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  07 March 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Graphene Visualizes the Ion Distribution on Air-Cleaved Mica


Pantelis Bampoulis, Kai Sotthewes, Martin H. Siekman et al.


The distribution of potassium (K+) ions on air-cleaved mica is important in many interfacial phenomena such as crystal growth, self-assembly and charge transfer on mica. However, …


SWCNT Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Production from Water upon Photoexcitation of (8, 3) SWCNT at 680-nm Light


Noritake Murakami, Yuto Tango, Hideaki Miyake et al.


Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) are potentially strong optical absorbers with tunable absorption bands depending on their chiral indices (n, m). Their application for …


Second order optical nonlinearity of graphene due to electric quadrupole and magnetic dipole effects


J. L. Cheng, N. Vermeulen, J. E. Sipe


We present a practical scheme to separate the contributions of the electric quadrupole-like and the magnetic dipole-like effects to the forbidden second order optical nonlinear …


Real-time analysis of arc-induced Long Period Gratings under gamma irradiation


Flavio Esposito, Rajeev Ranjan, Andrei Stăncălie et al.


In this paper, we present a comparative experimental and theoretical study on gamma radiation sensitivity of Long Period Gratings (LPGs), fabricated by electric arc discharge …


Thermal Conductance of the 2D MoS2/h-BN and graphene/h-BN Interfaces


Yi Liu, Zhun-Yong Ong, Jing Wu et al.


Two-dimensional (2D) materials and their corresponding van der Waals heterostructures have drawn tremendous interest due to their extraordinary electrical and optoelectronic …


Manipulation of a Nuclear Spin by a Magnetic Domain Wall in a Quantum Hall Ferromagnet


M. Korkusinski, P. Hawrylak, H. W. Liu et al.


The manipulation of a nuclear spin by an electron spin requires the energy to flip the electron spin to be vanishingly small. This can be realized in a many electron system with …


Facile approach to fabricate waterborne polyaniline nanocomposites with environmental benignity and high physical properties


Haihua Wang, Huan Wen, Bin Hu et al.


Waterborne polyaniline (PANI) dispersion has got extensive attention due to its environmental friendliness and good processability, whereas the storage stability and mechanical …


In-situ preparation of hierarchical flower-like TiO2/carbon nanostructures as fillers for polymer composites with enhanced dielectric properties


Nuoxin Xu, Qilong Zhang, Hui Yang et al.


Novel three-dimensional hierarchical flower-like TiO2/carbon (TiO2/C) nanostructures were in-situ synthesized via a solvothermal method involving calcination of organic precursor …


Fundamental limits of ultrathin metasurfaces


Amir Arbabi, Andrei Faraon


We present a set of universal relations which relate the local transmission, reflection, and polarization conversion coefficients of a general class of non-magnetic passive …


Antiferromagnetic THz-frequency Josephson-like Oscillator Driven by Spin Current


Roman Khymyn, Ivan Lisenkov, Vasyl Tiberkevich et al.


The development of compact and tunable room temperature sources of coherent THz-frequency signals would open a way for numerous new applications. The existing approaches to …


High efficiency quantum cascade laser frequency comb


Quanyong Lu, Donghai Wu, Steven Slivken et al.


An efficient mid-infrared frequency comb source is of great interest to high speed, high resolution spectroscopy and metrology. Here we demonstrate a mid-IR quantum cascade laser …


Room-temperature short-wavelength infrared Si photodetector


Yonder Berencén, Slawomir Prucnal, Fang Liu et al.


The optoelectronic applications of Si are restricted to the visible and near-infrared spectral range due to its 1.12 eV-indirect band gap. Sub-band gap light detection in Si, for …


Dynamics of cancerous tissue correlates with invasiveness


Ann-Katrine Vransø West, Lena Wullkopf, Amalie Christensen et al.


Two of the classical hallmarks of cancer are uncontrolled cell division and tissue invasion, which turn the disease into a systemic, life-threatening condition. Although both …


Universal slip dynamics in metallic glasses and granular matter – linking frictional weakening with inertial effects


Dmitry V. Denisov, Kinga A. Lőrincz, Wendelin J. Wright et al.


Slowly strained solids deform via intermittent slips that exhibit a material-independent critical size distribution. Here, by comparing two disparate systems - granular materials …


Laser irradiated fluorescent perfluorocarbon microparticles in 2-D and 3-D breast cancer cell models


Chengcheng Niu, Long Wang, Zhigang Wang et al.


Perfluorocarbon (PFC) droplets were studied as new generation ultrasound contrast agents via acoustic or optical droplet vaporization (ADV or ODV). Little is known about the ODV …


Acoustic Coherent Perfect Absorbers as Sensitive Null Detectors


Chong Meng, Xiaonan Zhang, Suet To Tang et al.


We report the experimental realization of acoustic coherent perfect absorption (CPA) of four symmetric scatterers of very different structures. The only conditions necessary for …


A Cobalt Supramolecular Triple-Stranded Helicate-based Discrete Molecular Cage


Hien Duy Mai, Philjae Kang, Jin Kyung Kim et al.


We report a strategy to achieve a discrete cage molecule featuring a high level of structural hierarchy through a multiple-assembly process. A cobalt (Co) supramolecular …


Polarization-controlled optimal scatter suppression in transient absorption spectroscopy


Pavel Malý, Janneke Ravensbergen, John T. M. Kennis et al.


Ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy is a powerful technique to study fast photo-induced processes, such as electron, proton and energy transfer, isomerization and …


Oscillations and accelerations of ice crystal growth rates in microgravity in presence of antifreeze glycoprotein impurity in supercooled water


Yoshinori Furukawa, Ken Nagashima, Shun-ichi Nakatsubo et al.


The free growth of ice crystals in supercooled bulk water containing an impurity of glycoprotein, a bio-macromolecule that functions as ‘antifreeze’ in living organisms in a …


Multifunctional Nano-engineered Polymer Surfaces with Enhanced Mechanical Resistance and Superhydrophobicity


Jaime J. Hernández, Miguel A. Monclús, Iván Navarro-Baena et al.


This paper presents a multifunctional polymer surface that provides superhydrophobicity and self–cleaning functions together with an enhancement in mechanical and electrical …


Multi-gigahertz, femtosecond Airy beam optical parametric oscillator pumped at 78 MHz


A. Aadhi, Varun Sharma, N. Apurv Chaitanya et al.


We report a high power ultrafast Airy beam source producing femtosecond pulses at multi-gigahertz (GHz) repetition rate (RR). Based on intra-cavity cubic phase modulation of an …


Chiral magnetoresistance in the Weyl semimetal NbP


Anna Corinna Niemann, Johannes Gooth, Shu-Chun Wu et al.


NbP is a recently realized Weyl semimetal (WSM), hosting Weyl points through which conduction and valence bands cross linearly in the bulk and exotic Fermi arcs appear. The most …


Formation mechanisms of Fe3−xSnxO4 by a chemical vapor transport (CVT) process


Zijian Su, Yuanbo Zhang, Bingbing Liu et al.


Our former study reported that Fe-Sn spinel (Fe3−xSnxO4) was easily formed when SnO2 and Fe3O4 were roasted under CO-CO2 atmosphere at 900–1100 °C. However, the formation …


Gilbert damping in CoFeB/GaAs(001) film with enhanced in-plane uniaxial magnetic anisotropy


H. Q. Tu, B. Liu, D. W. Huang et al.


A 3.5 nm amorphous CoFeB film was sputtered on GaAs (001) wafer substrate without applying magnetic field during deposition, and a significant in-plane uniaxial magnetic …


Formation and evolution of orientation-specific CO2 chains on nonpolar ZnO(10͞10) surfaces


Yunjun Cao, Min Yu, Shandong Qi et al.


Clarifying the fundamental adsorption and diffusion process of CO2 on single crystal ZnO surfaces is critical in understanding CO2 activation and transformation over ZnO-based …


Influence of deposition rate on the structural properties of plasma-enhanced CVD epitaxial silicon


Wanghua Chen, Romain Cariou, Gwenaëlle Hamon et al.


Solar cells based on epitaxial silicon layers as the absorber attract increasing attention because of the potential cost reduction. In this work, we studied the influence of the …


Active directional switching of surface plasmon polaritons using a phase transition material


Sun-Je Kim, Hansik Yun, Kyungsoo Park et al.


Active switching of near-field directivity, which is an essential functionality for compact integrated photonics and small optoelectronic elements, has been challenging due to …


Manganese mono-boride, an inexpensive room temperature ferromagnetic hard material


Shuailing Ma, Kuo Bao, Qiang Tao et al.


We synthesized orthorhombic FeB-type MnB (space group: Pnma) with high pressure and high temperature method. MnB is a promising soft magnetic material, which is ferromagnetic …


Finite-size effects on bacterial population expansion under controlled flow conditions


Francesca Tesser, Jos C. H. Zeegers, Herman J. H. Clercx et al.


The expansion of biological species in natural environments is usually described as the combined effect of individual spatial dispersal and growth. In the case of aquatic …


Wideband, wide-angle coding phase gradient metasurfaces based on Pancharatnam-Berry phase


Qiqi Zheng, Yongfeng Li, Jieqiu Zhang et al.


A new concept of the coding phase gradient metasurface (CPGM) is proposed, which is constructed using the phase gradient metasurface as the coding elements. Different from the …


Brillouin Optomechanics in Coupled Silicon Microcavities


Y. A. V. Espinel, F. G. S. Santos, G. O. Luiz et al.


The simultaneous control of optical and mechanical waves has enabled a range of fundamental and technological breakthroughs, from the demonstration of ultra-stable frequency …


Thermal transport and anharmonic phonons in strained monolayer hexagonal boron nitride


Shasha Li, Yue Chen


Thermal transport and phonon-phonon coupling in monolayer hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) under equibiaxial strains are investigated from first principles. Phonon spectra at …


The molecular structural features controlling stickiness in cooked rice, a major palatability determinant


Hongyan Li, Melissa A. Fitzgerald, Sangeeta Prakash et al.


The stickiness of cooked rice is important for eating quality and consumer acceptance. The first molecular understanding of stickiness is obtained from leaching and molecular …


Effect of Foam on Liquid Phase Mobility in Porous Media


A. A. Eftekhari, R. Farajzadeh


We investigate the validity of the assumption that foam in porous media reduces the mobility of gas phase only and does not impact the liquid-phase mobility. The foam is …


Contribution of engineered nanomaterials physicochemical properties to mast cell degranulation


Monica M. Johnson, Ryan Mendoza, Achyut J. Raghavendra et al.


The rapid development of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) has grown dramatically in the last decade, with increased use in consumer products, industrial materials, and …


3D-Printing of Meso-structurally Ordered Carbon Fiber/Polymer Composites with Unprecedented Orthotropic Physical Properties


James P. Lewicki, Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Cheng Zhu et al.


Here we report the first example of a class of additively manufactured carbon fiber reinforced composite (AMCFRC) materials which have been achieved through the use of a latent …


Cargo self-assembly rescues affinity of cell-penetrating peptides to lipid membranes


Andreas Weinberger, Vivien Walter, Sarah R. MacEwan et al.


Although cationic cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) are able to bind to cell membranes, thus promoting cell internalization by active pathways, attachment of cargo molecules to …


A Bayesian Target Predictor Method based on Molecular Pairing Energies estimation


Antoni Oliver, Vincent Canals, Josep L. Rosselló


Virtual screening (VS) is applied in the early drug discovery phases for the quick inspection of huge molecular databases to identify those compounds that most likely bind to a …


Single-Molecule Counting of Point Mutations by Transient DNA Binding


Xin Su, Lidan Li, Shanshan Wang et al.


High-confidence detection of point mutations is important for disease diagnosis and clinical practice. Hybridization probes are extensively used, but are hindered by their poor …


A selective and label-free strategy for rapid screening of telomere-binding Ligands via fluorescence regulation of DNA/silver nanocluster


Rui Cheng, Jing Xu, Xiafei Zhang et al.


Herein, the conformational switch of G-rich oligonucleotide (GDNA) demonstrated the obvious functional switch of GDNA which was found to significantly affect the fluorescence of …


Theranostic 3-Dimensional nano brain-implant for prolonged and localized treatment of recurrent glioma


Ranjith Ramachandran, Vijayabhaskar Reddy Junnuthula, G. Siddaramana Gowd et al.


Localized and controlled delivery of chemotherapeutics directly in brain-tumor for prolonged periods may radically improve the prognosis of recurrent glioblastoma. Here, we …


Visualization of neuritic plaques in Alzheimer’s disease by polarization-sensitive optical coherence microscopy


Bernhard Baumann, Adelheid Woehrer, Gerda Ricken et al.


One major hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) is the deposition of extracellular senile plaques and vessel wall deposits composed of …


Tuning coercive force by adjusting electric potential in solution processed Co/Pt(111) and the mechanism involved


Cheng-Hsun-Tony Chang, Wei-Hsu Kuo, Yu-Chieh Chang et al.


A combination of a solution process and the control of the electric potential for magnetism represents a new approach to operating spintronic devices with a highly controlled …


Study on the noncoincidence effect phenomenon using matrix isolated Raman spectra and the proposed structural organization model of acetone in condense phase


Wenwen Xu, Fengqi Wu, Yanying Zhao et al.


The isotropic and anisotropic Raman spectra of acetone and deuterated acetone isolated in an argon matrix have been recorded for the understanding of noncoincidence effect (NCE) …


Ultra-broadband Tunable Resonant Light Trapping in a Two-dimensional Randomly Microstructured Plasmonic-photonic Absorber


Zhengqi Liu, Long Liu, Haiyang Lu et al.


Recently, techniques involving random patterns have made it possible to control the light trapping of microstructures over broad spectral and angular ranges, which provides a …


Coexistence of spin ordering on ladders and spin dimer formation in a new-structure-type compound Sr2Co3S2O3


Kwing To Lai, Martin Valldor


We report on the syntheses and characterizations of single crystalline and polycrystalline Sr2Co3S2O3 with a novel crystal structure type. It contains Co–O 2-leg rectangular …


Thermographic Microstructure Monitoring in Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing


J. Raplee, A. Plotkowski, M. M. Kirka et al.


To reduce the uncertainty of build performance in metal additive manufacturing, robust process monitoring systems that can detect imperfections and improve repeatability are …


Capillary flow-driven microfluidic device with wettability gradient and sedimentation effects for blood plasma separation


M. Sneha Maria, P. E. Rakesh, T. S. Chandra et al.


We report a capillary flow-driven microfluidic device for blood-plasma separation that comprises a cylindrical well between a pair of bottom and top channels. Exposure of the …


Wavelength tunable InGaN/GaN nano-ring LEDs via nano-sphere lithography


Sheng-Wen Wang, Kuo-Bin Hong, Yu-Lin Tsai et al.


In this research, nano-ring light-emitting diodes (NRLEDs) with different wall width (120 nm, 80 nm and 40 nm) were fabricated by specialized nano-sphere lithography technology. …


Vlasouliolides A-D, four rare C17/C15 sesquiterpene lactone dimers with potential anti-inflammatory activity from Vladimiria souliei


Li-Ping Chen, Guo-Zhen Wu, Jian-Ping Zhang et al.


Vlasouliolides A-D (14), four rare sesquiterpene lactone dimers, were isolated from Vladimiria souliei. The common structural characteristic of 14 is the C32 skeleton …


Towards an accurate description of perovskite ferroelectrics: exchange and correlation effects


Simuck F. Yuk, Krishna Chaitanya Pitike, Serge M. Nakhmanson et al.


Using the van der Waals density functional with C09 exchange (vdW-DF-C09), which has been applied to describing a wide range of dispersion-bound systems, we explore the physical …


Copper-catalyzed Direct 2-Arylation of Benzoxazoles and Benzoimidazoles with Aryl Bromides and Cytotoxicity of Products


Nan-Nan Jia, Xin-Chuan Tian, Xiao-Xia Qu et al.


An efficient copper-catalyzed direct 2-arylation of benzoxazoles and benzoimidazoles with aryl bromides is presented. The CuI/PPh3-based catalyst promotes the installation of …


Digital-analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models with superconducting circuits


Lucas Lamata


We propose a digital-analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models with superconducting circuits, including Fermi- Bose condensates, biased and pulsed Dicke models, for …


High Operating Temperature and Low Power Consumption Boron Nitride Nanosheets Based Broadband UV Photodetector


Manuel Rivera, Rafael Velázquez, Ali Aldalbahi et al.


We extend our work on the use of digitally controlled pulsed laser plasma deposition (PLPD) technique to synthesize high quality, 2-dimensional single crystalline boron nitride …


V2O5 encapsulated MWCNTs in 2D surface architecture: Complete solid-state bendable highly stabilized energy efficient supercapacitor device


Bidhan Pandit, Deepak P. Dubal, Pedro Gómez-Romero et al.


A simple and scalable approach has been reported for V2O5 encapsulation over interconnected multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) network using chemical bath deposition method. …


Real-time observation of the isothermal crystallization kinetics in a deeply supercooled liquid


M. Zanatta, L. Cormier, L. Hennet et al.


Below the melting temperature Tm, crystals are the stable phase of typical elemental or molecular systems. However, cooling down a liquid below Tm, crystallization is anything …


3D Printed Graphene Based Energy Storage Devices


Christopher W. Foster, Michael P. Down, Yan Zhang et al.


3D printing technology provides a unique platform for rapid prototyping of numerous applications due to its ability to produce low cost 3D printed platforms. Herein, a …


A Peptide Amphiphile Organogelator of Polar Organic Solvents


Charlotte K. Rouse, Adam D. Martin, Christopher J. Easton et al.


A peptide amphiphile is reported, that gelates a range of polar organic solvents including acetonitrile/water, N,N-dimethylformamide and acetone, in a process dictated by β-sheet …


High-frequency torsional Alfvén waves as an energy source for coronal heating


Abhishek Kumar Srivastava, Juie Shetye, Krzysztof Murawski et al.


The existence of the Sun’s hot atmosphere and the solar wind acceleration continues to be an outstanding problem in solar-astrophysics. Although magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modes …


Monomeric, porous type II collagen scaffolds promote chondrogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vitro


M. Tamaddon, M. Burrows, S. A. Ferreira et al.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common cause of pain and disability and is often associated with the degeneration of articular cartilage. Lesions to the articular surface, which are …


Multimodal discrimination of immune cells using a combination of Raman spectroscopy and digital holographic microscopy


Naomi McReynolds, Fiona G. M. Cooke, Mingzhou Chen et al.


The ability to identify and characterise individual cells of the immune system under label-free conditions would be a significant advantage in biomedical and clinical studies …


Passion fruit-like nano-architectures: a general synthesis route


D. Cassano, J. David, S. Luin et al.


Noble metal nanostructures have demonstrated a number of intriguing features for both medicine and catalysis. However, accumulation issues have prevented their clinical …


Treatment of steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head using porous Se@SiO2 nanocomposites to suppress reactive oxygen species


Guoying Deng, Kerun Niu, Feng Zhou et al.


Reducing oxidative stress (ROS) have been demonstrated effective for steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head (steroid-induced ONFH). Selenium (Se) plays an important …


Recovering the quantum formalism from physically realist axioms


Alexia Auffèves, Philippe Grangier


We present a heuristic derivation of Born’s rule and unitary transforms in Quantum Mechanics, from a simple set of axioms built upon a physical phenomenology of quantization. …


Strain-tuned enhancement of ferromagnetic TC to 176 K in Sm-doped BiMnO3 thin films and determination of magnetic phase diagram


Eun-Mi Choi, Josée E. Kleibeuker, Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll


BiMnO3 is a promising multiferroic material but it’s ferromagnetic TC is well below room temperature and the magnetic phase diagram is unknown. In this work, the relationship …


Multi-mode of Four and Six Wave Parametric Amplified Process


Dayu Zhu, Yiheng Yang, Da Zhang et al.


Multiple quantum modes in correlated fields are essential for future quantum information processing and quantum computing. Here we report the generation of multi-mode phenomenon …


Cholesterol impairment contributes to neuroserpin aggregation


Costanza Giampietro, Maria Chiara Lionetti, Giulio Costantini et al.


Intraneural accumulation of misfolded proteins is a common feature of several neurodegenerative pathologies including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and Familial …


Chitosan-coated mesoporous MIL-100(Fe) nanoparticles as improved bio-compatible oral nanocarriers


T. Hidalgo, M. Giménez-Marqués, E. Bellido et al.


Nanometric biocompatible Metal-Organic Frameworks (nanoMOFs) are promising candidates for drug delivery. Up to now, most studies have targeted the intravenous route, related to …


Scale effect of slip boundary condition at solid–liquid interface


Gyoko Nagayama, Takenori Matsumoto, Kohei Fukushima et al.


Rapid advances in microelectromechanical systems have stimulated the development of compact devices, which require effective cooling technologies (e.g., microchannel cooling). …


Physico-mechanical and morphological features of zirconia substituted hydroxyapatite nano crystals


S. F. Mansour, S. I. El-dek, M. K. Ahmed


Zirconia doped Hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanocrystals [Ca10(PO4)6−x(ZrO2)x(OH)2]; (0 ≤ x ≤ 1 step 0.2) were synthesized using simple low cost facile method. The crystalline phases …


Modulation of circular current and associated magnetic field in a molecular junction: A new approach


Moumita Patra, Santanu K. Maiti


A new proposal is given to control local magnetic field in a molecular junction. In presence of finite bias a net circular current is established in the molecular ring which …


Protein-ligand binding affinity determination by the waterLOGSY method: An optimised approach considering ligand rebinding


Renjie Huang, Arnaud Bonnichon, Timothy D. W. Claridge et al.


WaterLOGSY is a popular ligand-observed NMR technique to screen for protein-ligand interactions, yet when applied to measure dissociation constants (KD) through ligand titration, …


Glycol Derived Carbon- TiO2 as Low Cost and High Performance Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries


Hongwei Tao, Min Zhou, Kangli Wang et al.


Carbon coated TiO2 (TiO2@C) is fabricated by a convenient and green one-pot solvothermal method, in which ethylene glycol serve as both the reaction medium and carbon source …


Optical and electrical characterizations of multifunctional silver phosphate glass and polymer-based optical fibers


Maxime Rioux, Yannick Ledemi, Steeve Morency et al.


In recent years, the fabrication of multifunctional fibers has expanded for multiple applications that require the transmission of both light and electricity. Fibers featuring …


Hydraulic forces contribute to left ventricular diastolic filling


Elira Maksuti, Marcus Carlsson, Håkan Arheden et al.


Myocardial active relaxation and restoring forces are known determinants of left ventricular (LV) diastolic function. We hypothesize the existence of an additional mechanism …


Phthalocyanine Doped Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Platform for the detection of Dopamine


Ntsoaki G. Mphuthi, Abolanle S. Adekunle, Omolola E. Fayemi et al.


The electrocatalytic properties of metal oxides (MO = Fe3O4, ZnO) nanoparticles doped phthalocyanine (Pc) and functionalized MWCNTs, decorated on glassy carbon electrode (GCE) …


Terahertz metamaterials and systems based on rolled-up 3D elements: designs, technological approaches, and properties


Victor Ya. Prinz, Elena V. Naumova, Sergey V. Golod et al.


Electromagnetic metamaterials opened the way to extraordinary manipulation of radiation. Terahertz (THz) and optical metamaterials are usually fabricated by traditional …


Predicting bone strength with ultrasonic guided waves


Nicolas Bochud, Quentin Vallet, Jean-Gabriel Minonzio et al.


Recent bone quantitative ultrasound approaches exploit the multimode waveguide response of long bones for assessing properties such as cortical thickness and stiffness. Clinical …


Acoustophoretic separation of airborne millimeter-size particles by a Fresnel lens


Ahmet Cicek, Nurettin Korozlu, Olgun Adem Kaya et al.


We numerically demonstrate acoustophoretic separation of spherical solid particles in air by means of an acoustic Fresnel lens. Beside gravitational and drag forces, …


Quantum synchronization in disordered superconducting metamaterials


M. V. Fistul


I report a theoretical study of collective coherent quantum-mechanical oscillations in disordered superconducting quantum metamaterials (SQMs), i.e. artificial arrays of …


High-speed maskless nanolithography with visible light based on photothermal localization


Jingsong Wei, Kui Zhang, Tao Wei et al.


High-speed maskless nanolithography is experimentally achieved on AgInSbTe thin films. The lithography was carried out in air at room temperature, with a GaN diode laser …


Correlation Characterization of Particles in Volume Based on Peak-to-Basement Ratio


Tatiana A. Vovk, Nikolay V. Petrov


We propose a new express method of the correlation characterization of the particles suspended in the volume of optically transparent medium. It utilizes inline digital …


Dueling biological and social contagions


Feng Fu, Nicholas A. Christakis, James H. Fowler


Numerous models explore how a wide variety of biological and social phenomena spread in social networks. However, these models implicitly assume that the spread of one phenomenon …


Inverse heat mimicking of given objects


Ahmed Alwakil, Myriam Zerrad, Michel Bellieud et al.


We address a general inverse mimicking problem in heat conduction. The objects to cloak and mimic are chosen beforehand; these objects identify a specific set of space …


Simultaneous imaging of magnetic field and temperature distributions by magneto optical indicator microscopy


Hanju Lee, Sunghoon Jeon, Barry Friedman et al.


We report a simultaneous imaging method of the temperature and the magnetic field distributions based on the magneto optical indicator microscopy. The present method utilizes an …


Homodyne detection of short-range Doppler radar using a forced oscillator model


Kunanon Kittipute, Peerayudh Saratayon, Suthasin Srisook et al.


This article presents the homodyne detection in a self-oscillation system, which represented by a short-range radar (SRR) circuit, that is analysed using a multi-time forced …


Enhanced PEC performance of nanoporous Si photoelectrodes by covering HfO2 and TiO2 passivation layers


Zhuo Xing, Feng Ren, Hengyi Wu et al.


Nanostructured Si as the high efficiency photoelectrode material is hard to keep stable in aqueous for water splitting. Capping a passivation layer on the surface of Si is an …


The respective effect of under-rib convection and pressure drop of flow fields on the performance of PEM fuel cells


Chao Wang, Qinglei Zhang, Shuiyun Shen et al.


The flow field configuration plays an important role on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). For instance, channel/rib width and total channel …


Holophyllane A: A Triterpenoid Possessing an Unprecedented B-nor-3,4-seco-17,14-friedo-lanostane Architecture from Abies holophylla


Chung Sub Kim, Joonseok Oh, Lalita Subedi et al.


A novel triterpenoid, holophyllane A (1), featuring a B-nor-3,4-seco-17,14-friedo-lanostane, along with its putative precursor, compound 2 were isolated from the methanol extract …


A high-performance liquid chromatography-electronic circular dichroism online method for assessing the absolute enantiomeric excess and conversion ratio of asymmetric reactions


Xiang Zhang, Mingchao Wang, Li Li et al.


Asymmetric reactions often need to be evaluated during the synthesis of chiral compounds. However, traditional evaluation methods require the isolation of the individual …


Double-bond-containing polyallene-based triblock copolymers via phenoxyallene and (meth)acrylate


Aishun Ding, Guolin Lu, Hao Guo et al.


A series of ABA triblock copolymers, consisting of double-bond-containing poly(phenoxyallene) (PPOA), poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), or poly(butyl acrylate) (PBA) segments, …


Highly sensitive H2S sensors based on Cu2O/Co3O4 nano/microstructure heteroarrays at and below room temperature


Guangliang Cui, Pinhua Zhang, Li Chen et al.


Gas sensors with high sensitivity at and below room temperature, especially below freezing temperature, have been expected for practical application. The lower working …


Zinc oxide nanorods functionalized paper for protein preconcentration in biodiagnostics


Sadhana Tiwari, Madhuri Vinchurkar, V. Ramgopal Rao et al.


Distinguishing a specific biomarker from a biofluid sample containing a large variety of proteins often requires the selective preconcentration of that particular biomarker to a …


Atomically informed nonlocal semi-discrete variational Peierls-Nabarro model for planar core dislocations


Guisen Liu, Xi Cheng, Jian Wang et al.


Prediction of Peierls stress associated with dislocation glide is of fundamental concern in understanding and designing the plasticity and mechanical properties of crystalline …


Understanding surface structure and chemistry of single crystal lanthanum aluminate


Stevin S. Pramana, Andrea Cavallaro, Jiahui Qi et al.


The surface crystallography and chemistry of a LaAlO3 single crystal, a material mainly used as a substrate to deposit technologically important thin films (e.g. for …


Transfer free graphene growth on SiO2 substrate at 250 °C


Riteshkumar Vishwakarma, Mohamad Saufi Rosmi, Kazunari Takahashi et al.


Low-temperature growth, as well as the transfer free growth on substrates, is the major concern of graphene research for its practical applications. Here we propose a simple …


Solid cryogen: a cooling system for future MgB2 MRI magnet


Dipak Patel, Md Shahriar Al Hossain, Wenbin Qiu et al.


An efficient cooling system and the superconducting magnet are essential components of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. Herein, we report a solid nitrogen (SN2) …


Quantum spin Hall insulators in centrosymmetric thin films composed from topologically trivial BiTeI trilayers


I. A. Nechaev, S. V. Eremeev, E. E. Krasovskii et al.


The quantum spin Hall insulators predicted ten years ago and now experimentally observed are instrumental for a break- through in nanoelectronics due to non-dissipative …


Universality of periodicity as revealed from interlayer-mediated cracks


Myung Rae Cho, Jong Hyun Jung, Min key Seo et al.


A crack and its propagation is a challenging multiscale materials phenomenon of broad interest, from nanoscience to exogeology. Particularly in fracture mechanics, periodicities …


Direct evidence of flat band voltage shift for TiN/LaO or ZrO/SiO2 stack structure via work function depth profiling


Sung Heo, Hyoungsun Park, Dong-Su Ko et al.


We demonstrated that a flat band voltage (VFB) shift could be controlled in TiN/(LaO or ZrO)/SiO2 stack structures. The VFB shift described in term of metal diffusion into the …


High emission reduction performance of a novel organic-inorganic composite filters containing sepiolite mineral nanofibers


Fei Wang, Hui Zhang, Jinsheng Liang et al.


In this work, a new organic-inorganic composite filter was prepared. The thickness, pore size, air permeability, bursting strength and microstructure were characterized …


Local structures around the substituted elements in mixed layered oxides


Shota Akama, Wataru Kobayashi, Kaoru Amaha et al.


The chemical substitution of a transition metal (M) is an effective method to improve the functionality of a material, such as its electrochemical, magnetic, and dielectric …


3D Flower-like β-MnO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Catalytic Ozonation of Dichloroacetic Acid


Gang Li, Kezheng Li, Aijuan Liu et al.


Considering the potential use of manganese oxide based nanocomposite in catalytic ozonation of water contaminant, we report unique three-dimensional (3D) nanoarchitectures …


Automated sub-5 nm image registration in integrated correlative fluorescence and electron microscopy using cathodoluminescence pointers


Martijn T. Haring, Nalan Liv, A. Christiaan Zonnevylle et al.


In the biological sciences, data from fluorescence and electron microscopy is correlated to allow fluorescence biomolecule identification within the cellular ultrastructure …


Revealing the sequence of interactions of PuroA peptide with Candida albicans cells by live-cell imaging


Nadin Shagaghi, Mrinal Bhave, Enzo A. Palombo et al.


To determine the mechanism(s) of action of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) it is desirable to provide details of their interaction kinetics with cellular, sub-cellular and …


Single-step One-pot Synthesis of Graphene Foam/TiO2 Nanosheet Hybrids for Effective Water Treatment


Weilin Wang, Zhaofeng Wang, Jingjing Liu et al.


Millions of tons of wastewater containing both inorganic and organic pollutants are generated every day, leading to significant social, environmental, and economic issues. …


Serial heart rhythm complexity changes in patients with anterior wall ST segment elevation myocardial infarction


Hung-Chih Chiu, Hsi-Pin Ma, Chen Lin et al.


Heart rhythm complexity analysis has been shown to have good prognostic power in patients with cardiovascular disease. The aim of this study was to analyze serial changes in …


Silver nanoparticles reduce brain inflammation and related neurotoxicity through induction of H2S-synthesizing enzymes


Daniel A. Gonzalez-Carter, Bey Fen Leo, Pakatip Ruenraroengsak et al.


Silver nanoparticles (AgNP) are known to penetrate into the brain and cause neuronal death. However, there is a paucity in studies examining the effect of AgNP on the resident …

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