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Nature Reviews Neuroscience contents August 2018 Volume 19 Number 8

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Nature Reviews Neuroscience

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August 2018 Volume 19, Issue 8

Research Highlights

Neuro-Immunology: The Impact of Immune Function on Alzheimer's Disease 
September 25, 2018, NYC
This symposium, featuring Philip De Jager of Columbia University and Bruce Lamb of Indiana University, will discuss the role of the immune system in the human biology of Alzheimer's disease (AD), and evaluate prospects for novel AD therapeutics. Abstracts July 20. Register.

Research Highlights


Converging inputs    p441
Darran Yates

A study in flies shows that projections from some groups of glomerular neurons converge on certain types of lateral horn neurons to process combinations of odours that are salient for certain behaviours.


Losing sleep over lipids    pp442 - 443
Natasha Bray

In genetic fly models of Parkinson disease, disrupted lipid trafficking in neuropeptidergic neurons leads to circadian disruption.


Trading places    pp442 - 443
Sian Lewis

Insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which the APOE4 variant increases risk for Alzheimer disease are gained by comparing transcriptomes of neurons, astrocytes and microglia derived from isogenic APOE3- and APOE4-carrying iPSC cell lines.


Treasure hunt    p443
Sian Lewis

A discrete subpopulation of CA1 pyramidal cells is identified, which are distinct from place cells, that encode the location of a reward.


Expanding knowledge    p444
Katherine Whalley

A matter of taste    p444
Katherine Whalley

Influencing identity    p444
Katherine Whalley

Sleep it off    p444
Natasha Bray

A set of 80 (mostly synaptic) proteins show hyperphosphorylation in sleep-deprived mice and genetically 'sleepy' mice, suggesting that increased phosphorylation of such proteins may be associated with sleep need.


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Modelling microglial function with induced pluripotent stem cells: an update    pp445 - 452
Jennifer M. Pocock & Thomas M. Piers

In recent years, several studies have reported the production of microglia-like cells from induced pluripotent stem cells. Pocock and Piers describe the methods used to produce and analyse these cells and their potential to improve our understanding of microglial function.


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Generation of circadian rhythms in the suprachiasmatic nucleus    pp453 - 469
Michael H. Hastings, Elizabeth S. Maywood & Marco Brancaccio

In mammals, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus acts as the principal pacemaker for circadian rhythms, which are powerful regulators of physiology and behaviour. In this Review, Hastings, Maywood and Brancaccio examine the molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying time-keeping in the SCN.


Neuroscience of apathy and anhedonia: a transdiagnostic approach    pp470 - 484
Masud Husain & Jonathan P. Roiser

Anhedonia and apathy are syndromes affecting motivation and have been reported in various neurological and psychiatric disorders. Husain and Roiser examine the neural mechanisms underlying apathy and anhedonia within a transdiagnostic framework of effort-based decision making for reward.


The role of engram cells in the systems consolidation of memory    pp485 - 498
Susumu Tonegawa, Mark D. Morrissey & Takashi Kitamura

Long-term episodic memory storage has been proposed to require a reorganization of neural circuits and networks in a process known as systems consolidation. Tonegawa and colleagues discuss recent advances in our understanding of the contribution of engram cells to this process.


Opioid receptors: drivers to addiction?    pp499 - 514
Emmanuel Darcq & Brigitte Lina Kieffer

The opioid system is central to addiction. Darcq and Kieffer review the role of these receptors in the addiction neurocircuitry, ask whether opioid receptors can be targeted to kill pain without addiction and discuss studies that bridge the translational gap in the field.


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