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  13 December 2016   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Sulfur Geochemistry of a Lacustrine Record from Taiwan Reveals Enhanced Marine Aerosol Input during the Early Holocene


Xiaodong Ding, Dawei Li, Liwei Zheng et al.


Lacustrine record of marine aerosol input has rarely been documented. Here, we present the sulfur geochemistry during the last deglaciation and early Holocene of a sediment core …


Quantitative determination and toxicity evaluation of 2,4-dichlorophenol using poly(eosin Y)/hydroxylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified electrode


Xiaolin Zhu, Kexin Zhang, Chengzhi Wang et al.


This study aimed at developing simple, sensitive and rapid electrochemical approach to quantitatively determine and assess the toxicity of 2,4-dichlorophenol (2,4-DCP), a …


Neural Pathway of Renovative and Innovative Products Appreciation


Furong Huang, Chiyue Chiu, Jing Luo


According to the level of change an invention makes on existing things and how it overrides people’s mental schemas on established categories, new inventions can be classified …


Profiling bacterial communities associated with sediment-based aquaculture bioremediation systems under contrasting redox regimes


Georgina Robinson, Gary S. Caldwell, Matthew J. Wade et al.


Deposit-feeding invertebrates are proposed bioremediators in microbial-driven sediment-based aquaculture effluent treatment systems. We elucidate the role of the sediment …


Diversity, abundance and activity of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in fine particulate matter


Jing-Feng Gao, Xiao-Yan Fan, Kai-Ling Pan et al.


Increasing ammonia emissions could exacerbate air pollution caused by fine particulate matter (PM2.5). Therefore, it is of great importance to investigate ammonia oxidation in PM


The impact of environmental parameters on microcystin production in dialysis bag experiments


Liqiang Xie, Richard R. Rediske, Nadia D. Gillett et al.


It is important to understand what environmental parameters may regulate microcystin (MC) production and congener type. To determine if environmental conditions in two …


Corrigendum: Using rare earth elements to constrain particulate organic carbon flux in the East China Sea


Chin-Chang Hung, Ya-Feng Chen, Shih-Chieh Hsu et al.



Long Duration of Ground Motion in the Paradigmatic Valley of Mexico


V. M. Cruz-Atienza, J. Tago, J. D. Sanabria-Gómez et al.


Built-up on top of ancient lake deposits, Mexico City experiences some of the largest seismic site effects worldwide. Besides the extreme amplification of seismic waves, duration …


Decadal shifts of East Asian summer monsoon in a climate model free of explicit GHGs and aerosols


Renping Lin, Jiang Zhu, Fei Zheng


The East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) experienced decadal transitions over the past few decades, and the associated "wetter-South-drier-North" shifts in rainfall patterns in China …


Global water cycle amplifying at less than the Clausius-Clapeyron rate


Nikolaos Skliris, Jan D. Zika, George Nurser et al.


A change in the cycle of water from dry to wet regions of the globe would have far reaching impact on humanity. As air warms, its capacity to hold water increases at the …


The world’s road to water scarcity: shortage and stress in the 20th century and pathways towards sustainability


M. Kummu, J. H. A. Guillaume, H. de Moel et al.


Water scarcity is a rapidly growing concern around the globe, but little is known about how it has developed over time. This study provides a first assessment of continuous …


Stable C & N isotopes in 2100 Year-B.P. human bone collagen indicate rare dietary dominance of C4 plants in NE-Italy


Zita Laffranchi, Antonio Delgado Huertas, Sylvia A. Jiménez Brobeil et al.


C4 plants (e.g. maize, millet), part of our current diet, are only endemic of reduced areas in South-Europe due to their need of warm climates. Since the first vestiges of …


Urban-development-induced Changes in the Diversity and Composition of the Soil Bacterial Community in Beijing


Bing Yan, Junsheng Li, Nengwen Xiao et al.


Numerous studies have implicated urbanization as a major cause of loss of biodiversity. Most of them have focused on plants and animals, even though soil microorganisms make up a …


Effect of Kelp Waste Extracts on the Growth and Development of Pakchoi (Brassica chinensis L.)


Shiyan Zheng, Jie Jiang, Meilin He et al.


To explore the effects of kelp waste extracts (KWE) on the growth and development of Brassia chinensis L., germination and greenhouse experiments were carried out under different …


Contributions of rational soil tillage to compaction stress in main peanut producing areas of China


Pu Shen, Zhengfeng Wu, Chunxiao Wang et al.


Tillage intensities largely affect soil compaction dynamics in agro-ecosystems. However, the contribution of tillage intensities on compaction changes in underground peanut (


Role and mechanism of the AMPK pathway in waterborne Zn exposure influencing the hepatic energy metabolism of Synechogobius hasta


Kun Wu, Chao Huang, Xi Shi et al.


Previous studies have investigated the physiological responses in the liver of Synechogobius hasta exposed to waterborne zinc (Zn). However, at present, very little is known …


Collisions in outer space produced an icosahedral phase in the Khatyrka meteorite never observed previously in the laboratory


Luca Bindi, Chaney Lin, Chi Ma et al.


We report the first occurrence of an icosahedral quasicrystal with composition Al62.0(8)Cu31.2(8)Fe6.8(4), outside the measured equilibrium stability field at standard pressure …


The importance of structural softening for the evolution and architecture of passive margins


T. Duretz, B. Petri, G. Mohn et al.


Lithospheric extension can generate passive margins that bound oceans worldwide. Detailed geological and geophysical studies in present and fossil passive margins have …


An Experimental Investigation of the Risk of Triggering Geological Disasters by Injection under Shear Stress


Yixin Liu, Jiang Xu, Shoujian Peng


Fluid injection has been applied in many fields, such as hazardous waste deep well injection, forced circulation in geothermal fields, hydraulic fracturing, and CO2 geological …


Applicability of drinking water treatment residue for lake restoration in relation to metal/metalloid risk assessment


Nannan Yuan, Changhui Wang, Yuansheng Pei et al.


Drinking water treatment residue (DWTR), a byproduct generated during potable water production, exhibits a high potential for recycling to control eutrophication. However, this …


Aerosol effect on the evolution of the thermodynamic properties of warm convective cloud fields


Guy Dagan, Ilan Koren, Orit Altaratz et al.


Convective cloud formation and evolution strongly depend on environmental temperature and humidity profiles. The forming clouds change the profiles that created them by …


Coastal barrier stratigraphy for Holocene high-resolution sea-level reconstruction


Susana Costas, Óscar Ferreira, Theocharis A. Plomaritis et al.


The uncertainties surrounding present and future sea-level rise have revived the debate around sea-level changes through the deglaciation and mid- to late Holocene, from which …


Subchronic perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) exposure induces elevated mutant frequency in an in vivo λ transgenic medaka mutation assay


Yuanhong Chen, Wei Hu, Changjiang Huang et al.


Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) has been widely detected in the environment, wildlife and humans, but few studies have ever examined its mutagenic effect in vivo. In the present …


Channel morphology effect on water transport through graphene bilayers


Bo Liu, Renbing Wu, Adrian Wing-Keung Law et al.


The application of few-layered graphene-derived functional thin films for molecular filtration and separation has recently attracted intensive interests. In practice, the …


Effects of nitrogen and biochar amendment on soil methane concentration profiles and diffusion in a rice-wheat annual rotation system


Xin Xu, Zhen Wu, Yubing Dong et al.


The CH4 emissions from soil were influenced by the changeable CH4 concentrations and diffusions in soil profiles, but that have been subjected to nitrogen (N) and biochar …


Corrigendum: Mechanism Underlying Time-dependent Cross-phenomenon between Concentration-response Curves and Concentration Addition Curves: A Case Study of Sulfonamides-Erythromycin mixtures on Escherichia coli


Haoyu Sun, Hongming Ge, Min Zheng et al.



Arctic lakes show strong decadal trend in earlier spring ice-out


Tereza Šmejkalová, Mary E. Edwards, Jadunandan Dash


The timing of the seasonal freeze-thaw cycle of arctic lakes affects ecological processes and land-atmosphere energy fluxes. We carried out detailed ice-phenology mapping of …


The Juvenile Hafnium Isotope Signal as a Record of Supercontinent Cycles


Nicholas J. Gardiner, Christopher L. Kirkland, Martin J. Van Kranendonk


Hf isotope ratios measured in igneous zircon are controlled by magmatic source, which may be linked to tectonic setting. Over the 200–500 Myr periodicity of the supercontinent …


Fast interfacial charge transfer in α-Fe2O3−δCδ/FeVO4−x+δCx−δ@C bulk heterojunctions with controllable phase content


Chengcheng Zhao, Guoqiang Tan, Wei Yang et al.


The novelties in this paper are embodied in the fast interfacial charge transfer in α-Fe2O3−δCδ/FeVO4−x+δCx−δ@C bulk heterojunctions with controllable phase compositions. The …


Biological response of zebrafish embryos after short-term exposure to thifluzamide


Yang Yang, Wenxian Liu, Xiyan Mu et al.


Thifluzamide is a new amide fungicide, and its extensive application may have toxic effects on zebrafish. To better understand the underlying mechanism, we investigated in detail …


Longitudinal study of pesticide residue levels in human milk from Western Australia during 12 months of lactation: Exposure assessment for infants


Jian Du, Zoya Gridneva, Melvin C. L. Gay et al.


The presence of pesticides in human milk (HM) is of great concern due to the potential health effects for the breastfed infant. To determine the relationships between HM …


A New SAR Image Segmentation Algorithm for the Detection of Target and Shadow Regions


Shiqi Huang, Wenzhun Huang, Ting Zhang


The most distinctive characteristic of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is that it can acquire data under all weather conditions and at all times. However, its coherent imaging …


Erratum: Phylogenetic and functional potential links pH and N2O emissions in pasture soils


Md Sainur Samad, Ambarish Biswas, Lars R. Bakken et al.



Space geodetic monitoring of engineered structures: The ongoing destabilization of the Mosul dam, Iraq


Pietro Milillo, Roland Bürgmann, Paul Lundgren et al.


We present a detailed survey of the ongoing destabilization process of the Mosul dam. The dam is located on the Tigris river and is the biggest hydraulic structure in Iraq. From …


Arctic megaslide at presumed rest


Wolfram H. Geissler, A. Catalina Gebhardt, Felix Gross et al.


Slope failure like in the Hinlopen/Yermak Megaslide is one of the major geohazards in a changing Arctic environment. We analysed hydroacoustic and 2D high-resolution seismic data …


Enantiomer signature and carbon isotope evidence for the migration and transformation of DDTs in arable soils across China


Lili Niu, Chao Xu, Siyu Zhu et al.


Due to the adverse impact of DDTs on ecosystems and humans, a full fate assessment deems a comprehensive study on their occurrence in soils over a large region. Through a …


Source apportionment of chlorinated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with ambient particles in a Japanese megacity


Yuta Kamiya, Akihiro Iijima, Fumikazu Ikemori et al.


Chlorinated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (ClPAHs) are novel species of environmental contaminants whose possible sources remain unclear. The occurrence of ClPAHs within total …


Fast and behavior-selective exploitation of a marine fish targeted by anglers


Josep Alós, Miquel Palmer, Rosario Rosselló et al.


Harvesting of wild-living animals is often intensive and may selectively target heritable behavioral traits. We studied the exploitation dynamics and the vulnerability …


Warming Trends and Bleaching Stress of the World’s Coral Reefs 1985–2012


Scott F. Heron, Jeffrey A. Maynard, Ruben van Hooidonk et al.


Coral reefs across the world’s oceans are in the midst of the longest bleaching event on record (from 2014 to at least 2016). As many of the world’s reefs are remote, there is …


Ancient tortoise hunting in the southwest Pacific


Stuart Hawkins, Trevor H. Worthy, Stuart Bedford et al.


We report the unprecedented Lapita exploitation and subsequent extinction of large megafauna tortoises (?Meiolania damelipi) on tropical islands during the late Holocene over a …


Authentication of Chinese vintage liquors using bomb-pulse 14C


Peng Cheng, Weijian Zhou, G. S. Burr et al.


The older a bottle of Chinese vintage liquor is, the higher the price it commands. Driven by the potential for higher profits, some newly-founded distilleries openly sell liquor …


Resistance gene identification from Larimichthys crocea with machine learning techniques


Yinyin Cai, Zhijun Liao, Ying Ju et al.


The research on resistance genes (R-gene) plays a vital role in bioinformatics as it has the capability of coping with adverse changes in the external environment, which can form …


Analysis of four toxic metals in a single rice seed by matrix solid phase dispersion -inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry


Xiufen He, Lixia Chen, Xin Chen et al.


Toxic metals in rice pose great risks to human health. Metal bioaccumulation in rice grains is a criterion of breeding. Rice breeding requires a sensitive method to determine …


The impact of cold spells on mortality and effect modification by cold spell characteristics


Lijun Wang, Tao Liu, Mengjue Hu et al.


In China, the health impact of cold weather has received little attention, which limits our understanding of the health impacts of climate change. We collected daily mortality …

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