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  24 January 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Amplification of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation associated with the onset of the industrial-era warming


G. W. K. Moore, J. Halfar, H. Majeed et al.


North Atlantic sea surface temperatures experience variability with a periodicity of 60–80 years that is known as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO). It has a profound …


Biocapacity optimization in regional planning


Jianjun Guo, Dongxia Yue, Kai Li et al.


Ecological overshoot has been accelerating across the globe. Optimizing biocapacity has become a key to resolve the overshoot of ecological demand in regional sustainable …


Resource footprints and their ecosystem consequences


Francesca Verones, Daniel Moran, Konstantin Stadler et al.


A meaningful environmental impact analysis should go beyond the accounting of pressures from resource use and actually assess how resource demand affects ecosystems. The various …


Crude venom from nematocysts of Pelagia noctiluca (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) elicits a sodium conductance in the plasma membrane of mammalian cells


Rossana Morabito, Roberta Costa, Valentina Rizzo et al.


Cnidarians may negatively impact human activities and public health but concomitantly their venom represents a rich source of bioactive substances. Pelagia noctiluca is the most …


Simulating the hydrologic cycle in coal mining subsidence areas with a distributed hydrologic model


Jianhua Wang, Chuiyu Lu, Qingyan Sun et al.


Large-scale ground subsidence caused by coal mining and subsequent water-filling leads to serious environmental problems and economic losses, especially in plains with a high …


Mercury enrichment indicates volcanic triggering of Valanginian environmental change


Guillaume Charbonnier, Chloé Morales, Stéphanie Duchamp-Alphonse et al.


The Valanginian stage (Early Cretaceous) includes an episode of significant environmental changes, which are well defined by a positive δ13C excursion. This globally recorded …


Insecticidal toxicities of carvacrol and thymol derived from Thymus vulgaris Lin. against Pochazia shantungensis Chou & Lu., newly recorded pest


Jun-Hwan Park, Ye-Jin Jeon, Chi-Hoon Lee et al.


The insecticidal toxicities of five essential oils against Pochazia shantungensis adults and nymphs, newly recorded pests, were evaluated. The LC50 values of Thymus vulgaris, …


Efficient visible light-induced degradation of rhodamine B by W(NxS1−x)2 nanoflowers


Peitao Liu, Jingyan Zhang, Daqiang Gao et al.


Here, W(NxS1−x)2 nanoflowers were fabricated by simple sintering process. Photocatalytic activity results indicated our fabricated N-doped WS2 nanoflowers shown outstanding …


Key sources and seasonal dynamics of greenhouse gas fluxes from yak grazing systems on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau


Yang Liu, Caiyu Yan, Cory Matthew et al.


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from livestock grazing systems are contributing to global warming. To examine the influence of yak grazing systems on GHG fluxes and relationships …


Wells provide a distorted view of life in the aquifer: implications for sampling, monitoring and assessment of groundwater ecosystems


Kathryn Korbel, Anthony Chariton, Sarah Stephenson et al.


When compared to surface ecosystems, groundwater sampling has unique constraints, including limited access to ecosystems through wells. In order to monitor groundwater, a …


Bacterial endophyte communities of three agricultural important grass species differ in their response towards management regimes


Franziska Wemheuer, Kristin Kaiser, Petr Karlovsky et al.


Endophytic bacteria are critical for plant growth and health. However, compositional and functional responses of bacterial endophyte communities towards agricultural practices …


Improvement in the biochemical and chemical properties of badland soils by thorny bamboo


Yo-Jin Shiau, Hsueh-Ching Wang, Tsai-Huei Chen et al.


Badland soils—which have high silt and clay contents, bulk density, and soil electric conductivity— cover a large area of Southern Taiwan. This study evaluated the amelioration …


Leads in Arctic pack ice enable early phytoplankton blooms below snow-covered sea ice


Philipp Assmy, Mar Fernández-Méndez, Pedro Duarte et al.


The Arctic icescape is rapidly transforming from a thicker multiyear ice cover to a thinner and largely seasonal first-year ice cover with significant consequences for Arctic …


Ocean warming and acidification synergistically increase coral mortality


F. Prada, E. Caroselli, S. Mengoli et al.


Organisms that accumulate calcium carbonate structures are particularly vulnerable to ocean warming (OW) and ocean acidification (OA), potentially reducing the socioeconomic …


Electrolytic ammonia removal and current efficiency by a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor


Liang Li, Ji Yao, Xueyou Fang et al.


The ammonia removal as well as the current efficiency during electrolysis was investigated by using a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor under continuous mode. …


Wind Wave Behavior in Fetch and Depth Limited Estuaries


Arash Karimpour, Qin Chen, Robert R. Twilley


Wetland dominated estuaries serve as one of the most productive natural ecosystems through their ecological, economic and cultural services, such as nursery grounds for …


The impacts of air pollution on maternal stress during pregnancy


Yanfen Lin, Leilei Zhou, Jian Xu et al.


To investigate the association of air pollution with maternal stress during pregnancy, we enrolled 1,931 women during mid-to-late pregnancy in Shanghai in 2010. The “Life-Event …


Global mapping of nonseismic sea level oscillations at tsunami timescales


Ivica Vilibić, Jadranka Šepić


Present investigations of sea level extremes are based on hourly data measured at coastal tide gauges. The use of hourly data restricts existing global and regional analyses to …


An aposymbiotic primary coral polyp counteracts acidification by active pH regulation


Yoshikazu Ohno, Akira Iguchi, Chuya Shinzato et al.


Corals build their skeletons using extracellular calcifying fluid located in the tissue–skeleton interface. However, the mechanism by which corals control the transport of …


Hydrocarbons in phlogopite from Kasenyi kamafugitic rocks (SW Uganda): cross-correlated AFM, confocal microscopy and Raman imaging


Daniele Moro, Giovanni Valdrè, Ernesto Mesto et al.


This study presents a cross-correlated surface and near surface investigation of two phlogopite polytypes from Kasenyi kamafugitic rocks (SW Uganda) by means of advanced Atomic …


Climate change influences on crop mix shifts in the United States


Sung Ju Cho, Bruce A. McCarl


We examine the impact of current and future climate on crop mixes over space in the US. We find using historical data that temperature and precipitation are among the causal …


Using 13C isotopes to explore denitrification-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation in a paddy-peatland


Yao Shi, Zhongqiang Wang, Chunguang He et al.


Peatlands are organic-matter-rich but nitrogen-limited natural systems, the carbon/nitrogen (C/N) status of which are subject to increasing exposure from long-term nitrate (NO3) …


An extraordinary palaeontinid from the Triassic of Korea and its significance


Kye Soo Nam, Ying Wang, Dong Ren et al.


A new, extraordinary palaeontinid Hallakkungis amisanus Nam, Wang & Szwedo, gen. et sp. nov., from the Upper Triassic of the Amisan Formation in Boryeong City, Korea is …


Enhanced removal of As (V) from aqueous solution using modified hydrous ferric oxide nanoparticles


Lijuan Huo, Xibai Zeng, Shiming Su et al.


Hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) is most effective with high treatment capacity on arsenate [As(V)] sorption although its transformation and aggregation nature need further …


Novel synthesis of ZnO/PMMA nanocomposites for photocatalytic applications


Alessandro Di Mauro, Maria Cantarella, Giuseppe Nicotra et al.


The incorporation of nanostructured photocatalysts in polymers is a strategic way to obtain novel water purification systems. This approach takes the advantages of: (1) the …


Deep-sea crustacean trawling fisheries in Portugal: quantification of effort and assessment of landings per unit effort using a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)


Juan Bueno-Pardo, Sofia P. Ramalho, Ana García-Alegre et al.


Mapping and quantifying bottom trawling fishing pressure on the seafloor is pivotal to understand its effects on deep-sea benthic habitats. Using data from the Vessel Monitoring …


Nanoscale measurement of trace element distributions in Spartina alterniflora root tissue during dormancy


Huan Feng, Yu Qian, J. Kirk Cochran et al.


This paper reports a nanometer-scale investigation of trace element (As, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, S and Zn) distributions in the root system Spartina alterniflora during dormancy. …


Silicon availability modifies nutrient use efficiency and content, C:N:P stoichiometry, and productivity of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)


Silke Neu, Jörg Schaller, E. Gert Dudel


Silicon (Si) is known as beneficial element for graminaceous plants. The importance of Si for plant functioning of cereals was recently emphasized. However, about the effect of …


Does a Strong El Niño Imply a Higher Predictability of Extreme Drought?


Shanshan Wang, Xing Yuan, Yaohui Li


The devastating North China drought in the summer of 2015 was roughly captured by a dynamical seasonal climate forecast model with a good prediction of the 2015/16 big El Niño. …


Methane Emissions and Microbial Communities as Influenced by Dual Cropping of Azolla along with Early Rice


Jingna Liu, Heshui Xu, Ying Jiang et al.


Azolla caroliniana Willd. is widely used as a green manure accompanying rice, but its ecological importance remains unclear, except for its ability to fix nitrogen in association …


Six Years in the Life of a Mother Bear - The Longest Continuous Heart Rate Recordings from a Free-Ranging Mammal


Timothy G. Laske, Paul A. Iaizzo, David L. Garshelis


Physiological monitoring of free-ranging wild animals is providing new insights into their adaptations to a changing environment. American black bears (Ursus americanus) are …


Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome


Martin J. P. Sullivan, Joey Talbot, Simon L. Lewis et al.


Tropical forests are global centres of biodiversity and carbon storage. Many tropical countries aspire to protect forest to fulfil biodiversity and climate mitigation policy …


Unraveling the microbial processes of black band disease in corals through integrated genomics


Yui Sato, Edmund Y. S. Ling, Dmitrij Turaev et al.


Coral disease outbreaks contribute to the ongoing degradation of reef ecosystems, however, microbial mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of most coral diseases are …

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