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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 01 December 2017; Vol. 36, No. 23
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Volume 36, Number 23

News & Views

A specific isoform of de novo DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A acts on the “shores” of hypomethylated CpG islands at bivalent promoters.

Richard R Meehan and Sari Pennings
Published online 22.11.2017


This review summarises the reciprocal interplay between expression levels of oncogenic MYC and the metabolic programs active in cancer cells exposed to environmental changes.

Francesca R Dejure and Martin Eilers
Published online 10.11.2017


Genome‐wide binding data for de novo DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A show the long isoform of the protein to target CpG island shores of Polycomb‐regulated promoters and regulate the turnover of DNA methylation.

Massimiliano Manzo, Joël Wirz, Christina Ambrosi, Rodrigo Villaseñor, Bernd Roschitzki and Tuncay Baubec
Published online 26.10.2017 Open Access


Microtubule‐severing complex katanin is guided to crossover and branching nucleation sites by subunit p80, which in turn recruits the catalytic subunit p60.

Chaofeng Wang, Weiwei Liu, Guangda Wang, Jun Li, Li Dong, Libo Han, Qi Wang, Juan Tian, Yanjun Yu, Caixia Gao and Zhaosheng Kong
Published online 04.10.2017


Single‐molecule experiments suggest that condensin contacts DNA via electrostatic interactions before ATP hydrolysis, resulting in topological entrapment and compaction of DNA.

Jorine M Eeftens, Shveta Bisht, Jacob Kerssemakers, Marc Kschonsak, Christian H Haering and Cees Dekker
Published online 08.11.2017 Open Access


Integrated molecular and structural characterization of the yeast COMA complex reveals the CENP‐Q homolog Okp1 as a central organizer of constitutive centromere‐associated network (CCAN) assembly.

Florian Schmitzberger, Magdalena M Richter, Yuliya Gordiyenko, Carol V Robinson, Michał Dadlez and Stefan Westermann
Published online 18.10.2017 Open Access


Nutrient removal from cancer cells is counterbalanced through p53‐dependent induction of pro‐survival lncRNA TRINGS and suppression of cell death signalling.

Muhammad Riaz Khan, Shaoxun Xiang, Zhiyin Song and Mian Wu
Published online 18.10.2017


Depletion of homeostatic chemokines associated with microbial infection is also observed during non‐infectious and chronic inflammation, resulting in diminished lymphocyte trafficking.

Tapas Mukherjee, Budhaditya Chatterjee, Atika Dhar, Sachendra S Bais, Meenakshi Chawla, Payel Roy, Anna George, Vineeta Bal, Satyajit Rath and Soumen Basak
Published online 23.10.2017


In vitro reconstitution shows that the Escherichia coli gatekeeper SepL and chaperone SepD prevent premature effector protein secretion by regulating their affinity to the export machinery.

Athina G Portaliou, Konstantinos C Tsolis, Maria S Loos, Vassileia Balabanidou, Josep Rayo, Alexandra Tsirigotaki, Valerie F Crepin, Gad Frankel, Charalampos G Kalodimos, Spyridoula Karamanou and Anastassios Economou
Published online 06.11.2017


Functional interplay of the THO mRNP biogenesis factor and the Sin3A deacetylase complex reveals a role for co‐transcriptional histone deacetylation in restraining accumulation of harmful DNA–RNA hybrids.

Irene Salas‐Armenteros, Carmen Pérez‐Calero, Aleix Bayona‐Feliu, Emanuela Tumini, Rosa Luna and Andrés Aguilera
Published online 26.10.2017

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