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  26 June 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Population genetic signatures of a climate change driven marine range extension ▶


Jorge E. Ramos, Gretta T. Pecl, Natalie A. Moltschaniwskyj et al.


Experimental evidence that thermal selection shapes mitochondrial genome evolution ▶


Zdeněk Lajbner, Reuven Pnini, M. Florencia Camus et al.


Systematic analysis of biological roles of charged amino acid residues located throughout the structured inner wall of a virus capsid ▶


Pablo J. P. Carrillo, Marta Hervás, Alicia Rodríguez-Huete et al.


Temporal window for detection of inflammatory disease using dynamic cell tracking with time-lapse MRI ▶


Max Masthoff, Sandra Gran, Xueli Zhang et al.


Combined effect of high hydrostatic pressure and ultraviolet radiation on quality parameters of refrigerated vacuum-packed tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets ▶


Maria Lúcia Guerra Monteiro, Eliane Teixeira Mársico, Sérgio Borges Mano et al.


Communicative mind-reading in preverbal infants ▶


Tibor Tauzin, György Gergely


Rapid recombinant protein expression in cell-free extracts from human blood ▶


David Burgenson, Chandrasekhar Gurramkonda, Manohar Pilli et al.


Thermal inactivation kinetics and effects of drying methods on the phenolic profile and antioxidant activities of chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) leaves ▶


Ran Li, Hongmei Shang, Hongxin Wu et al.


Exon Junction Complexes can have distinct functional flavours to regulate specific splicing events ▶


Zhen Wang, Lionel Ballut, Isabelle Barbosa et al.


Stratification Modelling of Key Bacterial Taxa Driven by Metabolic Dynamics in Meromictic Lakes ▶


Kaicheng Zhu, Federico M. Lauro, Haibin Su


Linear Cyclodextrin Polymer Prodrugs as Novel Therapeutics for Niemann-Pick Type C1 Disorder ▶


Aditya Kulkarni, Paola Caporali, Atul Dolas et al.


A Data Driven Model for Predicting RNA-Protein Interactions based on Gradient Boosting Machine ▶


Dharm Skandh Jain, Sanket Rajan Gupte, Raviprasad Aduri


Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex plays a central role in brown adipocyte energy expenditure and fuel utilization during short-term beta-adrenergic activation ▶


Ntsiki M. Held, Eline N. Kuipers, Michel van Weeghel et al.


Exploring the resilience of wheat crops grown in short rotations through minimising the build-up of an important soil-borne fungal pathogen ▶


V. E. McMillan, G. Canning, J. Moughan et al.


Assessment of Fv/Fm absorbed by wheat canopies employing in-situ hyperspectral vegetation indexes ▶


Chang-Wei Tan, Dun-Liang Wang, Jian Zhou et al.


Strategies for screening young stock for antibodies – optimising numbers to test, cut-points, & predictive values for bovine viral diarrhoea virus ▶


R. W. Humphry, A. Reeves, G. J. Gunn


Nintedanib inhibits growth of human prostate carcinoma cells by modulating both cell cycle and angiogenesis regulators ▶


Raquel Frenedoso da Silva, Deepanshi Dhar, Komal Raina et al.


The E3 ubiquitin ligase SMURF1 regulates cell-fate specification and outflow tract septation during mammalian heart development ▶


K. Koefoed, J. Skat-Rørdam, P. Andersen et al.


Function of Thelenota ananas saponin desulfated holothurin A in modulating cholesterol metabolism ▶


Qi-an Han, Kaifeng Li, Xiuping Dong et al.


Impact of specific functional groups in flavonoids on the modulation of platelet activation ▶


Divyashree Ravishankar, Maryam Salamah, Angela Akimbaev et al.


Energy transport pathway in proteins: Insights from non-equilibrium molecular dynamics with elastic network model ▶


Wei Bu Wang, Yu Liang, Jing Zhang et al.


Quantitative assessment of individual populations within polymicrobial biofilms ▶


Susana Patrícia Lopes, Nuno Filipe Azevedo, Maria Olívia Pereira


HIF stabilization inhibits renal epithelial cell migration and is associated with cytoskeletal alterations ▶


Simon Müller, Sonja Djudjaj, Janina Lange et al.


Quantitative proteomic analysis using iTRAQ to identify salt-responsive proteins during the germination stage of two Medicago species ▶


Ruicai Long, Yanli Gao, Hao Sun et al.


A uniform cloning platform for mycobacterial genetics and protein production ▶


Fabian M. Arnold, Michael Hohl, Sille Remm et al.


NMDA-receptor inhibition and oxidative stress during hippocampal maturation differentially alter parvalbumin expression and gamma-band activity ▶


Luisa A. Hasam-Henderson, Grace C. Gotti, Michele Mishto et al.


GRAMD1B regulates cell migration in breast cancer cells through JAK/STAT and Akt signaling ▶


Puja Khanna, Joan Shuying Lee, Amornpun Sereemaspun et al.


Chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI shows low cerebral 2-deoxy-D-glucose uptake in a model of Alzheimer’s Disease ▶


Daniele Tolomeo, Edoardo Micotti, Sonia Colombo Serra et al.


Pretreatment prediction of pathologic complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: Perfusion metrics of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI ▶


Jeongmin Lee, Sung Hun Kim, Bong Joo Kang


LIM Protein Ajuba associates with the RPA complex through direct cell cycle-dependent interaction with the RPA70 subunit ▶


Sandy Fowler, Pascal Maguin, Sampada Kalan et al.


Improving biomass and starch accumulation of bioenergy crop duckweed (Landoltia punctata) by abscisic acid application ▶


Yang Liu, Xiaoyi Chen, Xinhui Wang et al.


Different novelties revealed by infants’ pupillary responses ▶


Yi-Chuan Chen, Gert Westermann


Enhanced Delta-Notch Lateral Inhibition Model Incorporating Intracellular Notch Heterogeneity and Tension-Dependent Rate of Delta-Notch Binding that Reproduces Sprouting Angiogenesis Patterns ▶


Yen Ling Koon, Songjing Zhang, Muhammad Bakhait Rahmat et al.


New plasma preparation approach to enrich metabolome coverage in untargeted metabolomics: plasma protein bound hydrophobic metabolite release with proteinase K ▶


Renata Wawrzyniak, Anna Kosnowska, Szymon Macioszek et al.


A novel broad specificity fucosidase capable of core α1-6 fucose release from N-glycans labeled with urea-linked fluorescent dyes ▶


Saulius Vainauskas, Charlotte H. Kirk, Laudine Petralia et al.


Real-time ex-vivo measurement of brain metabolism using hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate ▶


Talia Harris, Assad Azar, Gal Sapir et al.


Estrogen promotes progression of hormone-dependent breast cancer through CCL2-CCR2 axis by upregulation of Twist via PI3K/AKT/NF-κB signaling ▶


Rui Han, Shanzhi Gu, Yujiao Zhang et al.


Environmental drivers of spatiotemporal foraging intensity in fruit bats and implications for Hendra virus ecology ▶


John R. Giles, Peggy Eby, Hazel Parry et al.


Comparative Analysis of Mutant Huntingtin Binding Partners in Yeast Species ▶


Yanding Zhao, Ashley A. Zurawel, Nicole P. Jenkins et al.


Bayesian Multi-Plate High-Throughput Screening of Compounds ▶


Ivo D. Shterev, David B. Dunson, Cliburn Chan et al.


Theta oscillations mediate pre-activation of highly expected word initial phonemes ▶


Irene F. Monsalve, Mathieu Bourguignon, Nicola Molinaro


Effects of a vegetable-eel-earthworm integrated planting and breeding system on bacterial community structure in vegetable fields ▶


Xianqing Zheng, Weiguang Lv, Ke Song et al.


Chalcomoracin is a potent anticancer agent acting through triggering Oxidative stress via a mitophagy- and paraptosis-dependent mechanism ▶


Haote Han, Chih-Chien Chou, Ruyi Li et al.


Localization and density of Porphyromonas gingivalis and Tannerella forsythia in gingival and subgingival granulation tissues affected by chronic or aggressive periodontitis ▶


G. Amodini Rajakaruna, Mariko Negi, Keisuke Uchida et al.


Cysteine allows ovarian cancer cells to adapt to hypoxia and to escape from carboplatin cytotoxicity ▶


Sofia C. Nunes, Cristiano Ramos, Filipa Lopes-Coelho et al.


Atlantic salmon skin barrier functions gradually enhance after seawater transfer ▶


Christian Karlsen, Elisabeth Ytteborg, Gerrit Timmerhaus et al.


Karenia brevis allelopathy compromises the lipidome, membrane integrity, and photosynthesis of competitors ▶


Remington X. Poulin, Scott Hogan, Kelsey L. Poulson-Ellestad et al.


Response of Onion (Allium cepa L.) to nitrogen fertilizer rates and spacing under rain fed condition at Tahtay Koraro, Ethiopia ▶


Kiros Gebretsadik, Nigussie Dechassa


PROX1 is a transcriptional regulator of MMP14 ▶


Silvia Gramolelli, Jianpin Cheng, Ines Martinez-Corral et al.

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