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Nature Materials contents: March 2018 Volume 17 Number 3 pp 209-290

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Nature Materials

AIMResearch - Highlighting research from the Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) in Japan, which promotes mathematics-materials science collaboration

Latest highlight: Graphene: Opening up for the hydrogen economy

In the spotlight: Creating a world-leading materials science center that transcends borders 

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March 2018 Volume 17, Issue 3

News & Views
Amendments & Corrections

Communications Chemistry: Open for Submissions

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In a joint procedure with RWTH Aachen University, Forschungszentrum Julich is seeking a Director for the Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Microstructure and Properties of Materials (IEK-2) and, in a joint personnel procedure, a W3-grade Professor (Julich model) Energy Materials for a university professorship at the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering at RWTH Aachen University
npj Flexible Electronics is a new open access journal that is now open for submissions. The journal publishes the latest high-quality breakthrough research and developments in all aspects related to interdisciplinary flexible electronics topics.

Focal Point on Commercial Space Exploration in Japan 

Entering a new era of space development
Businesses are increasingly investing in space exploration and development 

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Optimism for Africa    p209

News & Views


Resolving the controversy    pp210 - 211
Jannik Meyer

Illuminating interlayer interactions    pp211 - 213
Xiaohui Qiu & Wei Ji

A thirst for advancement    pp213 - 215
Benjamin S. Hsiao, Samuel Chigome & Nelson Torto

2D hole gas seen    pp215 - 216
Yunzhong Chen & Nini Pryds

A perfect match    pp216 - 217
Neil B. McKeown

From window to solar cell and back    pp218 - 219
Jan Christoph Goldschmidt

Still seeking coherence    p220
Philip Ball

Nature Materials
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Atomic scale imaging of magnetic circular dichroism by achromatic electron microscopy    pp221 - 225
Zechao Wang, Amir H. Tavabi, Lei Jin, Ján Rusz, Dmitry Tyutyunnikov et al.

By combining electron energy-loss magnetic chiral dichroism and chromatic-aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy, it becomes possible to achieve atomic-scale imaging of magnetic circular dichroism.


Liquid-like thermal conduction in intercalated layered crystalline solids    pp226 - 230
B. Li, H. Wang, Y. Kawakita, Q. Zhang, M. Feygenson et al.

Investigation of the thermal transport properties of AgCrSe2 reveals complete suppression of the transverse acoustic phonons by ultrafast dynamic disorder with only the longitudinal acoustic mode surviving, resembling the thermal conduction of liquids.


Direct observation of a two-dimensional hole gas at oxide interfaces    pp231 - 236
H. Lee, N. Campbell, J. Lee, T. J. Asel, T. R. Paudel et al.

A SrTiO3/LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructure is fabricated in high oxygen partial pressure to prevent oxygen vacancy formation. Electrical transport and electron holography directly observes a highly mobile two dimensional hole gas at the top interface.


Cell-geometry-dependent changes in plasma membrane order direct stem cell signalling and fate    pp237 - 242
Thomas C. von Erlach, Sergio Bertazzo, Michele A. Wozniak, Christine-Maria Horejs, Stephanie A. Maynard et al.

The mechanism by which cell geometry regulates cell signalling is reported to be modulated by lipid rafts within the plasma membrane, which are now shown to be responsible for geometry-dependent mesenchymal stem cell differentiation.


VascTech (Vaporization of sacrificial components Technology) is a unique process to create microvascular composites for applications such as thermal management, self-healing, reconfigurable antenna, but the possibilities are endless. Vascular architectures enable dynamic, multipurpose, and reprogrammable functionality. 

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Imaging the atomic structure and local chemistry of platelets in natural type Ia diamond    pp243 - 248
E. J. Olivier, J. H. Neethling, R. E. Kroon, S. R. Naidoo, C. S. Allen et al.

The accurate structure of the platelet defects in diamond is now resolved by transmission electron microscopy, and, out of all the proposed models, it agrees well with the zigzag atomic model.


X-ray electron density investigation of chemical bonding in van der Waals materials    pp249 - 252
Hidetaka Kasai, Kasper Tolborg, Mattia Sist, Jiawei Zhang, Venkatesha R. Hathwar et al.

Electron density in TiS2 is determined by synchrotron X-ray diffraction, which reveals significant differences between experimental data and theory for interlayer van der Waals interactions.


Quantitative relations between interaction parameter, miscibility and function in organic solar cells    pp253 - 260
Long Ye, Huawei Hu, Masoud Ghasemi, Tonghui Wang, Brian A Collins et al.

This work reports a quantitative investigation of the interaction parameter and miscibility of donor and acceptor organic molecules and their relationship with the fill factor and photovoltaic performance of bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells.


Thermochromic halide perovskite solar cells    pp261 - 267
Jia Lin, Minliang Lai, Letian Dou, Christopher S. Kley, Hong Chen et al.

CsPbI3–xBr x solar cells, which undergo temperature- and moisture-driven reversible transitions between a non-perovskite transparent phase and a perovskite light-absorbing phase, are used as thermochromic photovoltaic devices integrated in windows.


Morphable 3D mesostructures and microelectronic devices by multistable buckling mechanics    pp268 - 276
Haoran Fu, Kewang Nan, Wubin Bai, Wen Huang, Ke Bai et al.

Reconfigurable electronic devices that can be shaped in two or more stable geometries modifying their functionalities have been realized by engineering the sequence in which the elastomeric substrates are mechanically buckled.


Correlation of surface site formation to nanoisland growth in the electrochemical roughening of Pt(111)    pp277 - 282
Leon Jacobse, Yi-Fan Huang, Marc T. M. Koper & Marcel J. Rost

Understanding the structural stability of platinum surfaces upon oxidation and reduction conditions has proved challenging. A correlation of surface site formation to nanoisland growth in the electrochemical roughening of Pt(111) is now identified.


Mixed matrix formulations with MOF molecular sieving for key energy-intensive separations    pp283 - 289
Gongping Liu, Valeriya Chernikova, Yang Liu, Kuang Zhang, Youssef Belmabkhout et al.

Sub-micrometre MOF particles are incorporated into polymers to form mixed matrix membranes. Molecular sieving enables performance far beyond current limits for two applications, butane isomer separation and combined CO2/H2S removal from natural gas.


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Amendments & Corrections


Publisher Correction: Atomic scale imaging of magnetic circular dichroism by achromatic electron microscopy    p290
Zechao Wang, Amir H. Tavabi, Lei Jin, Ján Rusz, Dmitry Tyutyunnikov et al.

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