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Nature Photonics contents June 2017 Volume 11 Number 6 pp 329 - 395

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Nature Photonics

Nature Research symposium: Metamaterials and Grand Challenges

Nature Communications, Nature Materials and Nature Photonics present a symposium which will cover the potential of metamaterials to address the so-called "grand challenges" in research. The symposium will take place at the upcoming Metamaterials'2017 conference in Marseille, 28 August - 2 September.


June 2017 Volume 11, Issue 6

Research Highlights
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Reconsidering the Shockley–Queisser limit of a ferroelectric insulator device   p329
Alexander P. Kirk and Drew W. Cardwell

See also: Correspondence by Spanier et al.

Reply to 'Reconsidering the Shockley–Queisser limit of a ferroelectric insulator device'   p330
Jonathan E. Spanier, Vladimir M. Fridkin, Andrew M. Rappe, Andrew R. Akbashev, Alessia Polemi et al.

See also: Correspondence by Kirk & Cardwell

Research Highlights


Terahertz science: Ultrafast pulse switching | Light sources: Chip-based thermal emitter | Optical physics: Transparent perfect mirror | Topology: Laser-induced superconductor | Quantum optics: Cosmic random numbers

News and Views


Graphene: Image sensors go broadband   pp332 - 333
Gustavo Marrero Callicó
The demonstration of a quantum dot-sensitized graphene image sensor that offers a very broad spectral response and that is integrated with silicon CMOS technology could potentially be a new cost-effective chip platform for hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy.

See also: Article by Goossens et al.

Attosecond metrology: Optical waveform reconstruction   pp333 - 335
Pascal Salières
The direct measurement of few-cycle optical waveforms with arbitrary polarization and weak intensity is now made possible thanks to extreme ultraviolet interferometry with isolated attosecond pulses.

See also: Article by Carpeggiani et al.

Imaging: Retina-like single-pixel camera   p335
Oliver Graydon

Plasmonics: Femtosecond polarization switching   pp336 - 337
Dongfang Li
High-speed control of polarization may lead to ultrafast modulators and help explore polarization-dependent ultrafast dynamics in matter. Now, femtosecond polarization switching is realized through intraband optical excitation in an ultrathin semiconductor layer.

See also: Article by Yang et al.

Scattering media: A channel of perfect transmission   pp337 - 339
Patrick Sebbah
New theoretical analysis predicts that the introduction of a carefully designed gain and loss profile into a scattering medium could enable the unperturbed flow of light with constant, uniform intensity.

Nature Photonics
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Time stretch and its applications   pp341 - 351
Ata Mahjoubfar, Dmitry V. Churkin, Stéphane Barland, Neil Broderick, Sergei K. Turitsyn et al.
Photonic time-stretch techniques and their applications are reviewed. The approach enables the observation of signals that are otherwise too short or rapid for conventional measurement.



Nanofibre optic force transducers with sub-piconewton resolution via near-field plasmon–dielectric interactions   pp352 - 355
Qian Huang, Joon Lee, Fernando Teran Arce, Ilsun Yoon, Pavimol Angsantikul et al.
A nanofibre optic force transducer with 0.2 pN sensitivity is demonstrated. The set-up is used to monitor bacterial motion, observe heart cell beating and detect infrasound power in solution.

Imaging exciton–polariton transport in MoSe2 waveguides   pp356 - 360
F. Hu, Y. Luan, M. E. Scott, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus et al.
Imaging reveals properties of exciton–polaritons in MoSe2 waveguides.



High-efficiency multiphoton boson sampling   pp361 - 365
Hui Wang, Yu He, Yu-Huai Li, Zu-En Su, Bo Li et al.
Boson sampling with three, four and five photons with high efficiency, purity and indistinguishability is realized using a quantum dot–micropillar as the single-photon source. A record-breaking sampling rate of 4.96 kHz is achieved.

Broadband image sensor array based on graphene–CMOS integration   pp366 - 371
Stijn Goossens, Gabriele Navickaite, Carles Monasterio, Shuchi Gupta, Juan José Piqueras et al.
Graphene–quantum dots on CMOS sensor offers broadband imaging.

See also: News and Views by Callicó

Dye-sensitized solar cells for efficient power generation under ambient lighting   pp372 - 378
Marina Freitag, Joël Teuscher, Yasemin Saygili, Xiaoyu Zhang, Fabrizio Giordano et al.
A dye-sensitized solar cell that has been designed for efficient operation under indoor lighting could offer a convenient means for powering the Internet of Things.

Enlargement of optical Schrödinger's cat states   pp379 - 382
Demid V. Sychev, Alexander E. Ulanov, Anastasia A. Pushkina, Matthew W. Richards, Ilya A. Fedorov et al.
The amplitude of a Schrödinger's cat (SC) state — superposed coherent state — is increased using a homodyne measurement. A pair of negative SC states with amplitude of 1.15 is probabilistically converted to a single positive SC state with amplitude of 1.85.

Vectorial optical field reconstruction by attosecond spatial interferometry   pp383 - 389
P. Carpeggiani, M. Reduzzi, A. Comby, H. Ahmadi, S. Kühn et al.
An optical method for the temporal and spatial reconstruction of the electric field of few-cycle pulses is developed. The method is based on two attosecond technologies: extreme-ultraviolet interferometry and a directional electric field detector.

See also: News and Views by Salières

Femtosecond optical polarization switching using a cadmium oxide-based perfect absorber   pp390 - 395
Yuanmu Yang, Kyle Kelley, Edward Sachet, Salvatore Campione, Ting S. Luk et al.
Indium-doped cadmium oxide performs polarization switching on a subpicosecond timescale.

See also: News and Views by Li

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Closing date for nominations is 31st July 2017.

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