic nanoantennas for metasurfaces using structural asymmetry and mode hybridization


Peter R. Wiecha, Leo-Jay Black, Yudong Wang et al.


Polarization control using single plasmonic nanoantennas is of interest for subwavelength optical components in nano-optical circuits and metasurfaces. Here, we investigate the …


Corrigendum: A comprehensive strategy for the analysis of acoustic compressibility and optical deformability on single cells


Tie Yang, Francesca Bragheri, Giovanni Nava et al.



Unlocking the potential of SnS2: Transition metal catalyzed utilization of reversible conversion and alloying reactions


Zhi Xiang Huang, Ye Wang, Bo Liu et al.


The alloying-dealloying reactions of SnS2 proceeds with the initial conversion reaction of SnS2 with lithium that produces Li2S. Unfortunately, due to the electrochemical …


Strengthening of Ceramic-based Artificial Nacre via Synergistic Interactions of 1D Vanadium Pentoxide and 2D Graphene Oxide Building Blocks


Andrea Knöller, Christian P. Lampa, Felix von Cube et al.


Nature has evolved hierarchical structures of hybrid materials with excellent mechanical properties. Inspired by nacre’s architecture, a ternary nanostructured composite has been …


Novel Electron-Phonon Relaxation Pathway in Graphite Revealed by Time-Resolved Raman Scattering and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy


Jhih-An Yang, Stephen Parham, Daniel Dessau et al.


Time dynamics of photoexcited electron-hole pairs is important for a number of technologies, in particular solar cells. We combined ultrafast pump-probe Raman scattering and …


Corrigendum: Light-matter decoupling and A2 term detection in superconducting circuits


J. J. García-Ripoll, B. Peropadre, S. De Liberato



Correlations of charge neutrality level with electronic structure and p-d hybridization


Arkaprava Das, Subodh K. Gautam, D. K. Shukla et al.


The formation of charge neutrality level (CNL) in highly conducting Cadmium oxide (CdO) thin films is demonstarted by the observed variation in the band gap upon annealing and …


Erratum: Measuring the Complex Optical Conductivity of Graphene by Fabry-Pérot Reflectance Spectroscopy


Behnood G. Ghamsari, Jacob Tosado, Mahito Yamamoto et al.



Non-Destructive Study of Bulk Crystallinity and Elemental Composition of Natural Gold Single Crystal Samples by Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging


Anton S. Tremsin, John Rakovan, Takenao Shinohara et al.


Energy-resolved neutron imaging enables non-destructive analyses of bulk structure and elemental composition, which can be resolved with high spatial resolution at bright pulsed …


Fractional lattice charge transport


Sergej Flach, Ramaz Khomeriki


We consider the dynamics of noninteracting quantum particles on a square lattice in the presence of a magnetic flux α and a dc electric field E oriented along the lattice …


Structure and membrane interactions of the homodimeric antibiotic peptide homotarsinin


Rodrigo M. Verly, Jarbas M. Resende, Eduardo F. C. Junior et al.


Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) from amphibian skin are valuable template structures to find new treatments against bacterial infections. This work describes for the first time the …


Improved Solar-Driven Photocatalytic Performance of Highly Crystalline Hydrogenated TiO2 Nanofibers with Core-Shell Structure


Ming-Chung Wu, Ching-Hsiang Chen, Wei-Kang Huang et al.


Hydrogenated titanium dioxide has attracted intensive research interests in pollutant removal applications due to its high photocatalytic activity. Herein, we demonstrate …


CoFe2O4@MIL-100(Fe) hybrid magnetic nanoparticles exhibit fast and selective adsorption of arsenic with high adsorption capacity


Ji-Chun Yang, Xue-Bo Yin


In this study, we report the synthesis and application of mesoporous CoFe2O4@MIL-100(Fe) hybrid magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) for the simultaneous removal of inorganic arsenic …


The role of configurational disorder on plastic and dynamic deformation in Cu64Zr36 metallic glasses: A molecular dynamics analysis


S. D. Feng, K. C. Chan, S. H. Chen et al.


The varying degrees of configurational disorder in metallic glasses are investigated quantitatively by molecular dynamics studies. A parameter, the quasi-nearest atom, is used to …


Origins of Ripples in CVD-Grown Few-layered MoS2 Structures under Applied Strain at Atomic Scales


Jin Wang, Raju R. Namburu, Madan Dubey et al.


The potential of the applicability of two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) structures, in various electronics, optoelectronics, and flexible devices requires a fundamental …


High Speed Terahertz Modulator on the Chip Based on Tunable Terahertz Slot Waveguide


P. K. Singh, S. Sonkusale


This paper presents an on-chip device that can perform gigahertz-rate amplitude modulation and switching of broadband terahertz electromagnetic waves. The operation of the device …


Surface reconstructions and related local properties of a BiFeO3 thin film


L. Jin, P. X. Xu, Y. Zeng et al.


Coupling between lattice and order parameters, such as polarization in ferroelectrics and/or polarity in polar structures, has a strong impact on surface relaxation and …


Integration of Visual and Joint Information to Enable Linear Reaching Motions


Henry Eberle, Slawomir J. Nasuto, Yoshikatsu Hayashi


A new dynamics-driven control law was developed for a robot arm, based on the feedback control law which uses the linear transformation directly from work space to joint space. …


Model for large-area monolayer coverage of polystyrene nanospheres by spin coating


Abhishek Chandramohan, Nikolai V. Sibirev, Vladimir G. Dubrovskii et al.


Nanosphere lithography, an inexpensive and high throughput technique capable of producing nanostructure (below 100 nm feature size) arrays, relies on the formation of a monolayer …


Corrigendum: Pre-amyloid oligomers budding:a metastatic mechanism of proteotoxicity


Fabrizio Bernini, Daniele Malferrari, Marcello Pignataro et al.



Cultivation and energy efficient harvesting of microalgae using thermoreversible sol-gel transition


Bendy Estime, Dacheng Ren, Radhakrishna Sureshkumar


Microalgae represent a promising source of renewable biomass for the production of biofuels and valuable chemicals. However, energy efficient cultivation and harvesting …


Electrolytic ammonia removal and current efficiency by a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor


Liang Li, Ji Yao, Xueyou Fang et al.


The ammonia removal as well as the current efficiency during electrolysis was investigated by using a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor under continuous mode. …


Lasing in Live Mitotic and Non-Phagocytic Cells by Efficient Delivery of Microresonators


Marcel Schubert, Klara Volckaert, Markus Karl et al.


Reliable methods to individually track large numbers of cells in real time are urgently needed to advance our understanding of important biological processes like cancer …


Temporal Topic Modeling to Assess Associations between News Trends and Infectious Disease Outbreaks


Saurav Ghosh, Prithwish Chakraborty, Elaine O. Nsoesie et al.


In retrospective assessments, internet news reports have been shown to capture early reports of unknown infectious disease transmission prior to official laboratory confirmation. …


Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Fluorescence Endomicroscopy Imaging in Radiotherapy-Induced Lung Injury


Jessica R. Perez, Norma Ybarra, Frederic Chagnon et al.


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have potential for reducing inflammation and promoting organ repair. However, limitations in available techniques to track them and assess this …


Dynamic modeling of uteroplacental blood flow in IUGR indicates vortices and elevated pressure in the intervillous space – a pilot study


Christian J. Roth, Eva Haeussner, Tanja Ruebelmann et al.


Ischemic placental disease is a concept that links intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) and preeclampsia (PE) back to insufficient remodeling of uterine spiral arteries. The …


Development of patient-specific phantoms for verification of stereotactic body radiation therapy planning in patients with metallic screw fixation


Dongryul Oh, Chae-Seon Hong, Sang Gyu Ju et al.


A new technique for manufacturing a patient-specific dosimetric phantom using three-dimensional printing (PSDP_3DP) was developed, and its geometrical and dosimetric accuracy was …


Chelerythrine down regulates expression of VEGFA, BCL2 and KRAS by arresting G-Quadruplex structures at their promoter regions


Jagannath Jana, Soma Mondal, Payel Bhattacharjee et al.


A putative anticancer plant alkaloid, Chelerythrine binds to G-quadruplexes at promoters of VEGFA, BCL2 and KRAS genes and down regulates their expression. The association of …


Wafer-scale Thermodynamically Stable GaN Nanorods via Two-Step Self-Limiting Epitaxy for Optoelectronic Applications


Hyun Kum, Han-Kyu Seong, Wantae Lim et al.


We present a method of epitaxially growing thermodynamically stable gallium nitride (GaN) nanorods via metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) by invoking a two-step …


Intrinsic Defects and H Doping in WO3


Jiajie Zhu, Maria Vasilopoulou, Dimitris Davazoglou et al.


WO3 is widely used as industrial catalyst. Intrinsic and/or extrinsic defects can tune the electronic properties and extend applications to gas sensors and optoelectonics. …


Wearable Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Fabrics Produced by Knitting Flexible Wire Electrodes for the Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents


Heesoo Jung, Jin Ah Seo, Seungki Choi


One of the key reasons for the limited use of atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) is its inability to treat non-flat, three-dimensional (3D) surface structures, such as electronic …


Carbon elimination from silicon kerf: Thermogravimetric analysis and mechanistic considerations


Miguel Vazquez-Pufleau, Tandeep S. Chadha, Gregory Yablonsky et al.


40% of ultrapure silicon is lost as kerf during slicing to produce wafers. Kerf is currently not being recycled due to engineering challenges and costs associated with removing …


Electrocatalytic activity of lithium polysulfides adsorbed into porous TiO2 coated MWCNTs hybrid structure for lithium-sulfur batteries


Xiulin He, Huijie Hou, Xiqing Yuan et al.


Lithium-sulfur batteries have attracted great attention because of their high energy density, environmental friendliness, natural abundance and intrinsically low cost of sulfur. …


Remote cooling by a novel thermal lens with anisotropic positive thermal conductivity


Fei Sun, Sailing He


A novel thermal lens that can achieve a remote cooling effect is designed by transformation thermodynamics. The effective distance between the separate hot source and cold source …


New hydrate formation methods in a liquid-gas medium


A. A. Chernov, A. A. Pil’nik, D. S. Elistratov et al.


Conceptually new methods of hydrate formation are proposed. The first one is based on the shock wave impact on a water-bubble medium. It is shown that the hydrate formation rate …


Solving Large-Scale Inverse Magnetostatic Problems using the Adjoint Method


Florian Bruckner, Claas Abert, Gregor Wautischer et al.


An efficient algorithm for the reconstruction of the magnetization state within magnetic components is presented. The occurring inverse magnetostatic problem is solved by means …


Inferring Centrality from Network Snapshots


Haibin Shao, Mehran Mesbahi, Dewei Li et al.


The topology and dynamics of a complex network shape its functionality. However, the topologies of many large-scale networks are either unavailable or incomplete. Without the …


Unsaturated lipid bodies as a hallmark of inflammation studied by Raman 2D and 3D microscopy


K. Czamara, K. Majzner, A. Selmi et al.


Endothelial HMEC-1 cells incubated with pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α for 6 and 24 hours were studied as a model of inflammation using Raman imaging. Striking changes in …


Correlated electronic decay in expanding clusters triggered by intense XUV pulses from a Free-Electron-Laser


Tim Oelze, Bernd Schütte, Maria Müller et al.


Irradiation of nanoscale clusters and large molecules with intense laser pulses transforms them into highly-excited non- equilibrium states. The dynamics of intense laser-cluster …


Controllable Synthesis of TiO2@Fe2O3 Core-Shell Nanotube Arrays with Double-Wall Coating as Superb Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes


Yan Zhong, Yifan Ma, Qiubo Guo et al.


Highlighted by the safe operation and stable performances, titanium oxides (TiO2) are deemed as promising candidates for next generation lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). However, …


Tunable diffraction-free array in nonlinear photonic crystal


Dongmei Liu, Dunzhao Wei, Yong Zhang et al.


Diffraction-free beams have attracted increasing research interests because of their unique performances and broad applications in various fields. Although many methods have been …


Reduced graphene oxide as a stable and high-capacity cathode material for Na-ion batteries


Ghulam Ali, Asad Mehmood, Heung Yong Ha et al.


We report the feasibility of using reduced graphene oxide (RGO) as a cost-effective and high performance cathode material for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Graphene oxide is …


Direct Observation of the Layer-by-Layer Growth of ZnO Nanopillar by In situ High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy


Xing Li, Shaobo Cheng, Shiqing Deng et al.


Catalyst-free methods are important for the fabrication of pure nanowires (NWs). However, the growth mechanism remains elusive due to the lack of crucial information on the …


Dispersion of nonresonant third-order nonlinearities in Silicon Carbide


Francesco De Leonardis, Richard A. Soref, Vittorio M. N. Passaro


In this paper we present a physical discussion of the indirect two-photon absorption (TPA) occuring in silicon carbide with either cubic or wurtzite structure. Phonon-electron …


Crystal growth of Dirac semimetal ZrSiS with high magnetoresistance and mobility


Raman Sankar, G. Peramaiyan, I. Panneer Muthuselvam et al.


High quality single crystal ZrSiS as a theoretically predicted Dirac semimetal has been grown successfully using a vapor phase transport method. The single crystals of tetragonal …


Tailoring femtosecond 1.5-μm Bessel beams for manufacturing high-aspect-ratio through-silicon vias


Fei He, Junjie Yu, Yuanxin Tan et al.


Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs) are an attractive replacement for conventional 2D ICs as high-performance, low-power-consumption, and small-footprint …


Be12O12 Nano-cage as a Promising Catalyst for CO2 Hydrogenation


Haiyan Zhu, Yawei Li, Guizhi Zhu et al.


An efficient conversion of CO2 into valuable fuels and chemicals has been hotly pursued recently. Here, for the first time, we have explored a series of M12x12 nano-cages (M = B, …


Metal-Insulator Transition of strained SmNiO3 Thin Films: Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties


B. Torriss, J. Margot, M. Chaker


Samarium nickelate (SmNiO3) thin films were successfully synthesized on LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 substrates using pulsed-laser deposition. The Mott metal-insulator (MI) transition of …


Unidirectional invisibility induced by parity-time symmetric circuit


Bo Lv, Jiahui Fu, Bian Wu et al.


Parity-time (PT) symmetric structures present the unidirectional invisibility at the spontaneous PT-symmetry breaking point. In this paper, we propose a PT-symmetric circuit …


Enhancing dielectric permittivity for energy-storage devices through tricritical phenomenon


Jinghui Gao, Yan Wang, Yongbin Liu et al.


Although dielectric energy-storing devices are frequently used in high voltage level, the fast growing on the portable and wearable electronics have been increasing the demand on …


Chemical bonding in aqueous hexacyano cobaltate from photon- and electron-detection perspectives


Sreeju Sreekantan Nair Lalithambika, Kaan Atak, Robert Seidel et al.


The electronic structure of the [Co(CN)6]3− complex dissolved in water is studied using X-ray spectroscopy techniques. By combining electron and photon detection methods from the …


Flexible and Wavelength-Selective MoS2 Phototransistors with Monolithically Integrated Transmission Color Filters


Geonwook Yoo, Sol Lea Choi, Sang Jin Park et al.


Color-selective or wavelength-tunable capability is a crucial feature for two-dimensional (2-D) semiconducting material-based image sensor applications. Here, we report on …


Metallurgical investigation on fourth century BCE silver jewellery of two hoards from Samaria


D. Ashkenazi, H. Gitler, A. Stern et al.


A fourth century BCE silver jewellery collection, which is part of two hoards of Samarian coins (the Samaria and Nablus Hoards), was studied by non-destructive analyses. The …


Fiber-Laser-Based Ultrasound Sensor for Photoacoustic Imaging


Yizhi Liang, Long Jin, Lidai Wang et al.


Photoacoustic imaging, especially for intravascular and endoscopic applications, requires ultrasound probes with miniature size and high sensitivity. In this paper, we present a …


Novel synthesis of ZnO/PMMA nanocomposites for photocatalytic applications


Alessandro Di Mauro, Maria Cantarella, Giuseppe Nicotra et al.


The incorporation of nanostructured photocatalysts in polymers is a strategic way to obtain novel water purification systems. This approach takes the advantages of: (1) the …


High Efficiency Hydrodynamic DNA Fragmentation in a Bubbling System


Lanhui Li, Mingliang Jin, Chenglong Sun et al.


DNA fragmentation down to a precise fragment size is important for biomedical applications, disease determination, gene therapy and shotgun sequencing. In this work, a cheap, …


Enhanced removal of As (V) from aqueous solution using modified hydrous ferric oxide nanoparticles


Lijuan Huo, Xibai Zeng, Shiming Su et al.


Hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) is most effective with high treatment capacity on arsenate [As(V)] sorption although its transformation and aggregation nature need further …


Nanoscale measurement of trace element distributions in Spartina alterniflora root tissue during dormancy


Huan Feng, Yu Qian, J. Kirk Cochran et al.


This paper reports a nanometer-scale investigation of trace element (As, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, S and Zn) distributions in the root system Spartina alterniflora during dormancy. …


An extended N-H bond, driven by a conserved second-order interaction, orients the flavin N5 orbital in cholesterol oxidase


Emily Golden, Li-Juan Yu, Flora Meilleur et al.


The protein microenvironment surrounding the flavin cofactor in flavoenzymes is key to the efficiency and diversity of reactions catalysed by this class of enzymes. X-ray …


Stochastic evolution in populations of ideas


Robin Nicole, Peter Sollich, Tobias Galla


It is known that learning of players who interact in a repeated game can be interpreted as an evolutionary process in a population of ideas. These analogies have so far mostly …


Optogenetic Modulation of Urinary Bladder Contraction for Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction


Jae Hong Park, Jin Ki Hong, Ja Yun Jang et al.


As current clinical approaches for lower urinary tract (LUT) dysfunction such as pharmacological and electrical stimulation treatments lack target specificity, thus resulting in …


Hydrogen reduction of molybdenum oxide at room temperature


Andreas Borgschulte, Olga Sambalova, Renaud Delmelle et al.


The color changes in chemo- and photochromic MoO3 used in sensors and in organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells can be traced back to intercalated hydrogen atoms stemming either from …


Describing polyhedral tilings and higher dimensional polytopes by sequence of their two-dimensional components


Kengo Nishio, Takehide Miyazaki


Polyhedral tilings are often used to represent structures such as atoms in materials, grains in crystals, foams, galaxies in the universe, etc. In the previous paper, we have …


Significantly enhanced creep resistance of low volume fraction in-situ TiBw/Ti6Al4V composites by architectured network reinforcements


S. Wang, L. J. Huang, L. Geng et al.


We present a new class of TiBw/Ti6Al4V composites with a network reinforcement architecture that exhibits a significant creep resistance compared to monolithic Ti6Al4V alloys. …


Ab Initio Calculations of the N-N Bond Dissociation for the Gas-phase RDX and HMX


Lin-lin Liu, Pei-jin Liu, Song-qi Hu et al.


NO2 fission is a vital factor for 1,3,5-Trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) and octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine (HMX) decomposition. In this study, the …


Measuring Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) States of Vortex Beams with Annular Gratings


Shuang Zheng, Jian Wang


Measuring orbital angular momentum (OAM) states of vortex beams is of great importance in diverse applications employing OAM-carrying vortex beams. We present a simple and …


Blue Laser Diode Enables Underwater Communication at 12.4 Gbps


Tsai-Chen Wu, Yu-Chieh Chi, Huai-Yung Wang et al.


To enable high-speed underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) in tap-water and seawater environments over long distances, a 450-nm blue GaN laser diode (LD) directly …


A new type of two-dimensional carbon crystal prepared from 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene


Qi-Shi Du, Pei-Duo Tang, Hua-Lin Huang et al.


A new two-dimensional (2D) carbon crystal, different from graphene, has been prepared from 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene, consisting of 4-carbon and 6-carbon rings in 1:1 ratio, named …


Rich structure in the correlation matrix spectra in non-equilibrium steady states


Soham Biswas, Francois Leyvraz, Paulino Monroy Castillero et al.


It has been shown that, if a model displays long-range (power-law) spatial correlations, its equal-time correlation matrix will also have a power law tail in the distribution of …


Development of interface-dominant bulk Cu/V nanolamellar composites by cross accumulative roll bonding


L. F. Zeng, R. Gao, Z. M. Xie et al.


Traditional nanostructured metals are inherently comprised of a high density of high-energy interfaces that make this class of materials not stable in extreme conditions. …


Analytically determined topological phase diagram of the proximity-induced gap in diffusive n-terminal Josephson junctions


Morten Amundsen, Jabir Ali Ouassou, Jacob Linder


Multiterminal Josephson junctions have recently been proposed as a route to artificially mimic topological matter with the distinct advantage that its properties can be …


Cymbiola nobilis shell: Toughening mechanisms in a crossed-lamellar structure


Hongmei Ji, Xiaowu Li, Daolun Chen


Natural structural materials with intricate hierarchical architectures over several length scales exhibit excellent combinations of strength and toughness. Here we report the …


Optimizing isothiocyanate formation during enzymatic glucosinolate breakdown by adjusting pH value, temperature and dilution in Brassica vegetables and Arabidopsis thaliana


Franziska S. Hanschen, Rebecca Klopsch, Teresa Oliviero et al.


Consumption of glucosinolate-rich Brassicales vegetables is associated with a decreased risk of cancer with enzymatic hydrolysis of glucosinolates playing a key role. However, …


Interfacial structures and energetics of the strengthening precipitate phase in creep-resistant Mg-Nd-based alloys


D. Choudhuri, R. Banerjee, S. G. Srinivasan


The extraordinary creep-resistance of Mg-Nd-based alloys can be correlated to the formation of nanoscale-platelets of β1-Mg3Nd precipitates, that grow along 〈110〉Mg in bulk hcp


Quantitative separation of the anisotropic magnetothermopower and planar Nernst effect by the rotation of an in-plane thermal gradient


Oliver Reimer, Daniel Meier, Michel Bovender et al.


A thermal gradient as the driving force for spin currents plays a key role in spin caloritronics. In this field the spin Seebeck effect (SSE) is of major interest and was …


Data mining of molecular dynamics data reveals Li diffusion characteristics in garnet Li7La3Zr2O12


Chi Chen, Ziheng Lu, Francesco Ciucci


Understanding Li diffusion in solid conductors is essential for the next generation Li batteries. Here we show that density-based clustering of the trajectories computed using …


Lifetime prediction for organic coating under alternating hydrostatic pressure by artificial neural network


Wenliang Tian, Fandi Meng, Li Liu et al.


A concept for prediction of organic coatings, based on the alternating hydrostatic pressure (AHP) accelerated tests, has been presented. An AHP accelerated test with different …


Relaxation dynamics in the strong chalcogenide glass-former of Ge22Se78


Pengfei Li, Yaqi Zhang, Zeming Chen et al.


The enthalpy relaxation is performed in the glassy Ge22Se78 to understand the dynamic behaviors. The structure of the glass is examined by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectra. …


The usefulness of CorvisST Tonometry and the Ocular Response Analyzer to assess the progression of glaucoma


Masato Matsuura, Kazunori Hirasawa, Hiroshi Murata et al.


Corneal Visualization Scheimpflug Technology (CST) and Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) measurements were carried out in 105 eyes of 69 patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. …


Specific and Sensitive Isothermal Electrochemical Biosensor for Plant Pathogen DNA Detection with Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles as Probes


Han Yih Lau, Haoqi Wu, Eugene J. H. Wee et al.


Developing quick and sensitive molecular diagnostics for plant pathogen detection is challenging. Herein, a nanoparticle based electrochemical biosensor was developed for rapid …

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