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Nature Photonics contents March 2017 Volume 11 Number 3 pp 139 - 206

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Nature Photonics


March 2017 Volume 11, Issue 3

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The conference will feature sessions on nanomaterials, functional materials, structural material, soft matter and biomaterials, and techniques development.

May 27-29, 2016 | Zhenjiang, China 
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Scrutinizing lasers   p139
Lasers play a pivotal role in photonics, but claims of lasing are not always as robust and informative as they should be. A new trial policy at Nature Photonics aims to rectify this shortcoming.

Books and Arts


New titles at a glance   p140
Singular Optics By Gregory J. Gbur

Research Highlights


X-ray science: Unexpected diffraction | Optical imaging: Light scattering on tape | Spectroscopy: Probing antimatter | Integrated circuits: Chip-scale frequency synthesizer | Metrology: Timing is everything

News and Views


Luminescent solar concentrators: Semiconductor solution   pp143 - 144
Michael Debije
Reabsorption losses have long been holding back the commercial viability of luminescent solar concentrators. Now, non-toxic silicon-based quantum dots with enhanced Stokes shift may enable the technology to enjoy practical implementation.

See also: Article by Meinardi et al.

Light scattering: Raman shines back   pp144 - 146
Sergey E. Skipetrov
Coherent backscattering experiments indicate that spontaneous Raman scattering is a coherent process that can lead to macroscopically observable interference phenomena in disordered solid-state samples.

See also: Article by Fazio et al.

View from... NANOMETA 2017: A question of topology   pp146 - 147
Oliver Graydon
The mathematics of manifolds is providing inspiration for creating exotic states of light with unique properties such as robustness against disorder and unidirectional propagation.

Fundamental optics: Photonic bound states   p148
Noriaki Horiuchi

Nature Photonics
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Near-zero refractive index photonics   pp149 - 158
Iñigo Liberal & Nader Engheta
The underlying principles and unique optical applications of structures exhibiting near-zero dielectric permittivity and/or magnetic permeability are reviewed. The timely relevance to nonlinear, non-reciprocal and non-local effects is highlighted.



Passively mode-locked laser with an ultra-narrow spectral width   pp159 - 162
Michael Kues, Christian Reimer, Benjamin Wetzel, Piotr Roztocki, Brent E. Little et al.
A passively mode-locked laser system featuring cavity filtering and cavity-enhanced nonlinear interactions within an integrated microring resonator produces nanosecond optical pulses with a spectral width of 104.9 MHz.



Background suppression in fluorescence nanoscopy with stimulated emission double depletion   pp163 - 169
Peng Gao, Benedikt Prunsche, Lu Zhou, Karin Nienhaus and G. Ulrich Nienhaus
Stimulated emission double depletion addresses the issue of background in super-resolution imaging and quantitative microscopy through implementation of a two-pulse sequence in a modified stimulated emission depletion set-up. The measured background intensity is removed from each voxel in the acquired images thanks to time-resolved detection.

Coherent backscattering of Raman light   pp170 - 176
Barbara Fazio, Alessia Irrera, Stefano Pirotta, Cristiano D'Andrea, Salvatore Del Sorbo et al.
Constructive interference is observed in the inelastically backscattered Raman radiation from nanostructured media. The effect is studied at a macroscopic scale and is explained in the context of Rayleigh–Raman random walks inside strongly scattering materials.

See also: News and Views by Skipetrov

Highly efficient luminescent solar concentrators based on earth-abundant indirect-bandgap silicon quantum dots   pp177 - 185
Francesco Meinardi, Samantha Ehrenberg, Lorena Dhamo, Francesco Carulli, Michele Mauri et al.
Reabsorption losses in luminescent solar concentrators can be avoided by the use of indirect-bandgap semiconductor nanostructures. The technology has been used to demonstrate flexible luminescent solar concentrators with performance comparable to flat concentrators.

See also: News and Views by Debije

Ultrahigh-definition dynamic 3D holographic display by active control of volume speckle fields   pp186 - 192
Hyeonseung Yu, KyeoReh Lee, Jongchan Park and YongKeun Park
Control of speckle fields yields high-definition 3D holographic images.

Charge-integrating organic heterojunction phototransistors for wide-dynamic-range image sensors   pp193 - 199
Adrien Pierre, Abhinav Gaikwad and Ana Claudia Arias
A solution-processed organic phototransistor is operated at 100-frame-per-second rates with external quantum efficiencies above 100%. Dynamic range as high as 103 dB was shown for 30-frame-per-second operation.

Electric field-induced second-order nonlinear optical effects in silicon waveguides   pp200 - 206
E. Timurdogan, C. V. Poulton, M. J. Byrd and M. R. Watts
The application of d.c. fields across p–i–n junctions in silicon ridge waveguides leads to crystal symmetry breaking. This induces a second-order optical nonlinear susceptibility that enables phase-only modulation and second-harmonic generation with an efficiency of ∼13% W–1 at 2.29 µm.

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