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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 01 February 2018; Vol. 37, No. 3

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Table of Contents


Volume 37, Number 3


In addition to controlling mitochondrial retrograde trafficking along microtubules, Miro GTPases also mediate actin‐dependent movements via recruitment of mitochondrial myosin 19.

Guillermo López‐Doménech, Christian Covill‐Cooke, Davor Ivankovic, Els F Halff, David F Sheehan, Rosalind Norkett, Nicol Birsa and Josef T Kittler
Published online 08.01.2018 Open Access


While amyloidogenic proteins drive formation of toxic aggregates in the cytoplasm, they are tolerated in the ER by being kept in a liquid‐like state, illustrating compartment‐specific responses to protein misfolding.

Lisa Vincenz‐Donnelly, Hauke Holthusen, Roman Körner, Erik C Hansen, Jenny Presto, Jan Johansson, Ritwick Sawarkar, F Ulrich Hartl and Mark S Hipp
Published online 15.12.2017


Upon RNA virus infection, LRRC25 recognizes ISG15‐associated immune receptor RIG‐I and facilitates its degradation via p62‐mediated selective autophagy, thereby limiting RIG‐I‐dependent type I interferon signaling.

Yang Du, Tianhao Duan, Yanchun Feng, Qingxiang Liu, Meng Lin, Jun Cui and Rong‐Fu Wang
Published online 29.12.2017


The crystal structure of a myostatin/GDF8 precursor reveals an open‐armed conformation and provides insight into the sequential activation of this muscle mass regulator upon proteolytic cleavage.

Thomas R Cotton, Gerhard Fischer, Xuelu Wang, Jason C McCoy, Magdalena Czepnik, Thomas B Thompson and Marko Hyvönen
Published online 12.01.2018


Structural and dynamics analysis shows that Tolloid cleavage destabilizes the precursor of the muscle mass regulator myostatin/GDF8 to promote release of mature growth factor.

Viet Q Le, Roxana E Iacob, Yuan Tian, William McConaughy, Justin Jackson, Yang Su, Bo Zhao, John R Engen, Michelle Pirruccello‐Straub and Timothy A Springer
Published online 17.01.2018


High‐throughput sequencing of T‐cell receptor genes from antigen‐stimulated CD4 T cells demonstrates that Tregs control both the magnitude and the breadth of an immune response.

Martina Fontaine, Isabel Vogel, Yves‐Rémi Van Eycke, Adrien Galuppo, Yousra Ajouaou, Christine Decaestecker, George Kassiotis, Muriel Moser and Oberdan Leo
Published online 20.12.2017


Repression of the bacterial termination factor nusG by an oxidative stress‐induced sRNA allows read‐through transcription of a prophage‐encoded FtsZ inhibitor, delaying cell division to allow stress recovery.

Shir Barshishat, Maya Elgrably‐Weiss, Jonathan Edelstein, Jens Georg, Sutharsan Govindarajan, Meytal Haviv, Patrick R Wright, Wolfgang R Hess and Shoshy Altuvia
Published online 13.12.2017 Open Access


Combining mouse genetics and proteomics reveals various new interactors of a voltage‐gated channel with key roles in pain perception, including direct links to opoid signalling and potential targets for better pain treatment.

Alexandros H Kanellopoulos, Jennifer Koenig, Honglei Huang, Martina Pyrski, Queensta Millet, Stéphane Lolignier, Toru Morohashi, Samuel J Gossage, Maude Jay, John E Linley, Georgios Baskozos, Benedikt M Kessler, James J Cox, Annette C Dolphin, Frank Zufall, John N Wood and Jing Zhao
Published online 15.01.2018 Open Access

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