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Nature News highlights: 13 April 2017

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  13 April 2017    

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Joining the European Union leads to less cross-border collaboration

12 April 2017

Brain drain from entering member states led to less-integrated research in countries of origin. Read More


US regulators test organs-on-chips for food-safety monitoring

12 April 2017

The goal is to compare these engineered livers to animal models, with an eye towards replacing animal testing. Read More


How lizards get their spots

12 April 2017

Each scale on an ocellated lizard coordinates its colour with its neighbours. Read More

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Hungary's protests, coral bleaching and a neutrino anomaly

12 April 2017

The week in science: 7–13 April 2017. Read More


Saturn spacecraft begins science swan-song

12 April 2017

NASA's Cassini probe will go where no spacecraft has gone before — between a planet and its rings. Read More


Antarctica's sleeping ice giant could wake soon

12 April 2017

The massive East Antarctic Ice Sheet looks stable from above — but it's a dangerously different story below. Read More


Immigration crackdowns damage health — even for unborn children

12 April 2017

The lasting effects of stress and fear of deportation are beginning to emerge. Read More


Unravelling why shoelace knots fail

11 April 2017

A better understanding of this pedestrian problem could lead to improved surgeons' knots and fibres. Read More


Muons' big moment could fuel new physics

11 April 2017

Fermilab experiment to measure muon magnetic moment more precisely might reveal unknown virtual particles. Read More


Cutting collaborations will not put 'America first'

11 April 2017

Supporting scientists in the developing world is in the United States' self-interest, argues Wasim Maziak. Read More


Billion-dollar boost sought for Canadian science

10 April 2017

Highly anticipated independent review also calls for better oversight and coordination of government research spending. Read More


Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'

10 April 2017

Birds were spiritual emblems in pueblos of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Read More


Mobile-phone signals bolster street-level rain forecasts

07 April 2017

Real-time analysis of wireless communications data could improve weather forecasts around the world. Read More


Last-ditch attempt to save world's most endangered porpoise gets go-ahead

07 April 2017

Funds approved for plan to round up last 30 vaquitas into protective 'sea pens'. Read More


23andMe given green light to sell DNA tests for 10 diseases

06 April 2017

US Food and Drug Administration says firm can provide consumers with information on genetic risks. Read More


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