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  31 January 2017   
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Biological Sciences

Spheroid arrays for high-throughput single-cell analysis of spatial patterns and biomarker expression in 3D


Delyan P. Ivanov, Anna M. Grabowska


We describe and share a device, methodology and image analysis algorithms, which allow up to 66 spheroids to be arranged into a gel-based array directly from a culture plate for …


Crosstalk between ABO and Forssman (FORS) blood group systems: FORS1 antigen synthesis by ABO gene-encoded glycosyltransferases


Miyako Yamamoto, Emili Cid, Fumiichiro Yamamoto


A and B alleles at the ABO genetic locus specify A and B glycosyltransferases that catalyze the biosynthesis of A and B oligosaccharide antigens, respectively, of blood group ABO …


Aqueous extract of Polygonum bistorta modulates proteostasis by ROS-induced ER stress in human hepatoma cells


Yu-Huei Liu, Yui-Ping Weng, Hsuan-Yuan Lin et al.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) remains the leading cause of cancer mortality with limited therapeutic targets. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) plays a pivotal role in maintaining …


The anti-tumor activities of Neferine on cell invasion and oxaliplatin sensitivity regulated by EMT via Snail signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma


Ganlu Deng, Shan Zeng, Junli Ma et al.


Tumor invasion and chemotherapy resistance, which are associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), remain as major challenges in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) …


Genomic and structural investigation on dolphin morbillivirus (DMV) in Mediterranean fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus)


Giorgia Beffagna, Cinzia Centelleghe, Giovanni Franzo et al.


Dolphin morbillivirus (DMV) has been deemed as one of the most relevant threats for fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) being responsible for a mortality outbreak in the …


Effects of jasmonic acid signalling on the wheat microbiome differ between body sites


Hongwei Liu, Lilia C. Carvalhais, Peer M. Schenk et al.


Jasmonic acid (JA) signalling helps plants to defend themselves against necrotrophic pathogens and herbivorous insects and has been shown to influence the root microbiome of


Whole-transcriptome sequence analysis of differentially expressed genes in Phormium tenax under drought stress


Zhen-yu Bai, Tong Wang, Yin-huan Wu et al.


Phormium tenax is a kind of drought resistant garden plant with its rich and colorful leaves. To clarify the molecular mechanism of drought resistance in Phormium tenax, …


IL-32 promoter SNP rs4786370 predisposes to modified lipoprotein profiles in patients with rheumatoid arthritis


Michelle S. M. A. Damen, Rabia Agca, Suzanne Holewijn et al.


Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Interleukin (IL)-32 has previously been shown to be involved in the …


Weeding volatiles reduce leaf and seed damage to field-grown soybeans and increase seed isoflavones


Kaori Shiojiri, Rika Ozawa, Ken-Ichi Yamashita et al.


Field experiments were conducted over 3 years (2012, 2013, and 2015), in which half of the young stage soybean plants were exposed to volatiles from cut goldenrods three times …


Isolation and characterization of centromeric repetitive DNA sequences in Saccharum spontaneum


Wenpan Zhang, Sheng Zuo, Zhanjie Li et al.


Sugarcane (Saccharum hybrids spp.) is the most important sugar crop that accounts for ~75% of the world’s sugar production. Recently, a whole-genome sequencing project was …


DOE Optimization of Nano-based Carrier of Pregabalin as Hydrogel: New Therapeutic & Chemometric Approaches for Controlled Drug Delivery Systems


Mona G. Arafa, Bassam M. Ayoub


Niosomes entrapping pregabalin (PG) were prepared using span 60 and cholesterol in different molar ratios by hydration method, the remaining PG from the hydrating solution was …


Efficient Adhesion Culture of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Laminin Fragments in an Uncoated Manner


Takamichi Miyazaki, Takehisa Isobe, Norio Nakatsuji et al.


We describe highly effective adhesion culture of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) using laminin fragments without precoating. Culture substrates have been generally thought …


Imaging tumor microscopic viscosity in vivo using molecular rotors


Lyubov’ E. Shimolina, Maria Angeles Izquierdo, Ismael López-Duarte et al.


The microscopic viscosity plays an essential role in cellular biophysics by controlling the rates of diffusion and bimolecular reactions within the cell interior. While several …


Exploring the dark foldable proteome by considering hydrophobic amino acids topology


Tristan Bitard-Feildel, Isabelle Callebaut


The protein universe corresponds to the set of all proteins found in all organisms. A way to explore it is by taking into account the domain content of the proteins. However, …


Expression and function of NKp46 W32R: the human homologous protein of mouse NKp46 W32R (Noé)


Ariella Glasner, Batya Isaacson, Ofer Mandelboim


Natural killer (NK) cells eradicate infected cells and tumors following the triggering of activating receptors, like the Natural Cytotoxicity Receptors (NCRs), which include …


Time-domain analysis for extracting fast-paced pupil responses


Alexandre Zénon


The eye pupil reacts to cognitive processes, but its analysis is challenging when luminance varies or when stimulation is fast-paced. Current approaches relying on deconvolution …


Clone and functional analysis of Seryl-tRNA synthetase and Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase from silkworm, Bombyx mori


Jingsheng Hu, Jianghai Tian, Fanchi Li et al.


Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are the key enzymes for protein synthesis. Glycine, alanine, serine and tyrosine are the major amino acids composing fibroin of silkworm. Among them, …


Synchronized purification and immobilization of his-tagged β-glucosidase via Fe3O4/PMG core/shell magnetic nanoparticles


Yang Zhou, Shaofei Yuan, Qian Liu et al.


In this paper, an efficient and convenient Fe3O4/PMG/IDA-Ni2+ nanoparticles that applied to purify and immobilize his-tagged β-glucosidase was synthesized, in which, Fe3O4/PMG …


Identification and Characterization of a Plastidic Adenine Nucleotide Uniporter (OsBT1-3) Required for Chloroplast Development in the Early Leaf Stage of Rice


Daoheng Hu, Yang Li, Wenbin Jin et al.


Chloroplast development is an important subject in botany. In this study, a rice (Oryza sativa) mutant exhibiting impairment in early chloroplast development (seedling leaf …


RNA-binding protein RBM3 prevents NO-induced apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cells by modulating p38 signaling and miR-143


Hai-Jie Yang, Fei Ju, Xin-Xin Guo et al.


Nitric oxide (NO)-induced apoptosis in neurons is an important cause of neurodegenerative disease in humans. The cold-inducible protein RBM3 mediates the protective effects of …


A novel approach to analyze lysosomal dysfunctions through subcellular proteomics and lipidomics: the case of NPC1 deficiency


Arun Kumar Tharkeshwar, Jesse Trekker, Wendy Vermeire et al.


Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have mainly been used as cellular carriers for genes and therapeutic products, while their use in subcellular organelle …


Characterization of faecal microbial communities of dairy cows fed diets containing ensiled Moringa oleifera fodder


Jiajie Sun, Bin Zeng, Zujing Chen et al.


Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera) is a remarkable species with high nutritional value and good biomass production, which can be used as livestock fodder. In this study, we examined …


Discovery of a junctional epitope antibody that stabilizes IL-6 and gp80 protein:protein interaction and modulates its downstream signaling


Ralph Adams, Rebecca J. Burnley, Chiara R. Valenzano et al.


Protein:protein interactions are fundamental in living organism homeostasis. Here we introduce VHH6, a junctional epitope antibody capable of specifically recognizing a …


Setting temporal baselines for biodiversity: the limits of available monitoring data for capturing the full impact of anthropogenic pressures


Jean-Baptiste Mihoub, Klaus Henle, Nicolas Titeux et al.


Temporal baselines are needed for biodiversity, in order for the change in biodiversity to be measured over time, the targets for biodiversity conservation to be defined and …


DNA damage induced by Strontium-90 exposure at low concentrations in mesenchymal stromal cells: the functional consequences


S. Musilli, N. Nicolas, Z. El Ali et al.


90Sr is one of the radionuclides released after nuclear accidents that can significantly impact human health in the long term. 90Sr accumulates mostly in the bones of exposed …


Fluorescence circadian imaging reveals a PDF-dependent transcriptional regulation of the Drosophila molecular clock


Virginie Sabado, Ludovic Vienne, José Manuel Nunes et al.


Circadian locomotor behaviour is controlled by a pacemaker circuit composed of clock-containing neurons. To interrogate the mechanistic relationship between the molecular …


The Identification of a 1916 Irish Rebel: New Approach for Estimating Relatedness From Low Coverage Homozygous Genomes


Daniel Fernandes, Kendra Sirak, Mario Novak et al.


Thomas Kent was an Irish rebel who was executed by British forces in the aftermath of the Easter Rising armed insurrection of 1916 and buried in a shallow grave on Cork prison’s …


Modulation of actin dynamics as potential macrophage subtype-targeting anti-tumour strategy


Carlo Pergola, Katrin Schubert, Simona Pace et al.


Tumour-associated macrophages mainly comprise immunosuppressive M2 phenotypes that promote tumour progression besides anti-tumoural M1 subsets. Selective depletion or …


Opportunistic spawning of tropical anguillid eels Anguilla bicolor bicolor and A. bengalensis bengalensis


Takaomi Arai, Siti Raudah Abdul Kadir


Information on the spawning migration, spawning ecology and life history of tropical eels in the Indo-Pacific region is very limited. The physiological and morphological …


The iSelect 9 K SNP analysis revealed polyploidization induced revolutionary changes and intense human selection causing strong haplotype blocks in wheat


Chenyang Hao, Yuquan Wang, Shiaoman Chao et al.


A Chinese wheat mini core collection was genotyped using the wheat 9 K iSelect SNP array. Total 2420 and 2396 polymorphic SNPs were detected on the A and the B genome …


Low-dose acetaminophen induces early disruption of cell-cell tight junctions in human hepatic cells and mouse liver


Wesam Gamal, Philipp Treskes, Kay Samuel et al.


Dysfunction of cell-cell tight junction (TJ) adhesions is a major feature in the pathogenesis of various diseases. Liver TJs preserve cellular polarity by delimiting functional …


SWATH label-free proteomics analyses revealed the roles of oxidative stress and antioxidant defensing system in sclerotia formation of Polyporus umbellatus


Bing Li, Xiaofang Tian, Chunlan Wang et al.


Understanding the initiation and maturing mechanisms is important for rational manipulating sclerotia differentiation and growth from hypha of Polyporus umbellatus. Proteomes in


Implication of dorsostriatal D3 receptors in motivational processes: a potential target for neuropsychiatric symptoms in Parkinson’s disease


Mathieu Favier, Carole Carcenac, Guillaume Drui et al.


Beyond classical motor symptoms, motivational and affective deficits are frequently observed in Parkinson’s disease (PD), dramatically impairing the quality of life of patients. …


A comprehensive analysis of the germline and expressed TCR repertoire in White Peking duck


Zhi Yang, Yi Sun, Yonghe Ma et al.


Recently, many immune-related genes have been extensively studied in ducks, but relatively little is known about their TCR genes. Here, we determined the germline and expressed …


Candida albicans stimulates Streptococcus mutans microcolony development via cross-kingdom biofilm-derived metabolites


Dongyeop Kim, Arjun Sengupta, Tagbo H. R. Niepa et al.


Candida albicans is frequently detected with heavy infection of Streptococcus mutans in plaque-biofilms from children affected with early-childhood caries, a prevalent and costly …


Basophil-derived IL-6 regulates TH17 cell differentiation and CD4 T cell immunity


Chae Min Yuk, Hyeung Ju Park, Bo-In Kwon et al.


Basophils are rare, circulating granulocytes proposed to be involved in T helper (TH) type 2 immunity, mainly through secretion of interleukin (IL)-4. In addition to IL-4, …


Computational predictors fail to identify amino acid substitution effects at rheostat positions


M. Miller, Y. Bromberg, L. Swint-Kruse


Many computational approaches exist for predicting the effects of amino acid substitutions. Here, we considered whether the protein sequence position class – rheostat or toggle – …


CASCADE, a platform for controlled gene amplification for high, tunable and selection-free gene expression in yeast


Tomas Strucko, Line Due Buron, Zofia Dorota Jarczynska et al.


Over-expression of a gene by increasing its copy number is often desirable in the model yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It may facilitate elucidation of enzyme functions, and in …


Fingolimod Limits Acute Aβ Neurotoxicity and Promotes Synaptic Versus Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptor Functionality in Hippocampal Neurons


Pooja Joshi, Martina Gabrielli, Luisa Ponzoni et al.


Fingolimod, also known as FTY720, is an analogue of the sphingolipid sphingosine, which has been proved to be neuroprotective in rodent models of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). …


Modulated DISP3/PTCHD2 expression influences neural stem cell fate decisions


Jana Konířová, Jana Oltová, Alicia Corlett et al.


Neural stem cells (NSCs) are defined by their dual ability to self-renew through mitotic cell division or differentiate into the varied neural cell types of the CNS. DISP3/PTCHD2 …


Ultra-fast cell counters based on microtubular waveguides


Cornelius S. Bausch, Christian Heyn, Wolfgang Hansen et al.


We present a radio-frequency impedance-based biosensor embedded inside a semiconductor microtube for the in-flow detection of single cells. An impedance-matched tank circuit and …


Hollow Au-Ag Nanoparticles Labeled Immunochromatography Strip for Highly Sensitive Detection of Clenbuterol


Jingyun Wang, Lei Zhang, Youju Huang et al.


The probe materials play a significant role in improving the detection efficiency and sensitivity of lateral-flow immunochromatographic test strip (ICTS). Unlike conventional …


Neurophysiological correlates of altered response inhibition in internet gaming disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder: Perspectives from impulsivity and compulsivity


Minah Kim, Tak Hyung Lee, Jung-Seok Choi et al.


Although internet gaming disorder (IGD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) represent opposite ends of the impulsivity and compulsivity dimensions, the two disorders share …


CD133+ cancer stem cells promoted by VEGF accelerate the recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma


Kai Liu, Meijun Hao, Yabo Ouyang et al.


The role of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in inducing the recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) after radiofrequency ablation (RFA) remains unclear. Here, we found that a …


Signal mingle: Micropatterns of BMP-2 and fibronectin on soft biopolymeric films regulate myoblast shape and SMAD signaling


Vincent Fitzpatrick, Laure Fourel, Olivier Destaing et al.


In vivo, bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) exists both in solution and bound to the extracellular matrix (ECM). While these two modes of presentation are known to influence …


Conversion from long-term cultivated wheat field to Jerusalem artichoke plantation changed soil fungal communities


Xingang Zhou, Jianhui Zhang, Danmei Gao et al.


Understanding soil microbial communities in agroecosystems has the potential to contribute to the improvement of agricultural productivity and sustainability. Effects of …


Quantum Interference and Selectivity through Biological Ion Channels


Vahid Salari, Hamidreza Naeij, Afshin Shafiee


The mechanism of selectivity in ion channels is still an open question in biology for more than half a century. Here, we suggest that quantum interference can be a solution to …


Stress Reactivity in Chronic Tinnitus


Linda T. Betz, Andreas Mühlberger, Berthold Langguth et al.


Tinnitus is primarily an auditory symptom. Yet not only patients and clinicians, but also current pathophysiological models relate the onset and maintenance of tinnitus to …


Establishment and application of a novel isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of chloroquine resistance (K76T) in Plasmodium falciparum


Madhvi Chahar, Neelima Mishra, Anup Anvikar et al.


Chloroquine (CQ) resistance in Plasmodium falciparum is determined by the mutations in the chloroquine resistance transporter (Pfcrt) gene. The point mutation at codon 76 (K76T), …


Litchi seed extracts diminish prostate cancer progression via induction of apoptosis and attenuation of EMT through Akt/GSK-3β signaling


Hongwei Guo, Hua Luo, Hebao Yuan et al.


Litchi (Litchi chinensisSonnnerat, Sapindaceae), known as Chinese Cherry, is a subtropical fruit tree originating from southern China. Litchi seed extracts have diverse …


Counteracting wetland overgrowth increases breeding and staging bird abundances


Petteri Lehikoinen, Aleksi Lehikoinen, Markku Mikkola-Roos et al.


Human actions have led to loss and degradation of wetlands, impairing their suitability as habitat especially for waterbirds. Such negative effects may be mitigated through …


Cornea organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells


James W. Foster, Karl Wahlin, Sheila M. Adams et al.


The cornea is the transparent outermost surface of the eye, consisting of a stratified epithelium, a collagenous stroma and an innermost single-cell layered endothelium and …


Conformational Change of a Tryptophan Residue in BtuF Facilitates Binding and Transport of Cobinamide by the Vitamin B12 Transporter BtuCD-F


S. A. Mireku, M. Ruetz, T. Zhou et al.


BtuCD-F is an ABC transporter that mediates cobalamin uptake into Escherichia coli. Early in vivo data suggested that BtuCD-F might also be involved in the uptake of cobinamide, …


An Oxidoreductase AioE is Responsible for Bacterial Arsenite Oxidation and Resistance


Qian Wang, Yushan Han, Kaixiang Shi et al.


Previously, we found that arsenite (AsIII) oxidation could improve the generation of ATP/NADH to support the growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens GW4. In this study, we found that


Nano-biomimetic carriers are implicated in mechanistic evaluation of intracellular gene delivery


Mohsen Alipour, Saman Hosseinkhani, Reza Sheikhnejad et al.


Several tissue specific non-viral carriers have been developed for gene delivery purposes. However, the inability to escape endosomes, undermines the efficacy of these carriers. …


Computational design of an epitope-specific Keap1 binding antibody using hotspot residues grafting and CDR loop swapping


Xiaofeng Liu, Richard D. Taylor, Laura Griffin et al.


Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of monoclonal antibodies often require careful selection of binders that recognize specific epitopes on the target molecule to exert a …


Accessing the genomic information of unculturable oceanic picoeukaryotes by combining multiple single cells


Jean-François Mangot, Ramiro Logares, Pablo Sánchez et al.


Pico-sized eukaryotes play key roles in the functioning of marine ecosystems, but we still have a limited knowledge on their ecology and evolution. The MAST-4 lineage is of …


Analysis of carotenogenic genes promoters and WRKY transcription factors in response to salt stress in Dunaliella bardawil


Ming-Hua Liang, Jian-Guo Jiang


The unicellular alga Dunaliella bardawil is a highly salt-tolerant organism, capable of accumulating glycerol, glycine betaine and β-carotene under salt stress, and has been …


Population expansion and individual age affect endoparasite richness and diversity in a recolonising large carnivore population


Ines Lesniak, Ilja Heckmann, Emanuel Heitlinger et al.


The recent recolonisation of the Central European lowland (CEL) by the grey wolf (Canis lupus) provides an excellent opportunity to study the effect of founder events on …


Functional characterization of a gibberellin receptor and its application in alfalfa biomass improvement


Xuemin Wang, Jun Li, Liping Ban et al.


Bioactive gibberellins (GAs) are essential phytohormones involved in the regulation of many aspects of plant development. GA receptors are crucial in GA signal transduction in …


Using effect size benchmarks to assess when alien impacts are actually alien


Helen M. Smith, Chris R. Dickman, Peter B. Banks


Alien predators have on average twice the impact on native prey populations than do native predators, and are a severe threat to wildlife globally. Manipulation experiments can …


Physiological performance of the intertidal Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) to long-term daily rhythms of air exposure


Xuwang Yin, Peng Chen, Hai Chen et al.


Intertidal organisms, especially the sessile species, often experience long-term periodic air exposure during their lives. Learning the biochemical and physiological responses of …


Targeted delivery of an ADP-ribosylating bacterial toxin into cancer cells


N.-I. Zahaf , A. E. Lang, L. Kaiser et al.


The actin cytoskeleton is an attractive target for bacterial toxins. The ADP-ribosyltransferase TccC3 from the insect bacterial pathogen Photorhabdus luminescence modifies actin …


Membrane-mediated action of the endocannabinoid anandamide on membrane proteins: implications for understanding the receptor-independent mechanism


Djalma Medeiros, Laíz da Costa Silva-Gonçalves, Annielle Mendes Brito da Silva et al.


Endocannabinoids are amphiphilic molecules that play crucial neurophysiological functions acting as lipid messengers. Antagonists and knockdown of the classical CB1 and CB2 …


Genome-wide divergence, haplotype distribution and population demographic histories for Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense as revealed by genome-anchored SNPs


Umesh K. Reddy, Padma Nimmakayala, Venkata Lakshmi Abburi et al.


Use of 10,129 singleton SNPs of known genomic location in tetraploid cotton provided unique opportunities to characterize genome-wide diversity among 440 Gossypium hirsutum and …


Functional characterization of NES and GES responsible for the biosynthesis of (E)-nerolidol and (E,E)-geranyllinalool in Tripterygium wilfordii


Ping Su, Tianyuan Hu, Yujia Liu et al.


Triptolide and celastrol, two principal bioactive compounds in Tripterygium wilfordii, are produced from geranylgeranyl diphosphate (GGPP) and farnesyl diphosphate ((E,E)-FPP) …


ComB proteins expression levels determine Helicobacter pylori competence capacity


Christopher Corbinais, Aurélie Mathieu, Prashant P. Damke et al.


Helicobacter pylori chronically colonises half of the world’s human population and is the main cause of ulcers and gastric cancers. Its prevalence and the increase in antibiotic …


Antimicrobial activity of ProRoot MTA in contact with blood


C. Farrugia, P. Baca, J. Camilleri et al.


Dental materials based on Portland cement, which is used in the construction industry have gained popularity for clinical use due to their hydraulic properties, the interaction …


An Ocular Protein Triad Can Classify Four Complex Retinal Diseases


J. J. W. Kuiper, L. Beretta, S. Nierkens et al.


Retinal diseases generally are vision-threatening conditions that warrant appropriate clinical decision-making which currently solely dependents upon extensive clinical screening …


Both DNA global deformation and repair enzyme contacts mediate flipping of thymine dimer damage


Alexander Knips, Martin Zacharias


The photo-induced cis-syn-cyclobutane pyrimidine (CPD) dimer is a frequent DNA lesion. In bacteria photolyases efficiently repair dimers employing a light-driven reaction after …


Droplet-based microtumor model to assess cell-ECM interactions and drug resistance of gastric cancer cells


Minjeong Jang, Ilkyoo Koh, Seok Jae Lee et al.


Gastric cancer (GC) is a common aggressive malignant tumor with high incidence and mortality worldwide. GC is classified into intestinal and diffuse types according to the …


Quantifying mating success of territorial males and sneakers in a bower-building cichlid fish


I. S. Magalhaes, A. M. Smith, D. A. Joyce


The strategies and traits males evolve to mate with females are incredible in their diversity. Theory on the evolution of secondary sexual characters suggests that evolving any …


M2 macrophages or IL-33 treatment attenuate ongoing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection


A. R. Piñeros, L. W. Campos, D. M. Fonseca et al.


The protective effects of mycobacterial infections on lung allergy are well documented. However, the inverse relationship between tuberculosis and type 2 immunity is still …


Differentiation of Club Cells to Alveolar Epithelial Cells In Vitro


Dahai Zheng, Boon-Seng Soh, Lu Yin et al.


Club cells are known to function as regional progenitor cells to repair the bronchiolar epithelium in response to lung damage. By lineage tracing in mice, we have shown recently …


Oridonin Triggers Chaperon-mediated Proteasomal Degradation of BCR-ABL in Leukemia


Huilin Huang, Hengyou Weng, Bowen Dong et al.


Inducing degradation of oncoproteins by small molecule compounds has the potential to avoid drug resistance and therefore deserves to be exploited for new therapies. Oridonin is …


Periostin Upregulates Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling to Promote the Osteogenesis of CTLA4-Modified Human Bone Marrow-Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Fei Zhang, Keyu Luo, Zhigang Rong et al.


The enhanced osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) modified by expression of cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA4) has been shown in previous studies, but …


Interplay with the Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 complex and phosphorylation by GSK3β implicate human B-Myb in DNA-damage signaling


Sarah Marie Henrich, Clemens Usadel, Eugen Werwein et al.


B-Myb, a highly conserved member of the Myb transcription factor family, is expressed ubiquitously in proliferating cells and controls the cell cycle dependent transcription of …


Attention Bias of Avoidant Individuals to Attachment Emotion Pictures


Ying Liu, Yi Ding, Luluzi Lu et al.


How attachment style affects emotion processing is tightly connected with individuals’ attention bias. This experiment explored avoidant individuals’ attentional engagement and …


Sensory and autonomic function and structure in footpads of a diabetic mouse model


Ying Liu, Blessan Sebastian, Ben Liu et al.


Sensory and autonomic neuropathy affects the majority of type II diabetic patients. Clinically, autonomic evaluation often focuses on sudomotor function yet this is rarely …


Epigallocatechin-3-gallate preferentially induces aggregation of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light chains


Manuel Hora, Martin Carballo-Pacheco, Benedikt Weber et al.


Antibody light chain amyloidosis is a rare disease caused by fibril formation of secreted immunoglobulin light chains (LCs). The huge variety of antibody sequences puts a serious …


Pantoea alhagi, a novel endophytic bacterium with ability to improve growth and drought tolerance in wheat


Chaoqiong Chen, Kaiyun Xin, Hao Liu et al.


A novel strain LTYR-11ZT that exhibited multiple plant growth promoting (PGP) traits was isolated from the surface-sterilized leaves of Alhagi sparsifolia Shap. (Leguminosae), …


How white and black bodies are perceived depends on what emotion is expressed


Rebecca Watson, Beatrice de Gelder


Body language is a powerful indicator of others’ emotions in social interactions, with positive signals triggering approach and negative ones retreat and defensiveness. …


Effects of interspecific interaction-linked habitat factors on moose resource selection and environmental stress


Heng Bao, John M. Fryxell, Hui Liu et al.


Resource selection of herbivores is a complex ecological process that operates in relation to biological or non-biological factors, which may affect the feeding and movement, and …


Discovering novel phenotypes with automatically inferred dynamic models: a partial melanocyte conversion in Xenopus


Daniel Lobo, Maria Lobikin, Michael Levin


Progress in regenerative medicine requires reverse-engineering cellular control networks to infer perturbations with desired systems-level outcomes. Such dynamic models allow …


Intraspecific geographic variation in rod and cone visual pigment sensitivity of a parrot, Platycercus elegans


Ben Knott, Mathew L. Berg, Raoul F. H. Ribot et al.


Variation in wavelength sensitivity among subspecies is unknown among vertebrates. The parrot Platycercus elegans has extreme plumage variation between subspecies ranging from …


Spinal Hb9::Cre-derived excitatory interneurons contribute to rhythm generation in the mouse


Vanessa Caldeira, Kimberly J. Dougherty, Lotta Borgius et al.


Rhythm generating neurons are thought to be ipsilaterally-projecting excitatory neurons in the thoracolumbar mammalian spinal cord. Recently, a subset of Shox2 interneurons …


Multilevel interaction of the DnaK/DnaJ(HSP70/HSP40) stress-responsive chaperone machine with the central metabolism


Fréderic Anglès, Marie-Pierre Castanié-Cornet, Nawel Slama et al.


Networks of molecular chaperones maintain cellular protein homeostasis by acting at nearly every step in the biogenesis of proteins and protein complexes. Herein, we demonstrate …


Protective effect of butin against ischemia/reperfusion-induced myocardial injury in diabetic mice: involvement of the AMPK/GSK-3β/Nrf2 signaling pathway


Jialin Duan, Yue Guan, Fei Mu et al.


Hyperglycemia-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation contributes to development of diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM). This study was designed to determine the effect of an …


Striatal Neurons Expressing D1 and D2 Receptors are Morphologically Distinct and Differently Affected by Dopamine Denervation in Mice


D. Gagnon, S. Petryszyn, M. G. Sanchez et al.


The loss of nigrostriatal dopamine neurons in Parkinson’s disease induces a reduction in the number of dendritic spines on medium spiny neurons (MSNs) of the striatum expressing D


The spleen microenvironment influences disease transformation in a mouse model of KITD816V-dependent myeloproliferative neoplasm


Natalie Pelusi, Maike Kosanke, Tamara Riedt et al.


Activating mutations leading to ligand-independent signaling of the stem cell factor receptor KIT are associated with several hematopoietic malignancies. One of the most common …


Astrocyte-derived tissue Transglutaminase affects fibronectin deposition, but not aggregation, during cuprizone-induced demyelination


Nathaly Espitia Pinzon, Berta Sanz-Morello, John J. P. Brevé et al.


Astrogliosis as seen in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) develops into astroglial scarring, which is beneficial because it seals off the site of central nervous system (CNS) damage. …


Galectin-3 released in response to traumatic brain injury acts as an alarmin orchestrating brain immune response and promoting neurodegeneration


Ping Kei Yip, Alejandro Carrillo-Jimenez, Paul King et al.


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is currently a major cause of morbidity and poor quality of life in Western society, with an estimate of 2.5 million people affected per year in …


Modeling pre-metastatic lymphvascular niche in the mouse ear sponge assay


Melissa García-Caballero, Maureen Van de Velde, Silvia Blacher et al.


Lymphangiogenesis, the formation of new lymphatic vessels, occurs in primary tumors and in draining lymph nodes leading to pre-metastatic niche formation. Reliable in vivo models …


Discovery of Cancer Driver Long Noncoding RNAs across 1112 Tumour Genomes: New Candidates and Distinguishing Features


Andrés Lanzós, Joana Carlevaro-Fita, Loris Mularoni et al.


Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) represent a vast unexplored genetic space that may hold missing drivers of tumourigenesis, but few such “driver lncRNAs” are known. Until now, they …


RNA sequencing of synaptic and cytoplasmic Upf1-bound transcripts supports contribution of nonsense-mediated decay to epileptogenesis


Claire M. Mooney, Eva M. Jimenez-Mateos, Tobias Engel et al.


The nonsense mediated decay (NMD) pathway is a critical surveillance mechanism for identifying aberrant mRNA transcripts. It is unknown, however, whether the NMD system is …


Protective effects of recombinant human cytoglobin against chronic alcohol-induced liver disease in vivo and in vitro


Jian Wen, Yongbin Wu, Wei Wei et al.


Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is an important worldwide public health issue with no satisfying treatment available since now. Here we explore the effects of recombinant human …


A de novo deletion mutation in SOX10 in a Chinese family with Waardenburg syndrome type 4


Xiong Wang, Yaowu Zhu, Na Shen et al.


Waardenburg syndrome type 4 (WS4) or Waardenburg-Shah syndrome is a rare genetic disorder with a prevalence of <1/1,000,000 and characterized by the association of congenital …


Phylogeography of the smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata): distinct evolutionary lineages and hybridization with the Asian small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinereus)


Beatrice Moretti, Omar F. Al-Sheikhly, Monica Guerrini et al.


We investigated the phylogeography of the smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) to determine its spatial genetic structure for aiding an adaptive conservation management …


Cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRP) causes sepsis-associated acute lung injury via induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress


Mohammad Moshahid Khan, Weng-Lang Yang, Max Brenner et al.


Cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRP), released into the circulation during sepsis, causes lung injury via an as yet unknown mechanism. Since endoplasmic reticulum (ER) …


Prognostic Role of the Pretreatment C-Reactive Protein/Albumin Ratio in Solid Cancers: A Meta-Analysis


Nan Li, Guang-Wei Tian, Ying Wang et al.


The C-reactive protein/albumin ratio (CAR) has been shown to play a significant prognostic role in several cancers. We aimed to comprehensively explore the potential role of the …


Identification of a novel selective PPARγ ligand with a unique binding mode and improved therapeutic profile in vitro


Wei Yi, Jingjing Shi, Guanguan Zhao et al.


Thiazolidinediones (TZD) function as potent anti-diabetic drugs through their direct action on the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ), but …


Design and fabrication of a passive droplet dispenser for portable high resolution imaging system


Tahseen Kamal, Rachel Watkins, Zijian Cen et al.


Moldless lens manufacturing techniques using standard droplet dispensing technology often require precise control over pressure to initiate fluid flow and control droplet …


Role of Cytosolic Carboxypeptidase 5 in Neuronal Survival and Spermatogenesis


Hui-Yuan Wu, Peng Wei, James I. Morgan


Proteins may undergo a type of posttranslational modification – polyglutamylation, where a glutamate residue is enzymatically linked to the γ-carboxyl group of a glutamate in the …


RhBMP-2 loaded 3D-printed mesoporous silica/calcium phosphate cement porous scaffolds with enhanced vascularization and osteogenesis properties


Cuidi Li, Chuan Jiang, Yuan Deng et al.


A major limitation in the development of effective scaffolds for bone regeneration has been the limited vascularization of the regenerating tissue. Here, we propose the …


Pyrintegrin Induces Soft Tissue Formation by Transplanted or Endogenous Cells


Bhranti S. Shah, Mo Chen, Takahiro Suzuki et al.


Focal adipose deficiency, such as lipoatrophy, lumpectomy or facial trauma, is a formidable challenge in reconstructive medicine, and yet scarcely investigated in experimental …


Distinguishing Functional DNA Words; A Method for Measuring Clustering Levels


Hanieh Moghaddasi, Khosrow Khalifeh, Amir Hossein Darooneh


Functional DNA sub-sequences and genome elements are spatially clustered through the genome just as keywords in literary texts. Therefore, some of the methods for ranking words …


Combination of IL-6 and sIL-6R differentially regulate varying levels of RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis through NF-κB, ERK and JNK signaling pathways


Wei Feng, Hongrui Liu, Tingting Luo et al.


Interleukin (IL)-6 is known to indirectly enhance osteoclast formation by promoting receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (RANKL) production by osteoblastic/stromal …


LPS-induced inflammatory response is suppressed by Wnt inhibitors, Dickkopf-1 and LGK974


Jaewoong Jang, Yoonju Jung, Youngeun Kim et al.


In this study, LPS-induced inflammatory responses in BEAS-2B human bronchial epithelial cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cell (HUVEC)s were found to be prevented by …


Genotyping of human rhinovirus in adult patients with acute respiratory infections identified predominant infections of genotype A21


Lili Ren, Donghong Yang, Xianwen Ren et al.


Human rhinovirus (HRV) is an important causative agent of acute respiratory tract infections (ARTIs). The roles of specific HRV genotypes in patients suffering from ARTIs have …


Head rice rate measurement based on concave point matching


Yuan Yao, Wei Wu, Tianle Yang et al.


Head rice rate is an important factor affecting rice quality. In this study, an inflection point detection-based technology was applied to measure the head rice rate by combining …


Primary Human Placental Trophoblasts are Permissive for Zika Virus (ZIKV) Replication


Kjersti M. Aagaard, Anismrita Lahon, Melissa A. Suter et al.


Zika virus (ZIKV) is an emerging mosquito-borne (Aedes genus) arbovirus of the Flaviviridae family. Although ZIKV has been predominately associated with a mild or asymptomatic …


RNA helicase DDX3 maintains lipid homeostasis through upregulation of the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein by interacting with HNF4 and SHP


Tsung-Yuan Tsai, Wei-Ting Wang, Hao-Kang Li et al.


Multifunctional RNA helicase DDX3 participates in HCV infection, one of the major causes of hepatic steatosis. Here, we investigated the role of DDX3 in hepatic lipid metabolism. …


Low level of swiprosin-1/EFhd2 in vestibular nuclei of spontaneously hypersensitive motion sickness mice


Zhi-Bin Wang, Ping Han, Ling-Chang Tong et al.


Susceptibility to motion sickness (MS) varies considerably among humans. However, the cause of such variation is unclear. Here, we used a classical genetic approach to obtain …


Differentially expressed genes and canonical pathway expression in human atherosclerotic plaques – Tampere Vascular Study


Miska Sulkava, Emma Raitoharju, Mari Levula et al.


Cardiovascular diseases due to atherosclerosis are the leading cause of death globally. We aimed to investigate the potentially altered gene and pathway expression in advanced …


Targeting osteoblastic casein kinase-2 interacting protein-1 to enhance Smad-dependent BMP signaling and reverse bone formation reduction in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis


Jin Liu, Changwei Lu, Xiaohao Wu et al.


The underlying mechanism of the reduced bone formation during the development of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis (GIO) remains unclear. Here, we found that the highly …


Survival rate of eukaryotic cells following electrophoretic nanoinjection


Matthias Simonis, Wolfgang Hübner, Alice Wilking et al.


Insertion of foreign molecules such as functionalized fluorescent probes, antibodies, or plasmid DNA to living cells requires overcoming the plasma membrane barrier without …


Parathyroid Hormone-Like Hormone is a Poor Prognosis Marker of Head and Neck Cancer and Promotes Cell Growth via RUNX2 Regulation


Wei-Min Chang, Yuan-Feng Lin, Chia-Yi Su et al.


Parathyroid Hormone-Like Hormone (PTHLH) is an autocrine/paracrine ligand that is up-regulated in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). However, the cellular function …


Range expansion underlies historical introgressive hybridization in the Iberian hare


João P. Marques, Liliana Farelo, Joana Vilela et al.


Introgressive hybridization is an important and widespread evolutionary process, but the relative roles of neutral demography and natural selection in promoting massive …


S-acylation of SOD1, CCS, and a stable SOD1-CCS heterodimer in human spinal cords from ALS and non-ALS subjects


Sarah E. Antinone, Ghanashyam D. Ghadge, Lyle W. Ostrow et al.


Previously, we found that human Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase (SOD1) is S-acylated (palmitoylated) in vitro and in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) mouse models, and that …


Clusterin: full-length protein and one of its chains show opposing effects on cellular lipid accumulation


Suvarsha Rao Matukumalli, Ramakrishna Tangirala, C. M. Rao


Proteins, made up of either single or multiple chains, are designed to carry out specific biological functions. We found an interesting example of a two-chain protein where …


Fencing bodes a rapid collapse of the unique Greater Mara ecosystem


Mette Løvschal, Peder Klith Bøcher, Jeppe Pilgaard et al.


With land privatization and fencing of thousands of hectares of communal grazing areas, East Africa is struggling with one of the most radical cultural and environmental changes …


Multiple measures could alleviate long-branch attraction in phylogenomic reconstruction of Cupressoideae (Cupressaceae)


Xiao-Jian Qu, Jian-Jun Jin, Shu-Miaw Chaw et al.


Long-branch attraction (LBA) is a major obstacle in phylogenetic reconstruction. The phylogenetic relationships among Juniperus (J), Cupressus (C) and the


Potential molecular consequences of transgene integration: The R6/2 mouse example


Jessie C. Jacobsen, Serkan Erdin, Colby Chiang et al.


Integration of exogenous DNA into a host genome represents an important route to generate animal and cellular models for exploration into human disease and therapeutic …


Identification of RAN1 orthologue associated with sex determination through whole genome sequencing analysis in fig (Ficus carica L.)


Kazuki Mori, Kenta Shirasawa, Hitoshi Nogata et al.


With the aim of identifying sex determinants of fig, we generated the first draft genome sequence of fig and conducted the subsequent analyses. Linkage analysis with a …


Corrigendum: Design and mechanistic insight into ultrafast calcium indicators for monitoring intracellular calcium dynamics


Nordine Helassa, Borbala Podor, Alan Fine et al.



The interplay between p16 serine phosphorylation and arginine methylation determines its function in modulating cellular apoptosis and senescence


Yang Lu, Wenlong Ma, Zhongwei Li et al.


Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p16INK4a (p16) primarily functions as a negative regulator of the retinoblastoma protein (Rb) -E2F pathway, thus plays critical role in cell …


Selection of suitable reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR gene expression analysis in Salix matsudana under different abiotic stresses


Yunxing Zhang, Xiaojiao Han, Shuangshuang Chen et al.


Salix matsudana is a deciduous, rapidly growing willow species commonly cultivated in China, which can tolerate drought, salt, and heavy metal stress conditions. Selection of …


Evaluation of the impact of polyclonal infection and heteroresistance on treatment of tuberculosis patients


Mansour Kargarpour Kamakoli, Hamid Reza Sadegh, Ghazaleh Farmanfarmaei et al.


Mixed strain infections of Mycobacterium tuberculosis make diagnosis, treatment, and control of tuberculosis (TB) more difficult. This study was aimed to evaluate the …


Optimal Down Regulation of mRNA Translation


Yoram Zarai, Michael Margaliot, Tamir Tuller


Down regulation of mRNA translation is an important problem in various bio-medical domains ranging from developing effective medicines for tumors and for viral diseases to …


IL-1β induces apoptosis and autophagy via mitochondria pathway in human degenerative nucleus pulposus cells


Jieliang Shen, Shengxi Xu, Hao Zhou et al.


IL-1β has been reported highly expressed in degenerative intervertebral disc, and our previous study indicated IL-1β facilitates apoptosis of human degenerative nucleus pulposus …


Novel approach for the detection of intraperitoneal micrometastasis using an ovarian cancer mouse model


Ayesha B. Alvero, Dongin Kim, Eydis Lima et al.


Patients with epithelial ovarian cancer have the best overall survival when maximal surgical effort is accomplished. However, despite numerous technological advances, surgery …


A potential role of transposon IS431 in the loss of mecA gene


Aihua Wang, Kai Zhou, Yang Liu et al.


Acquisition of a vancomycin-resistance-determinant may trigger deletion of the mecA gene. However, the molecular mechanisms involved remain largely unknown. In this study, we …


Microencapsulation with alginate/CaCO3: A strategy for improved phage therapy


Joan Colom, Mary Cano-Sarabia, Jennifer Otero et al.


Bacteriophages are promising therapeutic agents that can be applied to different stages of the commercial food chain. In this sense, bacteriophages can be orally administered to …


The neural basis of intergroup threat effect on social attention


Yujie Chen, Yufang Zhao, Hongwen Song et al.


Previous gaze-cuing studies found that intergroup threat is one of the modulators of gaze cuing. These findings indicate that intergroup threat would gate social attention by …


New determinants of olfactory habituation


Charlotte Sinding, François Valadier, Viviana Al-Hassani et al.


Habituation is a filter that optimizes the processing of information by our brain in all sensory modalities. It results in an unconscious reduced responsiveness to continuous or …


Evaluation of TaqMan qPCR System Integrating Two Identically Labelled Hydrolysis Probes in Single Assay


Alexander Nagy, Eliška Vitásková, Lenka Černíková et al.


Ongoing evolution of viral pathogens is a significant issue in diagnostic virology employing TaqMan qPCR/RT-qPCR. Specific concerns are related to false negativity due to probe …


MicroRNA-199a-5p promotes tumour growth by dual-targeting PIAS3 and p27 in human osteosarcoma


Chen Wang, Ximing Ba, Yu Guo et al.


Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common primary bone malignancy and remains a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents. Emerging evidence indicates that microRNAs …


Estimating carnivore community structures


José Jiménez, Juan Carlos Nuñez-Arjona, Carmen Rueda et al.


Obtaining reliable estimates of the structure of carnivore communities is of paramount importance because of their ecological roles, ecosystem services and impact on biodiversity …


Imorin: a sexual attractiveness pheromone in female red-bellied newts (Cynops pyrrhogaster)


Tomoaki Nakada, Fumiyo Toyoda, Kouhei Matsuda et al.


The male red-bellied newt (Cynops pyrrhogaster) approaches the female’s cloaca prior to performing any courtship behaviour, as if he is using some released substance to gauge …


The Matrix protein M1 from influenza C virus induces tubular membrane invaginations in an in vitro cell membrane model


David Saletti, Jens Radzimanowski, Gregory Effantin et al.


Matrix proteins from enveloped viruses play an important role in budding and stabilizing virus particles. In order to assess the role of the matrix protein M1 from influenza C …


Mycofactocin-associated mycobacterial dehydrogenases with non-exchangeable NAD cofactors


Daniel H. Haft, Phillip G. Pierce, Stephen J. Mayclin et al.


During human infection, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) survives the normally bacteriocidal phagosome of macrophages. Mtb and related species may be able to combat this harsh …


Listeners can extract meaning from non-linguistic infant vocalisations cross-culturally


Verena Kersken, Klaus Zuberbühler, Juan-Carlos Gomez


We present empirical evidence showing that the acoustic properties of non-linguistic vocalisations produced by human infants in different cultures can be used cross-culturally by …


Haemodynamics Regulate Fibronectin Assembly via PECAM


Zhongming Chen, Chris Givens, John S. Reader et al.


Fibronectin (FN) assembly and fibrillogenesis are critically important in both development and the adult organism, but their importance in vascular functions is not fully …


Corrigendum: Metabolic and Dynamic Profiling for Risk Assessment of Fluopyram, a Typical Phenylamide Fungicide Widely Applied in Vegetable Ecosystem


Peng Wei, Yanan Liu, Wenzhuo Li et al.



Identification of cardiac progenitors that survive in the ischemic human heart after ventricular myocyte death


Mariko Omatsu-Kanbe, Nozomi Nozuchi, Yuka Nishino et al.


Atypically-shaped cardiomyocytes (ACMs) are beating heart cells identified in the cultures of cardiomyocyte-removed fractions obtained from adult mouse hearts. Since ACMs …


Epigenetic map and genetic map basis of complex traits in cassava population


Meiling Zou, Cheng Lu, Shengkui Zhang et al.


Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is an important tropical starchy root crop that is adapted to drought but extremely cold sensitive. A cold-tolerant, high-quality, and robust …


Targeted metabolomics shows plasticity in the evolution of signaling lipids and uncovers old and new endocannabinoids in the plant kingdom


María Salomé Gachet, Alexandra Schubert, Serafina Calarco et al.


The remarkable absence of arachidonic acid (AA) in seed plants prompted us to systematically study the presence of C20 polyunsaturated fatty acids, stearic acid, oleic acid, …


ER residency of the ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthase SMSr relies on homotypic oligomerization mediated by its SAM domain


Birol Cabukusta, Matthijs Kol, Laura Kneller et al.


SMSr/SAMD8 is an ER-resident ceramide phosphoethanolamine synthase with a critical role in controlling ER ceramides and suppressing ceramide-induced apoptosis in cultured cells. …


Intracellular degradation of functionalized carbon nanotube/iron oxide hybrids is modulated by iron via Nrf2 pathway


Dan Elgrabli, Walid Dachraoui, Hélène de Marmier et al.


The in vivo fate and biodegradability of carbon nanotubes is still a matter of debate despite tremendous applications. In this paper we describe a molecular pathway by which …


Mitochondrial and Chromosomal Damage Induced by Oxidative Stress in Zn2+ Ions, ZnO-Bulk and ZnO-NPs treated Allium cepa roots


Bilal Ahmed, Sourabh Dwivedi, Malik Zainul Abdin et al.


Large-scale synthesis and release of nanomaterials in environment is a growing concern for human health and ecosystem. Therefore, we have investigated the cytotoxic and genotoxic …


Systems biology analysis of drivers underlying hallmarks of cancer cell metabolism


Daniel C. Zielinski, Neema Jamshidi, Austin J. Corbett et al.


Malignant transformation is often accompanied by significant metabolic changes. To identify drivers underlying these changes, we calculated metabolic flux states for the NCI60 …


Phosphorylated Histone 3 at Serine 10 Identifies Activated Spinal Neurons and Contributes to the Development of Tissue Injury-Associated Pain


Jose Vicente Torres-Pérez, Péter Sántha, Angelika Varga et al.


Transcriptional changes in superficial spinal dorsal horn neurons (SSDHN) are essential in the development and maintenance of prolonged pain. Epigenetic mechanisms including …


Comparative molecular dynamics studies of heterozygous open reading frames of DNA polymerase eta (η) in pathogenic yeast Candida albicans


Suresh Satpati, Kodavati Manohar, Narottam Acharya et al.


Genomic instability in Candida albicans is believed to play a crucial role in fungal pathogenesis. DNA polymerases contribute significantly to stability of any genome. Although …


Long-term and realistic global change manipulations had low impact on diversity of soil biota in temperate heathland


Martin Holmstrup, Christian Damgaard, Inger K. Schmidt et al.


In a dry heathland ecosystem we manipulated temperature (warming), precipitation (drought) and atmospheric concentration of CO2 in a full-factorial experiment in order to …


Melatonin ameliorates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in type 1 diabetic rats by preserving mitochondrial function: role of AMPK-PGC-1α-SIRT3 signaling


Liming Yu, Bing Gong, Weixun Duan et al.


Enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and reducing mitochondrial oxidative stress have emerged as crucial therapeutic strategies to ameliorate diabetic myocardial …


Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (Lrrk2)-Sensitive Na+/K+ ATPase Activity in Dendritic Cells


Zohreh Hosseinzadeh, Yogesh Singh, Derya R. Shimshek et al.


Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2) has been implicated in the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease. Lrrk2 is expressed in diverse cells including neurons and dendritic cells …


Evidence for positive selection and recombination hotspots in Deformed wing virus (DWV)


A. Dalmon, C. Desbiez, M. Coulon et al.


Deformed wing virus (DWV) is considered one of the most damaging pests in honey bees since the spread of its vector, Varroa destructor. In this study, we sequenced the whole …


Genomic structural variations for cardiovascular and metabolic comorbidity


Maria S. Nazarenko, Aleksei A. Sleptcov, Igor N. Lebedev et al.


The objective of this study was to identify genes targeted by both copy number and copy-neutral changes in the right coronary arteries in the area of advanced atherosclerotic …


Change in microbial community in landfill refuse contaminated with antibiotics facilitates denitrification more than the increase in ARG over long-term


Dong Wu, Guanzhou Chen, Xiaojun Zhang et al.


In this study, the addition of sulfamethazine (SMT) to landfill refuse decreased nitrogen intermediates (e.g. N2O and NO) and dinitrogen (N2) gas fluxes to <0.5 μg-N/kg-refuse·h−1


Genetic association of rs1344706 in ZNF804A with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia susceptibility in Chinese populations


Shuquan Rao, Yao Yao, Joanne Ryan et al.


Rs1344706 in the the zinc finger protein 804A (ZNF804A) gene has been identified to be associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (BD) in Europeans. However, whether


Analysis of alternative splicing events for cancer diagnosis using a multiplexing nanophotonic biosensor


César S. Huertas, Santos Domínguez-Zotes, Laura M. Lechuga


Personalized medicine is a promising tool not only for prevention, screening and development of more efficient treatment strategies, but also for diminishing the side effects …


High Quality Bioreplication of Intricate Nanostructures from a Fragile Gecko Skin Surface with Bactericidal Properties


David William Green, Kenneth Ka-Ho Lee, Jolanta Anna Watson et al.


The external epithelial surfaces of plants and animals are frequently carpeted with small micro- and nanostructures, which broadens their adaptive capabilities in challenging …


Mechanistic insights into the impact of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on human epithelial cell lines


Marlène Dezest, Laurent Chavatte, Marion Bourdens et al.


Compelling evidence suggests that Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (CAPP) has potential as a new cancer therapy. However, knowledge about cellular signaling events and toxicity …


Antimicrobial Nanoplexes meet Model Bacterial Membranes: the key role of Cardiolipin


Alejandro Marín-Menéndez, Costanza Montis, Teresa Díaz-Calvo et al.


Antimicrobial resistance to traditional antibiotics is a crucial challenge of medical research. Oligonucleotide therapeutics, such as antisense or Transcription Factor Decoys …


Patient-specific hepatocyte-like cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells model pazopanib-mediated hepatotoxicity


Yukti Choudhury, Yi Chin Toh, Jiangwa Xing et al.


Idiosyncratic drug-induced hepatotoxicity is a major cause of liver damage and drug pipeline failure, and is difficult to study as patient-specific features are not readily …


Using the MitoB method to assess levels of reactive oxygen species in ecological studies of oxidative stress


Karine Salin, Sonya K. Auer, Eugenia M. Villasevil et al.


In recent years evolutionary ecologists have become increasingly interested in the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the life-histories of animals. ROS levels have …


Corrigendum: Differential expression of lncRNAs during the HIV replication cycle: an underestimated layer in the HIV-host interplay


Wim Trypsteen, Pejman Mohammadi, Clarissa Van Hecke et al.



Identification of consensus biomarkers for predicting non-genotoxic hepatocarcinogens


Shan-Han Huang, Chun-Wei Tung


The assessment of non-genotoxic hepatocarcinogens (NGHCs) is currently relying on two-year rodent bioassays. Toxicogenomics biomarkers provide a potential alternative method for …


Candidate pheromone receptors of codling moth Cydia pomonella respond to pheromones and kairomones


Alberto Maria Cattaneo, Francisco Gonzalez, Jonas M. Bengtsson et al.


Olfaction plays a dominant role in the mate-finding and host selection behaviours of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella), an important pest of apple, pear and walnut orchards …


Overlap Extension Barcoding for the Next Generation Sequencing and Genotyping of Plasmodium falciparum in Individual Patients in Western Kenya


Brandt Levitt, Andrew Obala, Scott Langdon et al.


Large-scale molecular epidemiologic studies of Plasmodium falciparum parasites have provided insights into parasite biology and transmission, can identify the spread of drug …


IL-22-producing CD4+T cells in the treatment response of rheumatoid arthritis to combination therapy with methotrexate and leflunomide


Wei Zhong, Ling Zhao, Tao Liu et al.


T cells are key players in immune-mediated rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We previously reported that interleukin (IL)-22+CD4+T helper (IL-22+ Th) cells and IL-22 critically control …


Quantification of spatiotemporal patterns of Ras isoform expression during development


Anna U. Newlaczyl, Judy M. Coulson, Ian A. Prior


Ras proteins are important signalling hubs frequently dysregulated in cancer and in a group of developmental disorders called Rasopathies. Three Ras genes encode four proteins …


Corrigendum: Pre- and post-weaning diet alters the faecal metagenome in the cat with differences in vitamin and carbohydrate metabolism gene abundances


Wayne Young, Christina D. Moon, David G. Thomas et al.



Tryptophan-2,3-Dioxygenase (TDO) deficiency is associated with subclinical neuroprotection in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis


Tobias V. Lanz, Sarah K. Williams, Aleksandar Stojic et al.


The catabolism of tryptophan to immunosuppressive and neuroactive kynurenines is a key metabolic pathway regulating immune responses and neurotoxicity. The rate-limiting step is …


A visual processing advantage for young-adolescent deaf observers: Evidence from face and object matching tasks


Ahmed M. Megreya, Markus Bindemann


It is unresolved whether the permanent auditory deprivation that deaf people experience leads to the enhanced visual processing of faces. The current study explored this question …


Preparation and execution of teeth clenching and foot muscle contraction influence on corticospinal hand-muscle excitability


Naeem Komeilipoor, Risto J. Ilmoniemi, Kaisa Tiippana et al.


Contraction of a muscle modulates not only the corticospinal excitability (CSE) of the contracting muscle but also that of different muscles. We investigated to what extent the …


CCL2 deficient mesenchymal stem cells fail to establish long-lasting contact with T cells and no longer ameliorate lupus symptoms


Hong Kyung Lee, Hyung Sook Kim, Ji Sung Kim et al.


Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a multi-organ autoimmune disease characterized by autoantibody production. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) ameliorate SLE symptoms by …


Males develop faster and more severe hepatocellular carcinoma than females in krasV12 transgenic zebrafish


Yan Li, Hankun Li, Jan M. Spitsbergen et al.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is more prevalent in men than women, but the reason for this gender disparity is not well understood. To investigate whether zebrafish could be …


Newborn chicks show inherited variability in early social predispositions for hen-like stimuli


Elisabetta Versace, Ilaria Fracasso, Gabriele Baldan et al.


Predispositions of newborn vertebrates to preferentially attend to living beings and learn about them are pervasive. Their disturbance (e.g. in neonates at risk for autism), may …


Ligand binding pocket of a novel Allatostatin receptor type C of stick insect, Carausius morosus


Burcin Duan Sahbaz, Osman Ugur Sezerman, Hamdi Torun et al.


Allatostatins (AST) are neuropeptides with variable function ranging from regulation of developmental processes to the feeding behavior in insects. They exert their effects by …


Time-of-Day Dictates Transcriptional Inflammatory Responses to Cytotoxic Chemotherapy


Jeremy C. Borniger, William H. Walker II, Monica M. Gaudier-Diaz et al.


Many cytotoxic chemotherapeutics elicit a proinflammatory response which is often associated with chemotherapy-induced behavioral alterations. The immune system is under …


CD5 molecule-like and transthyretin as putative biomarkers of chronic myeloid leukemia - an insight from the proteomic analysis of human plasma


Iram Fatima, Saima Sadaf, Syed Ghulam Musharraf et al.


Better and sensitive biomarkers are needed to help understand the mechanism of disease onset, progression, prognosis and monitoring of the therapeutic response. Aim of this study …


SWATH-based proteomics identified carbonic anhydrase 2 as a potential diagnosis biomarker for nasopharyngeal carcinoma


Yanzhang Luo, Tin Seak Mok, Xiuxian Lin et al.


Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a serious threat to public health, and the biomarker discovery is of urgent needs. The data-independent mode (DIA) based sequential window …


The identification and molecular mechanism of anti-stroke traditional Chinese medicinal compounds


Jia-Qian Liu, Shao-Xing Dai, Jun-Juan Zheng et al.


Stroke is a worldwide epidemic disease with high morbidity and mortality. The continuously exploration of anti-stroke medicines and molecular mechanism has a long way to go. In …


Safety assessment of Staphylococcus phages of the family Myoviridae based on complete genome sequences


Zelin Cui, Xiaokui Guo, Ke Dong et al.


Staphylococcus phages of the Myoviridae family have a wide host range and potential applications in phage therapy. In this report, safety assessments of these phages were …


Fine mapping genetic associations between the HLA region and extremely high intelligence


Delilah Zabaneh, Eva Krapohl, Michael A. Simpson et al.


General cognitive ability (intelligence) is one of the most heritable behavioural traits and most predictive of socially important outcomes and health. We hypothesized that some …


Impairment of blood-brain barrier is an early event in R6/2 mouse model of Huntington Disease


Alba Di Pardo, Enrico Amico, Francesco Scalabrì et al.


Blood-brain barrier (BBB) breakdown, due to the concomitant disruption of the tight junctions (TJs), normally required for the maintenance of BBB function, and to the altered …


Focusing and alignment of erythrocytes in a viscoelastic medium


Taesik Go, Hyeokjun Byeon, Sang Joon Lee


Viscoelastic fluid flow-induced cross-streamline migration has recently received considerable attention because this process provides simple focusing and alignment over a wide …


Chemically-activatable alkyne-tagged probe for imaging microdomains in lipid bilayer membranes


Satoshi Yamaguchi, Taku Matsushita, Shin Izuta et al.


A chemically-activatable alkynyl steroid analogue probe has been synthesized for visualizing the lipid raft membrane domains by Raman microscopy. The Raman probe, in which ring A …


Gender differences in cognitive Theory of Mind revealed by transcranial direct current stimulation on medial prefrontal cortex


Mauro Adenzato, Michela Brambilla, Rosa Manenti et al.


Gender differences in social cognition are a long discussed issue, in particular those concerning Theory of Mind (ToM), i.e., the ability to explain and predict other people’s …


Culture adaptation of malaria parasites selects for convergent loss-of-function mutants


Antoine Claessens, Muna Affara, Samuel A. Assefa et al.


Cultured human pathogens may differ significantly from source populations. To investigate the genetic basis of laboratory adaptation in malaria parasites, clinical Plasmodium …


Ependymal cell contribution to scar formation after spinal cord injury is minimal, local and dependent on direct ependymal injury


Yilong Ren, Yan Ao, Timothy M. O’Shea et al.


Ependyma have been proposed as adult neural stem cells that provide the majority of newly proliferated scar-forming astrocytes that protect tissue and function after spinal cord …


RNA interference-mediated knockdown of the hydroxyacid-oxoacid transhydrogenase gene decreases thiamethoxam resistance in adults of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci


Xin Yang, Wen Xie, Ru-mei Li et al.


Bemisia tabaci has developed a high level of resistance to thiamethoxam, a second generation neonicotinoid insecticide that has been widely used to control this pest. In this …


A systematic SNP selection approach to identify mechanisms underlying disease aetiology: linking height to post-menopausal breast and colorectal cancer risk


Rachel J. J. Elands, Colinda C. J. M. Simons, Mona Riemenschneider et al.


Data from GWAS suggest that SNPs associated with complex diseases or traits tend to co-segregate in regions of low recombination, harbouring functionally linked gene clusters. …


Whole-exome sequencing of 228 patients with sporadic Parkinson’s disease


Cynthia Sandor, Frantisek Honti, Wilfried Haerty et al.


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common neurodegenerative movement disorder, affecting 1% of the population over 65 years characterized clinically by both motor and non-motor …


Comparative evaluation of rRNA depletion procedures for the improved analysis of bacterial biofilm and mixed pathogen culture transcriptomes


Olga E. Petrova, Fernando Garcia-Alcalde, Claudia Zampaloni et al.


Global transcriptomic analysis via RNA-seq is often hampered by the high abundance of ribosomal (r)RNA in bacterial cells. To remove rRNA and enrich coding sequences, subtractive …


The Global Relationship between Chromatin Physical Topology, Fractal Structure, and Gene Expression


L. M. Almassalha, A. Tiwari, P. T. Ruhoff et al.


Most of what we know about gene transcription comes from the view of cells as molecular machines: focusing on the role of molecular modifications to the proteins carrying out …


Growth rate control of flagellar assembly in Escherichia coli strain RP437


Martin Sim, Santosh Koirala, David Picton et al.


The flagellum is a rotary motor that enables bacteria to swim in liquids and swarm over surfaces. Numerous global regulators control flagellar assembly in response to cellular …


A compound-based proteomic approach discloses 15-ketoatractyligenin methyl ester as a new PPARγ partial agonist with anti-proliferative ability


Michele Vasaturo, Lorenzo Fiengo, Nunziatina De Tommasi et al.


Proteomics based approaches are emerging as useful tools to identify the targets of bioactive compounds and elucidate their molecular mechanisms of action. Here, we applied a …


Allosteric Inhibition of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylases is Determined by a Single Amino Acid Residue in Cyanobacteria


Masahiro Takeya, Masami Yokota Hirai, Takashi Osanai


Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) is an important enzyme for CO2 fixation and primary metabolism in photosynthetic organisms including cyanobacteria. The kinetics and …


Interaction between facial expression and color


Kae Nakajima, Tetsuto Minami, Shigeki Nakauchi


Facial color varies depending on emotional state, and emotions are often described in relation to facial color. In this study, we investigated whether the recognition of facial …


Body size and vocalization in primates and carnivores


D. L. Bowling, M. Garcia, J. C. Dunn et al.


A fundamental assumption in bioacoustics is that large animals tend to produce vocalizations with lower frequencies than small animals. This inverse relationship between body …


Dopaminergic modulation of performance monitoring in Parkinson’s disease: An event-related potential study


Caroline Seer, Florian Lange, Sebastian Loens et al.


Monitoring one’s actions is essential for goal-directed performance. In the event-related potential (ERP), errors are followed by fronto-centrally distributed negativities. These …


Insights into the Planktothrix genus: Genomic and metabolic comparison of benthic and planktic strains


Claire Pancrace, Marie-Anne Barny, Reiko Ueoka et al.


Planktothrix is a dominant cyanobacterial genus forming toxic blooms in temperate freshwater ecosystems. We sequenced the genome of planktic and non planktic Planktothrix strains …


Decoding the role of the nuclear receptor SHP in regulating hepatic stellate cells and liver fibrogenesis


Sabrina Cipriani, Adriana Carino, Dario Masullo et al.


The small heterodimer partner (SHP) is an orphan nuclear receptor that lacks the DNA binding domain while conserves a putative ligand-binding site, thought that endogenous …


Minimizing the risk of allo-sensitization to optimize the benefit of allogeneic cardiac-derived stem/progenitor cells


Hocine R. Hocine, Hicham E. L. Costa, Noemie Dam et al.


Allogeneic human cardiac-derived stem/progenitor cells (hCPC) are currently under clinical investigation for cardiac repair. While cellular immune response against allogeneic …


MoVrp1, a putative verprolin protein, is required for asexual development and infection in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae


Lin Huang, Shengpei Zhang, Ziyi Yin et al.


Endocytosis is a crucial cellular process in eukaryotic cells which involves clathrin and/or adaptor proteins, lipid kinases, phosphatases and the actin cytoskeleton. Verprolin …


Production of functional human nerve growth factor from the saliva of transgenic mice by using salivary glands as bioreactors


Fang Zeng, Zicong Li, Qingchun Zhu et al.


The salivary glands of animals have great potential to act as powerful bioreactors to produce human therapeutic proteins. Human nerve growth factor (hNGF) is an important …


The sorting receptor Rer1 controls Purkinje cell function via voltage gated sodium channels


Christina Valkova, Lutz Liebmann, Andreas Krämer et al.


Rer1 is a sorting receptor in the early secretory pathway that controls the assembly and the cell surface transport of selected multimeric membrane protein complexes. Mice with a …


Costunolide and dehydrocostuslactone combination treatment inhibit breast cancer by inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through c-Myc/p53 and AKT/14-3-3 pathway


Zhangxiao Peng, Yan Wang, Jianhui Fan et al.


Our previous studies demonstrated that volatile oil from saussurea lappa root (VOSL), rich in two natural sesquiterpene lactones, costunolide (Cos) and dehydrocostuslactone …


Membrane Perturbation of ADP-insensitive Phosphoenzyme of Ca2+-ATPase Modifies Gathering of Transmembrane Helix M2 with Cytoplasmic Domains and Luminal Gating


Stefania Danko, Kazuo Yamasaki, Takashi Daiho et al.


Ca2+ transport by sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase involves ATP-dependent phosphorylation of a catalytic aspartic acid residue. The key process, luminal Ca2+ release occurs …


PrimerSuite: A High-Throughput Web-Based Primer Design Program for Multiplex Bisulfite PCR


Jennifer Lu, Andrew Johnston, Philippe Berichon et al.


The analysis of DNA methylation at CpG dinucleotides has become a major research focus due to its regulatory role in numerous biological processes, but the requisite need for …


The green microalga Tetraselmis suecica reduces oxidative stress and induces repairing mechanisms in human cells


Clementina Sansone, Christian Galasso, Ida Orefice et al.


Green microalgae contain many active pigments such as carotenoids having antioxidant and protective activity on human cells. Here we investigate the biological activity of an …


PtoMYB156 is involved in negative regulation of phenylpropanoid metabolism and secondary cell wall biosynthesis during wood formation in poplar


Li Yang, Xin Zhao, Lingyu Ran et al.


Some R2R3 MYB transcription factors have been shown to be major regulators of phenylpropanoid biosynthetic pathway and impact secondary wall formation in plants. In this study, …


Characterization of novel Acidobacteria exopolysaccharides with potential industrial and ecological applications


Anna M. Kielak, Tereza C. L. Castellane, Joao C. Campanharo et al.


Acidobacteria have been described as one of the most abundant and ubiquitous bacterial phyla in soil. However, factors contributing to this ecological success are not well …


Interstitial Inorganic Phosphate as a Tumor Microenvironment Marker for Tumor Progression


Andrey A. Bobko, Timothy D. Eubank, Benoit Driesschaert et al.


Noninvasive in vivo assessment of chemical tumor microenvironment (TME) parameters such as oxygen (pO2), extracellular acidosis (pHe), and concentration of interstitial inorganic …


Identification of Key Residues for Urate Specific Transport in Human Glucose Transporter 9 (hSLC2A9)


Wentong Long, Rashmi Panigrahi, Pankaj Panwar et al.


Human glucose transporter 9 (hSLC2A9) is critical in human urate homeostasis, for which very small deviations can lead to chronic or acute metabolic disorders. Human SLC2A9 is …


NLRP3 inflammasome: Pathogenic role and potential therapeutic target for IgA nephropathy


Yu-Ling Tsai, Kuo-Feng Hua, Ann Chen et al.


We have previously showed that IL-1β is involved in the pathogenesis of both spontaneously occurring and passively induced IgA nephropathy (IgAN) models. However, the exact …


Treatment effects of lysozyme-shelled microbubbles and ultrasound in inflammatory skin disease


Ai-Ho Liao, Chi-Ray Hung, Chieh-Fu Lin et al.


Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disorder, and is caused by Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and can induce inflammation. Antibiotic therapy often needs to be administered …


The aliphatic amidase AmiE is involved in regulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence


Thomas Clamens, Thibaut Rosay, Alexandre Crépin et al.


We have previously shown that the eukaryotic C-type natriuretic peptide hormone (CNP) regulates Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence and biofilm formation after binding on the AmiC …


Selective inhibition of Ebola entry with selective estrogen receptor modulators by disrupting the endolysosomal calcium


Hanlu Fan, Xiaohong Du, Jingyuan Zhang et al.


The Ebola crisis occurred in West-Africa highlights the urgency for its clinical treatments. Currently, no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved therapeutics are available. …


Functional PTGS2 polymorphism-based models as novel predictive markers in metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients receiving first-line sunitinib


Arancha Cebrián, Teresa Gómez del Pulgar, María José Méndez-Vidal et al.


Sunitinib is the currently standard treatment for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). Multiple candidate predictive biomarkers for sunitinib response have been evaluated but …


Adverse effects of microplastics and oxidative stress-induced MAPK/Nrf2 pathway-mediated defense mechanisms in the marine copepod Paracyclopina nana


Chang-Bum Jeong, Hye-Min Kang, Min-Chul Lee et al.


Microplastic pollution causes a major concern in the marine environment due to their worldwide distribution, persistence, and adverse effects of these pollutants in the marine …


Biological Membrane-Packed Mesenchymal Stem Cells Treat Acute Kidney Disease by Ameliorating Mitochondrial-Related Apoptosis


Xiaodong Geng, Quan Hong, Weiwei Wang et al.


The mortality of rhabdomyolysis-induced AKI remains high because no effective therapy exists. We investigated a new therapeutic method using MSCs. The aim of this study was to …


Selection of reference genes is critical for miRNA expression analysis in human cardiac tissue. A focus on atrial fibrillation


Michela Masè, Margherita Grasso, Laura Avogaro et al.


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are emerging as key regulators of complex biological processes in several cardiovascular diseases, including atrial fibrillation (AF). Reverse …


The relationship between vacuolation and initiation of PCD in rice (Oryza sativa) aleurone cells


Yan Zheng, Heting Zhang, Xiaojiang Deng et al.


Vacuole fusion is a necessary process for the establishment of a large central vacuole, which is the central location of various hydrolytic enzymes and other factors involved in …


A new serotonin 5-HT6 receptor antagonist with procognitive activity – Importance of a halogen bond interaction to stabilize the binding


Juan A. González-Vera, Rocío A. Medina, Mar Martín-Fontecha et al.


Serotonin 5-HT6 receptor has been proposed as a promising therapeutic target for cognition enhancement though the development of new antagonists is still needed to validate these …


Piperine regulates UCP1 through the AMPK pathway by generating intracellular lactate production in muscle cells


Nami Kim, Miso Nam, Mi Sun Kang et al.


This study characterizes the human metabolic response to piperine, a curcumin extract, and the details of its underlying molecular mechanism. Using 1H-NMR-based metabolome …


Beta-agonist stimulation ameliorates the phenotype of spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy mice and patient-derived myotubes


Carmelo Milioto, Adriana Malena, Eleonora Maino et al.


Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA) is a neuromuscular disease characterized by the loss of lower motor neurons. SBMA is caused by expansions of a polyglutamine tract in …

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