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  11 April 2017   
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Chemical Sciences

Deterministic bead-in-droplet ejection utilizing an integrated plug-in bead dispenser for single bead–based applications


Hojin Kim, In Ho Choi, Sanghyun Lee et al.


This paper presents a deterministic bead-in-droplet ejection (BIDE) technique that regulates the precise distribution of microbeads in an ejected droplet. The deterministic BIDE …


An Elegant Analysis of White Spot Syndrome Virus Using a Graphene Oxide/Methylene Blue based Electrochemical Immunosensor Platform


Anusha Natarajan, K. S. Shalini Devi, Sudhakaran Raja et al.


White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is a major devastating virus in aquaculture industry. A sensitive and selective diagnostic method for WSSV is a pressing need for the early …


Interaction between the exchanged Mn2+ and Yb3+ ions confined in zeolite-Y and their luminescence behaviours


Shi Ye, Jiayi Sun, Xiong Yi et al.


Luminescent zeolites exchanged with two distinct and interacted emissive ions are vital but less-studied for the potential applications in white light emitting diodes, solar …


Biomimetic supercontainers for size-selective electrochemical sensing of molecular ions


Nathan L. Netzer, Indrek Must, Yupu Qiao et al.


New ionophores are essential for advancing the art of selective ion sensing. Metal-organic supercontainers (MOSCs), a new family of biomimetic coordination capsules designed …


Characterization of chiral amino acids from different milk origins using ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to ion-mobility mass spectrometry


He Tian, Nan Zheng, Songli Li et al.


Milk contains free amino acids (AAs) that play essential roles in maintaining the growth and health of infants, and D-AA isomers are increasingly being recognized as important …


Decoding Network Structure in On-Chip Integrated Flow Cells with Synchronization of Electrochemical Oscillators


Yanxin Jia, István Z. Kiss


The analysis of network interactions among dynamical units and the impact of the coupling on self-organized structures is a challenging task with implications in many biological …


Disulfide-induced self-assembled targets: A novel strategy for the label free colorimetric detection of DNAs/RNAs via unmodified gold nanoparticles


Ehsan Shokri, Morteza Hosseini, Mehdi D. Davari et al.


A modified non-cross-linking gold-nanoparticles (Au-NPs) aggregation strategy has been developed for the label free colorimetric detection of DNAs/RNAs based on self-assembling …


Relationship between Porcine Sperm Motility and Sperm Enzymatic Activity using Paper-based Devices


Koji Matsuura, Han-Wei Huang, Ming-Cheng Chen et al.


Mammalian sperm motility has traditionally been analyzed to determine fertility using computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) systems. To develop low-cost and robust male …


Bond cleavage of lignin model compounds into aromatic monomers using supported metal catalysts in supercritical water


Aritomo Yamaguchi, Naoki Mimura, Masayuki Shirai et al.


More efficient use of lignin carbon is necessary for carbon-efficient utilization of lignocellulosic biomass. Conversion of lignin into valuable aromatic compounds requires the …


Characterization of O-acetylation in sialoglycans by MALDI-MS using a combination of methylamidation and permethylation


Zhaoguan Wu, Henghui Li, Qiwei Zhang et al.


O-Acetylation of sialic acid in protein N-glycans is an important modification and can occur at either 4-, 7-, 8- or 9-position in various combinations. This modification is …


Magnesium Ethylenediamine Borohydride as Solid-State Electrolyte for Magnesium Batteries


Elsa Roedern, Ruben-Simon Kühnel, Arndt Remhof et al.


Solid-state magnesium ion conductors with exceptionally high ionic conductivity at low temperatures, 5 × 10−8 Scm−1 at 30 °C and 6 × 10−5 Scm−1 at 70 °C, are prepared by …


Recognizing ancient papyri by a combination of spectroscopic, diffractional and chromatographic analytical tools


J. Łojewska, I. Rabin, D. Pawcenis et al.


Ancient papyri are a written heritage of culture that flourished more than 3000 years ago in Egypt. One of the most significant collections in the world is housed in the Egyptian …


Corrigendum: Lanthanide-Doped KLu2F7 Nanoparticles with High Upconversion Luminescence Performance: A Comparative Study by Judd-Ofelt Analysis and Energy Transfer Mechanistic Investigation


Dekang Xu, Anming Li, Lu Yao et al.



Interactions of the periplasmic binding protein CeuE with Fe(III) n-LICAM4− siderophore analogues of varied linker length


Ellis J. Wilde, Adam Hughes, Elena V. Blagova et al.


Bacteria use siderophores to mediate the transport of essential Fe(III) into the cell. In Campylobacter jejuni the periplasmic binding protein CeuE, an integral part of the …


The interaction of heme with plakortin and a synthetic endoperoxide analogue: new insights into the heme-activated antimalarial mechanism


Marco Persico, Roberto Fattorusso, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati et al.


In the present work we performed a combined experimental and computational study on the interaction of the natural antimalarial endoperoxide plakortin and its synthetic analogue


The presence of microplastics in commercial salts from different countries


Ali Karami, Abolfazl Golieskardi, Cheng Keong Choo et al.


The occurrence of microplastics (MPs) in saltwater bodies is relatively well studied, but nothing is known about their presence in most of the commercial salts that are widely …


Transition metal ions regulated oxygen evolution reaction performance of Ni-based hydroxides hierarchical nanoarrays


Tingting Zhou, Zhen Cao, Pan Zhang et al.


Nickel-based hydroxide hierarchical nanoarrays (NiyM(OH)x HNAs M = Fe or Zn) are doped with non-noble transition metals to create nanostructures and regulate their activities for …


Simple modification of basic dyes with bulky & symmetric WCAs for improving their solubilities in organic solvents without color change


Jeong Yun Kim, Tae Gyu Hwang, Sung Wun Woo et al.


A simple and easy solubility enhancement of basic dyes was performed with bulky and symmetric weakly coordinating anions (WCAs). The WCAs decreased the ionic character of the …


Integrating uniform design and response surface methodology to optimize thiacloprid suspension


Bei-xing Li, Wei-chang Wang, Xian-peng Zhang et al.


A model 25% suspension concentrate (SC) of thiacloprid was adopted to evaluate an integrative approach of uniform design and response surface methodology. Tersperse2700, PE1601, …


Fast Collisional Lipid Transfer Among Polymer-Bounded Nanodiscs


Rodrigo Cuevas Arenas, Bartholomäus Danielczak, Anne Martel et al.


Some styrene/maleic acid (SMA) copolymers solubilise membrane lipids and proteins to form polymer-bounded nanodiscs termed SMA/lipid particles (SMALPs). Although SMALPs preserve …


A voltammetric determination of caffeic acid in red wines based on the nitrogen doped carbon modified glassy carbon electrode


Natarajan Karikalan, Raj Karthik, Shen-Ming Chen et al.


We reported an electrochemical determination of caffeic acid (CA) based on the nitrogen doped carbon (NDC). The described sensor material was prepared by the flame synthesis …


Erratum: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Charge Transport in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskites Predicted from First-Principles


Tianqi Zhao, Wen Shi, Jinyang Xi et al.



Rare Earth Doped Silica Nanoparticles via Thermolysis of a Single Source Metallasilsesquioxane Precursor


Gemma-Louise Davies, John O’Brien, Yurii K. Gun’ko


Rare earth metal doped silica nanoparticles have significant advantages over traditional organic dyes and quantum dots. Silsesquioxanes are promising precursors in the production …


Non-collinear magnetic structure of manganese quadruple perovskite CdMn7O12


H. Guo, M. T. Fernández-Daz, L. Zhou et al.


We report on the magnetic structure of CdMn7O12 determined by powder neutron diffraction. We were able to measure the magnetic structure of this Cd containing and highly neutron …


Computationally Discovered Potentiating Role of Glycans on NMDA Receptors


Anton V. Sinitskiy, Nathaniel H. Stanley, David H. Hackos et al.


N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) are glycoproteins in the brain central to learning and memory. The effects of glycosylation on the structure and dynamics of NMDARs are …


SERS spectral study of HAuCl4-cysteine nanocatalytic reaction and its application for detection of heparin sodium with label-free VB4r molecular probe


Xiaoliang Wang, Caina Jiang, Yanna Qin et al.


In the presence of nanocatalyst, L-cysteine reduce HAuCl4 rapidly to form gold nanoparticles (AuNP), and a quick nanocatalytic preparation procedure was established for Au/AuNP …


Solar eclipse demonstrating the importance of photochemistry in new particle formation


Tuija Jokinen, Jenni Kontkanen, Katrianne Lehtipalo et al.


Solar eclipses provide unique possibilities to investigate atmospheric processes, such as new particle formation (NPF), important to the global aerosol load and radiative …


Urine metabolomics in neonates with late-onset sepsis in a case-control study


Kosmas Sarafidis, Anastasia Chrysovalantou Chatziioannou, Agathi Thomaidou et al.


Although late-onset sepsis (LOS) is a major cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality, biomarkers evaluated in LOS lack high diagnostic accuracy. In this prospective, …


Magneto-Dendrite Effect: Copper Electrodeposition under High Magnetic Field


Makoto Miura, Yoshinobu Oshikiri, Atsushi Sugiyama et al.


Ionic vacancy is a by-product in electrochemical reaction, composed of polarized free space of the order of 0.1 nm with a 1 s lifetime, and playing key roles in …


Light absorption engineering of a hybrid (Sn3S72−)n based semiconductor – from violet to red light absorption


Mathias Salomon Hvid, Paolo Lamagni, Nina Lock


The crystalline two-dimensional thiostannate Sn3S7(trenH)2 [tren = tris(2-aminoethyl)amine] consists of negatively charged (Sn3S72−)n polymeric sheets with trenH+ molecular …

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