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  11 April 2017   
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Biological Sciences

Corrigendum: Frequency-phase analysis of resting-state functional MRI


Gadi Goelman, Rotem Dan, Filip Růžička et al.



Water availability drives gas exchange and growth of trees in northeastern US, not elevated CO2 and reduced acid deposition


Mathieu Levesque, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Neil Pederson


Dynamic global vegetation models (DGVM) exhibit high uncertainty about how climate change, elevated atmospheric CO2 (atm. CO2) concentration, and atmospheric pollutants will …


Functional Polymorphisms in Dopaminergic Genes Modulate Neurobehavioral and Neurophysiological Consequences of Sleep Deprivation


Sebastian C. Holst, Thomas Müller, Amandine Valomon et al.


Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive performance and reliably alters brain activation in wakefulness and sleep. Nevertheless, the molecular regulators of prolonged wakefulness …


Four genes essential for recombination define GInts, a new type of mobile genomic island widespread in bacteria


Leire Bardaji, Myriam Echeverría, Pablo Rodríguez-Palenzuela et al.


Integrases are a family of tyrosine recombinases that are highly abundant in bacterial genomes, actively disseminating adaptive characters such as pathogenicity determinants and …


Seasonal variation in environmental DNA in relation to population size and environmental factors


Andrew S. Buxton, Jim J. Groombridge, Nurulhuda B. Zakaria et al.


Analysing DNA that organisms release into the environment (environmental DNA, or eDNA) has enormous potential for assessing rare and cryptic species. At present the method is …


Protein Sequence Comparison Based on Physicochemical Properties and the Position-Feature Energy Matrix


Lulu Yu, Yusen Zhang, Ivan Gutman et al.


We develop a novel position-feature-based model for protein sequences by employing physicochemical properties of 20 amino acids and the measure of graph energy. The method puts …


HILI destabilizes microtubules by suppressing phosphorylation and Gigaxonin-mediated degradation of TBCB


Hao Tan, Hua Liao, Lianfang Zhao et al.


Human PIWIL2, aka HILI, is a member of PIWI protein family and overexpresses in various tumors. However, the underlying mechanisms of HILI in tumorigenesis remain largely …


Long-term consumption of sugar-sweetened beverage during the growth period promotes social aggression in adult mice with proinflammatory responses in the brain


Jung-Yun Choi, Mi-Na Park, Chong-Su Kim et al.


Overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) is known to be a key contributor to the obesity epidemic; however, its effects on behavioral changes are yet to be fully …


Genetic architecture of gene expression underlying variation in host response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection


Arun Kommadath, Hua Bao, Igseo Choi et al.


It has been shown that inter-individual variation in host response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) has a heritable component, yet little is known about …


Frequency-dependent oscillatory neural profiles during imitation


Hisato Sugata, Masayuki Hirata, Yuichi Tamura et al.


Imitation is a complex process that includes higher-order cognitive and motor function. This process requires an observation-execution matching system that transforms an observed …


Maxdenominator Reweighted Sparse Representation for Tumor Classification


Weibiao Li, Bo Liao, Wen Zhu et al.


The classification of tumors is crucial for the proper treatment of cancer. Sparse representation-based classifier (SRC) exhibits good classification performance and has been …


Corrigendum: CXCR2 deficient mice display macrophage-dependent exaggerated acute inflammatory responses


Douglas P. Dyer, Kenneth Pallas, Laura Medina-Ruiz et al.



Cisplatin selects short forms of the mitochondrial DNA OriB variant (16184–16193 poly-cytosine tract), which confer resistance to cisplatin


Taku Amo, Naomi Kamimura, Hiromasa Asano et al.


A number of alternations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have been reported in different types of cancers, and the role of mtDNA in cancer has been attracting increasing interest. …


Leaf N and P stoichiometry in relation to leaf shape and plant size for Quercus acutissima provenances across China


Hui Zhang, Xiuqing Yang, Jingyuan Wang et al.


Plant stoichiometry in relation to the structure and function of biological systems has been investigated at multiple scales. However, few studies have focused on the roles of …


Transcriptomic analysis of the biosynthesis, recycling, and distribution of ascorbic acid during leaf development in tea plant (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze)


Hui Li, Wei Huang, Guang-Long Wang et al.


Ascorbic acid (AsA), known as vitamin C, is an essential nutrient for humans and mainly absorbed from food. Tea plant (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) leaves can be a dietary …


Loss of Polycomb Group Protein Pcgf1 Severely Compromises Proper Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells


Yun Yan, Wukui Zhao, Yikai Huang et al.


The Polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1) is essential for fate decisions of embryonic stem (ES) cells. Emerging evidence suggests that six major variants of PRC1 complex, defined …


Production and glyco-engineering of immunomodulatory helminth glycoproteins in plants


Ruud H. P. Wilbers, Lotte B. Westerhof, Kim van Noort et al.


Helminth parasites control host-immune responses by secreting immunomodulatory glycoproteins. Clinical trials and mouse model studies have demonstrated the potential of …


Resolvin D1 drives establishment of Leishmania amazonensis infection


Hayna Malta-Santos, Bruno B. Andrade, Dalila L. Zanette et al.


Previous studies have indicated that the balance between different eicosanoids reflect the intensity of the inflammatory profile in patients with tegumentary leishmaniasis. More …


Coupled variability in primary sensory areas and the hippocampus during spontaneous activity


Nivaldo A. P. de Vasconcelos, Carina Soares-Cunha, Ana João Rodrigues et al.


The cerebral cortex is an anatomically divided and functionally specialized structure. It includes distinct areas, which work on different states over time. The structural …


Nitrate application or P deficiency induce a decline in Medicago truncatula N2-fixation by similar changes in the nodule transcriptome


Rebecca Liese, Joachim Schulze, Ricardo A. Cabeza


Nitrogen fixation of Medicago truncatula is regulated by the nitrogen status of leaves through inducing a repeatedly occurring 24-h nodule activity rhythm that reduces per day …


Metabolomic characterisation of the effects of oncogenic PIK3CA transformation in a breast epithelial cell line


Chung-Ho E. Lau, Gregory D. Tredwell, James K. Ellis et al.


Somatic mutations in PIK3CA are frequently found in a number of human cancers, including breast cancer, altering cellular physiology and tumour sensitivity to chemotherapy. This …


Oldest Varroa tolerant honey bee population provides insight into the origins of the global decline of honey bees


L. E. Brettell, S. J. Martin


The ecto-parasitic mite Varroa destructor has transformed the previously inconsequential Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) into the most important honey bee viral pathogen responsible …


Characterization of a Basidiomycota hydrophobin reveals the structural basis for a high-similarity Class I subdivision


Julie-Anne Gandier, David N. Langelaan, Amy Won et al.


Class I hydrophobins are functional amyloids secreted by fungi. They self-assemble into organized films at interfaces producing structures that include cellular adhesion points …


Mechanistic insights into ectodomain shedding: susceptibility of CADM1 adhesion molecule is determined by alternative splicing and O-glycosylation


Kyoko Shirakabe, Takuya Omura, Yoshio Shibagaki et al.


Ectodomain shedding (shedding) is a post-translational modification, which liberates the extracellular domain of membrane proteins through juxtamembrane processing executed …


Metastasis-associated protein 1 is an upstream regulator of DNMT3a and stimulator of insulin-growth factor binding protein-3 in breast cancer


S. Deivendran, Hezlin Marzook, T. R. Santhoshkumar et al.


Despite a recognized role of DNA methyltransferase 3a (DNMT3a) in human cancer, the nature of its upstream regulator(s) and relationship with the master chromatin remodeling …


A Short-Snouted, Middle Triassic Phytosaur and its Implications for the Morphological Evolution and Biogeography of Phytosauria


Michelle R. Stocker, Li-Jun Zhao, Sterling J. Nesbitt et al.


Following the end-Permian extinction, terrestrial vertebrate diversity recovered by the Middle Triassic, and that diversity was now dominated by reptiles. However, those …


Comprehensive mapping of the Helicobacter pylori NikR regulon provides new insights in bacterial nickel responses


Andrea Vannini, Eva Pinatel, Paolo Emidio Costantini et al.


Nickel homeostasis is important for pathogenic and ureolytic bacteria, which use this metal ion as enzymatic cofactor. For example, in the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori an …


Structural insights into the production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid by aldehyde dehydrogenase from Azospirillum brasilense


Hyeoncheol Francis Son, Sunghoon Park, Tae Hyeon Yoo et al.


3-Hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP) is an important platform chemical to be converted to acrylic acid and acrylamide. Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), an enzyme that catalyzes the …


Inhibition of expression of the circadian clock gene Period causes metabolic abnormalities including repression of glycometabolism in Bombyx mori cells


Hui Tao, Xue Li, Jian-Feng Qiu et al.


Abnormalities in the circadian clock system are known to affect the body’s metabolic functions, though the molecular mechanisms responsible remain uncertain. In this study, we …


Dynamic representation of time in brain states


Fernanda Dantas Bueno, Vanessa C. Morita, Raphael Y. de Camargo et al.


The ability to process time on the scale of milliseconds and seconds is essential for behaviour. A growing number of studies have started to focus on brain dynamics as a …


Molecular basis for the behavioral effects of the odorant degrading enzyme Esterase 6 in Drosophila


Faisal Younus, Nicholas J. Fraser, Chris W. Coppin et al.


Previous electrophysiological and behavioural studies implicate esterase 6 in the processing of the pheromone cis-vaccenyl acetate and various food odorants that affect …


VE-Cadherin Disassembly and Cell Contractility in the Endothelium are Necessary for Barrier Disruption Induced by Tumor Cells


Virginia Aragon-Sanabria, Steven E. Pohler, Vikram J. Eswar et al.


During metastasis, breakdown of the endothelial barrier is critical for tumor cell extravasation through blood vessel walls and is mediated by a combination of tumor secreted …


Tranilast-induced stress alleviation in solid tumors improves the efficacy of chemo- and nanotherapeutics in a size-independent manner


Panagiotis Papageorgis, Christiana Polydorou, Fotios Mpekris et al.


Accumulation of mechanical stresses during cancer progression can induce blood and lymphatic vessel compression, creating hypo-perfusion, hypoxia and interstitial hypertension …


Association of C-Type Lectin Mincle with FcεRIβγ Subunits Leads to Functional Activation of RBL-2H3 Cells through Syk


Chisato Honjoh, Kazuyasu Chihara, Hatsumi Yoshiki et al.


Macrophage-inducible C-type lectin (Mincle) interacts with the γ-subunit of high-affinity IgE receptor (FcεRIγ) and activates Syk by recognizing its specific ligand, …


Baculovirus LEF-11 Hijack Host ATPase ATAD3A to Promote Virus Multiplication in Bombyx mori cells


Zhan-Qi Dong, Nan Hu, Fei-Fan Dong et al.


Research on molecular mechanisms that viruses use to regulate the host apparatus is important in virus infection control and antiviral therapy exploration. Our previous research …


Corrigendum: Effects of Taxol on Regeneration in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Transection Model


Shih-Tien Hsu, Chun-Hsu Yao, Yuan-Man Hsu et al.



Corrigendum: Ectopic expression of Arabidopsis Target of Rapamycin (AtTOR) improves water-use efficiency and yield potential in rice


Achala Bakshi, Mazahar Moin, M. Udaya Kumar et al.



Corrigendum: Antibiotic treatment at delivery shapes the initial oral microbiome in neonates


Luisa F. Gomez-Arango, Helen L. Barrett, H. David. McIntyre et al.



Prediction of the potential geographic distribution of the ectomycorrhizal mushroom Tricholoma matsutake under multiple climate change scenarios


Yanlong Guo, Xin Li, Zefang Zhao et al.


Effective conservation and utilization strategies for natural biological resources require a clear understanding of the geographic distribution of the target species. Tricholoma …


Corrigendum: Sirtuin1 protects endothelial Caveolin-1 expression and preserves endothelial function via suppressing miR-204 and endoplasmic reticulum stress


Modar Kassan, Ajit Vikram, Young-Rae Kim et al.



Inhibition of melanogenesis by jineol from Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans via MAP-Kinase mediated MITF downregulation and the proteasomal degradation of tyrosinase


Md Badrul Alam, Vivek K. Bajpai, JungIn Lee et al.


In this study, the authors investigated the anti-melanogenic effects of 3,8-dihydroxyquinoline (jineol) isolated from Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans, the mechanisms responsible …


Genetic dissection of seed oil and protein content and identification of networks associated with oil content in Brassica napus


Hongbo Chao, Hao Wang, Xiaodong Wang et al.


High-density linkage maps can improve the precision of QTL localization. A high-density SNP-based linkage map containing 3207 markers covering 3072.7 cM of the Brassica napus


Anti-high mobility group box-1 (HMGB1) antibody inhibits hemorrhage-induced brain injury and improved neurological deficits in rats


Dengli Wang, Keyue Liu, Hidenori Wake et al.


As one of the most lethal stroke subtypes, intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is acknowledged as a serious clinical problem lacking effective treatment. Available evidence from …


EpCAM Intracellular Domain Promotes Porcine Cell Reprogramming by Upregulation of Pluripotent Gene Expression via Beta-catenin Signaling


Tong Yu, Yangyang Ma, Huayan Wang


Previous study showed that expression of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) was significantly upregulated in porcine induced pluripotent stem cells (piPSCs). However, the …


Transcriptomic changes in an animal-bacterial symbiosis under modeled microgravity conditions


Giorgio Casaburi, Irina Goncharenko-Foster, Alexandrea A. Duscher et al.


Spaceflight imposes numerous adaptive challenges for terrestrial life. The reduction in gravity, or microgravity, represents a novel environment that can disrupt homeostasis of …


Involvement of a velvet protein ClVelB in the regulation of vegetative differentiation, oxidative stress response, secondary metabolism, and virulence in Curvularia lunata


Jin-Xin Gao, Chuan-Jin Yu, Meng Wang et al.


The ortholog of Aspergillus nidulans VelB, which is known as ClVelB, was studied to gain a broader insight into the functions of a velvet protein in Curvularia lunata. With the …


A new strategy to measure intercellular adhesion forces in mature cell-cell contacts


Ana Sancho, Ine Vandersmissen, Sander Craps et al.


Intercellular adhesion plays a major role in tissue development and homeostasis. Yet, technologies to measure mature cell-cell contacts are not available. We introduce a …


Antiviral activity of chlorogenic acid against influenza A (H1N1/H3N2) virus and its inhibition of neuraminidase


Yue Ding, Zeyu Cao, Liang Cao et al.


Lonicera japonica Thunb, rich in chlorogenic acid (CHA), is used for viral upper respiratory tract infection treatment caused by influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, and …


Capturing RNA Folding Free Energy with Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations


David R. Bell, Sara Y. Cheng, Heber Salazar et al.


We introduce a coarse-grained RNA model for molecular dynamics simulations, RACER (RnA CoarsE-gRained). RACER achieves accurate native structure prediction for a number of RNAs …


Sevoflurane decreases self-renewal capacity and causes c-Jun N-terminal kinase–mediated damage of rat fetal neural stem cells


Zeyong Yang, Jingjing Lv, Xingxing Li et al.


Increasing studies have demonstrated that sevoflurane can induce neurotoxicity in the developing brains. JNK normally promotes apoptosis. It was hypothesized that sevoflurane …


An endemic rat species complex is evidence of moderate environmental changes in the terrestrial biodiversity centre of China through the late Quaternary


Deyan Ge, Liang Lu, Jilong Cheng et al.


The underlying mechanisms that allow the Hengduan Mountains (HDM), the terrestrial biodiversity centre of China, to harbour high levels of species diversity remain poorly …


Knockdown of toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathways ameliorate bone graft rejection in a mouse model of allograft transplantation


Jeng-Long Hsieh, Po-Chuan Shen, Po-Ting Wu et al.


Non-union occurring in structural bone grafting is a major problem in allograft transplantation because of impaired interaction between the host and graft tissue. Activated …


An Elegant Analysis of White Spot Syndrome Virus Using a Graphene Oxide/Methylene Blue based Electrochemical Immunosensor Platform


Anusha Natarajan, K. S. Shalini Devi, Sudhakaran Raja et al.


White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is a major devastating virus in aquaculture industry. A sensitive and selective diagnostic method for WSSV is a pressing need for the early …


Allosteric inhibition of aminopeptidase N functions related to tumor growth and virus infection


César Santiago, Gaurav Mudgal, Juan Reguera et al.


Cell surface aminopeptidase N (APN) is a membrane-bound ectoenzyme that hydrolyzes proteins and peptides and regulates numerous cell functions. APN participates in tumor cell …


An Algorithm of Association Rule Mining for Microbial Energy Prospection


Muhammad Shaheen, Muhammad Shahbaz


The presence of hydrocarbons beneath earth’s surface produces some microbiological anomalies in soils and sediments. The detection of such microbial populations involves pure bio …


Changes in SCD gene DNA methylation after bariatric surgery in morbidly obese patients are associated with free fatty acids


Sonsoles Morcillo, Gracia Mª Martín-Núñez, Sara García-Serrano et al.


Stearoyl CoA Desaturase-1 (SCD) is considered as playing an important role in the explanation of obesity. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the DNA methylation SCD …


Long noncoding RNA LINC00305 promotes inflammation by activating the AHRR-NF-κB pathway in human monocytes


Dan-Dan Zhang, Wen-Tian Wang, Jian Xiong et al.


Accumulating data from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have provided a collection of novel candidate genes associated with complex diseases, such as atherosclerosis. We …


Olanzapine, but not clozapine, increases glutamate release in the prefrontal cortex of freely moving mice by inhibiting D-aspartate oxidase activity


Silvia Sacchi, Vito De Novellis, Giovanna Paolone et al.


D-aspartate levels in the brain are regulated by the catabolic enzyme D-aspartate oxidase (DDO). D-aspartate activates NMDA receptors, and influences brain connectivity and …


Genetic and phenotypic characteristics of four Chinese families with fundus albipunctatus


Guoxing Yang, Zhiqiang Liu, Shipeng Xie et al.


Fundus albipunctatus (FA) is a rare autosomal recessive form of stationary night blindness characterized by the presence of white or white-yellow dots in the perimacular area and …


Emergence of complex behavior in pili-based motility in early stages of P. aeruginosa surface adaptation


Yifat Brill-Karniely, Fan Jin, Gerard C. L. Wong et al.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa move across surfaces by using multiple Type IV Pili (TFP), motorized appendages capable of force generation via linear extension/retraction cycles, to …


Characterization of chiral amino acids from different milk origins using ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to ion-mobility mass spectrometry


He Tian, Nan Zheng, Songli Li et al.


Milk contains free amino acids (AAs) that play essential roles in maintaining the growth and health of infants, and D-AA isomers are increasingly being recognized as important …


Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Attenuate Fibroblast Activation and Kidney Fibrosis Involving MTORC2 Signaling Suppression


Zhifeng Zeng, Haiyuan Yang, Ying Wang et al.


Epidemiologic studies showed the correlation between the deficiency of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) and the progression of chronic kidney diseases (CKD), …


Toward a scientific understanding of the effectiveness, material basis and prescription compatibility of a Chinese herbal formula Dan-hong injection


Panlin Li, Weiwei Su, Sha Yun et al.


Since traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a complex mixture of multiple components, the application of methodologies for evaluating single-components Western medicine in TCM …


A comparison of genetic connectivity in two deep sea corals to examine whether seamounts are isolated islands or stepping stones for dispersal


Karen J. Miller, Rasanthi M. Gunasekera


Ecological processes in the deep sea are poorly understood due to the logistical constraints of sampling thousands of metres below the ocean’s surface and remote from most land …


Mycobacterium llatzerense, a waterborne Mycobacterium, that resists phagocytosis by Acanthamoeba castellanii


Vincent Delafont, Ascel Samba-Louaka, Emmanuelle Cambau et al.


Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are environmental bacteria increasingly associated to public health problems. In water systems, free-living amoebae (FLA) feed on bacteria by …


Corrigendum: Switch from sexual to parthenogenetic reproduction in a zebra shark


Christine L. Dudgeon, Laura Coulton, Ren Bone et al.



Corrigendum: Visual attention spreads broadly but selects information locally


Satoshi Shioiri, Hajime Honjyo, Yoshiyuki Kashiwase et al.



Snake scales, partial exposure, and the Snake Detection Theory: A human event-related potentials study


Jan W. Van Strien, Lynne A. Isbell


Studies of event-related potentials in humans have established larger early posterior negativity (EPN) in response to pictures depicting snakes than to pictures depicting other …


Origin and spread of human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup U7


Hovhannes Sahakyan, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani, Rakesh Tamang et al.


Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is among the initial maternal founders in Southwest Asia and Europe and one that best indicates matrilineal genetic continuity between late …


Multi-color electron microscopy by element-guided identification of cells, organelles and molecules


Marijke Scotuzzi, Jeroen Kuipers, Dasha I. Wensveen et al.


Cellular complexity is unraveled at nanometer resolution using electron microscopy (EM), but interpretation of macromolecular functionality is hampered by the difficulty in …


Corrigendum: Phosphines are ribonucleotide reductase reductants that act via C-terminal cysteines similar to thioredoxins and glutaredoxins


Vladimir Domkin, Andrei Chabes



Elucidating dynamic metabolic physiology through network integration of quantitative time-course metabolomics


Aarash Bordbar, James T. Yurkovich, Giuseppe Paglia et al.


The increasing availability of metabolomics data necessitates novel methods for deeper data analysis and interpretation. We present a flux balance analysis method that allows for …


Linoleic acid isomerase gene FgLAI12 affects sensitivity to salicylic acid, mycelial growth and virulence of Fusarium graminearum


Ya-Zhou Zhang, Zhen-Zhen Wei, Cai-Hong Liu et al.


Fusarium graminearum is the major causal agent of fusarium head blight in wheat, a serious disease worldwide. Linoleic acid isomerase (LAI) catalyses the transformation of …


Characterization of the influence of chlororespiration on the regulation of photosynthesis in the glaucophyte Cyanophora paradoxa


Masahiro Misumi, Kintake Sonoike


Glaucophytes are primary symbiotic algae with unique plastids called cyanelles, whose structure is most similar to ancestral cyanobacteria among plastids in photosynthetic …


Characterization of O-acetylation in sialoglycans by MALDI-MS using a combination of methylamidation and permethylation


Zhaoguan Wu, Henghui Li, Qiwei Zhang et al.


O-Acetylation of sialic acid in protein N-glycans is an important modification and can occur at either 4-, 7-, 8- or 9-position in various combinations. This modification is …


Transcriptome Analyses of Two Citrus Cultivars (Shiranuhi and Huangguogan) in Seedling Etiolation


Bo Xiong, Shuang Ye, Xia Qiu et al.


Citrus species are among the most important fruit crops. However, gene regulation and signaling pathways related to etiolation in this crop remain unknown. Using Illumina …


Serum pharmacokinetics and coagulation aberration induced by sodium dehydroacetate in male and female Wistar rats


Yumei Zhang, Donglai Ying, Hao Liu et al.


Sodium dehydroacetate (Na-DHA) is used as a preservative in food, animal feeds and cosmetics. Severe haemorrhage in organs and prolongation of coagulation factors in …


Expression, Functional Characterization, and Solid-State NMR Investigation of the G Protein-Coupled GHS Receptor in Bilayer Membranes


Stefanie Schrottke, Anette Kaiser, Gerrit Vortmeier et al.


The expression, functional reconstitution and first NMR characterization of the human growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) receptor reconstituted into either DMPC or POPC membranes …


Discovery of new muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists from Scopolia tangutica


Nana Du, Yanfang Liu, Xiuli Zhang et al.


Scopolia tangutica (S. tangutica) is a traditional Chinese medicinal plant used for antispasmodics, anesthesia, analgesia and sedation. Its pharmacological activities are mostly …


Elevated emotional contagion in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease is associated with increased synchronization in the insula and amygdala


Jiye Choi, Yong Jeong


Emotional contagion, a primitive form of empathy, is heightened in patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD); however, the mechanism underlying this attribute has not been …


On the role of residue phosphorylation in 14-3-3 partners: AANAT as a case study


Diego Masone, Marina Uhart, Diego M. Bustos


Twenty years ago, a novel concept in protein structural biology was discovered: the intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs). These regions remain largely unstructured under …


Design and application of a lactulose biosensor


Jieyuan Wu, Peixia Jiang, Wei Chen et al.


In this study the repressor of Escherichia coli lac operon, LacI, has been engineered for altered effector specificity. A LacI saturation mutagenesis library was subjected to …


Using energy budgets to combine ecology and toxicology in a mammalian sentinel species


Jean-Pierre W. Desforges, Christian Sonne, Rune Dietz


Process-driven modelling approaches can resolve many of the shortcomings of traditional descriptive and non-mechanistic toxicology. We developed a simple dynamic energy budget …


Large-scale SNP discovery and construction of a high-density genetic map of Colossoma macropomum through genotyping-by-sequencing


José de Ribamar da Silva Nunes, Shikai Liu, Fábio Pértille et al.


Colossoma macropomum, or tambaqui, is the largest native Characiform species found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins, yet few resources for genetic studies and the genetic …


Transgenic mouse model for imaging of ATF4 translational activation-related cellular stress responses in vivo


Takao Iwawaki, Ryoko Akai, Takae Toyoshima et al.


Activating transcription factor 4 (ATF4) is a translationally activated protein that plays a role in cellular adaptation to several stresses. Because these stresses are …


PLGA-based dual targeted nanoparticles enhance miRNA transfection efficiency in hepatic carcinoma


Chenlei Cai, Yuexia Xie, liangliang Wu et al.


Hepatic carcinoma (HCC) is a lethal disease associated with high morbidity and poor prognosis. Recently years, gene therapies have offered novel modalities to improve the …


Relationship between Porcine Sperm Motility and Sperm Enzymatic Activity using Paper-based Devices


Koji Matsuura, Han-Wei Huang, Ming-Cheng Chen et al.


Mammalian sperm motility has traditionally been analyzed to determine fertility using computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) systems. To develop low-cost and robust male …


miR-1827 inhibits osteogenic differentiation by targeting IGF1 in MSMSCs


ShuangXi Zhu, Wei Peng, Xiang Li et al.


We recently reported that maxillary sinus membrane stem cells (MSMSCs) have osteogenic potential. However, the biological mechanisms of bone formation remain unclear. In this …


Sequential Exposure to Obesogenic Factors in Females Rats: From Physiological Changes to Lipid Metabolism in Liver and Mesenteric Adipose Tissue


Marta G. Novelle, María J. Vázquez, Juan R. Peinado et al.


During their lifetime, females are subjected to different nutritional and hormonal factors that could increase the risk of obesity and associated comorbidities. From early …


Lanatoside C, a cardiac glycoside, acts through protein kinase Cδ to cause apoptosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells


Min-Wu Chao, Tzu-Hsuan Chen, Han-Li Huang et al.


Recent studies have revealed that cardiac glycosides, such as digitalis and digoxin, have anticancer activity and may serve as lead compounds for the development of cancer …


pH-Controlled Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle Inhibition of Both Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria Growth


Ece Alpaslan, Benjamin M. Geilich, Hilal Yazici et al.


Here, the antibacterial activity of dextran-coated nanoceria was examined against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus epidermidis by varying the dose, the time of …


Stomatin modulates the activity of the Anion Exchanger 1 (AE1, SLC4A1)


Sandrine Genetet, Alexandra Desrames, Youcef Chouali et al.


Anion Exchanger 1 (AE1) and stomatin are integral proteins of the red blood cell (RBC) membrane. Erythroid and kidney AE1 play a major role in HCO3 and Cl exchange. Stomatins …


Identification of prognostic genes and gene sets for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer using bi-level selection methods


Suyan Tian, Chi Wang, Howard H. Chang et al.


In contrast to feature selection and gene set analysis, bi-level selection is a process of selecting not only important gene sets but also important genes within those gene sets. …


PD-L1 expression in lung adenosquamous carcinomas compared with the more common variants of non-small cell lung cancer


Xiaohua Shi, Shafei Wu, Jian Sun et al.


Lung adenosquamous cell carcinomas (ASCs) is a rare variant of NSCLC with a poorer prognosis and fewer treatment option than the more common variants. PD-L1 expression is …


The apoptotic mechanisms of MT-6, a mitotic arrest inducer, in human ovarian cancer cells


Mei-Chuan Chen, Yi-Chiu Kuo, Chia-Ming Hsu et al.


Patients with ovarian cancer are typically diagnosed at an advanced stage, resulting in poor prognosis since there are currently no effective early-detection screening tests for …


Calcium oxalate crystals and oxalate induce an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in the proximal tubular epithelial cells: Contribution to oxalate kidney injury


Marcia Bastos Convento, Edson Andrade Pessoa, Edgar Cruz et al.


TGF-β1 is the main mediator of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Hyperoxaluria induces crystalluria, interstitial fibrosis, and progressive renal failure. This study …


Unexplained Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy in Han Chinese Children: Next-Generation Sequencing and Phenotype Enriching


Ahmed Arafat, Peng Jing, Yuping Ma et al.


Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy (EIEE) presents shortly after birth with frequent, severe seizures and progressive disturbance of cerebral function. This study was to …


CSE1L interaction with MSH6 promotes osteosarcoma progression and predicts poor patient survival


Dong-dong Cheng, He-chun Lin, Shi-jie Li et al.


To discover tumor-associated proteins in osteosarcoma, a quantitative proteomic analysis was performed to identify proteins that were differentially expressed between …


Targeting microbial biofilms using Ficin, a nonspecific plant protease


Diana R. Baidamshina, Elena Y. Trizna, Marina G. Holyavka et al.


Biofilms, the communities of surface-attached bacteria embedded into extracellular matrix, are ubiquitous microbial consortia securing the effective resistance of constituent …


Two types of peak emotional responses to music: The psychophysiology of chills and tears


Kazuma Mori, Makoto Iwanaga


People sometimes experience a strong emotional response to artworks. Previous studies have demonstrated that the peak emotional experience of chills (goose bumps or shivers) when …


Exogenous Streptococcus pneumoniae Endophthalmitis in Diabetic Rabbits


Angela H. Benton, Linda K. Fulton, Mary E. Marquart


Diabetics are at increased risk for eye infections including bacterial endophthalmitis. It is unclear whether the severity of endophthalmitis is greater in these patients due to …


Central nervous system and muscular bundles preserved in a 240 million year old giant bristletail (Archaeognatha: Machilidae)


Matteo Montagna, Joachim T. Haug, Laura Strada et al.


Among the incomparably diverse group of insects no cases of central nervous system (CNS) preservation have been so far described in compression fossils. A third of the fossil …


Regulatory role of G9a and LSD1 in the Transcription of Olfactory Receptors during Leukaemia Cell Differentiation


Hyeonsoo Jung, Yun-Cheol Chae, Ji-Young Kim et al.


Recent studies have reported the ectopic expression of olfactory receptors (ORs) in non-olfactory tissues, however, their physiological roles were not well elucidated. ORs are …


Corrigendum: Increased Duodenal Eosinophil Degranulation in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia: A Prospective Study


Lijun Du, Jinhua Shen, John J. Kim et al.



Corrigendum: Simultaneous high-speed imaging and optogenetic inhibition in the intact mouse brain


Serena Bovetti, Claudio Moretti, Stefano Zucca et al.



A staged screening of registered drugs highlights remyelinating drug candidates for clinical trials


C. Eleuteri, S. Olla, C. Veroni et al.


There is no treatment for the myelin loss in multiple sclerosis, ultimately resulting in the axonal degeneration that leads to the progressive phase of the disease. We …


Odorant cues linked to social immunity induce lateralized antenna stimulation in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)


Alison McAfee, Troy F. Collins, Lufiani L. Madilao et al.


Hygienic behaviour (HB) is a social immunity trait in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) whereby workers detect, uncap and remove unhealthy brood, improving disease resistance in the …


Methane protects against polyethylene glycol-induced osmotic stress in maize by improving sugar and ascorbic acid metabolism


Bin Han, Xingliang Duan, Yu Wang et al.


Although aerobic methane (CH4) release from plants leads to an intense scientific and public controversy in the recent years, the potential functions of endogenous CH4 production …


Erratum: Experimental assessment of the safety and potential efficacy of high irradiance photostimulation of brain tissues


Suhan Senova, Ilona Scisniak, Chih-Chieh Chiang et al.



BMP6 Regulates Proliferation and Apoptosis of Human Sertoli Cells Via Smad2/3 and Cyclin D1 Pathway and DACH1 and TFAP2A Activation


Hong Wang, Qingqing Yuan, Min Sun et al.


Sertoli cells are essential for regulating normal spermatogenesis. However, the mechanisms underlying human Sertoli cell development remain largely elusive. Here we examined the …


The low binding affinity of D-serine at the ionotropic glutamate receptor GluD2 can be attributed to the hinge region


Daniel Tapken, Thomas Bielefeldt Steffensen, Rasmus Leth et al.


Ionotropic glutamate receptors (iGluRs) are responsible for most of the fast excitatory communication between neurons in our brain. The GluD2 receptor is a puzzling member of the …


Genome-wide identification and functional prediction of cold and/or drought-responsive lncRNAs in cassava


Shuxia Li, Xiang Yu, Ning Lei et al.


Cold and drought stresses seriously affect cassava (Manihot esculenta) plant growth and yield. Recently, long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have emerged as key regulators of diverse …


Survival of human embryonic stem cells implanted in the guinea pig auditory epithelium


Min Young Lee, Sandra Hackelberg, Kari L. Green et al.


Hair cells in the mature cochlea cannot spontaneously regenerate. One potential approach for restoring hair cells is stem cell therapy. However, when cells are transplanted into …


Integrated proteomic analysis of Brachypodium distachyon roots and leaves reveals a synergistic network in the response to drought stress and recovery


Yanwei Bian, Xiong Deng, Xing Yan et al.


In this study, we performed the first integrated physiological and proteomic analysis of the response to drought and recovery from drought, using Brachypodium distachyon L. Roots …


Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated Expression of Methamphetamine Antibody Attenuates Methamphetamine-Induced Hyperactivity in Mice


Yun-Hsiang Chen, Kuo-Jen Wu, Kuang-Lun Wu et al.


Methamphetamine (Meth) is one of the most frequently abused drugs worldwide. Recent studies have indicated that antibodies with high affinity for Meth reduce its pharmacological …


Identification of a variant-specific phosphorylation of TH2A during spermiogenesis


Masashi Hada, Koji Masuda, Kosuke Yamaguchi et al.


Tissue-specific histone variant incorporation into chromatin plays dynamic and important roles in tissue development. Testis is one such tissue, and a number of testis-specific …


Assessment of Conjunctival Microvascular Hemodynamics in Stages of Diabetic Microvasculopathy


Maziyar M. Khansari, Justin Wanek, Michael Tan et al.


Diabetes impairs the microcirculation and function of various vital tissues throughout the body. The conjunctival microcirculation can be non-invasively imaged and thus enables …


Characterization and genomic analyses of two newly isolated Morganella phages define distant members among Tevenvirinae and Autographivirinae subfamilies


Hugo Oliveira, Graça Pinto, Ana Oliveira et al.


Morganella morganii is a common but frequent neglected environmental opportunistic pathogen which can cause deadly nosocomial infections. The increased number of …


Transgenerational transmission of a stress-coping phenotype programmed by early-life stress in the Japanese quail


Cédric Zimmer, Maria Larriva, Neeltje J. Boogert et al.


An interesting aspect of developmental programming is the existence of transgenerational effects that influence offspring characteristics and performance later in life. These …


Elevation of pro-inflammatory cytokine levels following anti-resorptive drug treatment is required for osteonecrosis development in infectious osteomyelitis


Mayu Morita, Ryotaro Iwasaki, Yuiko Sato et al.


Various conditions, including bacterial infection, can promote osteonecrosis. For example, following invasive dental therapy with anti-bone resorptive agents, some patients …


Disulfide-induced self-assembled targets: A novel strategy for the label free colorimetric detection of DNAs/RNAs via unmodified gold nanoparticles


Ehsan Shokri, Morteza Hosseini, Mehdi D. Davari et al.


A modified non-cross-linking gold-nanoparticles (Au-NPs) aggregation strategy has been developed for the label free colorimetric detection of DNAs/RNAs based on self-assembling …


Pathogenic traits of Salmonella Montevideo in experimental infections in vivo and in vitro


Jonathan Lalsiamthara, John Hwa Lee


Salmonella serovar Montevideo (SM) is frequently associated with human Salmonella infections and causes gastrointestinal disease, cases are common particularly among individuals …


Novel miRNA-mRNA interactions conserved in essential cancer pathways


Eduardo Andrés-León, Ildefonso Cases, Sergio Alonso et al.


Cancer is a complex disease in which unrestrained cell proliferation results in tumour development. Extensive research into the molecular mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis has …


Targeting BMK1 Impairs the Drug Resistance to Combined Inhibition of BRAF and MEK1/2 in Melanoma


Chengli Song, Lina Wang, Qiang Xu et al.


Combined inhibition of BRAF and MEK1/2 (CIBM) improves therapeutic efficacy of BRAF-mutant melanoma. However, drug resistance to CIBM is inevitable and the drug resistance …


In-vivo Comparison of 18F-FLT uptake, CT Number, Tumor Volume in Evaluation of Repopulation during Radiotherapy for Lung cancer


Xiaoli Zhang, Jinming Yu, Chengming Li et al.


Accelerated repopulation has been observed in various tumors. This study was aimed to evaluate the potential of 3′-deoxy-3′-18F-fluorothymidine (18F-FLT) uptake and Computed …


Genome-Wide Methylation Analysis Identifies Specific Epigenetic Marks In Severely Obese Children


Delphine Fradin, Pierre-Yves Boëlle, Marie-Pierre Belot et al.


Obesity is a heterogeneous disease with many different subtypes. Epigenetics could contribute to these differences. The aim of this study was to investigate genome-wide DNA …


OncoScore: a novel, Internet-based tool to assess the oncogenic potential of genes


Piazza Rocco, Ramazzotti Daniele, Spinelli Roberta et al.


The complicated, evolving landscape of cancer mutations poses a formidable challenge to identify cancer genes among the large lists of mutations typically generated in NGS …


Corrigendum: CD16 is indispensable for antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity by human monocytes


Wei Hseun Yeap, Kok Loon Wong, Noriko Shimasaki et al.



Sensory genes identification with head transcriptome of the migratory armyworm, Mythimna separata


Zhenxing Liu, Xiaoyun Wang, Chaoliang Lei et al.


Sensory system plays important roles in a wide array of insect’s behavior and physiological events, including the host landing and locating, feeding, flying, sex responding, …


An unbiased index to quantify participant’s phenotypic contribution to an open-access cohort


Yingleong Chan, Michael Tung, Alexander S. Garruss et al.


The Personal Genome Project (PGP) is an effort to enroll many participants to create an open-access repository of genome, health and trait data for research. However, PGP …


Plk1 Regulates the Repressor Function of FoxM1b by inhibiting its Interaction with the Retinoblastoma Protein


Nishit K. Mukhopadhyay, Vaibhav Chand, Akshay Pandey et al.


FoxM1b is a cell cycle-regulated transcription factor, whose over-expression is a marker for poor outcome in cancers. Its transcriptional activation function requires …


Elemental classification of the tusks of dugong (Dugong dugong) by HH-XRF analysis and comparison with other species


Korakot Nganvongpanit, Kittisak Buddhachat, Promporn Piboon et al.


The elemental composition was investigated and applied for identifying the sex and habitat of dugongs, in addition to distinguishing dugong tusks and teeth from other animal …


Klotho preservation via histone deacetylase inhibition attenuates chronic kidney disease-associated bone injury in mice


Wenjun Lin, Yanning Li, Fang chen et al.


Bone loss and increased fracture are the devastating outcomes of chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD) resulting from Klotho deficit-related mineral …


Detection of prion seeding activity in the olfactory mucosa of patients with Fatal Familial Insomnia


Veronica Redaelli, Edoardo Bistaffa, Gianluigi Zanusso et al.


Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) is a genetic prion disease caused by a point mutation in the prion protein gene (PRNP) characterized by prominent thalamic atrophy, diffuse …


Profiling the neutralizing antibody response in chronically HIV-1 CRF07_BC-infected intravenous drug users naïve to antiretroviral therapy


Xintao Hu, Yuanyuan Hu, Chunhong Zhao et al.


Characterizing neutralizing antibody (NAb) responses in individuals infected with diverse HIV-1 strains is necessary to reveal the novel targets for regional preventive and …


North Andean origin and diversification of the largest ithomiine butterfly genus


Donna Lisa De-Silva, Luísa L. Mota, Nicolas Chazot et al.


The Neotropics harbour the most diverse flora and fauna on Earth. The Andes are a major centre of diversification and source of diversity for adjacent areas in plants and …


Corrigendum: New insights into the intracellular distribution pattern of cationic amphiphilic drugs


Magdalena Vater, Leonhard Möckl, Vanessa Gormanns et al.



Neuroanatomical correlates of forgiving unintentional harms


Indrajeet Patil, Marta Calò, Federico Fornasier et al.


Mature moral judgments rely on the consideration of a perpetrator’s mental state as well as harmfulness of the outcomes produced. Prior work has focused primarily on the …


Visual acuity of the honey bee retina and the limits for feature detection


Elisa Rigosi, Steven D. Wiederman, David C. O’Carroll


Visual abilities of the honey bee have been studied for more than 100 years, recently revealing unexpectedly sophisticated cognitive skills rivalling those of vertebrates. …


Erratum: Global transcriptomic responses of Escherichia coli K-12 to volatile organic compounds


Pui Yi Yung, Letizia Lo Grasso, Abeed Fatima Mohidin et al.



Corrigendum: Antibody-antigen kinetics constrain intracellular humoral immunity


Maria Bottermann, Heidrun Elisabeth Lode, Ruth E. Watkinson et al.



Linear filtering reveals false negatives in species interaction data


Michiel Stock, Timothée Poisot, Willem Waegeman et al.


Species interaction datasets, often represented as sparse matrices, are usually collected through observation studies targeted at identifying species interactions. Due to the …


Genetic architecture of bone quality variation in layer chickens revealed by a genome-wide association study


Jun Guo, Congjiao Sun, Liang Qu et al.


Skeletal problems in layer chickens are gaining attention due to animal welfare and economic losses in the egg industry. The genetic improvement of bone traits has been proposed …


Corrigendum: Comparative phylogenomic analysis provides insights into TCP gene functions in Sorghum


Aleena Francis, Namrata Dhaka, Mohit Bakshi et al.



Systemic Administration of Induced Neural Stem Cells Regulates Complement Activation in Mouse Closed Head Injury Models


Mou Gao, Qin Dong, Hui Yao et al.


Complement activation plays important roles in the pathogenesis of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Patients face neurological disorders due to the development of …


Lifetime imaging of GFP at CoxVIIIa reports respiratory supercomplex assembly in live cells


Bettina Rieger, Daria N. Shalaeva, Anna-Carina Söhnel et al.


The assembly of respiratory complexes into macromolecular supercomplexes is currently a hot topic, especially in the context of newly available structural details. However, most …


Microbial community response to hydration-desiccation cycles in desert soil


Adam Šťovíček, Minsu Kim, Dani Or et al.


Life in desert soil is marked by episodic pulses of water and nutrients followed by long periods of drought. While the desert flora and fauna flourish after rainfall the response …


Erratum: Potential microbial contamination during sampling of permafrost soil assessed by tracers


Toke Bang-Andreasen, Morten Schostag, Anders Priemé et al.



Dynamic Default Mode Network across Different Brain States


Pan Lin, Yong Yang, Junfeng Gao et al.


The default mode network (DMN) is a complex dynamic network that is critical for understanding cognitive function. However, whether dynamic topological reconfiguration of the DMN …


Connecting myelin-related and synaptic dysfunction in schizophrenia with SNP-rich gene expression hubs


Hedi Hegyi


Combining genome-wide mapping of SNP-rich regions in schizophrenics and gene expression data in all brain compartments across the human life span revealed that genes with …


Corrigendum: The human mitochondrial transcription factor A is a versatile G-quadruplex binding protein


Sébastien Lyonnais, Aleix Tarrés-Solé, Anna Rubio-Cosials et al.



Structure- and conformation-activity studies of nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor dimeric ligands


Salvatore Pacifico, Alfonso Carotenuto, Diego Brancaccio et al.


The peptide nociceptin/orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) and the N/OFQ receptor (NOP) constitute a neuropeptidergic system that modulates various biological functions and is currently targeted …


Potential application of an Aspergillus strain in a pilot biofilter for benzene biodegradation


Da Sun, Kun Zhang, Chuanren Duan et al.


A biofilter with fungus was developed for efficient degradation of benzene, which can overcome the potential risk of leakage commonly found in such services. Results indicated …


The proposed biosynthesis of procyanidins by the comparative chemical analysis of five Camellia species using LC-MS


Liang Zhang, Yuling Tai, Yijun Wang et al.


The genus Camellia (C.) contains many species, including C. sinensis, C. assamica, and C. taliensis, C. gymnogyna and C. tachangensis. The polyphenols of C. sinensis and C. …


Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 2 Negatively Regulates NK Cell Differentiation by Inhibiting JAK2 Activity


Won Sam Kim, Mi Jeong Kim, Dong Oh Kim et al.


Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) proteins are negative regulators of cytokine responses. Although recent reports have shown regulatory roles for SOCS proteins in innate …


Involvement of ethylene and polyamines biosynthesis and abdominal phloem tissues characters of wheat caryopsis during grain filling under stress conditions


Weibing Yang, Yanxia Li, Yanping Yin et al.


Severe water deficit (SD) severely limited the photo-assimilate supply during the grain-filling stages. Although the ethylene and polyamines (PAs) have been identified as …


Autogenic succession and deterministic recovery following disturbance in soil bacterial communities


Stephanie D. Jurburg, Inês Nunes, James C. Stegen et al.


The response of bacterial communities to environmental change may affect local to global nutrient cycles. However the dynamics of these communities following disturbance are …


High transition frequencies of dynamic functional connectivity states in the creative brain


Junchao Li, Delong Zhang, Aiying Liang et al.


Creativity is thought to require the flexible reconfiguration of multiple brain regions that interact in transient and complex communication patterns. In contrast to prior …


Phenotypic and genotypic correlation between myopia and intelligence


Katie M. Williams, Pirro G. Hysi, Ekaterina Yonova-Doing et al.


Myopia, or near-sightedness, is our most common eye condition and the prevalence is increasing globally. Visual impairment will occur if uncorrected, whilst high myopia causes …


Down-regulation of nuclear HMGB1 reduces ischemia-induced HMGB1 translocation and release and protects against liver ischemia-reperfusion injury


Guangyuan Zhao, Cheng Fu, Lu Wang et al.


Hepatocyte-specific HMGB1 deletion has been found to worsen the injury and inflammation in liver ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI), highlighting a role for intracellular HMGB1 in …


Genetic Mutation and Exosome Signature of Human Papilloma Virus Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer


Anbarasu Kannan, Kate L. Hertweck, Julie V. Philley et al.


Human papilloma virus-16 (HPV-16) associated oropharyngeal cancer (HPVOPC) is increasing alarmingly in the United States. We performed whole genome sequencing of a 44 year old, …


Chemical constituents and anti-inflammatory activities of Maqian (Zanthoxylum myriacanthum var. pubescens) bark extracts


Huan-li Zhang, Xiao-qing Gan, Qing-fei Fan et al.


In this study, 44 compounds in the petroleum ether extract of Maqian (Zanthoxylum myriacanthum var. pubescens) bark, a traditional Dai herbal medicine, were identified by GC-MS. …


Identified of a novel cis-element regulating the alternative splicing of LcDREB2


Zhujiang Liu, Guangxiao Yuan, Shu Liu et al.


Alternative splicing (AS) is an important gene regulation mechanism in plants. Despite the widespread use of AS in plant gene expression regulation, the identification of the cis


p38α MAPK regulates proliferation and differentiation of osteoclast progenitors and bone remodeling in an aging-dependent manner


Qian Cong, Hao Jia, Ping Li et al.


Bone mass is determined by the balance between bone formation, carried out by mesenchymal stem cell-derived osteoblasts, and bone resorption, carried out by monocyte-derived …


An improved method for identification of small non-coding RNAs in bacteria using support vector machine


Ranjan Kumar Barman, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Santasabuj Das


Bacterial small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) are not translated into proteins, but act as functional RNAs. They are involved in diverse biological processes like virulence, stress …


Entomopathogenic nematodes in agricultural areas in Brazil


Andressa Lima de Brida, Juliana Magrinelli Osório Rosa, Cláudio Marcelo Gonçalves de Oliveira et al.


Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) (Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae) can control pests due to the mutualistic association with bacteria that kill the host by septicemia and …


Himalayan black bulbuls (Hypsipetes leucocephalus niggerimus) exhibit sexual dichromatism under ultraviolet light that is invisible to the human eye


Hsin-Yi Hung, Carol K. L. Yeung, Kevin E. Omland et al.


Sexual dichromatism is a key proxy for the intensity of sexual selection. Studies of dichromatism in birds may, however, have underestimated the intensity and complexity of …


Dual inhibiting OCT4 and AKT potently suppresses the propagation of human cancer cells


Wenxin Li, Yanwen Zhou, Xiaoqian Zhang et al.


AKT serves as an epigenetic modulator that links epigenetic regulation to cell survival and proliferation while the epigenetic mediator OCT4 critically controls stem cell …


Cassava foliage affects the microbial diversity of Chinese indigenous geese caecum using 16S rRNA sequencing


Mao Li, Hanlin Zhou, Xiangyu Pan et al.


Geese are extremely adept in utilizing plant-derived roughage within their diet. However, the intestinal microbiome of geese remains limited, especially the dietary effect on …


MicroRNA-140-5p inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma by directly targeting the unique isomerase Pin1 to block multiple cancer-driving pathways


Xingxue Yan, Zhendong Zhu, Shenmin Xu et al.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the second leading cause of cancer related-death. As a major common regulator of numerous cancer-driving pathways and a unique therapeutic …


A tamB homolog is involved in maintenance of cell envelope integrity and stress resistance of Deinococcus radiodurans


Jiangliu Yu, Tao Li, Shang Dai et al.


The translocation and assembly module (TAM) in bacteria consists of TamA and TamB that form a complex to control the transport and secretion of outer membrane proteins. Herein, …


Molecular Basis of Olfactory Chemoreception in the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius


Feng Liu, Zhou Chen, Nannan Liu


As one of the most notorious ectoparasites, bed bugs rely heavily on human or animal blood sources for survival, mating and reproduction. Chemoreception, mediated by the odorant …


Corrigendum: Altered glucose and lipid homeostasis in liver and adipose tissue pre-dispose inducible NOS knockout mice to insulin resistance


Babu Nageswararao Kanuri, Jitendra S. Kanshana, Sanjay C. Rebello et al.



Activation of the Hypoglossal to Tongue Musculature Motor Pathway by Remote Control


Garret A. Horton, Jimmy J. Fraigne, Zoltan A. Torontali et al.


Reduced tongue muscle tone precipitates obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and activation of the tongue musculature can lessen OSA. The hypoglossal motor nucleus (HMN) innervates the …


Diplosporous development in Boehmeria tricuspis: Insights from de novo transcriptome assembly and comprehensive expression profiling


Qing Tang, Gonggu Zang, Chaohua Cheng et al.


Boehmeria tricuspis includes sexually reproducing diploid and apomictic triploid individuals. Previously, we established that triploid B. tricuspis reproduces through obligate …


Anti-tumour activity of tivozanib, a pan-inhibitor of VEGF receptors, in therapy-resistant ovarian carcinoma cells


Majid Momeny, Zahra Sabourinejad, Ghazaleh Zarrinrad et al.


Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the most fatal gynaecological malignancy. Despite initial therapeutic response, the majority of advanced-stage patients relapse and succumb to …


Thiourea priming enhances salt tolerance through co-ordinated regulation of microRNAs and hormones in Brassica juncea


Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Gaurav Sablok, Michael Hackenberg et al.


Activation of stress tolerance mechanisms demands transcriptional reprogramming. Salt stress, a major threat to plant growth, enhances ROS production and affects transcription …


Screening the active compounds of Phellodendri Amurensis cortex for treating prostate cancer by high-throughput chinmedomics


Xian-Na Li, Aihua Zhang, Meijia Wang et al.


Screening the active compounds of herbal medicines is of importance to modern drug discovery. In this work, an integrative strategy was established to discover the effective …


The global regulator Ncb2 escapes from the core promoter and impacts transcription in response to drug stress in Candida albicans


Mohd Shariq, Sanjiveeni Dhamgaye, Remya Nair et al.


Ncb2, the β subunit of NC2 complex, a heterodimeric regulator of transcription was earlier shown to be involved in the activated transcription of CDR1 gene in azole resistant …


Transcriptome-based investigation of cirrus development and identifying microsatellite markers in rattan (Daemonorops jenkinsiana)


Hansheng Zhao, Huayu Sun, Lichao Li et al.


Rattan is an important group of regenerating non-wood climbing palm in tropical forests. The cirrus is an essential climbing organ and provides morphological evidence for …


Phosphodiesterase 4B negatively regulates endotoxin-activated interleukin-1 receptor antagonist responses in macrophages


Jing-Xing Yang, Kou-Chou Hsieh, Yi-Ling Chen et al.


Activation of TLR4 by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induces both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine production in macrophages. Type 4 phosphodiesterases (PDE4) are key …


Five lipoxygenase hypomethylation mediates the homocysteine effect on Alzheimer’s phenotype


Jian-Guo Li, Carlos Barrero, Salim Merali et al.


Environmental and genetic risk factors are implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). However, how they interact and influence its pathogenesis remains to be …


Acidic pH environment induces autophagy in osteoblasts


Zhichao Zhang, Qingguo Lai, Yanan Li et al.


Osteoblasts (OBs) play an important role in bone fracture healing, yet the extreme adverse microenvironment in fracture sites has a negative impact on the survival of OBs. …


Assessing the calorific significance of episodes of human cannibalism in the Palaeolithic


James Cole


Episodes of Palaeolithic cannibalism have frequently been defined as ‘nutritional’ in nature, but with little empirical evidence to assess their dietary significance. This paper …


Long-term treatment with intranasal insulin ameliorates cognitive impairment, tau hyperphosphorylation, and microglial activation in a streptozotocin-induced Alzheimer’s rat model


Zhangyu Guo, Yanxing Chen, Yan-Fang Mao et al.


Recent evidence reveals that aberrant brain insulin signaling plays an important role in the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Intranasal insulin administration has been …


Investigating starch gelatinization through Stokes vector resolved second harmonic generation microscopy


Nirmal Mazumder, Lu Yun Xiang, Jianjun Qiu et al.


The changes of the morphology during heating and the degree of crystallinity of dry and hydrated starch granules are investigated using second harmonic generation (SHG) based …


The effect of the serum corona on interactions between a single nano-object and a living cell


Yael Dror, Raya Sorkin, Guy Brand et al.


Nanoparticles (NPs) which enter physiological fluids are rapidly coated by proteins, forming a so-called corona which may strongly modify their interaction with tissues and cells …


High-precision 14C and 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Campanian Ignimbrite (Y-5) reconciles the time-scales of climatic-cultural processes at 40 ka


Biagio Giaccio, Irka Hajdas, Roberto Isaia et al.


The Late Pleistocene Campanian Ignimbrite (CI) super-eruption (Southern Italy) is the largest known volcanic event in the Mediterranean area. The CI tephra is widely dispersed …


Involvement of Epithelial Na+ Channel in the Elevated Myogenic Response in Posterior Cerebral Arteries from Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats


Soo-Kyoung Choi, Soo-In Yeon, Youngin Kwon et al.


Hypertension is characterized by increased peripheral vascular resistance which is related with elevated myogenic response. Recent findings have indicated that epithelial sodium …


Badger macrophages fail to produce nitric oxide, a key anti-mycobacterial effector molecule


Kirstin Bilham, Amy C. Boyd, Stephen G. Preston et al.


The European badger is recognised as a wildlife reservoir for bovine tuberculosis (bTB); the control of which is complex, costly and controversial. Despite the importance of …


High hydrostatic pressure specifically affects molecular dynamics and shape of low-density lipoprotein particles


M. Golub, B. Lehofer, N. Martinez et al.


Lipid composition of human low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and its physicochemical characteristics are relevant for proper functioning of lipid transport in the blood circulation. …


On/off-switchable LSPR nano-immunoassay for troponin-T


Md. Ashaduzzaman, Swapneel R. Deshpande, N. Arul Murugan et al.


Regeneration of immunosensors is a longstanding challenge. We have developed a re-usable troponin-T (TnT) immunoassay based on localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) at gold …


Genetic Predisposition to Sporadic Congenital Hearing Loss in a Pediatric Population


Jinsei Jung, Joon Suk Lee, Kyeong Jee Cho et al.


Discriminating between inherited and non-inherited sporadic hearing loss is challenging. Here, we attempted to delineate genetic inheritance in simplex cases of …


NOX4 Regulates CCR2 and CCL2 mRNA Stability in Alcoholic Liver Disease


Yu Sasaki, Ali Dehnad, Sarah Fish et al.


Recruitment of inflammatory cells is a major feature of alcoholic liver injury however; the signals and cellular sources regulating this are not well defined. C-C chemokine …


Gating mechanisms underlying deactivation slowing by two KCNQ1 atrial fibrillation mutations


Gary Peng, Rene Barro-Soria, Kevin J. Sampson et al.


KCNQ1 is a voltage-gated potassium channel that is modulated by the beta-subunit KCNE1 to generate IKs, the slow delayed rectifier current, which plays a critical role in …


Early traditional Chinese medicine bundle therapy for the prevention of sepsis acute gastrointestinal injury in elderly patients with severe sepsis


Yifei Wang, Yunhua Zhang, Ronglin Jiang


This study aimed to study the effect of early traditional Chinese medicine bundle therapy on the prevention of sepsis-associated acute gastrointestinal injury (AGI). This was a …


Cytosolic co-delivery of miRNA-34a and docetaxel with core-shell nanocarriers via caveolae-mediated pathway for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer


Li Zhang, Xin Yang, Yaqi Lv et al.


Co-delivery of microRNAs and chemotherapeutic drugs into tumor cells is an attractive strategy for synergetic breast cancer therapy due to their complementary mechanisms. In this …


Genome-wide RNA-seq of iPSC-derived motor neurons indicates selective cytoskeletal perturbation in Brown–Vialetto disease that is partially rescued by riboflavin


Federica Rizzo, Agnese Ramirez, Claudia Compagnucci et al.


Riboflavin is essential in numerous cellular oxidation/reduction reactions but is not synthesized by mammalian cells. Riboflavin absorption occurs through the human riboflavin …


Novel benthic foraminifera are abundant and diverse in an area of the abyssal equatorial Pacific licensed for polymetallic nodule exploration


Aurélie Goineau, Andrew J. Gooday


The benthic biota of the Clarion–Clipperton Zone (CCZ, abyssal eastern equatorial Pacific) is the focus of a major research effort linked to possible future mining of …


Pulmonary microRNA profiles identify involvement of Creb1 and Sec14l3 in bronchial epithelial changes in allergic asthma


Sabine Bartel, Nikola Schulz, Francesca Alessandrini et al.


Asthma is highly prevalent, but current therapies cannot influence the chronic course of the disease. It is thus important to understand underlying early molecular events. In …


Social brains and divides: the interplay between social dominance orientation and the neural sensitivity to hierarchical ranks


Romain Ligneul, Romuald Girard, Jean-Claude Dreher


Ubiquitous in the animal kingdom, dominance hierarchies emerge through social competition and underlie the control of resources. Confronting the disruptive influence of …


Novel micelle PCR-based method for accurate, sensitive and quantitative microbiota profiling


Stefan A. Boers, John P. Hays, Ruud Jansen


In the last decade, many researchers have embraced 16S rRNA gene sequencing techniques, which has led to a wealth of publications and documented differences in the composition of …


Corrigendum: N-acetyl ornithine deacetylase is a moonlighting protein and is involved in the adaptation of Entamoeba histolytica to nitrosative stress


Preeti Shahi, Meirav Trebicz-Geffen, Shruti Nagaraja et al.



Prediction of oxygen uptake dynamics by machine learning analysis of wearable sensors during activities of daily living


T. Beltrame, R. Amelard, A. Wong et al.


Currently, oxygen uptake () is the most precise means of investigating aerobic fitness and level of physical activity; however, can only be directly measured in supervised …


Corrigendum: Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor is subjected to glucose modification and oxidation in Alzheimer’s Disease


Omar Kassaar, Marta Pereira Morais, Suying Xu et al.



Elemental stoichiometry and compositions of weevil larvae and two acorn hosts under natural phosphorus variation


Huawei Ji, Baoming Du, Chunjiang Liu


To understand how different trophic organisms in a parasite food chain adapt to the differences in soil nutrient conditions, we investigated stoichiometric variation and …


MKRN2 is a novel ubiquitin E3 ligase for the p65 subunit of NF-κB and negatively regulates inflammatory responses


Chanyoung Shin, Yuma Ito, Shota Ichikawa et al.


Activation of NF-κB transcription factor is strictly regulated to prevent excessive inflammatory responses leading to immunopathology. However, it still remains unclear how NF-κB …


Non-photonic sensing of membrane-delimited reactive species with a Na+ channel protein containing selenocysteine


Navin K. Ojha, Enrico Leipold, Roland Schönherr et al.


Photonic experiments are of key importance in life sciences but light-induced side effects are serious confounding factors. Here we introduce roNaV2, an engineered voltage-gated …


Immunoscreening of Plasmodium falciparum proteins expressed in a wheat germ cell-free system reveals a novel malaria vaccine candidate


Masayuki Morita, Eizo Takashima, Daisuke Ito et al.


The number of malaria vaccine candidates in preclinical and clinical development is limited. To identify novel blood-stage malaria vaccine candidates, we constructed a library of …


Load- and polysaccharide-dependent activation of the Na+-type MotPS stator in the Bacillus subtilis flagellar motor


Naoya Terahara, Yukina Noguchi, Shuichi Nakamura et al.


The flagellar motor of Bacillus subtilis possesses two distinct H+-type MotAB and Na+-type MotPS stators. In contrast to the MotAB motor, the MotPS motor functions efficiently at …


Chemical inhibition reveals differential requirements of signaling pathways in krasV12- and Myc-induced liver tumors in transgenic zebrafish


Chuan Yan, Qiqi Yang, Xiaojing Huo et al.


Previously we have generated inducible liver tumor models by transgenic expression of an oncogene and robust tumorigenesis can be rapidly induced by activation of the oncogene in …


Polysulfides (H2Sn) produced from the interaction of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitric oxide (NO) activate TRPA1 channels


Ryo Miyamoto, Shin Koike, Yoko Takano et al.


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exerts synergistic effects with another gaseous signaling molecule nitric oxide (NO) on ion channels and vasculature. However, the mechanism of the synergy …


Phase II study of induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy in patients with borderline resectable and unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer


Michele Fiore, Sara Ramella, Sergio Valeri et al.


There is not a clear consensus regarding the optimal treatment of locally advanced pancreatic disease. There is a potential role for neoadjuvant therapy to treat micrometastatic …


A lignan induces lysosomal dependent degradation of FoxM1 protein to suppress β-catenin nuclear translocation


Guang-zhi Dong, Ji Hye Jeong, Yu-ih Lee et al.


Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers. In this study, we isolated a lignan [(−)-(2R,3R)-1,4-O-diferuloylsecoisolariciresinol, DFS] from Alnus japonica (Betulaceae) and …


HPV positive neuroendocrine cervical cancer cells are dependent on Myc but not E6/E7 viral oncogenes


Hang Yuan, Ewa Krawczyk, Jan Blancato et al.


Using conditional cell reprogramming, we generated a stable cell culture of an extremely rare and aggressive neuroendocrine cervical cancer. The cultured cells contained HPV-16, …


Identification and expression analyses of the alanine aminotransferase (AlaAT) gene family in poplar seedlings


Zhiru Xu, Jing Ma, Chunpu Qu et al.


Alanine aminotransferase (AlaAT, E.C. catalyzes the reversible conversion of pyruvate and glutamate to alanine and α-oxoglutarate. The AlaAT gene family has been well …


Ablation of EYS in zebrafish causes mislocalisation of outer segment proteins, F-actin disruption and cone-rod dystrophy


Zhaojing Lu, Xuebin Hu, Fei Liu et al.


Mutations in EYS are associated with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (arRP) and autosomal recessive cone-rod dystrophy (arCRD) however, the function of EYS and the …


α-MSH and melanocortin receptors at early ontogeny in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L.)


A. Tsalafouta, M. Gorissen, T. N. M. Pelgrim et al.


Temporal patterns of whole-body α-MSH concentrations and of transcripts of melanocortin receptors during early development as well as the endocrine response (α-MSH, cortisol, MCR …


Activation of perineuronal net-expressing excitatory neurons during associative memory encoding and retrieval


Shota Morikawa, Yuji Ikegaya, Minoru Narita et al.


Perineuronal nets (PNNs), proteoglycan-rich extracellular matrix structures, are thought to be expressed around inhibitory neurons and contribute to critical periods of brain …


Elucidating fish oil-induced milk fat depression in dairy sheep: Milk somatic cell transcriptome analysis


Aroa Suárez-Vega, Pablo G. Toral, Beatriz Gutiérrez-Gil et al.


In this study, RNA sequencing was used to obtain a comprehensive profile of the transcriptomic changes occurring in the mammary gland of lactating sheep suffering from fish …


Visual crowding is a combination of an increase of positional uncertainty, source confusion, and featural averaging


William J. Harrison, Peter J. Bex


Although we perceive a richly detailed visual world, our ability to identify individual objects is severely limited in clutter, particularly in peripheral vision. Models of such …


Corrigendum: Gene expression differences in Longissimus muscle of Nelore steers genetically divergent for residual feed intake


Polyana C. Tizioto, Luiz L. Coutinho, Priscila S. N. Oliveira et al.



Computationally Discovered Potentiating Role of Glycans on NMDA Receptors


Anton V. Sinitskiy, Nathaniel H. Stanley, David H. Hackos et al.


N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) are glycoproteins in the brain central to learning and memory. The effects of glycosylation on the structure and dynamics of NMDARs are …


Aipl1 is required for cone photoreceptor function and survival through the stability of Pde6c and Gc3 in zebrafish


Maria Iribarne, Yuko Nishiwaki, Shohei Nakamura et al.


Genetic mutations in aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein-like 1 (AIPL1) cause photoreceptor degeneration associated with Leber congenital amaurosis 4 (LCA4) in human …


From Lark to Owl: developmental changes in morningness-eveningness from new-borns to early adulthood


Christoph Randler, Corina Faßl, Nadine Kalb


Morningness-eveningness or chronotype changes significantly throughout the life span. This has been reported for the transition during adolescence in some studies, and to a …


A Fluorometric Method of Measuring Carboxypeptidase Activities for Angiotensin II and Apelin-13


Pan Liu, Jan Wysocki, Peter Serfozo et al.


Degradation of the biologically potent octapeptide angiotensin Ang II-(1-8) is mediated by the activities of several peptidases. The conversion of Ang II to the septapeptide …


Corrigendum: Systemic Wound Healing Associated with local sub-Cutaneous Mechanical Stimulation


Christine Nardini, Valentina Devescovi, Yuanhua Liu et al.



FKBP65-dependent peptidyl-prolyl isomerase activity potentiates the lysyl hydroxylase 2-driven collagen cross-link switch


Yulong Chen, Masahiko Terajima, Priyam Banerjee et al.


Bruck Syndrome is a connective tissue disease associated with inactivating mutations in lysyl hydroxylase 2 (LH2/PLOD2) or FK506 binding protein 65 (FKBP65/FKBP10). However, the …


Fancd2 in vivo interaction network reveals a non-canonical role in mitochondrial function


Tingting Zhang, Wei Du, Andrew F. Wilson et al.


Fancd2 is a component of the Fanconi anemia (FA) DNA repair pathway, which is frequently found defective in human cancers. The full repertoire of Fancd2 functions in normal …


Corrigendum: Oligofructose as an adjunct in treatment of diabetes in NOD mice


Clement Chan, Colin M. Hyslop, Vipul Shrivastava et al.



Corrigendum: Electrical cream separator coupled with vacuum filtration for the purification of eimerian oocysts and trichostrongylid eggs


Saeed El-Ashram, Xun Suo



Real-time iTRAQ-based proteome profiling revealed the central metabolism involved in nitrogen starvation induced lipid accumulation in microalgae


Vineeta Rai, Muthusivaramapandian Muthuraj, Mayuri N. Gandhi et al.


To understand the post-transcriptional molecular mechanisms attributing to oleaginousness in microalgae challenged with nitrogen starvation (N-starvation), the longitudinal …


Mediation of transitional B cell maturation in the absence of functional Bruton’s tyrosine kinase


Shalini Tanwar, Atika Dhar, Vineeth Varanasi et al.


X-linked immune-deficient (Xid) mice, carrying a mutation in Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (Btk), have multiple B cell lineage differentiation defects. We now show that, while Xid …


Quantitative proteomics by SWATH-MS reveals sophisticated metabolic reprogramming in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues


Yanyan Gao, Xinzheng Wang, Zhihong Sang et al.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide, and understanding its molecular pathogenesis is pivotal to managing this disease. Sequential window …


The need to compare: assessing the level of agreement of three high-throughput assays against Plasmodium falciparum mature gametocytes


Leonardo Lucantoni, Sasdekumar Loganathan, Vicky M. Avery


Whole-cell High-Throughput Screening (HTS) is a key tool for the discovery of much needed malaria transmission blocking drugs. Discrepancies in the reported outcomes from various …


Biallelic mutations in the gene encoding eEF1A2 cause seizures and sudden death in F0 mice


Faith C. J. Davies, Jilly E. Hope, Fiona McLachlan et al.


De novo heterozygous missense mutations in the gene encoding translation elongation factor eEF1A2 have recently been found to give rise to neurodevelopmental disorders. Children …


Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles reveal novel candidate genes associated with meat quality at different age stages in hens


Meng Zhang, Feng-Bin Yan, Fang Li et al.


Poultry meat quality is associated with breed, age, tissue and other factors. Many previous studies have focused on distinct breeds; however, little is known regarding the …


Involvement of galanin and galanin receptor 2 in nociceptive modulation in anterior cingulate cortex of normal rats and rats with mononeuropathy


Meng-Lin Zhang, Hong-Bo Wang, Feng-Hua Fu et al.


The present study was performed to explore the role of galanin and galanin receptor 2 in nociceptive modulation in anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) of normal rats and rats with …


Global evolutionary history and spatio-temporal dynamics of dengue virus type 2


Kaifa Wei, Yuhan Li


DENV-2 spread throughout the tropical and subtropical regions globally, which is implicated in deadly outbreaks of DHF and DSS. Since dengue cases have grown dramatically in …


A novel label-free fluorescence assay for one-step sensitive detection of Hg2+ in environmental drinking water samples


Ya Li, Nan Liu, Hui Liu et al.


A novel label-free fluorescence assay for detection of Hg2+ was developed based on the Hg2+-binding single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and SYBR Green I (SG I). Differences from other …


Histones from Avian Erythrocytes Exhibit Antibiofilm activity against methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus


Megan Rose-Martel, Garima Kulshreshtha, Nahom Ahferom Berhane et al.


Staphylococcus aureus, a human pathogen associated with many illnesses and post-surgical infections, can resist treatment due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains and …


Antioxidant efficacy and the upregulation of Nrf2-mediated HO-1 expression by (+)-lariciresinol, a lignan isolated from Rubia philippinensis, through the activation of p38


Vivek K. Bajpai, Md Badrul Alam, Khong Trong Quan et al.


The aim of the present study was to examine the antioxidative activity of (+)-lariciresinol (LRSL), an optically active lignan isolated from Rubia philippinensis in several in …


Deployable micro-traps to sequester motile bacteria


Raffaele Di Giacomo, Sebastian Krödel, Bruno Maresca et al.


The development of strategies to reduce the load of unwanted bacteria is a fundamental challenge in industrial processing, environmental sciences and medical applications. Here, …


Offshore exposure experiments on cuttlefish indicate received sound pressure and particle motion levels associated with acoustic trauma


Marta Solé, Peter Sigray, Marc Lenoir et al.


Recent findings on cephalopods in laboratory conditions showed that exposure to artificial noise had a direct consequence on the statocyst, sensory organs, which are responsible …


Fast Collisional Lipid Transfer Among Polymer-Bounded Nanodiscs


Rodrigo Cuevas Arenas, Bartholomäus Danielczak, Anne Martel et al.


Some styrene/maleic acid (SMA) copolymers solubilise membrane lipids and proteins to form polymer-bounded nanodiscs termed SMA/lipid particles (SMALPs). Although SMALPs preserve …


A Microfluidic Immunostaining System Enables Quality Assured and Standardized Immunohistochemical Biomarker Analysis


Seyong Kwon, Chang Hyun Cho, Youngmee Kwon et al.


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) plays an important role in biomarker-driven cancer therapy. Although there has been a high demand for standardized and quality assured IHC, it has …


Unraveling the role of Calcium ions in the mechanical properties of individual collagen fibrils


Xiangchao Pang, Lijun Lin, Bin Tang


Collagen, the dominating material in the extracellular matrix, provides the strength, elasticity and mechanical stability to the organisms. The mechanical property of collagen is …


Antibody-targeted paclitaxel loaded nanoparticles for the treatment of CD20+ B-cell lymphoma


Wendy K. Nevala, John T. Butterfield, Shari L. Sutor et al.


We developed a nano-antibody targeted chemotherapy (nATC) delivery strategy in which tumor specific and clinically relevant antibodies (rituximab, anti-CD20) are non-covalently …


Corrigendum: Analysis of the common genetic component of large-vessel vasculitides through a meta-Immunochip strategy


F. David Carmona, Patrick Coit, Güher Saruhan-Direskeneli et al.



Carbon dioxide induced plasticity of branchial acid-base pathways in an estuarine teleost


Elizabeth B. Allmon, Andrew J. Esbaugh


Anthropogenic CO2 is expected to drive ocean pCO2 above 1,000 μatm by 2100 – inducing respiratory acidosis in fish that must be corrected through branchial ion transport. This …


Alpha-lipoic acid ameliorates the epithelial mesenchymal transition induced by unilateral ureteral obstruction in mice


Hyun Seop Cho, Jin Hyun Kim, Ha Nee Jang et al.


The epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is one of mechanisms that induce renal interstitial fibrosis. Understanding EMT in renal fibrosis has important therapeutic …


Inhibition of Pyruvate Kinase M2 Markedly Reduces Chemoresistance of Advanced Bladder Cancer to Cisplatin


Xing Wang, Fenglin Zhang, Xue-Ru Wu


Chemoresistance to cisplatin is a principal cause of treatment failure and mortality of advanced bladder cancer (BC). The underlying mechanisms remain unclear, which hinders the …


Siglec-7 restores β-cell function and survival and reduces inflammation in pancreatic islets from patients with diabetes


Gitanjali Dharmadhikari, Katharina Stolz, Michael Hauke et al.


Chronic inflammation plays a key role in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Cytokine and chemokine production within the islets in a diabetic milieu results in β-cell failure and …


Sexually-trimorphic interactions with colour polymorphism determine nectar quality in a herbaceous perennial


Sandra Varga, Carl D. Soulsbury


Amongst gynodioecious plant breeding systems, there can exist intermediate morphs with a reduction in their male function (i.e. reduced number of functional anthers). Along with …


The c-Jun N-terminal kinase prevents oxidative stress induced by UV and thermal stresses in corals and human cells


Lucile Courtial, Vincent Picco, Renaud Grover et al.


Coral reefs are of major ecological and socio-economic interest. They are threatened by global warming and natural pressures such as solar ultraviolet radiation. While great …


Dynamic metabolic profiling together with transcription analysis reveals salinity-induced starch-to-lipid biosynthesis in alga Chlamydomonas sp. JSC4


Shih-Hsin Ho, Akihito Nakanishi, Yuichi Kato et al.


Biodiesel production using microalgae would play a pivotal role in satisfying future global energy demands. Understanding of lipid metabolism in microalgae is important to …


The role of motion and number of element locations in mirror symmetry perception


Rebecca J. Sharman, Elena Gheorghiu


The human visual system has specialised mechanisms for encoding mirror-symmetry and for detecting symmetric motion-directions for objects that loom or recede from the observers. …


Visuomotor adaptation in head-mounted virtual reality versus conventional training


J. M. Anglin, T. Sugiyama, S.-L. Liew


Immersive, head-mounted virtual reality (HMD-VR) provides a unique opportunity to understand how changes in sensory environments affect motor learning. However, potential …


Erratum: Molecular analysis of the factorless internal ribosome entry site in Cricket Paralysis virus infection


Craig H. Kerr, Zi Wang Ma, Christopher J. Jang et al.



The crosstalk between Target of Rapamycin (TOR) and Jasmonic Acid (JA) signaling existing in Arabidopsis and cotton


Yun Song, Ge Zhao, Xueyan Zhang et al.


Target of rapamycin (TOR) acts as an important regulator of cell growth, development and stress responses in most examined diploid eukaryotes. However, little is known about TOR …


Reprogramming MHC specificity by CRISPR-Cas9-assisted cassette exchange


William Kelton, Ann Cathrin Waindok, Theresa Pesch et al.


The development of programmable nucleases has enabled the application of new genome engineering strategies for cellular immunotherapy. While targeted nucleases have mostly been …


Identification of conserved proteins from diverse shell matrix proteome in Crassostrea gigas: characterization of genetic bases regulating shell formation


Dandan Feng, Qi Li, Hong Yu et al.


The calcifying shell is an excellent model for studying biomineralization and evolution. However, the molecular mechanisms of shell formation are only beginning to be elucidated …


A UPF0118 family protein with uncharacterized function from the moderate halophile Halobacillus andaensis represents a novel class of Na+(Li+)/H+ antiporter


Ping Dong, Lidan Wang, Na Song et al.


In this study, genomic DNA was screened from Halobacillus andaensis NEAU-ST10-40T by selection in Escherichia coli KNabc lacking three major Na+/H+ antiporters. One gene …


Innate immunity modulation in the duodenal mucosa induced by REM sleep deprivation during infection with Trichinella spirallis


Elizabeth G. Ibarra-Coronado, Armando Pérez-Torres, Ana M. Pantaleón-Martínez et al.


Sleep is considered to be an important predictor of the immunity, since the absence of sleep can affect the development of the immune response, and consequently increase the …


Homogenizing cellular tension by hepatocyte growth factor in expanding epithelial monolayer


Hwanseok Jang, Jacob Notbohm, Bomi Gweon et al.


Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) induces cell migration and scattering by mechanisms that are thought to tip a local balance of competing physical forces; cell-to-cell and …


Lack of spontaneous age-related brain pathology in Octodon degus: a reappraisal of the model


Mathieu Bourdenx, Sandra Dovero, Marie-Laure Thiolat et al.


Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the degeneration of specific brain areas associated with accumulation of disease-related protein in extra- or intra-cellular …


Root biomass and exudates link plant diversity with soil bacterial and fungal biomass


Nico Eisenhauer, Arnaud Lanoue, Tanja Strecker et al.


Plant diversity has been shown to determine the composition and functioning of soil biota. Although root-derived organic inputs are discussed as the main drivers of soil …


Genome-wide identification of membrane-bound fatty acid desaturase genes in Gossypium hirsutum and their expressions during abiotic stress


Jiyu Feng, Yating Dong, Wei Liu et al.


Membrane-bound fatty acid desaturases (FADs) are of great importance and play multiple roles in plant growth and development. In the present study, 39 full-length FAD genes, …


Pathogen recognition of a novel C-type lectin from Marsupenaeus japonicus reveals the divergent sugar-binding specificity of QAP motif


Rod Russel R. Alenton, Keiichiro Koiwai, Kohei Miyaguchi et al.


C-type lectins (CTLs) are calcium-dependent carbohydrate-binding proteins known to assist the innate immune system as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs). The binding …


iTRAQ-based Proteomic Analysis of Porcine Kidney Epithelial PK15 cells Infected with Pseudorabies virus


Songbai Yang, Yue Pei, Ayong Zhao


Pseudorabies virus (PRV) is one of the most important pathogens of swine, resulting in severe economic losses to the pig industry. To improve our understanding of the host …


Infections of virulent and avirulent viruses differentially influenced the expression of dicer-1, ago-1, and microRNAs in Bombus terrestris


Jinzhi Niu, Ivan Meeus, Dieter IM De Coninck et al.


The microRNA (miRNA) pathway is well established to be involved in host-pathogen interactions. As key insect pollinators, bees are suffering from widely spreading viruses, …


Crosstalk between signals initiated from TLR4 and cell surface BAFF results in synergistic induction of proinflammatory mediators in THP-1 cells


Su-Geun Lim, Jae-Kwan Kim, Kyoungho Suk et al.


Cellular response to stimulation is mediated by meshwork of signaling pathways that may share common signaling adaptors. Here, we present data demonstrating that signaling …


The Histone Methyltransferase Ash1l is Required for Epidermal Homeostasis in Mice


Gang Li, Zhisheng Ye, Cheng Shi et al.


Epidermal homeostasis under normal and healing conditions are critical for the physical and functional maintenance of the skin barrier. It requires a proper balance between …


The impact of deep-tier burrow systems in sediment mixing and ecosystem engineering in early Cambrian carbonate settings


Li-Jun Zhang, Yong-An Qi, Luis A. Buatois et al.


Bioturbation plays a substantial role in sediment oxygen concentration, chemical cycling, regeneration of nutrients, microbial activity, and the rate of organic matter …


Identification of Novel MAGE-G1-Interacting Partners in Retinoic Acid-Induced P19 Neuronal Differentiation Using SILAC-Based Proteomics


Yong Liu, Yujian Chen, Shide Lin et al.


MAGE-G1 is a protein plays role in the early process of neurogenesis. However, the fundamental roles MAGE-G1 played in neurogenesis have not yet been completely understood. …


Genome-wide study of an elite rice pedigree reveals a complex history of genetic architecture for breeding improvement


Shaoxia Chen, Zechuan Lin, Degui Zhou et al.


Improving breeding has been widely utilized in crop breeding and contributed to yield and quality improvement, yet few researches have been done to analyze genetic architecture …


Localised residency and inter-annual fidelity to coastal foraging areas may place sea bass at risk to local depletion


Thomas K. Doyle, Damien Haberlin, Jim Clohessy et al.


For many marine migratory fish, comparatively little is known about the movement of individuals rather than the population. Yet, such individual-based movement data is vitally …


Disulfide Bond Formation and N-Glycosylation Modulate Protein-Protein Interactions in GPI-Transamidase (GPIT)


Lina Yi, Gunes Bozkurt, Qiubai Li et al.


Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) transamidase (GPIT), the enzyme that attaches GPI anchors to proteins as they enter the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum, is a membrane-bound …


In search of evidence for the experience of pain in honeybees: A self-administration study


Julia Groening, Dustin Venini, Mandyam V. Srinivasan


Despite their common use as model organisms in scientific experiments, pain and suffering in insects remains controversial and poorly understood. Here we explore potential pain …


Microbial Biogeography and Core Microbiota of the Rat Digestive Tract


Dongyao Li, Haiqin Chen, Bingyong Mao et al.


As a long-standing biomedical model, rats have been frequently used in studies exploring the correlations between gastrointestinal (GI) bacterial biota and diseases. In the …


Sesamol Induces Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells Apoptosis by Impairing Mitochondrial Function and Suppressing Autophagy


Zhigang Liu, Bo Ren, Yihui Wang et al.


Sesamol, a nutritional phenolic antioxidant compound enriched in sesame seeds, has been shown to have potential anticancer activities. This study aims at characterizing the …


Nucleotide Dependent Switching in Rho GTPase: Conformational Heterogeneity and Competing Molecular Interactions


Amit Kumawat, Suman Chakrabarty, Kiran Kulkarni


Ras superfamily of GTPases regulate myriad cellular processes through a conserved nucleotide (GTP/GDP) dependent switching mechanism. Unlike Ras family of GTPases, for the Rho …


XTEND: Extending the depth of field in cryo soft X-ray tomography


Joaquín Otón, Eva Pereiro, José J. Conesa et al.


We have developed a new data collection method and processing framework in full field cryo soft X-ray tomography to computationally extend the depth of field (DOF) of a Fresnel …


Human induced-pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells as an in vitro model of human hepatitis B virus infection


Fuminori Sakurai, Seiji Mitani, Tatsuro Yamamoto et al.


In order to understand the life cycle of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and to develop efficient anti-HBV drugs, a useful in vitro cell culture system which allows HBV infection and …


A Gate Hinge Controls the Epithelial Calcium Channel TRPV5


Jenny van der Wijst, Elizabeth H. Leunissen, Maxime G. Blanchard et al.


TRPV5 is unique within the large TRP channel family for displaying a high Ca2+ selectivity together with Ca2+-dependent inactivation. Our study aims to uncover novel insights …


Ovine multiparity is associated with diminished vaginal muscularis, increased elastic fibres and vaginal wall weakness: implication for pelvic organ prolapse


Stuart Emmerson, Natharnia Young, Anna Rosamilia et al.


Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) is a major clinical burden affecting 25% of women, with vaginal delivery a major contributing factor. We hypothesised that increasing parity weakens …


Claudin expression in the rat endolymphatic duct and sac - first insights into regulation of the paracellular barrier by vasopressin


Daniel Runggaldier, Lidia Garcia Pradas, Peter H. Neckel et al.


Hearing and balance functions of the inner ear rely on the homeostasis of the endolymphatic fluid. When disturbed, pathologic endolymphatic hydrops evolves as observed in …


Effect of agomelatine on memory deficits and hippocampal gene expression induced by chronic social defeat stress in mice


Vincent Martin, Najib Allaïli, Marine Euvrard et al.


Chronic stress is known to induce not only anxiety and depressive-like phenotypes in mice but also cognitive impairments, for which the action of classical antidepressant …


Artificial spatiotemporal touch inputs reveal complementary decoding in neocortical neurons


Calogero M. Oddo, Alberto Mazzoni, Anton Spanne et al.


Investigations of the mechanisms of touch perception and decoding has been hampered by difficulties in achieving invariant patterns of skin sensor activation. To obtain …


Acute effects of focused ultrasound-induced increases in blood-brain barrier permeability on rat microvascular transcriptome


Dallan McMahon, Reina Bendayan, Kullervo Hynynen


Therapeutic treatment options for central nervous system diseases are greatly limited by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Focused ultrasound (FUS), in conjunction with circulating …


Isolation of Circulating Plasma Cells in Multiple Myeloma Using CD138 Antibody-Based Capture in a Microfluidic Device


Mohammad A. Qasaimeh, Yichao C. Wu, Suman Bose et al.


The necessity for bone marrow aspiration and the lack of highly sensitive assays to detect residual disease present challenges for effective management of multiple myeloma (MM), …


A novel tool for monitoring endogenous alpha-synuclein transcription by NanoLuciferase tag insertion at the 3′end using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technique


Sambuddha Basu, Levi Adams, Subhrangshu Guhathakurta et al.


α-synuclein (α-SYN) is a major pathologic contributor to Parkinson’s disease (PD). Multiplication of α-SYN encoding gene (SNCA) is correlated with early onset of the disease …


Structural basis for a novel type of cytokinin-activating protein


Hogyun Seo, Kyung-Jin Kim


The Lonely Guy (LOG) protein has been identified as a crucial enzyme involved in the production of cytokinins, which are important phytohormones, in plants and plant-interacting …


Quantification of bioluminescence from the surface to the deep sea demonstrates its predominance as an ecological trait


Séverine Martini, Steven H. D. Haddock


The capability of animals to emit light, called bioluminescence, is considered to be a major factor in ecological interactions. Because it occurs across diverse taxa, …


Giant Magnetoresistive Biosensors for Time-Domain Magnetorelaxometry: A Theoretical Investigation and Progress Toward an Immunoassay


Chih-Cheng Huang, Xiahan Zhou, Drew A. Hall


Magnetorelaxometry (MRX) is a promising new biosensing technique for point-of-care diagnostics. Historically, magnetic sensors have been primarily used to monitor the stray field …


Investigation of ac-magnetic field stimulated nanoelectroporation of magneto-electric nano-drug-carrier inside CNS cells


Ajeet Kaushik, Roozbeh Nikkhah-Moshaie, Raju Sinha et al.


In this research, we demonstrate cell uptake of magneto-electric nanoparticles (MENPs) through nanoelectroporation (NEP) using alternating current (ac)-magnetic field …


Fibroblast growth factor 21, assisted by elevated glucose, activates paraventricular nucleus NUCB2/Nesfatin-1 neurons to produce satiety under fed states


Putra Santoso, Masanori Nakata, Kazuhiro Shiizaki et al.


Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21), liver-derived hormone, exerts diverse metabolic effects, being considered for clinical application to treat obesity and diabetes. However, …


Mechanistic Investigations of the Mitochondrial Complex I Inhibitor Rotenone in the Context of Pharmacological and Safety Evaluation


Sabrina Heinz, Alexius Freyberger, Bettina Lawrenz et al.


Inhibitors of the mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I are suggested to exert anti-tumor activity on those tumors relying on oxidative metabolism and are therefore of …


Epidemiology Investigation of stroke among Mongolian and Han population aged over 45 in Inner Mongolia


Chunyu Zhang, Tian Lan, Yan Zhe et al.


To discuss the status of epidemiology of stroke in the Mongolian and Han population aged over 45 years and to understand the treatment and prevention of stroke. Data collected on …


Cortical laminar tau deposits and activated astrocytes in Alzheimer’s disease visualised by 3H-THK5117 and 3H-deprenyl autoradiography


Laetitia Lemoine, Laure Saint-Aubert, Inger Nennesmo et al.


Hyperphosphorylated tau protein deposits and, inflammatory processes are characteristic components of Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology. We here aimed to visualize in vitro the …


Inhibitory Effects of Dopamine Receptor D1 Agonist on Mammary Tumor and Bone Metastasis


Kazumasa Minami, Shengzhi Liu, Yang Liu et al.


Dopaminergic signaling plays a critical role in the nervous system, but little is known about its potential role in breast cancer and bone metabolism. A screening of ~1,000 …


Glycation of paraoxonase 1 by high glucose instigates endoplasmic reticulum stress to induce endothelial dysfunction in vivo


Wei Yu, Xiaoli Liu, Liru Feng et al.


High-density lipoprotein (HDL) modulates low-density lipoprotein and cell membrane oxidation through the action of paraoxonase-1 (PON1). Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress has …


Urine metabolomics in neonates with late-onset sepsis in a case-control study


Kosmas Sarafidis, Anastasia Chrysovalantou Chatziioannou, Agathi Thomaidou et al.


Although late-onset sepsis (LOS) is a major cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality, biomarkers evaluated in LOS lack high diagnostic accuracy. In this prospective, …


Few-photon color imaging using energy-dispersive superconducting transition-edge sensor spectrometry


Kazuki Niwa, Takayuki Numata, Kaori Hattori et al.


Highly sensitive spectral imaging is increasingly being demanded in bioanalysis research and industry to obtain the maximum information possible from molecules of different …


Inhibition of protein aggregation by zwitterionic polymer-based core-shell nanogels


Robin Rajan, Kazuaki Matsumura


Protein aggregation is a process by which misfolded proteins polymerizes into aggregates and forms fibrous structures with a β-sheet conformation, known as amyloids. It is an …


Impacts of the removal of shrubs on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of Syntrichia caninervis Mitt: in a temperate desert


Ben-feng Yin, Yuan-ming Zhang, An-ru Lou


Moss crusts play important roles in biological soil crusts biomass and soil surface stabilization. However, because of increasingly intensive human activities, especially …


Protein S Heerlen mutation heterozygosity is associated with venous thrombosis risk


P. Suchon, M. Germain, A. Delluc et al.


Hereditary Protein S (PS) deficiency is a rare coagulation disorder associated with an increased risk of venous thrombosis (VT). The PS Heerlen (PSH) mutation is a rare S501P …


Effect of Vitamin D Replacement on Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis Patients


Hala Darwish, Ribal Haddad, Sahar Osman et al.


Multiple Sclerosis is associated with deficient serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH)D) level and cognitive impairment. The aim of this study is to evaluate cognitive performance in …


Resveratrol protects podocytes against apoptosis via stimulation of autophagy in a mouse model of diabetic nephropathy


Shan-Shan Huang, Da-Fa Ding, Sheng Chen et al.


Podocyte apoptosis coincides with albuminuria onset and precedes podocytopenia in diabetic nephropathy. However, there is a lack of effective therapeutic drugs to protect …


Genome-wide association analysis for chronic venous disease identifies EFEMP1 and KCNH8 as susceptibility loci


Eva Ellinghaus, David Ellinghaus, Petra Krusche et al.


Chronic venous disease (CVD) is a multifactorial condition representing one of the most common disorders among populations of Western countries. The heritability of about 17% …


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