Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweethearts in science, creative writing, and latest from Naturejobs

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Cultivate the muse
Scientists who find time to squeeze creative writing into their life report a pay-off.
Sweethearts in science
When couples are colleagues, work–life balance is key.
Support system
Panagiotis Vagenas moved from academia to the non-profit Project Concern International, where he helps scientists design and carry out projects.
Keep a bulletin board
Pin up the ephemera of your ghost research. It may come in useful, says Eli Lazarus.
Science communication: what it takes
Science achieves little if it stays in the lab. Here's what you need to get it out to the world, says Jessica Eise.
Science meets Netflix with data streaming
Data streaming is being used in the life sciences. Nature technology editor Jeffrey Perkel finds out more.
Travel ban update
Immigration lawyer Elizabeth Goss updates us on the US immigration ban.
Networking: a very short cheat sheet
We all know the value of networking. Here's a rundown of best practises from Amali H. Thrimawithana.
Successful vs. effective research presentations
Scientists are wasting significant time listening to presentations that fail to communicate information effectively, say David Rubenson and Paul Salvaterra.
From our library
A bridge to business
PhD holders should not underestimate their value to industry and the business sector, says Peter Fiske.
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University of Exeter
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John Innes Centre (JIC)
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University of Bristol
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Postdoctoral Positions, Boyd Lab, Stanford University
Senior Research Associate (Statistician)
University of Bristol
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German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)
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University of Dundee
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The Francis Crick Institute
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University College London (UCL)
PostDoctoral Research Scientist
Columbia University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
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Cleveland Clinic
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