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  21 February 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Transformation from slip to plastic flow deformation mechanism during tensile deformation of zirconium nanocontacts


Kohei Yamada, Tokushi Kizuka


Various types of nanometer-sized structures have been applied to advanced functional and structural devices. Inherent structures, thermal stability, and properties of such …


Atom-Based Sensing of Weak Radio Frequency Electric Fields Using Homodyne Readout


Santosh Kumar, Haoquan Fan, Harald Kübler et al.


We utilize a homodyne detection technique to achieve a new sensitivity limit for atom-based, absolute radio-frequency electric field sensing of 5 μV cm−1 Hz1/2. A Mach-Zehnder …


Cuttlebone-like V2O5 Nanofibre Scaffolds – Advances in Structuring Cellular Solids


Andrea Knöller, Tomče Runčevski, Robert E. Dinnebier et al.


The synthesis of ceramic materials combining high porosity and permeability with good mechanical stability is challenging, as optimising the latter requires compromises regarding …


Control of terahertz nonlinear transmission with electrically gated graphene metadevices


Hyun Joo Choi, In Hyung Baek, Bong Joo Kang et al.


Graphene, which is a two-dimensional crystal of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, has attracted a great amount of attention due to its outstanding mechanical, thermal …


A Novel High-Density Phase and Amorphization of Nitrogen-Rich 1H-Tetrazole (CH2N4) under High Pressure


Wenbo Li, Xiaoli Huang, Kuo Bao et al.


The high-pressure behaviors of nitrogen-rich 1H-tetrazole (CH2N4) have been investigated by in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman scattering up to 75 GPa. A first …


New type of quantum spin Hall insulators in hydrogenated PbSn thin films


Liang Liu, Hongwei Qin, Jifan Hu


The realization of a quantum spin Hall (QSH) insulator working at high temperature is of both scientific and technical interest since it supports spin-polarized and …


Gate-tunable electron interaction in high-κ dielectric films


Svitlana Kondovych, Igor Luk’yanchuk, Tatyana I. Baturina et al.


The two-dimensional (2D) logarithmic character of Coulomb interaction between charges and the resulting logarithmic confinement is a remarkable inherent property of high …


Scaling analysis of field-tuned superconductor–insulator transition in two-dimensional tantalum thin films


Sungyu Park, Junghyun Shin, Eunseong Kim


The superconductor–insulator (SI) transition in two-dimensional Ta thin films is investigated by controlling both film thickness and magnetic field. An intriguing metallic phase …


Adenine-functionalized Spongy Graphene for Green and High-Performance Supercapacitors


Dalia M. El-Gendy, Nabil A. Abdel Ghany, E. E. Foad El Sherbini et al.


A simple method is demonstrated to prepare spongy adenine-functionalized graphene (SFG) as interconnected, porous 3-dimensional (3D) network crinkly sheets. Such 3D network …


Beads-Milling of Waste Si Sawdust into High-Performance Nanoflakes for Lithium-Ion Batteries


Takatoshi Kasukabe, Hirotomo Nishihara, Katsuya Kimura et al.


Nowadays, ca. 176,640 tons/year of silicon (Si) (>4N) is manufactured for Si wafers used for semiconductor industry. The production of the highly pure Si wafers inevitably …


Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration from Plasma Micro-Channel Targets


D. B. Zou, A. Pukhov, L. Q. Yi et al.


Efficient energy boost of the laser-accelerated ions is critical for their applications in biomedical and hadron research. Achiev-able energies continue to rise, with currently …


Graphene-Induced Pore Formation on Cell Membranes


Guangxin Duan, Yuanzhao Zhang, Binquan Luan et al.


Examining interactions between nanomaterials and cell membranes can expose underlying mechanisms of nanomaterial cytotoxicity and guide the design of safer nanomedical …


Laser Calorimetry Spectroscopy for ppm-level Dissolved Gas Detection and Analysis


Nagapriya K. S., Shashank Sinha, Prashanth R. et al.


In this paper we report a newly developed technique – laser calorimetry spectroscopy (LCS), which is a combination of laser absorption spectroscopy and calorimetry - for the …


Discrete Element Model for Suppression of Coffee-Ring Effect


Ting Xu, Miu Ling Lam, Ting-Hsuan Chen


When a sessile droplet evaporates, coffee-ring effect drives the suspended particulate matters to the droplet edge, eventually forming a ring-shaped deposition. Because it causes …


Elliptical polarization of near-resonant linearly polarized probe light in optically pumped alkali metal vapor


Yingying Li, Zhiguo Wang, Shilong Jin et al.


Optically pumped alkali metal atoms currently provide a sensitive solution for magnetic microscopic measurements. As the most practicable plan, Faraday rotation of linearly …


Eco-Friendly Superwetting Material for Highly Effective Separations of Oil/Water Mixtures and Oil-in-Water Emulsions


Chih-Feng Wang, Sheng-Yi Yang, Shiao-Wei Kuo


Because the treatment of oily wastewater, generated from many industrial processes, has become an increasing environmental concern, the search continues for simple, inexpensive, …


Nonlinear infrared spectroscopy free from spectral selection


Anna Paterova, Shaun Lung, Dmitry A. Kalashnikov et al.


Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is an indispensable tool for many practical applications including material analysis and sensing. Existing IR spectroscopy techniques face challenges …


Enhancement of Local Photovoltaic Current at Ferroelectric Domain Walls in BiFeO3


Ming-Min Yang, Akash Bhatnagar, Zheng-Dong Luo et al.


Domain walls, which are intrinsically two dimensional nano-objects exhibiting nontrivial electronic and magnetic behaviours, have been proven to play a crucial role in …


Correlated electron-nuclear dynamics in above-threshold multiphoton ionization of asymmetric molecule


Zhuo Wang, Min Li, Yueming Zhou et al.


The partition of the photon energy into the subsystems of molecules determines many photon-induced chemical and physical dynamics in laser-molecule interactions. The …


The X-like shaped spatiotemporal structure of the biphoton entangled state in a cold two-level atomic ensemble


Dasen Zhang, Zhiming Zhang


We study the spatiotemporal structure of the biphoton entangled state generated by the four-wave mixing (FWM) process in a cold two-level atomic ensemble. We analyze, for the …


Organic/Organic Heterointerface Engineering to Boost Carrier Injection in OLEDs


Mohammadreza Fathollahi, Mohsen Ameri, Ezeddin Mohajerani et al.


We investigate dynamic formation of nanosheet charge accumulations by heterointerface engineering in double injection layer (DIL) based organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Our …


Anomalous resistivity upturn in epitaxial L21-Co2MnAl films


L. J. Zhu, J. H. Zhao


Despite of the great scientific and technology interest, highly ordered full-Heusler L21-Co2MnAl films have remained a big challenge in terms of the availability and the …


Fabrication of single-crystalline plasmonic nanostructures on transparent and flexible amorphous substrates


Tomohiro Mori, Takeshi Mori, Yasuhiro Tanaka et al.


A new experimental technique is developed for producing a high-performance single-crystalline Ag nanostructure on transparent and flexible amorphous substrates for use in …


Role of relativity in high-pressure phase transitions of thallium


Komsilp Kotmool, Sudip Chakraborty, Thiti Bovornratanaraks et al.


We demonstrate the relativistic effects in high-pressure phase transitions of heavy element thallium. The known first phase transition from h.c.p. to f.c.c. is initially …


A Strategic Design of an Opto-Chemical Security Device with Resettable and Reconfigurable Password Based Upon Dual Channel Two-in-One Chemosensor Molecule


Tapas Majumdar, Basudeb Haldar, Arabinda Mallick


A simple strategy is proposed to design and develop an intelligent device based on dual channel ion responsive spectral properties of a commercially available molecule, harmine …


Universality of quantum computation with cluster states and (X, Y)-plane measurements


Atul Mantri, Tommaso F. Demarie, Joseph F. Fitzsimons


Measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC) is a model of quantum computation where quantum information is coherently processed by means of projective measurements on highly …


Large Metasurface Aperture for Millimeter Wave Computational Imaging at the Human-Scale


J. N. Gollub, O. Yurduseven, K. P. Trofatter et al.


We demonstrate a low-profile holographic imaging system at millimeter wavelengths based on an aperture composed of frequency-diverse metasurfaces. Utilizing measurements of …


Switching of a large anomalous Hall effect between metamagnetic phases of a non-collinear antiferromagnet


Christoph Sürgers, Thomas Wolf, Peter Adelmann et al.


The anomalous Hall effect (AHE), which in long-range ordered ferromagnets appears as a voltage transverse to the current and usually is proportional to the magnetization, often …


Durability-enhanced two-dimensional hole gas of C-H diamond surface for complementary power inverter applications


Hiroshi Kawarada, Tetsuya Yamada, Dechen Xu et al.


Complementary power field effect transistors (FETs) based on wide bandgap materials not only provide high-voltage switching capability with the reduction of on-resistance and …


Corrigendum: Finite Element Modeling of A Novel Self-Expanding Endovascular Stent Method in Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms


Mark C. Arokiaraj, Gianluca De Santis, Matthieu De Beule et al.



Super-hydrophobic Silver-Doped TiO2 @ Polycarbonate Coatings Created on Various Material Substrates with Visible-Light Photocatalysis for Self-Cleaning Contaminant Degradation


Zhengjian Li, Zongzhao Sun, Zhiqiang Duan et al.


In the present work, a facile and efficient fabrication method has been developed for creating super-hydrophobic coatings of silver-doped TiO2@polycarbonate (TiO2 (Ag)@PC) on the …


Complexity Variability Assessment of Nonlinear Time-Varying Cardiovascular Control


Gaetano Valenza, Luca Citi, Ronald G. Garcia et al.


The application of complex systems theory to physiology and medicine has provided meaningful information about the nonlinear aspects underlying the dynamics of a wide range of …


Multi-Constituent Simulation of Thrombus Deposition


Wei-Tao Wu, Megan A. Jamiolkowski, William R. Wagner et al.


In this paper, we present a spatio-temporal mathematical model for simulating the formation and growth of a thrombus. Blood is treated as a multi-constituent mixture comprised of …


Visualization of Au Nanoparticles Buried in a Polymer Matrix by Scanning Thermal Noise Microscopy


Atsushi Yao, Kei Kobayashi, Shunta Nosaka et al.


Several researchers have recently demonstrated visualization of subsurface features with a nanometer-scale resolution using various imaging schemes based on atomic force …


Frustration of crystallisation by a liquid–crystal phase


Christopher D. Syme, Joanna Mosses, Mario González-Jiménez et al.


Frustration of crystallisation by locally favoured structures is critically important in linking the phenomena of supercooling, glass formation, and liquid-liquid transitions. …


Phosphorene quantum dot saturable absorbers for ultrafast fiber lasers


J. Du, M. Zhang, Z. Guo et al.


We fabricate ultrasmall phosphorene quantum dots (PQDs) with an average size of 2.6 ± 0.9 nm using a liquid exfoliation method involving ultrasound probe sonication followed by …


Broadband gradient impedance matching using an acoustic metamaterial for ultrasonic transducers


Zheng Li, Dan-Qing Yang, Shi-Lei Liu et al.


High-quality broadband ultrasound transducers yield superior imaging performance in biomedical ultrasonography. However, proper design to perfectly bridge the energy between the …


Corrigendum: Photo Initiated Chemical Vapour Deposition To Increase Polymer Hydrophobicity


Ariane Bérard, Gregory S. Patience, Gérald Chouinard et al.



High efficient OLED displays prepared with the air-gapped bridges on quantum dot patterns for optical recycling


Hyo-Jun Kim, Min-Ho Shin, Joo-Suc Kim et al.


An optically efficient structure was proposed and fabricated to realize high brightness organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays based on a white OLED prepared with the …


Stable optical trapping and sensitive characterization of nanostructures using standing-wave Raman tweezers


Mu-ying Wu, Dong-xiong Ling, Lin Ling et al.


Optical manipulation and label-free characterization of nanoscale structures open up new possibilities for assembly and control of nanodevices and biomolecules. Optical tweezers …


Voltage-induced magnetization dynamics in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions


Katsuya Miura, Shin Yabuuchi, Masaki Yamada et al.


Recent progress in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) with a perpendicular easy axis consisting of CoFeB and MgO stacking structures has shown that magnetization dynamics are …


Ge nanopillar solar cells epitaxially grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition


Youngjo Kim, Nguyen Dinh Lam, Kangho Kim et al.


Radial junction solar cells with vertically aligned wire arrays have been widely studied to improve the power conversion efficiency. In this work, we report the first Ge …


A terahertz in-line polarization converter based on through-via connected double layer slot structures


Jeong Min Woo, Sajid Hussain, Jae-Hyung Jang


A terahertz (THz) in-line polarization converter that yields a polarization conversion ratio as high as 99.9% is demonstrated at 1 THz. It has double-layer slot structures …


High-velocity deformation of Al0.3CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy: Remarkable resistance to shear failure


Z. Li, S. Zhao, H. Diao et al.


The mechanical behavior of a single phase (fcc) Al0.3CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy (HEA) was studied in the low and high strain-rate regimes. The combination of multiple …


A new model for in situ nitrogen incorporation into 4H-SiC during epitaxy


Gabriel Ferro, Didier Chaussende


Nitrogen doping of 4H-SiC during vapor phase epitaxy is still lacking of a general model explaining the apparently contradictory trends obtained by different teams. In this …


Multiple crossovers between positive and negative magnetoresistance versus field due to fragile spin structure in metallic GdPd3


Abhishek Pandey, Chandan Mazumdar, R. Ranganathan et al.


Studies on the phenomenon of magnetoresistance (MR) have produced intriguing and application-oriented outcomes for decades–colossal MR, giant MR and recently discovered extremely …


Wide-band/angle Blazed Surfaces using Multiple Coupled Blazing Resonances


Mohammad Memarian, Xiaoqiang Li, Yasuo Morimoto et al.


Blazed gratings can reflect an oblique incident wave back in the path of incidence, unlike mirrors and metal plates that only reflect specular waves. Perfect blazing (and zero …


Long-lasting solid lubrication by CNT-coated patterned surfaces


L. Reinert, F. Lasserre, C. Gachot et al.


The use of lubricants (solid or liquid) is a well-known and suitable approach to reduce friction and wear of moving machine components. Another possibility to influence the …


Focus on PNA Flexibility and RNA Binding using Molecular Dynamics and Metadynamics


Massimiliano Donato Verona, Vincenzo Verdolino, Ferruccio Palazzesi et al.


Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) can efficiently target DNA or RNA acting as chemical tools for gene regulation. Their backbone modification and functionalization is often used to …


Quantitative evaluation on the characteristics of activated sludge granules and flocs using a fuzzy entropy-based approach


Fang Fang, Li-Li Qiao, Bing-Jie Ni et al.


Activated sludge granules and flocs have their inherent advantages and disadvantages for wastewater treatment due to their different characteristics. So far quantitative …


Zebrafish tracking using convolutional neural networks


Zhiping XU, Xi En Cheng


Keeping identity for a long term after occlusion is still an open problem in the video tracking of zebrafish-like model animals, and accurate animal trajectories are the …


Visualisation of abscisic acid and 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid in immature Phaseolus vulgaris L. seeds using desorption electrospray ionisation-imaging mass spectrometry


Hirofumi Enomoto, Takuya Sensu, Kei Sato et al.


The plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA) and the jasmonic acid related-compound 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid (OPDA) play crucial roles in seed development, dormancy, and germination. …


Solution of the spatial neutral model yields new bounds on the Amazonian species richness


Yahav Shem-Tov, Matan Danino, Nadav M. Shnerb


Neutral models, in which individual agents with equal fitness undergo a birth-death-mutation process, are very popular in population genetics and community ecology. Usually these …


Evaporation of inclined water droplets


Jin Young Kim, In Gyu Hwang, Byung Mook Weon


When a drop is placed on a flat substrate tilted at an inclined angle, it can be deformed by gravity and its initial contact angle divides into front and rear contact angles by …


Synthesis of Pt/K2CO3/MgAlOx–reduced graphene oxide hybrids as promising NOx storage–reduction catalysts with superior catalytic performance


Xueyi Mei, Qinghua Yan, Peng Lu et al.


Pt/K2CO3/MgAlOx–reduced graphene oxide (Pt/K/MgAlOx–rGO) hybrids were synthesized, characterized and tested as a promising NOx storage and reduction (NSR) catalyst. Mg–Al layered …


3D printed self-driven thumb-sized motors for in-situ underwater pollutant remediation


Fen Yu, Qipeng Hu, Lina Dong et al.


Green fuel-driven thumb sized motors (TSM) were designed and optimized by 3D printing to explore their in-situ remediation applications in rare studied underwater area. Combined …


High Sensitivity Terahertz Detection through Large-Area Plasmonic Nano-Antenna Arrays


Nezih Tolga Yardimci, Mona Jarrahi


Plasmonic photoconductive antennas have great promise for increasing responsivity and detection sensitivity of conventional photoconductive detectors in time-domain terahertz …


An empirical analysis of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa


Abdul Khaleque, Parongama Sen


The data for the Ebola outbreak that occurred in 2014–2016 in three countries of West Africa are analysed within a common framework. The analysis is made using the results of an …


Dynamic control of asymmetric electromagnetic wave transmission by active chiral metamaterial


Ke Chen, Yijun Feng, Li Cui et al.


The asymmetric transmission of electromagnetic (EM) wave can be fully manipulated by chiral metamaterials, but little can achieve real-time and high efficient tunability due to …


Large area and broadband ultra-black absorber using microstructured aluminum doped silicon films


Zhen Liu, Hai Liu, Xiaoyi Wang et al.


A large area and broadband ultra-black absorber based on microstructured aluminum (Al) doped silicon (Si) films prepared by a low-cost but very effective approach is presented. …


Optical Switching Using Transition from Dipolar to Charge Transfer Plasmon Modes in Ge2Sb2Te5 Bridged Metallodielectric Dimers


Arash Ahmadivand, Burak Gerislioglu, Raju Sinha et al.


Capacitive coupling and direct shuttling of charges in nanoscale plasmonic components across a dielectric spacer and through a conductive junction lead to excitation of …


Hydrostatic pressure effect on magnetic phase transition and magnetocaloric effect of metamagnetic TmZn compound


Lingwei Li, Guanghui Hu, Yang Qi et al.


The magnetocaloric effect (MCE) is an intrinsic thermal response of all magnetic solids which has a direct and strong correlation with the corresponding magnetic phase …


From Initial Nucleation to Cassie-Baxter State of Condensed Droplets on Nanotextured Superhydrophobic Surfaces


Cunjing Lv, Xiwen Zhang, Fenglei Niu et al.


Understanding how droplet condensation happens plays an essential role for our fundamental insights of wetting behaviors in nature and numerous applications. Since there is a …


Quantum non-Markovianity induced by Anderson localization


Salvatore Lorenzo, Federico Lombardo, Francesco Ciccarello et al.


As discovered by P. W. Anderson, excitations do not propagate freely in a disordered lattice, but, due to destructive interference, they localise. As a consequence, when an atom …


Construction of a Cerebral Hemorrhage Test System Operated in Real-time


Gen Li, Jian Sun, Ke Ma et al.


The real-time monitoring and evaluation of the severity and progression of cerebral hemorrhage is essential to its intensive care and its successful emergency treatment. Based on …


Duration of SHIV production by infected cells is not exponentially distributed: Implications for estimates of infection parameters and antiviral efficacy


Catherine A. A. Beauchemin, Tomoyuki Miura, Shingo Iwami


The duration of the eclipse phase, from cell infection to the production and release of the first virion progeny, immediately followed by the virus-production phase, from the …


In situ observation of macroscopic phase separation in cobalt hexacyanoferrate film


Masamitsu Takachi, Yutaka Moritomo


Lithium-ion secondary batteries (LIBs) store electric energy via Li+ deintercalation from cathode materials. The Li+ deintercalation frequently drives a first-order phase …


Bribery games on inter-dependent regular networks


Prateek Verma, Anjan K. Nandi, Supratim Sengupta


We examine a scenario of social conflict that is manifest during an interaction between government servants providing a service and citizens who are legally entitled to the …


Biological motion distorts size perception


Peter Veto, Wolfgang Einhäuser, Nikolaus F. Troje


Visual illusions explore the limits of sensory processing and provide an ideal testbed to study perception. Size illusions – stimuli whose size is consistently misperceived – do …


Plasmonic nanomeshes: their ambivalent role as transparent electrodes in organic solar cells


Christian Stelling, Chetan R. Singh, Matthias Karg et al.


In this contribution, the optical losses and gains attributed to periodic nanohole array electrodes in polymer solar cells are systematically studied. For this, thin gold …


Nearly-octave wavelength tuning of a continuous wave fiber laser


Lei Zhang, Huawei Jiang, Xuezong Yang et al.


The wavelength tunability of conventional fiber lasers are limited by the bandwidth of gain spectrum and the tunability of feedback mechanism. Here a fiber laser which is …


1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate as a highly efficient organocatalyst for cyanosilylation of carbonyl compounds with trimethylsilyl cyanide


Bakhtar Ullah, Jingwen Chen, Zhiguo Zhang et al.


1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate is introduced as a robust organocatalyst for solvent-free cyanosilylation of carbonyl compounds with trimethylsilyl cyanide (TMSCN). The …


Comparisons of aerosol backscatter using satellite and ground lidars: implications for calibrating and validating spaceborne lidar


Gary Gimmestad, Haviland Forrister, Tomas Grigas et al.


The Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization (CALIOP) instrument on the polar orbiter Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation (CALIPSO) is an …


Label-free Detection of Influenza Viruses using a Reduced Graphene Oxide-based Electrochemical Immunosensor Integrated with a Microfluidic Platform


Renu Singh, Seongkyeol Hong, Jaesung Jang


Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) has recently gained considerable attention for use in electrochemical biosensing applications due to its outstanding conducting properties and large …


The Biophysical Probes 2-fluorohistidine and 4-fluorohistidine: Spectroscopic Signatures and Molecular Properties


Chandana Kasireddy, Jonathan M. Ellis, James G. Bann et al.


Fluorinated amino acids serve as valuable biological probes, by reporting on local protein structure and dynamics through 19F NMR chemical shifts. 2-fluorohistidine and …


All-nitride AlxGa1−xN:Mn/GaN distributed Bragg reflectors for the near-infrared


Giulia Capuzzo, Dmytro Kysylychyn, Rajdeep Adhikari et al.


Since the technological breakthrough prompted by the inception of light emitting diodes based on III-nitrides, these material systems have emerged as strategic semiconductors not …


Nanomechanical effects of light unveil photons momentum in medium


Gopal Verma, Komal Chaudhary, Kamal P. Singh


Precision measurement on momentum transfer between light and fluid interface has many implications including resolving the intriguing nature of photons momentum in a medium. For …


Eu3+-doped Bi4Si3O12 red phosphor for solid state lighting: microwave synthesis, characterization, photoluminescence properties and thermal quenching mechanisms


Yan Zhang, Jiayue Xu, Qingzhi Cui et al.


Europium-doped bismuth silicate (Bi4Si3O12) phosphor has been prepared by microwave irradiation method and its crystal structure is determined using Rietveld method. As-prepared …


Four reversible and reconfigurable structures for three-phase emulsions: extended morphologies and applications


Xue-hui Ge, Yu-hao Geng, Qiao-chu Zhang et al.


Here in this article, we classify and conclude the four morphologies of three-phase emulsions. Remarkably, we achieve the reversible transformations between every shape. Through …


Machine-learned approximations to Density Functional Theory Hamiltonians


Ganesh Hegde, R. Chris Bowen


Large scale Density Functional Theory (DFT) based electronic structure calculations are highly time consuming and scale poorly with system size. While semi-empirical …


Aging transition by random errors


Zhongkui Sun, Ning Ma, Wei Xu


In this paper, the effects of random errors on the oscillating behaviors have been studied theoretically and numerically in a prototypical coupled nonlinear oscillator. Two kinds …


Real-time broadband terahertz spectroscopic imaging by using a high-sensitivity terahertz camera


Natsuki Kanda, Kuniaki Konishi, Natsuki Nemoto et al.


Terahertz (THz) imaging has a strong potential for applications because many molecules have fingerprint spectra in this frequency region. Spectroscopic imaging in the THz region …


Automated Detection of Malarial Retinopathy in Digital Fundus Images for Improved Diagnosis in Malawian Children with Clinically Defined Cerebral Malaria


Vinayak Joshi, Carla Agurto, Simon Barriga et al.


Cerebral malaria (CM), a complication of malaria infection, is the cause of the majority of malaria-associated deaths in African children. The standard clinical case definition …


Band-Engineered Local Cooling in Nanoscale Junctions


Bailey C. Hsu, Yu-Chang Chen


The stability and performance of nanoscale junctions are closely related to the local effective temperature. The local effective temperature is mainly caused by the competition …


Finite-temperature scaling of trace distance discord near criticality in spin diamond structure


W. W. Cheng, X. Y. Wang, Y. B. Sheng et al.


In this work we explore the quantum correlation quantified by trace distance discord as a measure to analyze the quantum critical behaviors in the Ising-XXZ diamond structure at …


Theory of skyrmions in bilayer systems


Wataru Koshibae, Naoto Nagaosa


Skyrmion is an emergent particle consisting of many spins in magnets, and has many nontrivial features such as (i) nano-scale size, (ii) topological stability, (iii) …


Caesium-rich micro-particles: A window into the meltdown events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant


Genki Furuki, Junpei Imoto, Asumi Ochiai et al.


The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) in March 2011 caused partial meltdowns of three reactors. During the meltdowns, a type of condensed …


In vitro and in vivo responses of macrophages to magnesium-doped titanium


Bin Li, Huiliang Cao, Yaochao Zhao et al.


Modulating immune response to biomaterials through changing macrophage polarization has been proven to be a promising strategy to elicit beneficial outcomes in tissue repair. The …


Dual Electrophoresis Detection System for Rapid and Sensitive Immunoassays with Nanoparticle Signal Amplification


Fangfang Zhang, Junjie Ma, Junji Watanabe et al.


An electrophoretic technique was combined with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) system to achieve a rapid and sensitive immunoassay. A cellulose acetate filter …


Polyimide-coated carbon electrodes combined with redox mediators for superior Li-O2 cells with excellent cycling performance and decreased overpotential


Seon Hye Yoon, Yong Joon Park


We report an air electrode employing polyimide-coated carbon nanotubes (CNTs) combined with a redox mediator for Li-O2 cells with enhanced electrochemical performance. The …


A cyclometalated iridium(III) complex used as a conductor for the electrochemical sensing of IFN-γ


Xiangmin Miao, Chung-Nga Ko, Kasipandi Vellaisamy et al.


A novel iridium(III) complex was prepared and used as a conductor for sensitive and enzyme-free electrochemical detection of interferon gamma (IFN-γ). This assay is based on a …


Evaluation of the immunological profile of antibody-functionalized metal-filled single-walled carbon nanocapsules for targeted radiotherapy


Aritz Perez Ruiz de Garibay, Cinzia Spinato, Rebecca Klippstein et al.


This study investigates the immune responses induced by metal-filled single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) under in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo settings. Either empty …


Robust ferromagnetism carried by antiferromagnetic domain walls


Hishiro T. Hirose, Jun-ichi Yamaura, Zenji Hiroi


Ferroic materials, such as ferromagnetic or ferroelectric materials, have been utilized as recording media for memory devices. A recent trend for downsizing, however, requires an …


Grayscale image recording on Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films through laser-induced structural evolution


Tao Wei, Jingsong Wei, Kui Zhang et al.


Chalcogenide Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films have been widely exploited as binary bit recording materials in optical and non-volatile electronic information storage, where the crystalline …


Strong plasmonic enhancement of biexciton emission: controlled coupling of a single quantum dot to a gold nanocone antenna


Korenobu Matsuzaki, Simon Vassant, Hsuan-Wei Liu et al.


Multiexcitonic transitions and emission of several photons per excitation comprise a very attractive feature of semiconductor quantum dots for optoelectronics applications. …


Simultaneous laser excitation of backward volume and perpendicular standing spin waves in full-Heusler Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 films


Zhifeng Chen, Yong Yan, Shufa Li et al.


Spin-wave dynamics in full-Heusler Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 films are studied using all-optical pump-probe magneto-optical polar Kerr spectroscopy. Backward volume magnetostatic spin-wave …


Energy dissipation in flows through curved spaces


J.-D. Debus, M. Mendoza, S. Succi et al.


Fluid dynamics in intrinsically curved geometries is encountered in many physical systems in nature, ranging from microscopic bio-membranes all the way up to general relativity …


The Gadolinium (Gd3+) and Tin (Sn4+) Co-doped BiFeO3 Nanoparticles as New Solar Light Active Photocatalyst


Syed Irfan, Syed Rizwan, Yang Shen et al.


The process of photocatalysis is appealing to huge interest motivated by the great promise of addressing current energy and environmental issues through converting solar light …


A multiply-add engine with monolithically integrated 3D memristor crossbar/CMOS hybrid circuit


B. Chakrabarti, M. A. Lastras-Montaño, G. Adam et al.


Silicon (Si) based complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology has been the driving force of the information-technology revolution. However, scaling of CMOS …


Crystal shape controlled H2 storage rate in nanoporous carbon composite with ultra-fine Pt nanoparticle


Tsan-Yao Chen, Yanhui Zhang, Liang-Ching Hsu et al.


This study demonstrates that the hydrogen storage rate (HSR) of nanoporous carbon supported platinum nanocatalysts (NC) is determined by their heterojunction and geometric …


Solvent Chemistry in the Electronic Cigarette Reaction Vessel


R. Paul Jensen, Robert M. Strongin, David H. Peyton


Knowledge of the mechanism of formation, levels and toxicological profiles of the chemical products in the aerosols (i.e., vapor plus particulate phases) of e-cigarettes is …


Quantum Memristors with Superconducting Circuits


J. Salmilehto, F. Deppe, M. Di Ventra et al.


Memristors are resistive elements retaining information of their past dynamics. They have garnered substantial interest due to their potential for representing a paradigm change …


Morphologies of tungsten nanotendrils grown under helium exposure


Kun Wang, R. P. Doerner, M. J. Baldwin et al.


Nanotendril “fuzz” will grow under He bombardment under tokamak-relevant conditions on tungsten plasma-facing materials in a magnetic fusion energy device. We have grown tungsten …


Non-blind acoustic invisibility by dual layers of homogeneous single-negative media


He Gao, Yi-fan Zhu, Xu-dong Fan et al.


Non-blind invisibility cloaks allowing the concealed object to sense the outside world have great application potentials such as in high-precision sensing or underwater …


Application of pristine and doped SnO2 nanoparticles as a matrix for agro-hazardous material (organophosphate) detection


Naushad Khan, Taimur Athar, H. Fouad et al.


With an increasing focus on applied research, series of single/composite materials are being investigated for device development to detect several hazardous, dangerous, and toxic …


Modeling of amorphous SiCxO6/5 by classical molecular dynamics and first principles calculations


Ningbo Liao, Miao Zhang, Hongming Zhou et al.


Polymer-derived silicon oxycarbide (SiCO) presents excellent performance for high temperature and lithium-ion battery applications. Current experiments have provided some …


One-Step Hydrothermal Fabrication of Three-dimensional MoS2 Nanoflower using Polypyrrole as Template for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction


Xin Lu, Yingwu Lin, Haifeng Dong et al.


Herein, a facile and cost-effective strategy for hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional (3D) MoS2 with adequate active edge sites and advanced hydrogen evolution reaction …


Controlled growth of hexagonal gold nanostructures during thermally induced self-assembling on Ge(001) surface


B. R. Jany, N. Gauquelin, T. Willhammar et al.


Nano-sized gold has become an important material in various fields of science and technology, where control over the size and crystallography is desired to tailor the …


In situ study of nucleation and aggregation phases for nanoparticles grown by laser-driven methods


M. Barberio, P. Antici


In the last decades, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies have become fundamental and irreplaceable in many fields of science and technology. When used in applications, their …


A Novel Application of Non-Destructive Readout Technology to Localisation Microscopy


Samuel F. H. Barnett, Mary Snape, C. Neil Hunter et al.


The fitting precision in localisation microscopy is highly dependent on the signal to noise ratio. To increase the quality of the image it is therefore important to increase the …


Direct observation of nucleation in the bulk of an opaque sample


Chaoling Xu, Yubin Zhang, Andrew Godfrey et al.


Remarkably little is known about the physical phenomena leading to nucleation of new perfect crystals within deformed metals during annealing, in particular how and where volumes …


Revealing homogeneous plastic deformation in dendrite-reinforced Ti-based metallic glass composites under tension


F. F. Wu, J. S. Wei, K. C. Chan et al.


The tensile plastic deformation of dendrite-reinforced Ti-based metallic glass composites (MGCs) was investigated. It was found that there is a critical normalized …


Finding Stable Graphene Conformations from Pull and Release Experiments with Molecular Dynamics


Ruslan D. Yamaletdinov, Yuriy V. Pershin


Here, we demonstrate that stable conformations of graphene nanoribbons can be identified using pull and release experiments, when the stretching force applied to a single-layer …


Room temperature texturing of austenite/ferrite steel by electropulsing


Alireza Rahnama, Rongshan Qin


The work reports an experimental observation on crystal rotation in a duplex (austenite + ferrite) steel induced by the electropulsing treatment at ambient temperature, while the …


Photocatalytic TMO-NMs adsorbent: Temperature-Time dependent Safranine degradation, sorption study validated under optimized effective equilibrium models parameter with standardized statistical analysis


Rizwan Wahab, Farheen Khan, Nagendra Kumar Kaushik et al.


In this paper, chemically synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO-NPs), were employed for two processes: one is photocatalytic degradation and second one adsorption for the …


Strain Dependent Electronic Structure and Band Offset Tuning at Heterointerfaces of ASnO3 (A=Ca, Sr, and Ba) and SrTiO3


John D. Baniecki, Takashi Yamazaki, Dan Ricinschi et al.


The valence band (VB) electronic structure and VB alignments at heterointerfaces of strained epitaxial stannate ASnO3 (A=Ca, Sr, and Ba) thin films are characterized using in situ


How Native and Alien Metal Cations Bind ATP: Implications for Lithium as a Therapeutic Agent


Todor Dudev, Cédric Grauffel, Carmay Lim


Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the major energy currency of the cell, exists in solution mostly as ATP-Mg. Recent experiments suggest that Mg2+ interacts with the highly charged …


Humans expect generosity


Pablo Brañas-Garza, Ismael Rodríguez-Lara, Angel Sánchez


Mechanisms supporting human ultra-cooperativeness are very much subject to debate. One psychological feature likely to be relevant is the formation of expectations, particularly …


Visual information and expert’s idea in Hurst index estimation of the fractional Brownian motion using a diffusion type approximation


Ali R. Taheriyoun, Meisam Moghimbeygi


An approximation of the fractional Brownian motion based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process is used to obtain an asymptotic likelihood function. Two estimators of the Hurst index …


Co-operation, Competition and Crowding: A Discrete Framework Linking Allee Kinetics, Nonlinear Diffusion, Shocks and Sharp-Fronted Travelling Waves


Stuart T. Johnston, Ruth E. Baker, D. L. Sean McElwain et al.


Invasion processes are ubiquitous throughout cell biology and ecology. During invasion, individuals can become isolated from the bulk population and behave differently. We …

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