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Nature Photonics contents August 2017 Volume 11 Number 8 pp 453 - 527

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Nature Photonics

Nature Research symposium: Metamaterials and Grand Challenges

Nature Communications, Nature Materials and Nature Photonics present a symposium which will cover the potential of metamaterials to address the so-called "grand challenges" in research. The symposium will take place at the upcoming Metamaterials'2017 conference in Marseille, 28 August - 2 September.


August 2017 Volume 11, Issue 8

Research Highlights
News and Views

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Light is in the air   p453
The International Day of Light, which will be held on 16 May every year, is a day for celebrating and highlighting the importance of light.

Research Highlights


2D materials: Negative refraction | Nanophotonics: Thermoelectric detection | Photodetectors: Laser-defined graphene | Polaritons: Strong surprise | Planar optics: Ultrathin circular polarizer

News and Views


2D materials: Valley polaritons   pp455 - 456
Gabriele Grosso
Spin–valley coupling in transition metal dichalcogenides has been shown to persist at room temperature when excitons are coherently coupled to cavity photons.

See also: Letter by Dufferwiel et al. | Letter by Sun et al.

Free-space communications: Quantum space race heats up   pp456 - 458
Richard J. Hughes and Jane E. Nordholt
The realization of satellite-to-ground quantum cryptography would make quantum-secured communications possible on a global scale. Four recent breakthroughs suggest that this compelling capability could be achieved by the end of this decade.

See also: Article by Takenaka et al. | Article by Liao et al.

Integrated optics: Vortex sorter   p459
David Pile

Silicon photonics: Modulators make efficiency leap   pp459 - 462
Jeremy Witzens
Significant improvements in the loss and drive voltage of silicon photonics-based optical phase modulators look set to benefit both short-reach and long-distance data communications.

See also: Letter by Hiraki et al. | Letter by Han et al.

View from... SPP8: The rise of plasmonic metasurfaces   pp462 - 464
Rachel Won
Ultrathin, versatile, integrated optical devices and high-speed optical information processing could be the upcoming real-world opportunities of plasmonic metasurfaces.

Nature Photonics
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Phase-change materials for non-volatile photonic applications   pp465 - 476
M. Wuttig, H. Bhaskaran and T. Taubner
Materials whose optical properties can be reconfigured are crucial for photonic applications such as optical memories. Phase-change materials offer such utility and here recent progress is reviewed.



Evanescent single-molecule biosensing with quantum-limited precision   pp477 - 481
N. P. Mauranyapin, L. S. Madsen, M. A. Taylor, M. Waleed and W. P. Bowen
An evanescent single-molecule biosensor that operates at the fundamental precision limit, allowing a four-order-of-magnitude reduction in optical intensity while maintaining state-of-the-art sensitivity, is demonstrated.

Heterogeneously integrated III–V/Si MOS capacitor Mach–Zehnder modulator   pp482 - 485
Tatsurou Hiraki, Takuma Aihara, Koichi Hasebe, Koji Takeda, Takuro Fujii et al.
Hybrid silicon optical modulator brings efficiency benefits.

See also: News and Views by Witzens

Efficient low-loss InGaAsP/Si hybrid MOS optical modulator   pp486 - 490
Jae-Hoon Han, Frederic Boeuf, Junichi Fujikata, Shigeki Takahashi, Shinichi Takagi et al.
Hybrid InGaAsP/Si optical modulator gives silicon photonics an efficient scheme for phase modulation.

See also: News and Views by Witzens

Optical control of room-temperature valley polaritons   pp491 - 496
Zheng Sun, Jie Gu, Areg Ghazaryan, Zav Shotan, Christopher R. Considine et al.
Valley-polarized light–matter quasiparticles in two-dimensional semiconductor microcavities are demonstrated. Access to spin–valley physics may be useful for photonic quantum technologies.

See also: News and Views by Grosso

Valley-addressable polaritons in atomically thin semiconductors   pp497 - 501
S. Dufferwiel, T. P. Lyons, D. D. Solnyshkov, A. A. P. Trichet, F. Withers et al.
Researchers excite valley-addressable polaritons in MoSe2 incorporated in a photonic microcavity. Understanding of the valley pseudospin retention is revealed and robust states demonstrated.

See also: News and Views by Grosso



Satellite-to-ground quantum-limited communication using a 50-kg-class microsatellite   pp502 - 508
Hideki Takenaka, Alberto Carrasco-Casado, Mikio Fujiwara, Mitsuo Kitamura, Masahide Sasaki et al.
The feasibility of satellite-to-ground quantum communication is demonstrated by using a microsatellite in low-Earth orbit. The quantum states are discriminated by a ground receiver with four photon-counters with a quantum bit error rate below 5%.

See also: News and Views by Hughes & Nordholt

Long-distance free-space quantum key distribution in daylight towards inter-satellite communication   pp509 - 513
Sheng-Kai Liao, Hai-Lin Yong, Chang Liu, Guo-Liang Shentu, Dong-Dong Li et al.
The feasibility of satellite-assisted quantum communication is demonstrated by a field test on the ground. To supress noise due to sunlight the wavelength of 1,550 nm is chosen, and spectrum and spatial filtering technology developed.

See also: News and Views by Hughes & Nordholt

High-order multiphoton Thomson scattering   pp514 - 520
Wenchao Yan, Colton Fruhling, Grigory Golovin, Daniel Haden, Ji Luo et al.
More than 500 near-infrared laser photons are scattered by a single electron into a single X-ray photon. This is the first experimental evidence of high-order multiphoton Thomson scattering and validates the decades-old theoretical predictions.

Phonon scattering inhibits simultaneous near-unity efficiency and indistinguishability in semiconductor single-photon sources   pp521 - 526
Jake Iles-Smith, Dara P. S. McCutcheon, Ahsan Nazir and Jesper Mørk
The efficiency and indistinguishability of single-photon emission by a quantum dot optically coupled to a microcavity and to a waveguide are theoretically investigated. Owing to unavoidable phonon sideband, they can never reach 100% simultaneously.



Corrigendum: Vectorial optical field reconstruction by attosecond spatial interferometry   p527
P. Carpeggiani, M. Reduzzi, A. Comby, H. Ahmadi, S. Kuhn et al.

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