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  31 January 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Tree cover in Central Africa: determinants and sensitivity under contrasted scenarios of global change


Julie C. Aleman, Olivier Blarquez, Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury et al.


Tree cover is a key variable for ecosystem functioning, and is widely used to study tropical ecosystems. But its determinants and their relative importance are still a matter of …


Asymmetric response of tropical cyclone activity to global warming over the North Atlantic and western North Pacific from CMIP5 model projections


Doo-Sun R. Park, Chang-Hoi Ho, Johnny C. L. Chan et al.


Recent improvements in the theoretical understanding of the relationship between tropical cyclones (TCs) and their large-scale environments have resulted in significant …


Collapse of the tropical and subtropical North Atlantic CO2 sink in boreal spring of 2010


J. Severino P. Ibánhez, Manuel Flores, Nathalie Lefèvre


Following the 2009 Pacific El Niño, a warm event developed in the tropical and subtropical North Atlantic during boreal spring of 2010 promoted a significant increase in the CO2


Mixed forest plantations can efficiently filter rainfall deposits of sulfur and chlorine in Western China


Hairong Zhao, Wanqin Yang, Fuzhong Wu et al.


Forest filtering is a well-known and efficient method for diminishing atmospheric pollutant (such as SO42 and Cl) inputs to soil and water; however, the filtering efficiencies …


Enhanced vapor transport in membrane distillation via functionalized carbon nanotubes anchored into electrospun nanofibres


Alicia Kyoungjin An, Eui-Jong Lee, Jiaxin Guo et al.


To ascertain membrane distillation (MD) as an emerging desalination technology to meet the global water challenge, development of membranes with ideal material properties is …


Analyzing historical land use changes using a Historical Land Use Reconstruction Model: a case study in Zhenlai County, northeastern China


Yuanyuan Yang, Shuwen Zhang, Yansui Liu et al.


Historical land use information is essential to understanding the impact of anthropogenic modification of land use/cover on the temporal dynamics of environmental and ecological …


Conversion from long-term cultivated wheat field to Jerusalem artichoke plantation changed soil fungal communities


Xingang Zhou, Jianhui Zhang, Danmei Gao et al.


Understanding soil microbial communities in agroecosystems has the potential to contribute to the improvement of agricultural productivity and sustainability. Effects of …


Ultrafiltration membrane for effective removal of chromium ions from potable water


M. R. Muthumareeswaran, Mansour Alhoshan, Gopal Prasad Agarwal


The objective of the present work was to investigate the efficacy of indigenously developed polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based ultrafiltration (UF) membrane for chromium ions removal …


Improved prediction of severe thunderstorms over the Indian Monsoon region using high-resolution soil moisture and temperature initialization


K. K. Osuri, R. Nadimpalli, U. C. Mohanty et al.


The hypothesis that realistic land conditions such as soil moisture/soil temperature (SM/ST) can significantly improve the modeling of mesoscale deep convection is tested over …


Detecting the causality influence of individual meteorological factors on local PM2.5 concentration in the Jing-Jin-Ji region


Ziyue Chen, Jun Cai, Bingbo Gao et al.


Due to complicated interactions in the atmospheric environment, quantifying the influence of individual meteorological factors on local PM2.5 concentration remains challenging. …


Augmented laminography, a correlative 3D imaging method for revealing the inner structure of compressed fossils


Marcus Zuber, Michael Laaß, Elias Hamann et al.


Non-destructive imaging techniques can be extremely useful tools for the investigation and the assessment of palaeontological objects, as mechanical preparation of rare and …


Fabrication, Optimization and Characterization of Natural Dye Sensitized Solar Cell


William Ghann, Hyeonggon Kang, Tajbik Sheikh et al.


The dyes extracted from pomegranate and berry fruits were successfully used in the fabrication of natural dye sensitized solar cells (NDSSC). The morphology, porosity, surface …


Counteracting wetland overgrowth increases breeding and staging bird abundances


Petteri Lehikoinen, Aleksi Lehikoinen, Markku Mikkola-Roos et al.


Human actions have led to loss and degradation of wetlands, impairing their suitability as habitat especially for waterbirds. Such negative effects may be mitigated through …


Converting Ni-loaded biochars into supercapacitors: Implication on the reuse of exhausted carbonaceous sorbents


Yifan Wang, Yue Zhang, Lei Pei et al.


Biochar derived from waste biomass has proven as a promising sorbent for removal of heavy metals from wastewater. However, proper disposal of such a heavy metal-containing …


Photodegradation of octylisothiazolinone and semi-field emissions from facade coatings


Ulla E. Bollmann, Greta Minelgaite, Michael Schlüsener et al.


Amongst others, 2-octyl-isothiazol-3(2 H)-one (OIT) is used as film preservative in water-based polymer resin paints and renders to prevent the growth of moulds and bacteria. It …


Population expansion and individual age affect endoparasite richness and diversity in a recolonising large carnivore population


Ines Lesniak, Ilja Heckmann, Emanuel Heitlinger et al.


The recent recolonisation of the Central European lowland (CEL) by the grey wolf (Canis lupus) provides an excellent opportunity to study the effect of founder events on …


A deforestation-induced tipping point for the South American monsoon system


Niklas Boers, Norbert Marwan, Henrique M. J. Barbosa et al.


The Amazon rainforest has been proposed as a tipping element of the earth system, with the possibility of a dieback of the entire ecosystem due to deforestation only of parts of …


Corrigendum: Metabolic and Dynamic Profiling for Risk Assessment of Fluopyram, a Typical Phenylamide Fungicide Widely Applied in Vegetable Ecosystem


Peng Wei, Yanan Liu, Wenzhuo Li et al.



‘Blue Carbon’ and Nutrient Stocks of Salt Marshes at a Temperate Coastal Lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)


Ana I. Sousa, Danielle B. Santos, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva et al.


Ria de Aveiro is a mesotidal coastal lagoon with one of the largest continuous salt marshes in Europe. The objective of this work was to assess C, N and P stocks of Spartina …


Extent of Night Warming and Spatially Heterogeneous Cloudiness Differentiate Temporal Trend of Greenness in Mountainous Tropics in the New Century


Mei Yu, Qiong Gao, Chunxiao Gao et al.


Tropical forests have essential functions in global C dynamics but vulnerable to changes in land cover land use (LCLUC) and climate. The tropics of Caribbean are experiencing …


Insight into Generation and Evolution of Sea-Salt Aerosols from Field Measurements in Diversified Marine and Coastal Atmospheres


Limin Feng, Hengqing Shen, Yujiao Zhu et al.


This report focuses on studying generation and/or evolution of sea-salt aerosols (SSA) on basis of measurements in the Northwest Pacific Ocean (NWPO), the marginal seas of China, …


Fencing bodes a rapid collapse of the unique Greater Mara ecosystem


Mette Løvschal, Peder Klith Bøcher, Jeppe Pilgaard et al.


With land privatization and fencing of thousands of hectares of communal grazing areas, East Africa is struggling with one of the most radical cultural and environmental changes …


Unloading Characteristics of Sand-drift in Wind-shallow Areas along Railway and the Effect of Sand Removal by Force of Wind


Jian-jun Cheng, Guo-Wei Xin, Ling-yan Zhi et al.


Wind-shield walls decrease the velocity of wind-drift sand flow in transit. This results in sand accumulating in the wind-shadow zone of both windshield wall and track line, …


Magma reservoir dynamics at Toba caldera, Indonesia, recorded by oxygen isotope zoning in quartz


David A. Budd, Valentin R. Troll, Frances M. Deegan et al.


Quartz is a common phase in high-silica igneous rocks and is resistant to post-eruptive alteration, thus offering a reliable record of magmatic processes in silicic magma …


Long-term and realistic global change manipulations had low impact on diversity of soil biota in temperate heathland


Martin Holmstrup, Christian Damgaard, Inger K. Schmidt et al.


In a dry heathland ecosystem we manipulated temperature (warming), precipitation (drought) and atmospheric concentration of CO2 in a full-factorial experiment in order to …


A New Efficient Hybrid Intelligent Model for Biodegradation Process of DMP with Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks


Mingzhi Huang, Tao Zhang, Jujun Ruan et al.


A new efficient hybrid intelligent approach based on fuzzy wavelet neural network (FWNN) was proposed for effectively modeling and simulating biodegradation process of Dimethyl …


Change in microbial community in landfill refuse contaminated with antibiotics facilitates denitrification more than the increase in ARG over long-term


Dong Wu, Guanzhou Chen, Xiaojun Zhang et al.


In this study, the addition of sulfamethazine (SMT) to landfill refuse decreased nitrogen intermediates (e.g. N2O and NO) and dinitrogen (N2) gas fluxes to <0.5 μg-N/kg-refuse·h−1


Broadband Energy Harvester Using Non-linear Polymer Spring and Electromagnetic/Triboelectric Hybrid Mechanism


Rahul Kumar Gupta, Qiongfeng Shi, Lokesh Dhakar et al.


Over the years, several approaches have been devised to widen the operating bandwidth, but most of them can only be triggered at high accelerations. In this work, we investigate …


Dynamical proxies of North Atlantic predictability and extremes


Davide Faranda, Gabriele Messori, Pascal Yiou


Atmospheric flows are characterized by chaotic dynamics and recurring large-scale patterns. These two characteristics point to the existence of an atmospheric attractor defined …


A 10-year observation of PM2.5-bound nickel in Xi’an, China: Effects of source control on its trend and associated health risks


Hongmei Xu, Steven Sai Hang Ho, Junji Cao et al.


This study presents the first long term (10-year period, 2004–2013) datasets of PM2.5-bound nickel (Ni) concentration obtained from the daily sample in urban of Xi’an, …


Dissolved organic matter uptake by Trichodesmium in the Southwest Pacific


Mar Benavides, Hugo Berthelot, Solange Duhamel et al.


The globally distributed diazotroph Trichodesmium contributes importantly to nitrogen inputs in the oligotrophic oceans. Sites of dissolved organic matter (DOM) accumulation …


Adverse effects of microplastics and oxidative stress-induced MAPK/Nrf2 pathway-mediated defense mechanisms in the marine copepod Paracyclopina nana


Chang-Bum Jeong, Hye-Min Kang, Min-Chul Lee et al.


Microplastic pollution causes a major concern in the marine environment due to their worldwide distribution, persistence, and adverse effects of these pollutants in the marine …


Differential growth of the northern Tibetan margin: evidence for oblique stepwise rise of the Tibetan Plateau


Fei Wang, Wenbei Shi, Weibin Zhang et al.


Models of how high elevations formed across Tibet predict: (a) the continuous thickening of a “viscous sheet”; (b) time-dependent, oblique stepwise growth; and (c) synchronous …


Increase of the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is highly significant only in the Ross Sea


Naiming Yuan, Minghu Ding, Josef Ludescher et al.


In the context of global warming, the question of why Antarctic sea ice extent (SIE) has increased is one of the most fundamental unsolved mysteries. Although many mechanisms …

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