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  24 January 2017   
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Chemical Sciences

Neutron Radiation Tolerance of Two Benchmark Thiophene-Based Conjugated Polymers: the Importance of Crystallinity for Organic Avionics


G. M. Paternò, V. Robbiano, K. J. Fraser et al.


Aviation and space applications can benefit significantly from lightweight organic electronics, now spanning from displays to logics, because of the vital importance of …


Electronic State of Sodium trans-[Tetrachloridobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (NKP-1339) in Tumor, Liver and Kidney Tissue of a SW480-bearing Mouse


Amir Blazevic, Alfred A. Hummer, Petra Heffeter et al.


Ruthenium complexes are promising candidates for anticancer agents, especially NKP-1339 (sodium trans-[tetrachloridobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)]), which is on the edge to …


Light-induced dynamic shaping and self-division of multipodal polyelectrolyte-surfactant microarchitectures via azobenzene photomechanics


Nicolas Martin, Kamendra P. Sharma, Robert L. Harniman et al.


Light-induced shape transformations represent a fundamental step towards the emergence of adaptive materials exhibiting photomechanical behaviours. Although a range of covalent …


Formation of diverse polycyclic spirooxindoles via three-component reaction of isoquinolinium salts, isatins and malononitrile


Jing Sun, Guo-liang Shen, Ying Huang et al.


The triethylamine promoted three-component reaction of N-(4-nitrobenzyl), N-ethoxycarbonylmethylisoquinolinium bromide, isatins and malononitrile in ethanol afforded …


Synergistically enhanced selective intracellular uptake of anticancer drug carrier comprising folic acid-conjugated hydrogels containing magnetite nanoparticles


Haneul Kim, Ara Jo, Seulgi Baek et al.


Targeted drug delivery has long been extensively researched since drug delivery and release at the diseased site with minimum dosage realizes the effective therapy without …


Investigation of changes in structure and thermodynamic of spruce budworm antifreeze protein under subfreezing temperature


Hung Nguyen, Ly Le


The aim of this theoretical work is to investigate of the changes in structure and thermodynamics of spruce budworm antifreeze protein (sbAFP) at low temperatures by using …


Unlocking the potential of SnS2: Transition metal catalyzed utilization of reversible conversion and alloying reactions


Zhi Xiang Huang, Ye Wang, Bo Liu et al.


The alloying-dealloying reactions of SnS2 proceeds with the initial conversion reaction of SnS2 with lithium that produces Li2S. Unfortunately, due to the electrochemical …


Structure and membrane interactions of the homodimeric antibiotic peptide homotarsinin


Rodrigo M. Verly, Jarbas M. Resende, Eduardo F. C. Junior et al.


Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) from amphibian skin are valuable template structures to find new treatments against bacterial infections. This work describes for the first time the …


Corrigendum: Pre-amyloid oligomers budding:a metastatic mechanism of proteotoxicity


Fabrizio Bernini, Daniele Malferrari, Marcello Pignataro et al.



CoFe2O4@MIL-100(Fe) hybrid magnetic nanoparticles exhibit fast and selective adsorption of arsenic with high adsorption capacity


Ji-Chun Yang, Xue-Bo Yin


In this study, we report the synthesis and application of mesoporous CoFe2O4@MIL-100(Fe) hybrid magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) for the simultaneous removal of inorganic arsenic …


Electrolytic ammonia removal and current efficiency by a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor


Liang Li, Ji Yao, Xueyou Fang et al.


The ammonia removal as well as the current efficiency during electrolysis was investigated by using a vermiculite-packed electrochemical reactor under continuous mode. …


Chelerythrine down regulates expression of VEGFA, BCL2 and KRAS by arresting G-Quadruplex structures at their promoter regions


Jagannath Jana, Soma Mondal, Payel Bhattacharjee et al.


A putative anticancer plant alkaloid, Chelerythrine binds to G-quadruplexes at promoters of VEGFA, BCL2 and KRAS genes and down regulates their expression. The association of …


Unsaturated lipid bodies as a hallmark of inflammation studied by Raman 2D and 3D microscopy


K. Czamara, K. Majzner, A. Selmi et al.


Endothelial HMEC-1 cells incubated with pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α for 6 and 24 hours were studied as a model of inflammation using Raman imaging. Striking changes in …


Be12O12 Nano-cage as a Promising Catalyst for CO2 Hydrogenation


Haiyan Zhu, Yawei Li, Guizhi Zhu et al.


An efficient conversion of CO2 into valuable fuels and chemicals has been hotly pursued recently. Here, for the first time, we have explored a series of M12x12 nano-cages (M = B, …


Wearable Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Fabrics Produced by Knitting Flexible Wire Electrodes for the Decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents


Heesoo Jung, Jin Ah Seo, Seungki Choi


One of the key reasons for the limited use of atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) is its inability to treat non-flat, three-dimensional (3D) surface structures, such as electronic …


Carbon elimination from silicon kerf: Thermogravimetric analysis and mechanistic considerations


Miguel Vazquez-Pufleau, Tandeep S. Chadha, Gregory Yablonsky et al.


40% of ultrapure silicon is lost as kerf during slicing to produce wafers. Kerf is currently not being recycled due to engineering challenges and costs associated with removing …


Controllable Synthesis of TiO2@Fe2O3 Core-Shell Nanotube Arrays with Double-Wall Coating as Superb Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes


Yan Zhong, Yifan Ma, Qiubo Guo et al.


Highlighted by the safe operation and stable performances, titanium oxides (TiO2) are deemed as promising candidates for next generation lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). However, …


Reduced graphene oxide as a stable and high-capacity cathode material for Na-ion batteries


Ghulam Ali, Asad Mehmood, Heung Yong Ha et al.


We report the feasibility of using reduced graphene oxide (RGO) as a cost-effective and high performance cathode material for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Graphene oxide is …


Intrinsic Defects and H Doping in WO3


Jiajie Zhu, Maria Vasilopoulou, Dimitris Davazoglou et al.


WO3 is widely used as industrial catalyst. Intrinsic and/or extrinsic defects can tune the electronic properties and extend applications to gas sensors and optoelectonics. …


An extended N-H bond, driven by a conserved second-order interaction, orients the flavin N5 orbital in cholesterol oxidase


Emily Golden, Li-Juan Yu, Flora Meilleur et al.


The protein microenvironment surrounding the flavin cofactor in flavoenzymes is key to the efficiency and diversity of reactions catalysed by this class of enzymes. X-ray …


Chemical bonding in aqueous hexacyano cobaltate from photon- and electron-detection perspectives


Sreeju Sreekantan Nair Lalithambika, Kaan Atak, Robert Seidel et al.


The electronic structure of the [Co(CN)6]3− complex dissolved in water is studied using X-ray spectroscopy techniques. By combining electron and photon detection methods from the …


Ab Initio Calculations of the N-N Bond Dissociation for the Gas-phase RDX and HMX


Lin-lin Liu, Pei-jin Liu, Song-qi Hu et al.


NO2 fission is a vital factor for 1,3,5-Trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) and octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine (HMX) decomposition. In this study, the …


Optimizing isothiocyanate formation during enzymatic glucosinolate breakdown by adjusting pH value, temperature and dilution in Brassica vegetables and Arabidopsis thaliana


Franziska S. Hanschen, Rebecca Klopsch, Teresa Oliviero et al.


Consumption of glucosinolate-rich Brassicales vegetables is associated with a decreased risk of cancer with enzymatic hydrolysis of glucosinolates playing a key role. However, …


A new type of two-dimensional carbon crystal prepared from 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene


Qi-Shi Du, Pei-Duo Tang, Hua-Lin Huang et al.


A new two-dimensional (2D) carbon crystal, different from graphene, has been prepared from 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene, consisting of 4-carbon and 6-carbon rings in 1:1 ratio, named …


Specific and Sensitive Isothermal Electrochemical Biosensor for Plant Pathogen DNA Detection with Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles as Probes


Han Yih Lau, Haoqi Wu, Eugene J. H. Wee et al.


Developing quick and sensitive molecular diagnostics for plant pathogen detection is challenging. Herein, a nanoparticle based electrochemical biosensor was developed for rapid …


Hydrogen reduction of molybdenum oxide at room temperature


Andreas Borgschulte, Olga Sambalova, Renaud Delmelle et al.


The color changes in chemo- and photochromic MoO3 used in sensors and in organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells can be traced back to intercalated hydrogen atoms stemming either from …


Relaxation dynamics in the strong chalcogenide glass-former of Ge22Se78


Pengfei Li, Yaqi Zhang, Zeming Chen et al.


The enthalpy relaxation is performed in the glassy Ge22Se78 to understand the dynamic behaviors. The structure of the glass is examined by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectra. …

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