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Spinal Cord

Volume 56, Issue 6

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Qualitative research provides insights into the experiences and perspectives of people with spinal cord injuries and those involved in their care

R. Hall & L. A. Harvey

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :527 - 527; June 01, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0161-4


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Review Article

Cold pressor test in spinal cord injury—revisited

Michèle Hubli, Doris Bolt & Andrei V. Krassioukov

Spinal Cord 2017 56 :528 - 537; December 20, 2017; 10.1038/s41393-017-0037-z


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Orgasm and SCI: what do we know?

Marcalee Alexander & Lesley Marson

Spinal Cord 2017 56 :538 - 547; December 20, 2017; 10.1038/s41393-017-0020-8


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Relatives of people with spinal cord injury: a qualitative study of caregivers’ metamorphosis

Laura Juguera Rodriguez, Manuel Pardo Rios, César Leal Costa, Matilde Castillo Hermoso, Nuria Perez Alonso et al.

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :548 - 559; March 21, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0092-0


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Electromyographic patterns of the rat hindlimb in response to muscle stretch after spinal cord injury

Anastasia V. Keller, Kathlene M. Rees, Erik J. Seibt, B. Danni Wood, Abigail D. Wade et al.

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :560 - 568; February 19, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0069-z


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Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of the Penn Spasm Frequency Scale in People with chronic traumatic spinal cord injury

Patricia B. Mills, Alok P. Vakil, Cassidy Phillips, Lawrence Kei & Brian K. Kwon

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :569 - 574; January 25, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0063-5


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Long-term bladder and bowel management after spinal cord injury: a 20-year longitudinal study

Gordana Savic, Hans L Frankel, Mohamed Ali Jamous, Bakulesh M Soni & Susan Charlifue

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :575 - 581; February 16, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0072-4


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Outcome analyses of a multimodal treatment approach for deep pressure ulcers in spinal cord injuries: a retrospective cohort study

Martin Kreutzträger, Heiko Voss, Anke Scheel-Sailer & Thomas Liebscher

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :582 - 590; January 31, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0065-3


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Polypharmacy and adverse drug events among propensity score matched privately insured persons with and without spinal cord injury

Brittany N. Hand, James S. Krause & Kit N. Simpson

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :591 - 597; January 23, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-017-0050-2


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Mental health and life satisfaction of individuals with spinal cord injury and their partners 5 years after discharge from first inpatient rehabilitation

Eline W. M. Scholten, Maria E. H. Tromp, Chantal F. Hillebregt, Sonja de Groot, Marjolijn Ketelaar et al.

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :598 - 606; January 16, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-017-0053-z


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Prevalence of parenthood in wheelchair-dependent persons with long-term spinal cord injury in the Netherlands

K. van den Borne, I. Brands, D. Spijkerman, J. J. E. Adriaansen, K. Postma et al.

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :607 - 613; January 19, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0060-8


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Patient participation from the perspective of staff members working in spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Jeanette Melin, Lars-Olof Persson, Charles Taft & Margareta Kreuter

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :614 - 620; January 24, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0061-7


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Re: A study of predictors for hyponatraemia in patients with cervical spinal cord injury

J. R. Silver

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :621 - 622; March 20, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0085-z


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Comment on ‘Correspondence to: A study of predictors for hyponatraemia in patients with cervical spinal cord injury’

Peiwen Song & Cailiang Shen

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :623 - 623; March 20, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0086-y


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Amendments & Corrections

Author Correction: The experience of spasticity after spinal cord injury: perceived characteristics and impact on daily life

William Barry McKay, William Mark Sweatman & Edelle C. Field-Fote

Spinal Cord 2018 56 :624 - 624; March 28, 2018; 10.1038/s41393-018-0082-2


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