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Journal of Antibiotics - Table of Contents alert Volume 71 Issue 7

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The Journal of Antibiotics

Volume 71, Issue 7

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Hamuramicins A and B, 22-membered macrolides, produced by an endophytic actinomycete Allostreptomyces sp. K12-0794

Takuya Suga, Tōru Kimura, Yuki Inahashi, Masato Iwatsuki, Kenichi Nonaka et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :619 - 625; April 24, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0055-x


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Anti-Rhizopus activity of tanzawaic acids produced by the hot spring-derived fungus Penicillium sp. BF-0005

Takehiro Tominaga, Ryuji Uchida, Nobuhiro Koyama & Hiroshi Tomoda

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :626 - 632; May 01, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0049-8


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Reclassification of Nocardia species based on whole genome sequence and associated phenotypic data

Tomohiko Tamura, Shoko Ohji, Natsuko Ichikawa, Akira Hosoyama, Atsushi Yamazoe et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :633 - 641; April 04, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0043-1


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Effect of antimicrobial peptides from Galleria mellonella on molecular models of Leishmania membrane. Thermotropic and fluorescence anisotropy study

Isabel Andrea Patiño-Márquez, Marcela Manrique-Moreno, Edwin Patiño-González, Małgorzata Jemioła-Rzemińska & Kazimierz Strzałka

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :642 - 652; April 20, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0050-2


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Brief Communications

Umezawamides, new bioactive polycyclic tetramate macrolactams isolated from a combined-culture of Umezawaea sp. and mycolic acid-containing bacterium

Shotaro Hoshino, Chin Piow Wong, Masahiro Ozeki, Huiping Zhang, Fumiaki Hayashi et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :653 - 657; March 14, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0040-4


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Roquefortine J, a novel roquefortine alkaloid, from the deep-sea-derived fungus Penicillium granulatum MCCC 3A00475

Siwen Niu, Ning Wang, Chun-Lan Xie, Zuowang Fan, Zhuhua Luo et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :658 - 661; April 04, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0046-y


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Cystargamide B, a cyclic lipodepsipeptide with protease inhibitory activity from Streptomyces sp.

Shigeru Kitani, Mitsuki Yoshida, Ousana Boonlucksanawong, Watanalai Panbangred, Atchareeya Anuegoonpipat et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :662 - 666; March 22, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0044-0


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Two new spliceostatin analogs from the strain Pseudomonas sp. HS-NF-1408

Yue Zhao, Junwei Zhao, Chang Lu, Hui Zhang, Huan Qi et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :667 - 671; April 17, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0052-0


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Glycosylated piericidins from an endophytic streptomyces with cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activity

Ning-Ning Shang, Zhouxin Zhang, Jian-Ping Huang, Li Wang, Jianying Luo et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :672 - 676; April 12, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0051-1


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Polyketides from two Chaetomium species and their biological functions

He Li, Zhong-Bin Liao, Dan Tang, Wen-Bo Han, Qiang Zhang et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :677 - 681; April 16, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0047-x


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Tolyprolinol, a new dipeptide from Tolypocladium sp. FKI-7981

Wataru Fukasawa, Natsuki Mori, Masato Iwatsuki, Rei Hokari, Aki Ishiyama et al.

The Journal of Antibiotics 2018 71 :682 - 684; March 22, 2018; 10.1038/s41429-018-0041-3


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