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  04 April 2017   
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Physical Sciences

CNT-based saturable absorbers with scalable modulation depth for Thulium-doped fiber lasers operating at 1.9 μm


Grzegorz Sobon, Anna Duzynska, Michał Świniarski et al.


In this work, we demonstrate a comprehensive study on the nonlinear parameters of carbon nanotube (CNT) saturable absorbers (SA) as a function of the nanotube film thickness. We …


Enhancement of tetragonal anisotropy and stabilisation of the tetragonal phase by Bi/Mn-double-doping in BaTiO3 ferroelectric ceramics


Hisato Yabuta, Hidenori Tanaka, Tatsuo Furuta et al.


To stabilise ferroelectric-tetragonal phase of BaTiO3, the double-doping of Bi and Mn up to 0.5 mol% was studied. Upon increasing the Bi content in BaTiO3:Mn:Bi, the tetragonal …


Nonresonant 104 Terahertz Field Enhancement with 5-nm Slits


Om Krishna Suwal, Jiyeah Rhie, Nayeon Kim et al.


Transmission of Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic wave through a substrate is encumbered because of scattering, multiple reflections, absorption, and Fabry–Perot effects when the …


Floquet prethermalization and regimes of heating in a periodically driven, interacting quantum system


Simon A. Weidinger, Michael Knap


We study the regimes of heating in the periodically driven O(N)-model, which is a well established model for interacting quantum many-body systems. By computing the absorbed …


Multivalley engineering in semiconductor microcavities


M. Sun, I. G. Savenko, H. Flayac et al.


We consider exciton-photon coupling in semiconductor microcavities in which separate periodic potentials have been embedded for excitons and photons. We show theoretically that …


Multiferroic Phases and Transitions in Ferroelectric Lead Titanate Nanodots


Tao Xu, Takahiro Shimada, Yoshitaka Uratani et al.


Discovery of novel phases and their associated transitions in low-dimensional nanoscale systems is of central interest as the origin of emergent phenomena and new device …


Co-grinding Effect on Crystalline Zaltoprofen with β-cyclodextrin/Cucurbit[7]uril in Tablet Formulation


Shanshan Li, Xiang Lin, Kailin Xu et al.


This work aimed to investigate the co-grinding effects of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) on crystalline zaltoprofen (ZPF) in tablet formulation. Crystalline …


Class of gauge-invariant models of quantum electrodynamics with nonlocal interaction


Tao Mei


We present a class of gauge-invariant models of quantum electrodynamics with nonlocal interaction. The models have translation, Lorentz and gauge invariance and reduce to the …


A targeted illumination optical fiber probe for high resolution fluorescence imaging and optical switching


Anant Shinde, Sandeep Menon Perinchery, Vadakke Matham Murukeshan


An optical imaging probe with targeted multispectral and spatiotemporal illumination features has applications in many diagnostic biomedical studies. However, these systems are …


Chemical and Bandgap Engineering in Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride


Kun Ba, Wei Jiang, Jingxin Cheng et al.


Monolayer hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) possesses a wide bandgap of ~6 eV. Trimming down the bandgap is technically attractive, yet poses remarkable challenges in chemistry. One …


Synthesis of Zn(II)-Doped Magnetite Leaf-Like Nanorings for Efficient Electromagnetic Wave Absorption


Shuang Yang, Jian-Tang Jiang, Cheng-Yan Xu et al.


We report the thermal annealing-induced formation of ring-like structure of Zn(II)-doped magnetite from iron alkoxide leaf-like nanoplate precusor. The phase, structure and …


Roles of Oxygen and Hydrogen in Crystal Orientation Transition of Copper Foils for High-Quality Graphene Growth


Junxiong Hu, Jianbao Xu, Yanfei Zhao et al.


The high-quality graphene film can be grown on single-crystal Cu substrate by seamlessly stitching the aligned graphene domains. The roles of O2 and H2 have been intensively …


Controllable optical modulation of blue/green up-conversion fluorescence from Tm3+ (Er3+) single-doped glass ceramics upon two-step excitation of two-wavelengths


Zhi Chen, Shiliang Kang, Hang Zhang et al.


Optical modulation is a crucial operation in photonics for network data processing with the aim to overcome information bottleneck in terms of speed, energy consumption, …


Towards Terawatt Sub-Cycle Long-Wave Infrared Pulses via Chirped Optical Parametric Amplification and Indirect Pulse Shaping


Yanchun Yin, Andrew Chew, Xiaoming Ren et al.


We present an approach for both efficient generation and amplification of 4–12 μm pulses by tailoring the phase matching of the nonlinear crystal Zinc Germanium Phosphide (ZGP) …


Power-scalable subcycle pulses from laser filaments


A.A. Voronin, A.M. Zheltikov


Compression of optical pulses to ultrashort pulse widths using methods of nonlinear optics is a well-established technology of modern laser science. Extending these methods to …


3D assembly based on 2D structure of Cellulose Nanofibril/Graphene Oxide Hybrid Aerogel for Adsorptive Removal of Antibiotics in Water


Qiufang Yao, Bitao Fan, Ye Xiong et al.


Cellulose nanofibril/graphene oxide hybrid (CNF/GO) aerogel was fabricated via a one-step ultrasonication method for adsorptive removal of 21 kinds of antibiotics in water. The …


Effective Hamiltonian for surface states of topological insulator nanotubes


Zhuo Bin Siu, Seng Ghee Tan, Mansoor B. A. Jalil


In this work we derive an effective Hamiltonian for the surface states of a hollow topological insulator (TI) nanotube with finite width walls. Unlike a solid TI cylinder, a TI …


Flexible transparent displays based on core/shell upconversion nanophosphor-incorporated polymer waveguides


Bong Je Park, A-Ra Hong, Suntak Park et al.


Core/shell (C/S)-structured upconversion nanophosphor (UCNP)-incorporated polymer waveguide-based flexible transparent displays are demonstrated. Bright green- and blue-emitting …


Formation mechanism of axial macrosegregation of primary phases induced by a static magnetic field during directional solidification


Xi Li, Yves Fautrelle, Zhongming Ren et al.


Understanding the macrosegregation formed by applying magnetic fields is of high commercial importance. This work investigates how static magnetic fields control the solute and …


Two-Dimensional Large Gap Topological Insulators with Tunable Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling in Group-IV films


Shou-juan Zhang, Wei-xiao Ji, Chang-wen Zhang et al.


The coexistence of nontrivial topology and giant Rashba splitting, however, has rare been observed in two-dimensional (2D) films, limiting severely its potential applications at …


Controlled droplet transport to target on a high adhesion surface with multi-gradients


Siyan Deng, Weifeng Shang, Shile Feng et al.


We introduce multi-gradients including Laplace pressure gradient, wettable gradient and wettable different gradient on a high adhesion surface via special wedge-pattern and …


Hippocampus Segmentation Based on Local Linear Mapping


Shumao Pang, Jun Jiang, Zhentai Lu et al.


We propose local linear mapping (LLM), a novel fusion framework for distance field (DF) to perform automatic hippocampus segmentation. A k-means cluster method is propose for …


Adiabatic Generation of N-quNit Singlet States with Cavity QED


Rong-Can Yang, Li-Xiang Ye, Xiu Lin et al.


We present a theoretical scheme to generate N-quNit singlet states with N 3 via adiabatic passage. In this protocol, the system may be robust against both experimental parameter …


Present-day heat flow model of Mars


Laura M. Parro, Alberto Jiménez-Díaz, Federico Mansilla et al.


Until the acquisition of in-situ measurements, the study of the present-day heat flow of Mars must rely on indirect methods, mainly based on the relation between the thermal …


Improving “color rendering” of LED lighting for the growth of lettuce


Tao Han, Vitaliy Vaganov, Shixiu Cao et al.


Light plays a vital role on the growth and development of plant. On the base of white light with high color rendering to the benefit of human survival and life, we proposed to …


Structural heterogeneity of the μ-opioid receptor’s conformational ensemble in the apo state


Diniz M. Sena Jr, Xiaojing Cong, Alejandro Giorgetti et al.


G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest and most pharmaceutically relevant family of membrane proteins. Here, fully unbiased, enhanced sampling simulations of a …


On the determination of elastic moduli of cells by AFM based indentation


Yue Ding, Guang-Kui Xu, Gang-Feng Wang


The atomic force microscopy (AFM) has been widely used to measure the mechanical properties of biological cells through indentations. In most of existing studies, the cell is …


Generation of Aptamers from A Primer-Free Randomized ssDNA Library Using Magnetic-Assisted Rapid Aptamer Selection


Shih-Ming Tsao, Ji-Ching Lai, Horng-Er Horng et al.


Aptamers are oligonucleotides that can bind to specific target molecules. Most aptamers are generated using random libraries in the standard systematic evolution of ligands by …


Illuminating dynamic neutrophil trans-epithelial migration with micro-optical coherence tomography


Kengyeh K. Chu, Mark E. Kusek, Linbo Liu et al.


A model of neutrophil migration across epithelia is desirable to interrogate the underlying mechanisms of neutrophilic breach of mucosal barriers. A co-culture system consisting …


Wide-Range Probing of Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya Interaction


Duck-Ho Kim, Sang-Cheol Yoo, Dae-Yun Kim et al.


The Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (DMI) in magnetic objects is of enormous interest, because it generates built-in chirality of magnetic domain walls (DWs) and topologically …


Quasi-stokeslet induced by thermoplasmonic Marangoni effect around a water vapor microbubble


Kyoko Namura, Kaoru Nakajima, Motofumi Suzuki


Rapid Marangoni flows around a water vapor microbubble (WVMB) is investigated using the thermoplasmonic effect of a gold nanoisland film (GNF). By focusing a laser onto the GNF, …


Integrated Design and Simulation of Tunable, Multi-State Structures Fabricated Monolithically with Multi-Material 3D Printing


Tian Chen, Jochen Mueller, Kristina Shea


Multi-material 3D printing has created new opportunities for fabricating deployable structures. We design reversible, deployable structures that are fabricated flat, have defined …


Magnetic control of Goos-Hänchen shifts in a yttrium-iron-garnet film


Wenjing Yu, Hua Sun, Lei Gao


We investigate the Goos-Hänchen (GH) shifts reflected and transmitted by a yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) film for both normal and oblique incidence. It is found that the …


Seeing elements by visible-light digital camera


Wenyang Zhao, Kenji Sakurai


A visible-light digital camera is used for taking ordinary photos, but with new operational procedures it can measure the photon energy in the X-ray wavelength region and …


Bioinspired fractal electrodes for solar energy storages


Litty V. Thekkekara, Min Gu


Solar energy storage is an emerging technology which can promote the solar energy as the primary source of electricity. Recent development of laser scribed graphene electrodes …


High-performance spinel-rich Li1.5MnTiO4+δ ultralong nanofibers as cathode materials for Li-ion batteries


Ngoc Hung Vu, Paulraj Arunkumar, Won Bin Im


Recently, composite materials based on Li-Mn-Ti-O system were developed to target low cost and environmentally benign cathodes for Li-ion batteries. The spinel-layered Li1.5MnTiO4…


Synthesis of Sr2Si5N8:Ce3+ phosphors for white LEDs via an efficient chemical deposition


Che-Yuan Yang, Sudipta Som, Subrata Das et al.


Novel chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process was successfully developed for the growth of Sr2Si5N8:Ce3+ phosphors with elevated luminescent properties. Metallic strontium was …


Soft and wrinkled carbon membranes derived from petals for flexible supercapacitors


Xiuxiu Yu, Ying Wang, Li Li et al.


Biomass materials are promising precursors for the production of carbonaceous materials due to their abundance, low cost and renewability. Here, a freestanding wrinkled carbon …


Experimental and numerical evaluations on palm microwave heating for Red Palm Weevil pest control


Rita Massa, Gaetano Panariello, Daniele Pinchera et al.


The invasive Red Palm Weevil is the major pest of palms. Several control methods have been applied, however concern is raised regarding the treatments that can cause significant …


Fractal and multifractal analyses of bipartite networks


Jin-Long Liu, Jian Wang, Zu-Guo Yu et al.


Bipartite networks have attracted considerable interest in various fields. Fractality and multifractality of unipartite (classical) networks have been studied in recent years, …


Shock-Resistibility of MEMS-Based Inertial Microswitch under Reverse Directional Ultra-High g Acceleration for IoT Applications


Qiu Xu, Zhuoqing Yang, Yunna Sun et al.


This paper presents a novel MEMS-based inertial microswitch design with multi-directional compact constraint structures for improving the shock-resistibility. Its …


Implementation of a quantum controlled-SWAP gate with photonic circuits


Takafumi Ono, Ryo Okamoto, Masato Tanida et al.


Quantum information science addresses how the processing and transmission of information are affected by uniquely quantum mechanical phenomena. Combination of two-qubit gates has …


Modeling of coupled motion and growth interaction of equiaxed dendritic crystals in a binary alloy during solidification


Xin Bo Qi, Yun Chen, Xiu Hong Kang et al.


Motion of growing dendrites is a common phenomenon during solidification but often neglected in numerical simulations because of the complicate underlying multiphysics. Here a …


Ash aggregation enhanced by deposition and redistribution of salt on the surface of volcanic ash in eruption plumes


Sebastian B. Mueller, Paul M. Ayris, Fabian B. Wadsworth et al.


Interactions with volcanic gases in eruption plumes produce soluble salt deposits on the surface of volcanic ash. While it has been postulated that saturation-driven …


Surface Acoustic Waves to Drive Plant Transpiration


Eliot F. Gomez, Magnus Berggren, Daniel T. Simon


Emerging fields of research in electronic plants (e-plants) and agro-nanotechnology seek to create more advanced control of plants and their products. Electronic/nanotechnology …


Assessing the Dynamics of Organic Aerosols over the North Atlantic Ocean


Jérôme Kasparian, Christel Hassler, Bas Ibelings et al.


The influence of aerosols on climate is highly dependent on the particle size distribution, concentration, and composition. In particular, the latter influences their ability to …


Photodynamic dye adsorption and release performance of natural zeolite


Vladimir Hovhannisyan, Chen-Yuan Dong, Shean-Jen Chen


Clinoptilolite type of zeolite (CZ) is a promising material for biomedicine and pharmaceutics due to its non-toxicity, thermal stability, expanded surface area, and exceptional …


Qualitative and Quantitative Imaging Evaluation of Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes with Grating-based X-ray Phase-contrast CT


Margarita Braunagel, Lorenz Birnbacher, Marian Willner et al.


Current clinical imaging methods face limitations in the detection and correct characterization of different subtypes of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), while these are important for …


Multi-scale radiomic analysis of sub-cortical regions in MRI related to autism, gender and age


Ahmad Chaddad, Christian Desrosiers, Matthew Toews


We propose using multi-scale image textures to investigate links between neuroanatomical regions and clinical variables in MRI. Texture features are derived at multiple scales of …


Enzyme-dependent fluorescence recovery of NADH after photobleaching to assess dehydrogenase activity of isolated perfused hearts


Angel Moreno, Sarah Kuzmiak-Glancy, Rafael Jaimes 3rd et al.


Reduction of NAD+ by dehydrogenase enzymes to form NADH is a key component of cellular metabolism. In cellular preparations and isolated mitochondria suspensions, …


Excitonic structure and pumping power dependent emission blue-shift of type-II quantum dots


Petr Klenovský, Petr Steindl, Dominique Geffroy


In this work we study theoretically and experimentally the multi-particle structure of the so-called type-II quantum dots with spatially separated electrons and holes. Our …


Hot-Volumes as Uniform and Reproducible SERS-Detection Enhancers in Weakly-Coupled Metallic Nanohelices


José M. Caridad, Sinéad Winters, David McCloskey et al.


Reproducible and enhanced optical detection of molecules in low concentrations demands simultaneously intense and homogeneous electric fields acting as robust signal amplifiers. …


Work Function Tuning in Two-Dimensional MoS2 Field-Effect-Transistors with Graphene and Titanium Source-Drain Contacts


Seung Su Baik, Seongil Im, Hyoung Joon Choi


Based on the first principles calculation, we investigate the electronic band structures of graphene-MoS2 and Ti-MoS2 heterojunctions under gate-voltages. By simultaneous control …


Scaling trends and performance evaluation of 2-dimensional polarity-controllable FETs


Giovanni V. Resta, Tarun Agarwal, Dennis Lin et al.


Two-dimensional semiconducting materials of the transition-metal-dichalcogenide family, such as MoS2 and WSe2, have been intensively investigated in the past few years, and are …


Decorating unoxidized-carbon nanotubes with homogeneous Ni-Co spinel nanocrystals show superior performance for oxygen evolution/reduction reactions


Jun Yang, Tsuyohiko Fujigaya, Naotoshi Nakashima


We present a new concept for homogeneous spinel nanocrystal-coating on high crystalline pristine-carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for efficient and durable oxygen evolution reaction (OER) …


Irreversibility transition of colloidal polycrystals under cyclic deformation


Pritam Kumar Jana, Mikko J. Alava, Stefano Zapperi


Cyclically loaded disordered particle systems, such as granular packings and amorphous media, display a non-equilibrium phase transition towards irreversibility. Here, we …


High Speed Computational Ghost Imaging via Spatial Sweeping


Yuwang Wang, Yang Liu, Jinli Suo et al.


Computational ghost imaging (CGI) achieves single-pixel imaging by using a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) to generate structured illuminations for spatially resolved information …


Glass-ceramic optical fiber containing Ba2TiSi2O8 nanocrystals for frequency conversion of lasers


Zaijin Fang, Xusheng Xiao, Xin Wang et al.


A glass-ceramic optical fiber containing Ba2TiSi2O8 nanocrystals fabricated using a novel combination of the melt-in-tube method and successive heat treatment is reported for the …


Monolithic integration of a lithium niobate microresonator with a free-standing waveguide using femtosecond laser assisted ion beam writing


Zhiwei Fang, Yingxin Xu, Min Wang et al.


We demonstrated integrating a high quality factor lithium niobate microdisk resonator with a free-standing membrane waveguide. Our technique is based on femtosecond laser direct …


Single crystalline superstructured stable single domain magnetite nanoparticles


Victoria Reichel, András Kovács, Monika Kumari et al.


Magnetite nanoparticles exhibit magnetic properties that are size and organization dependent and, for applications that rely on their magnetic state, they usually have to be …


Low phonon energies and wideband optical windows of La2O3-Ga2O3 glasses prepared using an aerodynamic levitation technique


Kohei Yoshimoto, Atsunobu Masuno, Motoi Ueda et al.


xLa2O3-(100 − x)Ga2O3 binary glasses were synthesized by an aerodynamic levitation technique. The glass-forming region was found to be 20 ≤ x ≤ 57. The refractive indices were …


Three dimensional characterization of GaN-based light emitting diode grown on patterned sapphire substrate by confocal Raman and photoluminescence spectromicroscopy


Heng Li, Hui-Yu Cheng, Wei-Liang Chen et al.


We performed depth-resolved PL and Raman spectral mappings of a GaN-based LED structure grown on a patterned sapphire substrate (PSS). Our results showed that the Raman mapping …


Qubit-flip-induced cavity mode squeezing in the strong dispersive regime of the quantum Rabi model


Chaitanya Joshi, Elinor K. Irish, Timothy P. Spiller


Squeezed states of light are a set of nonclassical states in which the quantum fluctuations of one quadrature component are reduced below the standard quantum limit. With less …


Facile Fabrication of Platinum-Cobalt Alloy Nanoparticles with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for a Methanol Oxidation Reaction


Huihong Huang, Xiulan Hu, Jianbo Zhang et al.


Decreasing the cost associated with platinum-based catalysts along with improving their catalytic properties is a major challenge for commercial direct methanol fuel cells. In …


Characterization of three-dimensional field distribution of bowtie aperture using quasi-spherical waves and surface plasmon polaritons


Changhoon Park, Howon Jung, Jae W. Hahn


We present an analytical formula to predict the three-dimensional field distribution of a nanoscale bowtie aperture using quasi-spherical waves (QSWs) and surface plasmon …


Hybrid three-dimensional dual- and broadband optically tunable terahertz metamaterials


Qinglong Meng, Zheqiang Zhong, Bin Zhang


The optically tunable properties of the hybrid three-dimensional (3D) metamaterials with dual- and broadband response frequencies are theoretically investigated in the terahertz …


High-performance nanotube-enhanced perovskite photodetectors


Ibrahima Ka, Luis Felipe Gerlein, Riad Nechache et al.


Organic-inorganic perovskites have already shown a tremendous potential for low-cost light-harvesting devices. Yet, the relatively low carrier mobilities in bulk perovskites …


Spin filtering effect generated by the inter-subband spin-orbit coupling in the bilayer nanowire with the quantum point contact


Paweł Wójcik, Janusz Adamowski


The spin filtering effect in the bilayer nanowire with quantum point contact is investigated theoretically. We demonstrate the new mechanism of the spin filtering based on the …


Degradation of topological surface state by nonmagnetic S doping in SrxBi2Se3


Hui Huang, Juanjuan Gu, Min Tan et al.


Research on possible topological superconductivity has grown rapidly over the past several years, from fundamental studies to the development of next generation technologies. …


Photostability of plasma polymerized γ-terpinene thin films for encapsulation of OPV


Kateryna Bazaka, Jakaria Ahmad, Michael Oelgemöller et al.


Optically transparent, smooth, defect-free, chemically inert and with good adhesion to a variety of substrates, plasma polymers from plant-derived secondary metabolites have been …


An Improved Racetrack Structure for Transporting a Skyrmion


P. Lai, G. P. Zhao, H. Tang et al.


Magnetic skyrmions are promising building blocks for next generation data storage due to their stability, small size and extremely low currents to drive them, which can be used …


Identifying large-scale patterns of unpredictability and response to insolation in atmospheric data


Fernando Arizmendi, Marcelo Barreiro, Cristina Masoller


Understanding the complex dynamics of the atmosphere is of paramount interest due to its impact in the entire climate system and in human society. Here we focus on identifying, …


Thermochromic Luminescent Materials and Multi-Emission Bands in d10 Clusters


Romain Gautier, Camille Latouche, Michael Paris et al.


Thermochromic luminescent compounds with d10 metal ions are interesting materials for applications such as sensors or display devices. However, these properties are difficult to …


Corrigendum: Direct coupling: a possible strategy to control fruit production in alternate bearing


Awadhesh Prasad, Kenshi Sakai, Yoshinobu Hoshino



Fluorescent nanodiamonds enable quantitative tracking of human mesenchymal stem cells in miniature pigs


Long-Jyun Su, Meng-Shiue Wu, Yuen Yung Hui et al.


Cell therapy is a promising strategy for the treatment of human diseases. While the first use of cells for therapeutic purposes can be traced to the 19th century, there has been …


Domain-specific interactions between MLN8237 and human serum albumin estimated by STD and WaterLOGSY NMR, ITC, spectroscopic, and docking techniques


Hongqin Yang, Jiuyang Liu, Yanmei Huang et al.


Alisertib (MLN8237) is an orally administered inhibitor of Aurora A kinase. This small-molecule inhibitor is under clinical or pre-clinical phase for the treatment of advanced …


Disparities in correlating microstructural to nanostructural preservation of dinosaur femoral bones


Jung-Kyun Kim, Yong-Eun Kwon, Sang-Gil Lee et al.


Osteohistological researches on dinosaurs are well documented, but descriptions of direct correlations between the bone microstructure and corresponding nanostructure are …


Chemical interaction mechanism of 10-MDP with zirconia


Noriyuki Nagaoka, Kumiko Yoshihara, Victor Pinheiro Feitosa et al.


Currently, the functional monomer 10-methacryloyloxy-decyl-dihydrogen-phosphate (10-MDP) was documented to chemically bond to zirconia ceramics. However, little research has been …


Quantitative analysis of molecular partition towards lipid membranes using surface plasmon resonance


Tiago N. Figueira, João M. Freire, Catarina Cunha-Santos et al.


Understanding the interplay between molecules and lipid membranes is fundamental when studying cellular and biotechnological phenomena. Partition between aqueous media and lipid …


A Hierarchical Feature and Sample Selection Framework and Its Application for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis


Le An, Ehsan Adeli, Mingxia Liu et al.


Classification is one of the most important tasks in machine learning. Due to feature redundancy or outliers in samples, using all available data for training a classifier may be …


Structural intermediates and directionality of the swiveling motion of Pyruvate Phosphate Dikinase


Alexander Minges, Daniel Ciupka, Christian Winkler et al.


Pyruvate phosphate dikinase (PPDK) is a vital enzyme in cellular energy metabolism catalyzing the ATP- and Pi-dependent formation of phosphoenolpyruvate from pyruvate in C4


Spatial and molecular resolution of diffuse malignant mesothelioma heterogeneity by integrating label-free FTIR imaging, laser capture microdissection and proteomics


Frederik Großerueschkamp, Thilo Bracht, Hanna C. Diehl et al.


Diffuse malignant mesothelioma (DMM) is a heterogeneous malignant neoplasia manifesting with three subtypes: epithelioid, sarcomatoid and biphasic. DMM exhibit a high degree of …


Photonic transistor and router using a single quantum-dot-confined spin in a single-sided optical microcavity


C. Y. Hu


The future Internet is very likely the mixture of all-optical Internet with low power consumption and quantum Internet with absolute security guaranteed by the laws of quantum …


Silver Nanowires Modified with PEDOT: PSS and Graphene for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Anode


Yilin Xu, Xiang Wei, Cong Wang et al.


Silver nanowires (AgNWs) networks are promising candidates for the replacement of indium tin oxide (ITO). However, the surface roughness of the AgNWs network is still too high …


Inelastic electron injection in a water chain


Valerio Rizzi, Tchavdar N. Todorov, Jorge J. Kohanoff


Irradiation of biological matter triggers a cascade of secondary particles that interact with their surroundings, resulting in damage. Low-energy electrons are one of the main …


Erratum: Hybrid acoustic metamaterial as super absorber for broadband low-frequency sound


Yufan Tang, Shuwei Ren, Han Meng et al.



Corrugated Textile based Triboelectric Generator for Wearable Energy Harvesting


A Young Choi, Chang Jun Lee, Jiwon Park et al.


Triboelectric energy harvesting has been applied to various fields, from large-scale power generation to small electronics. Triboelectric energy is generated when certain …


DNA-Mediated Patterning of Single Quantum Dot Nanoarrays: A Reusable Platform for Single-Molecule Control


Da Huang, Mark Freeley, Matteo Palma


We present a facile strategy of general applicability for the assembly of individual nanoscale moieties in array configurations with single-molecule control. Combining the …


Observation of low-loss broadband supermode propagation in coupled acoustic waveguide complex


Ya-Xi Shen, Yu-Gui Peng, Xin-Cheng Chen et al.


We investigate analytically, numerically, and experimentally the low-loss supermode propagation in a coupled acoustic waveguide complex within a broadband. The waveguide complex …


Origin of high oxygen reduction reaction activity of Pt12 and strategy to obtain better catalyst using sub-nanosized Pt-alloy clusters


Kasumi Miyazaki, Hirotoshi Mori


In the present study, methods to enhance the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity of sub-nanosized Pt clusters were investigated in a theoretical manner. Using ab initio …


Room temperature three-photon pumped CH3NH3PbBr3 perovskite microlasers


Yisheng Gao, Shuai Wang, Can Huang et al.


Hybrid lead halide perovskites have made great strides in next-generation light-harvesting and light emitting devices. Recently, they have also shown great potentials in …


Modeling out-of-plane actuation in thin-film nematic polymer networks: From chiral ribbons to auto-origami boxes via twist and topology


Vianney Gimenez-Pinto, Fangfu Ye, Badel Mbanga et al.


Various experimental and theoretical studies demonstrate that complex stimulus-responsive out-of-plane distortions such as twist of different chirality, emergence of cones, …


Facile synthesis of silicon nitride nanowires with flexible mechanical properties and with diameters controlled by flow rate


Shun Dong, Ping Hu, Xinghong Zhang et al.


Ultralong Si3N4 nanowires (NWs) were successfully synthesized with size controlled in N2 gas by using an efficient method. The diameters of the Si3N4 NWs increased when the flow …


Molecular dynamics simulations for mechanical properties of borophene: parameterization of valence force field model and Stillinger-Weber potential


Yu-Ping Zhou, Jin-Wu Jiang


While most existing theoretical studies on the borophene are based on first-principles calculations, the present work presents molecular dynamics simulations for the lattice …


Extremely high-performance visible light photodetector in the Sb2SeTe2 nanoflake


Shiu-Ming Huang, Shih-Jhe Huang, You-Jhih Yan et al.


The photocurrent was performed in the Sb2SeTe2 topological insulator at a wavelength of 532 nm. It exhibits extremely high performance that the responsivity and the …


Quantifying edge significance on maintaining global connectivity


Yuhua Qian, Yebin Li, Min Zhang et al.


Global connectivity is a quite important issue for networks. The failures of some key edges may lead to breakdown of the whole system. How to find them will provide a better …


Formation mechanism of fivefold deformation twins in a face-centered cubic alloy


Zhenyu Zhang, Siling Huang, Leilei Chen et al.


The formation mechanism considers fivefold deformation twins originating from the grain boundaries in a nanocrystalline material, resulting in that fivefold deformation twins …


Investigation on the plasmon Talbot effect of finite-sized periodic arrays of metallic nanoapertures


Wenli Li, Haoyong Li, Bo Gao et al.


We present an in-depth and systematical investigation on the plasmon Talbot effect of finite-sized two-dimensional (2D) periodic metallic nanoaperture arrays. The nanoaperture …


Quantitative strain analysis of InAs/GaAs quantum dot materials


Per Erik Vullum, Magnus Nord, Maryam Vatanparast et al.


Geometric phase analysis has been applied to high resolution aberration corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscopy images of InAs/GaAs quantum dot (QD) materials. We …


Phase-transfer induced room temperature ferromagnetic behavior in 1T@2H-MoSe2 nanosheets


Baorui Xia, Tongtong Wang, Wen Xiao et al.


Manipulating electronic and magnetic properties of two-dimensional transitional-metal dichalcogenides has raised a lot of attention recently. Herein we report the synthesis and …


Laser beam melting 3D printing of Ti6Al4V based porous structured dental implants: fabrication, biocompatibility analysis and photoelastic study


Fei Yang, Chen Chen, QianRong Zhou et al.


Fabricating Ti alloy based dental implants with defined porous scaffold structure is a promising strategy for improving the osteoinduction of implants. In this study, we use …


Photoactive layer based on T-shaped benzimidazole dyes used for solar cell: from photoelectric properties to molecular design


Beibei Xu, Yuanzuo Li, Peng Song et al.


Three benzimidazole-based organic dyes, possessing the same triphenylamine donors and cyanoacrylic acid acceptors with the bithiophene π-bridges combined in different nuclear …


Efficient collective influence maximization in cascading processes with first-order transitions


Sen Pei, Xian Teng, Jeffrey Shaman et al.


In many social and biological networks, the collective dynamics of the entire system can be shaped by a small set of influential units through a global cascading process, …


A new fluorescent probe for colorimetric and ratiometric detection of sulfur dioxide derivatives in liver cancer cells


Dong-Peng Li, Zhao-Yang Wang, Jie Cui et al.


A new ratiometric fluorescent probe was constructed with hemicyanine and 7-nitrobenzofurazan for detection of sulfur dioxide derivatives (HSO3/SO32−). The ratiometric response …


Chloro-benquinone Modified on Graphene Oxide as Metal-free Catalyst: Strong Promotion of Hydroxyl Radical and Generation of Ultra-Small Graphene Oxide


He Zhao, Juehua Wang, Di Zhang et al.


Carbon-based metal-free catalyst has attracted more and more attention. It is a big challenge to improve catalytic activity of metal-free catalyst for decomposition of H2O2 to …


SERS detection of the biomarker hydrogen cyanide from Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures isolated from cystic fibrosis patients


Rikke Kragh Lauridsen, Lea M. Sommer, Helle Krogh Johansen et al.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the primary cause of chronic airway infections in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. Persistent infections are seen from the first P. aeruginosa culture in …

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