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  18 April 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Fast optoelectric printing of plasmonic nanoparticles into tailored circuits


José A. Rodrigo


Plasmonic nanoparticles are able to control light at nanometre-scale by coupling electromagnetic fields to the oscillations of free electrons in metals. Deposition of such …


Inkjet printing-based volumetric display projecting multiple full-colour 2D patterns


Ryuji Hirayama, Tomotaka Suzuki, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba et al.


In this study, a method to construct a full-colour volumetric display is presented using a commercially available inkjet printer. Photoreactive luminescence materials are …


High-Q photonic resonators and electro-optic coupling using silicon-on-lithium-niobate


Jeremy D. Witmer, Joseph A. Valery, Patricio Arrangoiz-Arriola et al.


Future quantum networks, in which superconducting quantum processors are connected via optical links, will require microwave-to-optical photon converters that preserve …


Environmentally friendly synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles for the catalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde and selective detection of nitrite


P. Tamizhdurai, Subramanian Sakthinathan, Shen-Ming Chen et al.


Cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO2 NPs) are favorable in nanotechnology based on some remarkable properties. In this study, the crystalline CeO2 NPs are successfully prepared by an …


Stepwise cycloaddition reaction of N-phenacylbenzothiazolium bromides and nitroalkenes for tetrahydro-, dihydro- and benzo[d]pyrrolo[2,1-b]thiazoles


Gong Jin, Jing Sun, Ren-Yin Yang et al.


The triethylamine promoted stepwise 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of N-phenacylbenzothiazolium bromides with nitroalkenes in ethanol resulted in a mixture of two isomeric …


50-nm-resolution full-field X-ray microscope without chromatic aberration using total-reflection imaging mirrors


Satoshi Matsuyama, Shuhei Yasuda, Jumpei Yamada et al.


X-ray spectromicroscopy with a full-field imaging technique is a powerful method for chemical analysis of heterogeneous complex materials with a nano-scale spatial resolution. …


Role of Slow-Release Nanocomposite Fertilizers on Nitrogen and Phosphate Availability in Soil


Amanda S. Giroto, Gelton G. F. Guimarães, Milene Foschini et al.


Developing efficient crop fertilization practices has become more and more important due to the ever-increasing global demand for food production. One approach to improving the …


Induced perpendicular magnetization in a Cu layer inserted between Co and Pt layers revealed by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism


Jun Okabayashi, Tomohiro Koyama, Motohiro Suzuki et al.


We used x-ray absorption spectroscopy and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism to investigate the effects of inserting Cu into Co/Pt interfaces, and found that a 0.4-nm-thick …


One-step assembly of 2H-1T MoS2:Cu/reduced graphene oxide nanosheets for highly efficient hydrogen evolution


H.-Y. He


The transition metal dichagenides and their metallic 1T structure are attracting contemporary attentions for applications in high-performance devices because their peculiar …


Novel Heating-Induced Reversion during Crystallization of Al-based Glassy Alloys


F. F. Han, A. Inoue, Y. Han et al.


Thermal stability and crystallization of three multicomponent glassy alloys, Al86Y7Ni5Co1Fe0.5Pd0.5, Al85Y8Ni5Co1Fe0.5Pd0.5 and Al84Y9Ni4Co1.5Fe0.5Pd1, were examined to assess …


Burstiness and tie activation strategies in time-varying social networks


Enrico Ubaldi, Alessandro Vezzani, Márton Karsai et al.


The recent developments in the field of social networks shifted the focus from static to dynamical representations, calling for new methods for their analysis and modelling. …


Electrokinetic instability in microchannel ferrofluid/water co-flows


Le Song, Liandong Yu, Yilong Zhou et al.


Electrokinetic instability refers to unstable electric field-driven disturbance to fluid flows, which can be harnessed to promote mixing for various electrokinetic microfluidic …


Fast and simple high-capacity quantum cryptography with error detection


Hong Lai, Ming-Xing Luo, Josef Pieprzyk et al.


Quantum cryptography is commonly used to generate fresh secure keys with quantum signal transmission for instant use between two parties. However, research shows that the …


Three-dimensional resistivity and switching between correlated electronic states in 1T-TaS2


Damjan Svetin, Igor Vaskivskyi, Serguei Brazovskii et al.


Recent demonstrations of controlled switching between different ordered macroscopic states by impulsive electromagnetic perturbations in complex materials have opened some …


Spin-polarized Second Harmonic Generation from the Antiferromagnetic CaCoSO Single Crystal


A. H. Reshak


The spin-polarized second harmonic generation (SHG) of the recently synthesized CaCoSO single crystal is performed based on the calculated electronic band structure. The …


Physicochemical characterizations of functional hybrid liposomal nanocarriers formed using photo-sensitive lipids


Sumit Kumar Pramanik, Patricia Losada-Pérez, Gunter Reekmans et al.


With recent advances in the field of diagnostics and theranostics, liposomal technology has secured a fortified position as a potential nanocarrier. Specifically, …


Breathing modes of Kolumbo submarine volcano (Santorini, Greece)


Evangelos Bakalis, Theo J. Mertzimekis, Paraskevi Nomikou et al.


Submarine volcanoes, such as Kolumbo (Santorini, Greece) are natural laboratories for fostering multidisciplinary studies. Their investigation requires the most innovative marine …


Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2-Methyl-4,5-Disubstituted Oxazoles as a Novel Class of Highly Potent Antitubulin Agents


Romeo Romagnoli, Pier Giovanni Baraldi, Filippo Prencipe et al.


Antimitotic agents that interfere with microtubule formation are one of the major classes of cytotoxic drugs for cancer treatment. Multiple …


Luminescent manganese-doped CsPbCl3 perovskite quantum dots


Chun Che Lin, Kun Yuan Xu, Da Wang et al.


Nanocrystalline cesium lead halide perovskites (CsPbX3, X = Cl, Br, and I) form an exciting new class of semiconductor materials showing quantum confinement. The emission color …


Crystallisation-enhanced bulk hole mobility in phenothiazine-based organic semiconductors


D. B. Shinde, Jagadish K. Salunke, Nuno R. Candeias et al.


A series of three novel donor-acceptor systems based on C(3)-malononitrile-substituted phenothiazines was synthesised in good overall yields and their thermal, spectroscopic, and …


Deep Learning for Flow Sculpting: Insights into Efficient Learning using Scientific Simulation Data


Daniel Stoecklein, Kin Gwn Lore, Michael Davies et al.


A new technique for shaping microfluid flow, known as flow sculpting, offers an unprecedented level of passive fluid flow control, with potential breakthrough applications in …


Proper time regularization and the QCD chiral phase transition


Zhu-Fang Cui, Jin-Li Zhang, Hong-Shi Zong


We study the QCD chiral phase transition at finite temperature and finite quark chemical potential within the two flavor Nambu–Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model, where a generalization of …


Optical nonlinearity enhancement with graphene-decorated silicon waveguides


Atsushi Ishizawa, Rai Kou, Takahiro Goto et al.


Broadband on-chip optical frequency combs (OFCs) are important for expanding the functionality of photonic integrated circuits. Here, we demonstrate a huge local optical …


Smelting Magnesium Metal using a Microwave Pidgeon Method


Yuji Wada, Satoshi Fujii, Eiichi Suzuki et al.


Magnesium (Mg) is a lightweight metal with applications in transportation and sustainable battery technologies, but its current production through ore reduction using the …


Ultra-high open-circuit voltage of perovskite solar cells induced by nucleation thermodynamics on rough substrates


Yan Li, Bin Ding, Qian-Qian Chu et al.


To obtain high performance CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells, it is highly important to realise a high open-circuit voltage. Calculation results based on a modified diode model …


Origin of high strength, low modulus superelasticity in nanowire-shape memory alloy composites


Xudong Zhang, Hongxiang Zong, Lishan Cui et al.


An open question is the underlying mechanisms for a recent discovered nanocomposite, which composed of shape memory alloy (SMA) matrix with embedded metallic nanowires (NWs), …


Signal coverage approach to the detection probability of hypothetical extraterrestrial emitters in the Milky Way


Claudio Grimaldi


The lack of evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life, even the simplest forms of animal life, makes it is difficult to decide whether the search for extraterrestrial …


Label-free volumetric optical imaging of intact murine brains


Jian Ren, Heejin Choi, Kwanghun Chung et al.


A central effort of today’s neuroscience is to study the brain’s ’wiring diagram’. The nervous system is believed to be a network of neurons interacting with each other through …


Injection-modulated polarity conversion by charge carrier density control via a self-assembled monolayer for all-solution-processed organic field-effect transistors


Jeongkyun Roh, Taesoo Lee, Chan-mo Kang et al.


We demonstrated modulation of charge carrier densities in all-solution-processed organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) by modifying the injection properties with …


A Study on Fast Gates for Large-Scale Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions


Richard L. Taylor, Christopher D. B. Bentley, Julen S. Pedernales et al.


Large-scale digital quantum simulations require thousands of fundamental entangling gates to construct the simulated dynamics. Despite success in a variety of small-scale …


Substrate Induced Strain Field in FeRh Epilayers Grown on Single Crystal MgO (001) Substrates


C. W. Barton, T. A. Ostler, D. Huskisson et al.


Equi-atomic FeRh is highly unusual in that it undergoes a first order meta-magnetic phase transition from an antiferromagnet to a ferromagnet above room temperature (Tr ≈ 370 K). …


Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanodot Hole Transport and Electronic Energy Transfer Layer


Young Ran Park, Hu Young Jeong, Young Soo Seo et al.


Electroluminescence efficiency is crucial for the application of quantum-dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) in practical devices. We demonstrate that nitrogen-doped carbon …


Pressure-induced structural and spin transitions of Fe3S4


Shengxuan Huang, Duan Kang, Xiang Wu et al.


Greigite (Fe3S4), isostructural with Fe3O4 has recently attracted great scientific interests from material science to geology due to its complicated structure and electronic and …


Diamond-like carbon coating under oleic acid lubrication: Evidence for graphene oxide formation in superlow friction


Maria Isabel De Barros Bouchet, Jean Michel Martin, José Avila et al.


The achievement of the superlubricity regime, with a friction coefficient below 0.01, is the Holy Grail of many tribological applications, with the potential to have a remarkable …


A comparative study of efficiency droop and internal electric field for InGaN blue lighting-emitting diodes on silicon and sapphire substrates


H. Y. Ryu, K. S. Jeon, M. G. Kang et al.


We investigated the efficiency droop and polarization-induced internal electric field of InGaN blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) grown on silicon(111) and c-plane sapphire …


Corrigendum: Fluorescence-tunable Ag-DNA biosensor with tailored cytotoxicity for live-cell applications


Nelli Bossert, Donny de Bruin, Maria Götz et al.



Correlations in the degeneracy of structurally controllable topologies for networks


Colin Campbell, Steven Aucott, Justin Ruths et al.


Many dynamic systems display complex emergent phenomena. By directly controlling a subset of system components (nodes) via external intervention it is possible to indirectly …


Simultaneous and quantitative monitoring of co-cultured Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus with antibiotics on a diffusometric platform


Chih-Yao Chung, Jhih-Cheng Wang, Han-Sheng Chuang


Successful treatments against bacterial infections depend on antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST). However, conventional AST requires more than 24 h to obtain an outcome, …


A priori Prediction of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response and Survival in Breast Cancer Patients using Quantitative Ultrasound


Hadi Tadayyon, Lakshmanan Sannachi, Mehrdad J. Gangeh et al.


Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) can probe tissue structure and analyze tumour characteristics. Using a 6-MHz ultrasound system, radiofrequency data were acquired from 56 locally …


Full deflection profile calculation and Young’s modulus optimisation for engineered high performance materials


A. Farsi, A. D. Pullen, J. P. Latham et al.


New engineered materials have critical applications in different fields in medicine, engineering and technology but their enhanced mechanical performances are significantly …


Dimensional stability and electrochemical behaviour of ZrO2 incorporated electrospun PVdF-HFP based nanocomposite polymer membrane electrolyte for Li-ion capacitors


Arun Kumar Solarajan, Vignesh Murugadoss, Subramania Angaiah


Different weight percentages of ZrO2 (0, 3, 5, 7 and 10 wt%) incorporated electrospun PVDF-HFP nanocomposite polymer membranes (esCPMs) were prepared by electrospinning …


Enhanced resistive switching characteristics in Pt/BaTiO3/ITO structures through insertion of HfO2:Al2O3 (HAO) dielectric thin layer


J. P. B. Silva, F. L. Faita, K. Kamakshi et al.


An enhanced resistive switching (RS) effect is observed in Pt/BaTiO3(BTO)/ITO ferroelectric structures when a thin HfO2:Al2O3 (HAO) dielectric layer is inserted between Pt and …


Fabrication and Analysis of Chemically-Derived Graphene/Pyramidal Si Heterojunction Solar Cells


Wen-Chieh Lee, Meng-Lin Tsai, You-Ling Chen et al.


In the study, the chemically-derived reduced graphene oxide flakes on the pyramidal Si substrate to construct the heterojunction solar cells via simple spin-coating process have …


Corrigendum: Photothermal therapeutic application of gold nanorods-porphyrin-trastuzumab complexes in HER2-positive breast cancer


Xinmei Kang, Ximing Guo, Xingjian Niu et al.



Adsorption energy as a metric for wettability at the nanoscale


Ronaldo Giro, Peter W. Bryant, Michael Engel et al.


Wettability is the affinity of a liquid for a solid surface. For energetic reasons, macroscopic drops of liquid form nearly spherical caps. The degree of wettability is then …


Modes Coupling Analysis of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Based Resonance Manipulation in Infrared Metamaterial Absorber


Guoshuai Zhen, Peiheng Zhou, Xiaojia Luo et al.


Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and standing wave modes provide interesting and exotic properties for infrared metamaterial absorbers. Coupling of these modes promises further …


Size-dependent magnetic tuning of lateral photovoltaic effect in nonmagnetic Si-based Schottky junctions


Peiqi Zhou, Zhikai Gan, Xu Huang et al.


In this article, we report a magnetic tuning lateral photovoltaic effect (LPE) in a nonmagnetic Si-based Schottky junctions. In the magnetic field intensity range of 0 to 1.6 T, …


Tunable Terahertz Deep Subwavelength Imaging Based on a Graphene Monolayer


Heng-He Tang, Tie-Jun Huang, Jiang-Yu Liu et al.


The resolution of conventional terahertz (THz) imaging techniques is limited to about half wavelength, which is not fine enough for applications of biomedical sensing and …


Relating surface roughness and magnetic domain structure to giant magneto-impedance of Co-rich melt-extracted microwires


S. D. Jiang, T. Eggers, O. Thiabgoh et al.


Understanding the relationship between the surface conditions and giant magneto-impedance (GMI) in Co-rich melt-extracted microwires is key to optimizing their magnetic responses …


Controllable crystal growth and fast reversible crystallization-to-amorphization in Sb2Te-TiO2 films


Guoxiang Wang, Chao Li, Daotian Shi et al.


The structure evolution and crystallization processes of Sb2Te-TiO2 films have been investigated. The Sb2Te-rich nanocrystals, surrounded by TiO2 amorphous phases, are observed …


Fast adiabatic quantum state transfer and entanglement generation between two atoms via dressed states


Jin-Lei Wu, Xin Ji, Shou Zhang


We propose a dressed-state scheme to achieve shortcuts to adiabaticity in atom-cavity quantum electrodynamics for speeding up adiabatic two-atom quantum state transfer and …


Local Structure of Ion Pair Interaction in Lapatinib Amorphous Dispersions characterized by Synchrotron X-Ray diffraction and Pair Distribution Function Analysis


Gabriel L. B. de Araujo, Chris J. Benmore, Stephen R. Byrn


For many years, the idea of analyzing atom-atom contacts in amorphous drug-polymer systems has been of major interest, because this method has always had the potential to …


A robust salt-tolerant superoleophobic alginate/graphene oxide aerogel for efficient oil/water separation in marine environments


Yuqi Li, Hui Zhang, Mizi Fan et al.


Marine pollution caused by frequent oil spill accidents has brought about tremendous damages to marine ecological environment. Therefore, the facile large-scale preparation of …


Structural and magnetic properties of multi-core nanoparticles analysed using a generalised numerical inversion method


P. Bender, L. K. Bogart, O. Posth et al.


The structural and magnetic properties of magnetic multi-core particles were determined by numerical inversion of small angle scattering and isothermal magnetisation data. The …


Synthesis of Chrysogeside B from Halotolerant Fungus Penicillium and Its Antimicrobial Activities Evaluation


Ruiquan Liu, Lei Wang, Qibo Li et al.


Chrysogeside B, a natural cerebroside, was efficiently synthesized from commercial feedstocks. The bioassays showed that compounds 4, 5 and 6 exhibited enhanced biological …

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