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Nature Photonics contents September 2018 Volume 12 Number 9

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Nature Photonics

High performance event timer: 
discover PicoQuant's latest device with 4 or 8 independent detection channels. The MultiHarp 150 combines high data throughput with outstanding picosecond timing precision and ultra short dead times, making it the ideal device for applications requiring high precision photon counting, like quantum optics and advanced time-resolved microscopy. 

September 2018 Volume 12, Issue 9

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Books & Arts


On our bookshelf    p499
Rachel Won

Research Highlights


Waste-heat recovery    p500
David F. P. Pile

Slow and steady    p500
David F. P. Pile

Solid-state success    p500
Noriaki Horiuchi

Tunable circuits    p500
Rachel Won

Wire-bonding assembly    p500
Rachel Won

Nature Photonics
JOBS of the week
Postdoctoral position in Electrochromic Devices
Chalmers University of Technology
Postdoc / PhD student in Quantum-Electronics
Tel Aviv University
Postdoctoral Researcher Positions (female, male) in semiconductor quantum materials and photonics
Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden)
Postdoctoral position in photonics of semiconductor nanostructures
Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Department of Physics
Assistant / Associate / Professor in Photonics and Quantum Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
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Nature Photonics
METANANO 2018, the International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
Sochi, Russian Federation
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News & Views


A nano shell game    pp501 - 502
John Ballato

Folding photography in the time domain    pp502 - 503
Sylvain Gigan

On-demand display    p504
Rachel Won



Tackling standardization in fluorescence molecular imaging    pp505 - 515
Maximillian Koch, Panagiotis Symvoulidis & Vasilis Ntziachristos

The parameters and issues that affect the accuracy of fluorescence molecular imaging are discussed and a means for ensuring reliable reproduction of the fluorescence signals in biological tissue is proposed.


Review Articles


Quantum technologies with optically interfaced solid-state spins    pp516 - 527
David D. Awschalom, Ronald Hanson, Jörg Wrachtrup & Brian B. Zhou

This Review covers recent progress in quantum technologies with optically addressable solid-state spins. A possible path to chip-scale quantum technologies through advances in nanofabrication, quantum control and materials engineering is described.




Spin control in reduced-dimensional chiral perovskites    pp528 - 533
Guankui Long, Chongyun Jiang, Randy Sabatini, Zhenyu Yang, Mingyang Wei et al.

Spin-polarized photon absorption and photoluminescence are reported in reduced-dimensional chiral perovskite materials. The finding indicates that such materials may in the future be useful as a photonic interface for spintronics.




Large-scale silicon quantum photonics implementing arbitrary two-qubit processing    pp534 - 539
Xiaogang Qiang, Xiaoqi Zhou, Jianwei Wang, Callum M. Wilkes, Thomas Loke et al.

A fully programmable two-qubit quantum processor with more than 200 components is demonstrated by using silicon photonic circuits. A two-qubit quantum approximate optimization algorithm and simulation of Szegedy quantum walks are implemented.


Nano-optic endoscope for high-resolution optical coherence tomography in vivo    pp540 - 547
Hamid Pahlevaninezhad, Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad, Yao-Wei Huang, Zhujun Shi, Lida P. Hariri et al.

A metalens is integrated into the design of an endoscopic optical coherence tomography catheter to achieve near-diffraction-limited imaging free of non-chromatic aberrations, offering high-resolution imaging well beyond the Rayleigh range of the input field.


Single upconversion nanoparticle imaging at sub-10 W cm−2 irradiance    pp548 - 553
Qian Liu, Yunxiang Zhang, Chunte Sam Peng, Tianshe Yang, Lydia-Marie Joubert et al.

This systematic study of upconversion nanoparticles reveals power-dependent luminescence and paves the way towards ideal single-molecule and cellular probes.


Manipulation of polarizations for broadband terahertz waves emitted from laser plasma filaments    pp554 - 559
Zhelin Zhang, Yanping Chen, Sen Cui, Feng He, Min Chen et al.

Broadband terahertz (THz) pulses are generated from a laser filament with a near-infrared laser at the fundamental frequency and its second harmonic. The azimuthal angle and ellipticity of the THz pulses are arbitrarily controlled by the two lasers.


Photography optics in the time dimension    pp560 - 566
Barmak Heshmat, Matthew Tancik, Guy Satat & Ramesh Raskar

By folding large spaces in time using an off-resonant Fabry–Pérot cavity in camera sensors, new capabilities such as ultrafast multi-zoom imaging and ultrafast multispectral imaging, of use for time-resolved imaging and depth-sensing optics, are found.


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