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Nature News highlights: 16 February 2017

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  16 February 2017    

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Broad Institute wins bitter battle over CRISPR patents

15 February 2017

The US Patent and Trademark Office issues a verdict in legal tussle over rights to genome-editing technology. Read More


Brain scans spot early signs of autism in high-risk babies

15 February 2017

Experts say replication is needed and other hurdles must be surmounted to apply findings to the clinic. Read More


Human gene editing, a letter to President Trump and a no to homeopathy

15 February 2017

The week in science: 10–16 February 2017. Read More

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The Turkish paradox: Can scientists thrive in a state of emergency?

15 February 2017

Political upheaval threatens Turkey's ambitious plans for research and development. Read More


Science journals permit open-access publishing for Gates Foundation scholars

14 February 2017

The provisional agreement may set a precedent for other funders and journal publishers. Read More


Fractal secrets of Rorschach's famed ink blots revealed

14 February 2017

The simplicity of the stains' repeating patterns is key to why we see so many images in them. Read More


US science advisers outline path to genetically modified babies

14 February 2017

Modified human embryos should be allowed if researchers meet strict criteria, says long-awaited National Academies report. Read More


Solar and wind energy propel growth in US renewables

14 February 2017

Capacity has grown threefold in the past decade, but the country still lags behind Europe and China in sustainable energy.
Read More


World's largest wind-mapping project spins up in Portugal

14 February 2017

International team seeks better picture of wind as it moves over rugged terrain. Read More


German scientists regain access to Elsevier journals

14 February 2017

Publisher restores access as negotiations for a nationwide licence continue. Read More


Shout about the European Union's success

14 February 2017

As people in other nations watch the UK prepare to sever ties, Herman Goossens urges more scientists to stress what the EU does for them. Read More


Elusive triangulene created by moving atoms one at a time

13 February 2017

Unstable molecule couldn't be made through conventional synthesis, so IBM researchers carried out molecular surgery using a microscope tip. Read More


Heavyweight funders back central site for life-sciences preprints

13 February 2017

Coalition of scientists and research agencies argue for a one-stop shop server. Read More


Three sites where NASA might retrieve its first Mars rock

10 February 2017

Agency narrows possible targets for the first-ever sample return from the red planet. Read More


Long-awaited mathematics proof could help scan Earth's innards

10 February 2017

Proposed solution to geometry puzzle allows an object's structure to be determined from limited information. Read More


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