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  02 May 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Method and Mechanisms of Soil Stabilization Using Electric Arc Furnace Dust


Omar S. Baghabra Al-Amoudi, Abdullah A. Al-Homidy, Mohammed Maslehuddin et al.


This paper reports the method and mechanism for improving the strength of marl and desert sand utilizing electric arc furnace dust (EAFD), an industrial by-product, in lieu of …


Pluronic based β-cyclodextrin polyrotaxanes for treatment of Niemann-Pick Type C disease


Christopher J. Collins, Bradley P. Loren, Md Suhail Alam et al.


Niemann-Pick Type C disease (NPC) is a rare metabolic disorder characterized by disruption of normal cholesterol trafficking within the cells of the body. There are no FDA …


Observability of Boolean multiplex control networks


Yuhu Wu, Jingxue Xu, Xi-Ming Sun et al.


Boolean multiplex (multilevel) networks (BMNs) are currently receiving considerable attention as theoretical arguments for modeling of biological systems and system level …


WINCS Harmoni: Closed-loop dynamic neurochemical control of therapeutic interventions


Kendall H. Lee, J. Luis Lujan, James K. Trevathan et al.


There has been significant progress in understanding the role of neurotransmitters in normal and pathologic brain function. However, preclinical trials aimed at improving …


Harmonic trap resonance enhanced synthetic atomic spin-orbit coupling


Ling-Na Wu, Xin-Yu Luo, Zhi-Fang Xu et al.


Spin-orbit coupling (SOC) plays an essential role in many exotic and interesting phenomena in condensed matter physics. In neutral-atom-based quantum simulations, synthetic SOC …


Five low energy phosphorene allotropes constructed through gene segments recombination


Chaoyu He, ChunXiao Zhang, Chao Tang et al.


Based on the crystal structures of the previously proposed low energy η-P and θ-P, five new phosphorene allotropes were predicted through gene segments recombination method. …


Wireless Power Transfer to Millimeter-Sized Gastrointestinal Electronics Validated in a Swine Model


Abubakar Abid, Jonathan M. O’Brien, Taylor Bensel et al.


Electronic devices placed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for prolonged periods have the potential to transform clinical evaluation and treatment. One challenge to the …


A tunable high-pass filter for simple and inexpensive size-segregation of sub-10-nm nanoparticles


N. C. Surawski, S. Bezantakos, K. Barmpounis et al.


Recent advanced in the fields of nanotechnology and atmospheric sciences underline the increasing need for sizing sub-10-nm aerosol particles in a simple yet efficient way. In …


In situ polymerisation of isoeugenol as a green consolidation method for waterlogged archaeological wood


Emily McHale, Calin C. Steindal, Hartmut Kutzke et al.


Waterlogged archaeological wood is often in need of consolidation prior to drying to prevent shrinkage and cracking of the object. There is a need for new greener materials (than …


Dynamically unpolarized single-photon source in diamond with intrinsic randomness


Naofumi Abe, Yasuyoshi Mitsumori, Mark Sadgrove et al.


Polarization is one of the fundamental properties of light, providing numerous applications in science and technology. While ‘dynamically unpolarized’ single-photon sources are …


Engineering of orbital angular momentum supermodes in coupled optical waveguides


A. Turpin, G. Pelegrí, J. Polo et al.


In this work we demonstrate the existence of orbital angular momentum (OAM) bright and dark supermodes in a three-evanescently coupled cylindrical waveguides system. Bright and …


Corrigendum: Recovery of Interdependent Networks


M. A. Di Muro, C. E. La Rocca, H. E. Stanley et al.



On the dynamics and control of mechanical properties of hierarchical rotating rigid unit auxetics


Krzysztof K. Dudek, Ruben Gatt, Luke Mizzi et al.


In this work, we investigate the deformation mechanism of auxetic hierarchical rotating square systems through a dynamics approach. We show how their deformation behaviour, hence …


Identifying and modeling the structural discontinuities of human interactions


Sebastian Grauwin, Michael Szell, Stanislav Sobolevsky et al.


The idea of a hierarchical spatial organization of society lies at the core of seminal theories in human geography that have strongly influenced our understanding of social …


Ordered micro/macro porous K-OMS-2/SiO2 nanocatalysts: Facile synthesis, low cost and high catalytic activity for diesel soot combustion


Xuehua Yu, Zhen Zhao, Yuechang Wei et al.


A series of novel oxide catalysts, which contain three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) and microporous structure, were firstly designed and successfully synthesized by …


The plant cell-wall enzyme AtXTH3 catalyses covalent cross-linking between cellulose and cello-oligosaccharide


Naoki Shinohara, Naoki Sunagawa, Satoru Tamura et al.


Cellulose is an economically important material, but routes of its industrial processing have not been fully explored. The plant cell wall – the major source of cellulose – …


Accelerating recovery from jet lag: prediction from a multi-oscillator model and its experimental confirmation in model animals


Hiroshi Kori, Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, Hitoshi Okamura


The endogenous circadian clock drives oscillations that are completely synchronized with the environmental day–night rhythms with a period of approximately 24 hours. Temporal …


Differences in peripheral sensory input to the olfactory bulb between male and female mice


Marley D. Kass, Lindsey A. Czarnecki, Andrew H. Moberly et al.


Female mammals generally have a superior sense of smell than males, but the biological basis of this difference is unknown. Here, we demonstrate sexually dimorphic neural coding …


The geometric phase of Zn- and T-symmetric nanomagnets as a classification toolkit


M. Prada


We derive the general form of the non-trivial geometric phase resulting from the unique combination of point group and time reversal symmetries. This phase arises e.g. when a …


Toward surface orbitronics: giant orbital magnetism from the orbital Rashba effect at the surface of sp-metals


Dongwook Go, Jan-Philipp Hanke, Patrick M. Buhl et al.


As the inversion symmetry is broken at a surface, spin-orbit interaction gives rise to spin-dependent energy shifts – a phenomenon which is known as the spin Rashba effect. …


Corrigendum: One Step Quantum Key Distribution Based on EPR Entanglement


Jian Li, Na Li, Lei-Lei Li et al.



Longitudinal spin Seebeck coefficient: heat flux vs. temperature difference method


A. Sola, P. Bougiatioti, M. Kuepferling et al.


The determination of the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect (LSSE) coefficient is currently plagued by a large uncertainty due to the poor reproducibility of the experimental …


Short channel effects on electrokinetic energy conversion in solid-state nanopores


Yan Zhang, Yuhui He, Makusu Tsutsui et al.


The ion selectivity of nanopores due to the wall surface charges is capable of inducing strong coupling between fluidic and ionic motion within the system. This interaction opens …


Polyamorphism in Yb-based metallic glass induced by pressure


Liangliang Li, Qiang Luo, Renfeng Li et al.


The Yb62.5Zn15Mg17.5Cu5 metallic glass is investigated using synchrotron x-ray total scattering method up to 38.4 GPa. The polyamorphic transformation from low density to high …


Wavelength-Dependent Plasmon-Mediated Coalescence of Two Gold Nanorods


Jiunn-Woei Liaw, Wu-Chun Lin, Mao-Kuen Kuo


Plasmon-mediated coalescence of two nearby gold nanorods (NRs) suspended in water induced by the illumination of a linearly polarized (LP) light was studied theoretically. We …


Ultrahigh energy density harvested from domain-engineered relaxor ferroelectric single crystals under high strain rate loading


Sergey I. Shkuratov, Jason Baird, Vladimir G. Antipov et al.


Relaxor ferroelectric single crystals have triggered revolution in electromechanical systems due to their superior piezoelectric properties. Here the results are reported on …


Complex multifractal nature in Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome


Saurav Mandal, Tanmoy Roychowdhury, Keilash Chirom et al.


The mutifractal and long range correlation (C(r)) properties of strings, such as nucleotide sequence can be a useful parameter for identification of underlying patterns and …


Understanding the Rising Phase of the PM2.5 Concentration Evolution in Large China Cities


Baolei Lv, Jun Cai, Bing Xu et al.


Long-term air quality observations are seldom analyzed from a dynamic view. This study analyzed fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution processes using long-term PM2.5


Identifying N6-methyladenosine sites using multi-interval nucleotide pair position specificity and support vector machine


Pengwei Xing, Ran Su, Fei Guo et al.


N6-methyladenosine (m6A) refers to methylation of the adenosine nucleotide acid at the nitrogen-6 position. It plays an important role in a series of biological processes, such …

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