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Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 28 August 2018

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  28 August 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Phase-field modeling for pH-dependent general and pitting corrosion of iron ▶


Chisa Tsuyuki, Akinori Yamanaka, Yasushi Ogimoto


Bolometric photodetection using plasmon-assisted resistivity change in vanadium dioxide ▶


Hironobu Takeya, James Frame, Takuo Tanaka et al.


A roadmap of strain in doped anatase TiO 2  ▶


N. Kelaidis, A. Kordatos, S.-R. G. Christopoulos et al.


High-pressure Raman scattering in bulk HfS2: comparison of density functional theory methods in layered MS2 compounds (M = Hf, Mo) under compression ▶


J. Ibáñez, T. Woźniak, F. Dybala et al.


Effects of aspect ratio and metal layer thickness on demoulding of metal/polymer bilayer gratings during nanoimprinting ▶


Xu Zheng, Qing Wang, Rui Zhang et al.


Translation of metal-phthalocyanines adsorbed on Au(111): from van der Waals interaction to strong electronic correlation ▶


L. Buimaga-Iarinca, C. Morari


Impact of pore anisotropy on the thermal conductivity of porous Si nanowires ▶


P. Ferrando-Villalba, L. D’Ortenzi, G. G. Dalkiranis et al.


Nucleation of superfluid-light domains in a quenched dynamics ▶


Joaquín Figueroa, José Rogan, Juan Alejandro Valdivia et al.


Thermodynamic and microstructural study of Ti2AlNb oxides at 800 °C ▶


J. M. Xiang, G. B. Mi, S. J. Qu et al.


Comprehensive in vitro and in vivo studies of novel melt-derived Nb-substituted 45S5 bioglass reveal its enhanced bioactive properties for bone healing ▶


Lucas Souza, João Henrique Lopes, Davi Encarnação et al.


The double solid solution (Zr, Nb)2(Al, Sn)C MAX phase: a steric stability approach ▶


Thomas Lapauw, Bensu Tunca, Daniel Potashnikov et al.


Rigorous formulation of space-charge wake function and impedance by solving the three-dimensional Poisson equation ▶


Yoshihiro Shobuda, Yong Ho Chin


Phase Modulators Based on High Mobility Ambipolar ReSe2 Field-Effect Transistors ▶


Nihar R. Pradhan, Carlos Garcia, Bridget Isenberg et al.


Coupling Energy Capture and Storage – Endeavoring to make a solar battery ▶


Yukti Arora, Shateesh Battu, Santosh Haram et al.


A versatile open-source analysis of the limiting efficiency of photo electrochemical water-splitting ▶


Isaac Holmes-Gentle, Klaus Hellgardt


Magnetic induction dependence of Hall resistance in Fractional Quantum Hall Effect ▶


Tadashi Toyoda


An eco-friendly synthesized mesoporous-silica particle combined with WSe2-graphene-TiO2 by self-assembled method for photocatalytic dye decomposition and hydrogen production ▶


Lei Zhu, Dinh Cung Tien Nguyen, Jung-Hun Woo et al.


Cytochrome C oxidase Inhibition and Cold Plasma-derived Oxidants Synergize in Melanoma Cell Death Induction ▶


Rajesh Kumar Gandhirajan, Katrin Rödder, Yana Bodnar et al.


Dynamic robustness of endoreversible Carnot refrigerator working in the maximum performance per cycle time ▶


Ke Lü, Wenjie Nie, Jizhou He


Entangled Quantum Dynamics of Many-Body Systems using Bohmian Trajectories ▶


Tarek A. Elsayed, Klaus Mølmer, Lars Bojer Madsen


Micro-tip Cantilever as Low Frequency Microphone ▶


Sumit Dass, Rajan Jha


Two-Dimensional rGO-MoS2 Hybrid Additives for High-Performance Magnetorheological Fluid ▶


Muhammad Taha Manzoor, Ji Eun Kim, Jung Hwan Jung et al.


Non-calorimetric determination of absorbed power during magnetic nanoparticle based hyperthermia ▶


I. Gresits, Gy. Thuróczy, O. Sági et al.


Magneto-Optical properties of noble-metal nanostructures: functional nanomaterials for bio sensing ▶


Maria Grazia Manera, Adriano Colombelli, Antonietta Taurino et al.


Tuning the upconversion photoluminescence lifetimes of NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ through lanthanide Gd3+ doping ▶


Heng Qin, Danyang Wu, Juna Sathian et al.


Three-dimensional X-ray thermography using phase-contrast imaging ▶


Akio Yoneyama, Akiko Iizuka, Tatsuo Fujii et al.


3D Optical Vortex Trapping of Plasmonic Nanostructure ▶


Jiunn-Woei Liaw, Chiao-Wei Chien, Kun-Chi Liu et al.


Dynamic generation and modulation of acoustic bottle-beams by metasurfaces ▶


Di-Chao Chen, Xing-Feng Zhu, Qi Wei et al.


Thermal Stability of Hole-Selective Tungsten Oxide: In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Study ▶


Haider Ali, Supriya Koul, Geoffrey Gregory et al.


Multilayer Optimization for the Quantum Internet ▶


Laszlo Gyongyosi, Sandor Imre


Towards Functional Droplet Architectures: a Belousov-Zhabotinsky Medium for Networks ▶


Kai Ming Chang, Maurits R. R. de Planque, Klaus-Peter Zauner


A High-Performance Spectrometer with Two Spectral Channels Sharing the Same BSI-CMOS Detector ▶


Kai-Yan Zang, Yuan Yao, Er-Tao Hu et al.


Mechanochemical synthesis of Si/Cu3Si-based composite as negative electrode materials for lithium ion battery ▶


Shang-Chieh Hou, Tsan-Yao Chen, Yu-Hsien Wu et al.


Impact of Side Chain Polarity on Non-Stoichiometric Nano-Hydroxyapatite Surface Functionalization with Amino Acids ▶


Patricia Comeau, Thomas Willett


Measuring the mutual diffusion coefficient of heavy water in normal water using a double liquid-core cylindrical lens ▶


Weidong Meng, Yan Xia, Yan Chen et al.


Impact of finger biophysical properties on touch gestures and tactile perception: Aging and gender effects ▶


A. Abdouni, R. Vargiolu, H. Zahouani


Li2SnO3 as a Cathode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries: Defects, Lithium Ion Diffusion and Dopants ▶


Navaratnarajah Kuganathan, Apostolos Kordatos, Alexander Chroneos


Phase-transition assisted mechanical behavior of TiZrHfTa x high-entropy alloys ▶


Shuo Huang, Wei Li, Erik Holmström et al.


Influence of the external field on the excitation properties of plasmon in linear atomic chain ▶


Reng-lai Wu, Jun Quan, Mengtao Sun


Deformation mechanism of innovative 3D chiral metamaterials ▶


Wenwang Wu, Dexing Qi, Haitao Liao et al.


Area dependent behavior of bathocuproine (BCP) as cathode interfacial layers in organic photovoltaic cells ▶


Bhushan R. Patil, Mehrad Ahmadpour, Golnaz Sherafatipour et al.


Modelling electron-phonon interactions in graphene with curved space hydrodynamics ▶


Ilario Giordanelli, Miller Mendoza, Hans Jürgen Herrmann


Quantum work statistics, Loschmidt echo and information scrambling ▶


A. Chenu, I. L. Egusquiza, J. Molina-Vilaplana et al.


Handwritten-Digit Recognition by Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network based on HfO2 Memristive Spiking-Neuron ▶


J. J. Wang, S. G. Hu, X. T. Zhan et al.


Electrochemical metallization cell with anion supplying active electrode ▶


Ziyang Zhang, Yaoyuan Wang, Yan Luo et al.


Turbulence in a matter-wave supersolid ▶


C.-H. Hsueh, Y.-C. Tsai, T.-L. Horng et al.


Near Field Breast Tumor Detection Using Ultra-Narrow Band Probe with Machine Learning Techniques ▶


Maged A. Aldhaeebi, Thamer S. Almoneef, Abdulbaset Ali et al.


Large-scale synthesis of free-standing N-doped graphene using microwave plasma ▶


N. Bundaleska, J. Henriques, M. Abrashev et al.


Nanospikes-mediated Anomalous Dispersities of Hydropobic Micro-objects and their Application for Oil Emulsion Cleaning ▶


Hui-Jiuan Chen, Chengduan Yang, Tian Hang et al.

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