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  14 February 2017   
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Physical Sciences

Patterned transparent electrode with a continuous distribution of silver nanowires produced by an etching-free patterning method


Kwonwoo Shin, Ji Sun Park, Jong Hun Han et al.


The outstanding electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of silver nanowire transparent electrodes are attractive for use in many optoelectronic devices, and the recent …


Investigating carrier localization and transfer in InGaN/GaN quantum wells with V-pits using near-field scanning optical microscopy and correlation analysis


MinKwan Kim, Sunghan Choi, Joo-Hyung Lee et al.


The V-pits and potential fluctuations in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) are key factors for understanding the performance of InGaN/GaN-based light-emitting diodes …


Boundary-dependent mechanical properties of graphene annular under in-plane circular shearing via atomistic simulations


Yinfeng Li, Qianling Lin, Daxiang Cui


Graphene annulus possesses special wrinkling phenomenon with wide range of potential applications. Using molecular dynamics simulation, this study concerns the effect of boundary …


Corrigendum: Correlation of p-doping in CVD Graphene with Substrate Surface Charges


S. Goniszewski, M. Adabi, O. Shaforost et al.



Corrigendum: Chemical ordering in substituted fluorite oxides: a computational investigation of Ho2Zr2O7 and RE2Th2O7 (RE = Ho, Y, Gd, Nd, La)


Jonathan M. Solomon, Jacob Shamblin, Maik Lang et al.



The selective flow of volatile organic compounds in conductive polymer-coated microchannels


Faramarz Hossein-Babaei, Ali Hooshyar Zare


Many gaseous markers of critical biological, physicochemical, or industrial occurrences are masked by the cross-sensitivity of the sensors to the other active components present …


Evaluation of Acridine Orange Derivatives as DNA-Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Auger Therapy: Influence of the Radionuclide and Distance to DNA


Edgar Pereira, Letícia do Quental, Elisa Palma et al.


A new family of 99mTc(I)- tricarbonyl complexes and 125I-heteroaromatic compounds bearing an acridine orange (AO) DNA targeting unit was evaluated for Auger therapy. …


Boosting laser-ion acceleration with multi-picosecond pulses


A. Yogo, K. Mima, N. Iwata et al.


Using one of the world most powerful laser facility, we demonstrate for the first time that high-contrast multi-picosecond pulses are advantageous for proton acceleration. By …


Optical Measurement of In-plane Waves in Mechanical Metamaterials Through Digital Image Correlation


Marshall Schaeffer, Giuseppe Trainiti, Massimo Ruzzene


We report on a Digital Image Correlation-based technique for the detection of in-plane elastic waves propagating in structural lattices. The experimental characterization of wave …


A high sensitive fiber-optic strain sensor with tunable temperature sensitivity for temperature-compensation measurement


Jie Hu, Hui Huang, Min Bai et al.


A high sensitive fiber-optic strain sensor, which consists of a cantilever, a tandem rod and a fiber collimator, was proposed. The tandem rod, which transfer the applied strain …


Local melting to design strong and plastically deformable bulk metallic glass composites


Yue-Sheng Qin, Xiao-Liang Han, Kai-Kai Song et al.


Recently, CuZr-based bulk metallic glass (BMG) composites reinforced by the TRIP (transformation-induced plasticity) effect have been explored in attempt to accomplish an optimal …


Electrical and photocatalytic properties of boron-doped ZnO nanostructure grown on PET–ITO flexible substrates by hydrothermal method


Wei Wang, Taotao Ai, Qi Yu


Boron-doped zinc oxide sheet-spheres were synthesized on PETITO flexible substrates using a hydrothermal method at 90 °C for 5 h. The results of X-ray diffraction and X-ray …


High-Performance Regular Perovskite Solar Cells Employing Low-Cost Poly(ethylenedioxythiophene) as a Hole-Transporting Material


Xiaoqing Jiang, Ze Yu, Yuchen Zhang et al.


Herein, we successfully applied a facile in-situ solid-state synthesis of conducting polymer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) as a HTM, directly on top of the perovskite …


Snapshot linear-Stokes imaging spectropolarimeter using division-of-focal-plane polarimetry and integral field spectroscopy


Tingkui Mu, Shaun Pacheco, Zeyu Chen et al.


In this paper, the design and experimental demonstration of a snapshot linear-Stokes imaging spectropolarimeter (SLSIS) is presented. The SLSIS, which is based on …


Experimental observation of spatially resolved photo-luminescence intensity distribution in dual mode upconverting nanorod bundles


Pawan Kumar, Satbir Singh, V. N. Singh et al.


A novel method for demonstration of photoluminescence intensity distribution in upconverting nanorod bundles using confocal microscopy is reported. Herein, a strategy for the …


Polarisers in the focal domain: Theoretical model and experimental validation


Rosario Martínez-Herrero, David Maluenda, Ignasi Juvells et al.


Polarisers are one of the most widely used devices in optical set-ups. They are commonly used with paraxial beams that propagate in the normal direction of the polariser plane. …


Highly stretchable and shape-controllable three-dimensional antenna fabricated by “Cut-Transfer-Release” method


Zhuocheng Yan, Taisong Pan, Guang Yao et al.


Recent progresses on the Kirigami-inspired method provide a new idea to assemble three-dimensional (3D) functional structures with conventional materials by releasing the …


Design of a Porous Cathode for Ultrahigh Performance of a Li-ion Battery: An Overlooked Pore Distribution


Jihwan Song, Junhyung Kim, Taewook Kang et al.


Typical cathode materials of Li-ion battery suffer from a severe loss in specific capacity, and this problem is regarded as a major obstacle in the expansion of newer …


Simultaneous observation of particle and wave behaviors of entangled photons


Zhong-Xiao Man, Yun-Jie Xia, Nguyen Ba An


We theoretically study wave-particle duality of two entangled photons in the spirit of quantum version of delayed-choice experiments using Hadamard gate controlled by the quantum …


Graphene Oxide Demonstrates Experimental Confirmation of Abraham Pressure on Solid Surface


Anirban Kundu, Renu Rani, Kiran S. Hazra


The century-old controversy over two contradicting theories on radiation pressure of light proposed by Abraham and Minkowski can come to an end if there is a direct method to …


Rapid prototyping of all-solution-processed multi-lengthscale electrodes using polymer-induced thin film wrinkling


Christine M. Gabardo, Robert C. Adams-McGavin, Barnabas C. Fung et al.


Three-dimensional electrodes that are controllable over multiple lengthscales are very important for use in bioanalytical systems that integrate solid-phase devices with …


Crystalline Structure, Defect Chemistry and Room Temperature Colossal Permittivity of Nd-doped Barium Titanate


Qiaomei Sun, Qilin Gu, Kongjun Zhu et al.


Dielectric materials with high permittivity are strongly demanded for various technological applications. While polarization inherently exists in ferroelectric barium titanate …


Geometric tuning of self-propulsion for Janus catalytic particles


Sébastien Michelin, Eric Lauga


Catalytic swimmers have attracted much attention as alternatives to biological systems for examining collective microscopic dynamics and the response to physico-chemical signals. …


Network growth models: A behavioural basis for attachment proportional to fitness


Michael Bell, Supun Perera, Mahendrarajah Piraveenan et al.


Several growth models have been proposed in the literature for scale-free complex networks, with a range of fitness-based attachment models gaining prominence recently. However, …


Proteins analysed as virtual knots


Keith Alexander, Alexander J. Taylor, Mark R. Dennis


Long, flexible physical filaments are naturally tangled and knotted, from macroscopic string down to long-chain molecules. The existence of knotting in a filament naturally …


Three dimensional printing of calcium sulfate and mesoporous bioactive glass scaffolds for improving bone regeneration in vitro and in vivo


Xin Qi, Peng Pei, Min Zhu et al.


In the clinic, bone defects resulting from infections, trauma, surgical resection and genetic malformations remain a significant challenge. In the field of bone tissue …


Round-robin differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution with a passive decoy state method


Li Liu, Fen-Zhuo Guo, Su-Juan Qin et al.


Recently, a new type of protocol named Round-robin differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution (RRDPS QKD) was proposed, where the security can be guaranteed without …


Corrosion resistance of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on copper


F. Mahvash, S. Eissa, T. Bordjiba et al.


Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is a layered material with high thermal and chemical stability ideal for ultrathin corrosion resistant coatings. Here, we report the corrosion …


Optimization of Buckypaper-enhanced Multifunctional Thermoplastic Composites


Zhongrui Li, Zhiyong Liang


A series of flattened-nanotube reinforced thermoplastic composites are sizably fabricated as a function of buckypaper loading. The effects of the volume fraction, nanotube …


Superior adsorption and photoinduced carries transfer behaviors of dandelion-shaped Bi2S3@MoS2: experiments and theory


Mengjiao Li, Junyong Wang, Peng Zhang et al.


The enhanced light-harvesting capacity and effective separation of photogenerated carriers in fantastic hierarchical heterostructures enjoy striking attention for potential …


Arrays of Individual DNA Molecules on Nanopatterned Substrates


Roland Hager, Alma Halilovic, Jonathan R. Burns et al.


Arrays of individual molecules can combine the advantages of microarrays and single-molecule studies. They miniaturize assays to reduce sample and reagent consumption and …


HRGFish: A database of hypoxia responsive genes in fishes


Iliyas Rashid, Naresh Sahebrao Nagpure, Prachi Srivastava et al.


Several studies have highlighted the changes in the gene expression due to the hypoxia response in fishes, but the systematic organization of the information and the analytical …


Spatial regularity of InAs-GaAs quantum dots: quantifying the dependence of lateral ordering on growth rate


T. Konishi, E. Clarke, C. W. Burrows et al.


The lateral ordering of arrays of self-assembled InAs-GaAs quantum dots (QDs) has been quantified as a function of growth rate, using the Hopkins-Skellam index (HSI). Coherent QD …


Dissipation and resonance frequency shift of a resonator magnetically coupled to a semiclassical spin


J. M. de Voogd, J. J. T. Wagenaar, T. H. Oosterkamp


We calculate the change of the properties of a resonator, when coupled to a semiclassical spin by means of the magnetic field. Starting with the Lagrangian of the complete …


Dynamic in-situ sensing of fluid-dispersed 2D materials integrated on microfluidic Si chip


Benjamin T. Hogan, Sergey A. Dyakov, Lorcan J. Brennan et al.


In this work, we propose a novel approach for wafer-scale integration of 2D materials on CMOS photonic chip utilising methods of synthetic chemistry and microfluidics technology. …


Top-down, decoupled control of constitutive parameters in electromagnetic metamaterials with dielectric resonators of internal anisotropy


Sukmo Koo, Daniel R. Mason, Yunjung Kim et al.


A meta-atom platform providing decoupled tuning for the constitutive wave parameters remains as a challenging problem, since the proposition of Pendry. Here we propose an …


Ionization Study of Isomeric Molecules in Strong-field Laser Pulses


Stefan Zigo, Anh-Thu Le, Pratap Timilsina et al.


Through the use of the technique of time-of-flight mass spectroscopy, we obtain strong-field ionization yields for randomly oriented 1,2-dichloroethylene (1,2-DCE) (C2H2Cl2) and …


Web malware spread modelling and optimal control strategies


Wanping Liu, Shouming Zhong


The popularity of the Web improves the growth of web threats. Formulating mathematical models for accurate prediction of malicious propagation over networks is of great …


Mechanism study on the sulfidation of ZnO with sulfur and iron oxide at high temperature


Junwei Han, Wei Liu, Tianfu Zhang et al.


The mechanism of ZnO sulfidation with sulfur and iron oxide at high temperatures was studied. The thermodynamic analysis, sulfidation behavior of zinc, phase transformations, …


In-situ Multimodal Imaging and Spectroscopy of Mg Electrodeposition at Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces


Yimin A. Wu, Zuwei Yin, Maryam Farmand et al.


We report the study of Mg cathodic electrochemical deposition on Ti and Au electrode using a multimodal approach by examining the sample area in-situ using liquid cell …


Beam wander relieved orbital angular momentum communication in turbulent atmosphere using Bessel beams


Yangsheng Yuan, Ting Lei, Zhaohui Li et al.


Optical beam wander is one of the most important issues for free-space optical (FSO) communication. We theoretically derive a beam wander model for Bessel beams propagating in …


Measurement of absolute frequency of continuous-wave terahertz radiation in real time using a free-running, dual-wavelength mode-locked, erbium-doped fibre laser


Guoqing Hu, Tatsuya Mizuguchi, Xin Zhao et al.


A single, free-running, dual-wavelength mode-locked, erbium-doped fibre laser was exploited to measure the absolute frequency of continuous-wave terahertz (CW-THz) radiation in …


Chemical Modification of Graphene Oxide by Nitrogenation: An X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy Study


Cheng-Hao Chuang, Sekhar C. Ray, Debarati Mazumder et al.


Nitrogen-doped graphene oxides (GO:Nx) were synthesized by a partial reduction of graphene oxide (GO) using urea [CO(NH2)2]. Their electronic/bonding structures were investigated …


Plasmon-Enhanced Photocurrent using Gold Nanoparticles on a Three-Dimensional TiO2 Nanowire-Web Electrode


Yin-Cheng Yen, Jau-An Chen, Sheng Ou et al.


In this study, an anatase/rutile mixed-phase titanium dioxide (TiO2) hierarchical network deposited with Au nanoparticles (Au/TiO2 ARHN) was synthesized using a facile …


Nitrogen-doped amorphous carbon-silicon core-shell structures for high-power supercapacitor electrodes


S. A. Safiabadi Tali, S. Soleimani-Amiri, Z. Sanaee et al.


We report successful deposition of nitrogen-doped amorphous carbon films to realize high-power core-shell supercapacitor electrodes. A catalyst-free method is proposed to deposit …


Dielectric properties of almond kernels associated with radio frequency and microwave pasteurization


Rui Li, Shuang Zhang, Xiaoxi Kou et al.


To develop advanced pasteurization treatments based on radio frequency (RF) or microwave (MW) energy, dielectric properties of almond kernels were measured by using an open-ended …


Effect of lithographically-induced strain relaxation on the magnetic domain configuration in microfabricated epitaxially grown Fe81Ga19


R. P. Beardsley, D. E. Parkes, J. Zemen et al.


We investigate the role of lithographically-induced strain relaxation in a micron-scaled device fabricated from epitaxial thin films of the magnetostrictive alloy Fe81Ga19. The …


Chiral topological excitons in the monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides


Z. R. Gong, W. Z. Luo, Z. F. Jiang et al.


We theoretically investigate the chiral topological excitons emerging in the monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides, where a bulk energy gap of valley excitons is opened up …


A Novel Read Scheme for Large Size One-Resistor Resistive Random Access Memory Array


Mohammed Zackriya, Harish M. Kittur, Albert Chin


The major issue of RRAM is the uneven sneak path that limits the array size. For the first time record large One-Resistor (1R) RRAM array of 128x128 is realized, and the array …


Velocity mode transition of dynamic crack propagation in hyperviscoelastic materials: A continuum model study


Atsushi Kubo, Yoshitaka Umeno


Experiments of crack propagation in rubbers have shown that a discontinuous jump of crack propagation velocity can occur as energy release rate increases, which is known as the …


Dynamics of epidemic diseases on a growing adaptive network


Güven Demirel, Edmund Barter, Thilo Gross


The study of epidemics on static networks has revealed important effects on disease prevalence of network topological features such as the variance of the degree distribution, …


Triplet p-wave pairing correlation in low-doped zigzag graphene nanoribbons


Tianxing Ma, Fan Yang, Zhongbing Huang et al.


We reveal an edge spin triplet p–wave superconducting pairing correlation in slightly doped zigzag graphene nanoribbons. By employing a method that combines random-phase …


FOXO1-suppressed miR-424 regulates the proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of MSCs by targeting FGF2 under oxidative stress


Liangping Li, Qihua Qi, Jiaquan Luo et al.


Recently, microRNAs (miRNAs) have been identified as key regulators of the proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Our previous in vivo study and …


Locating Temporal Functional Dynamics of Visual Short-Term Memory Binding using Graph Modular Dirichlet Energy


Keith Smith, Benjamin Ricaud, Nauman Shahid et al.


Visual short-term memory binding tasks are a promising early marker for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). To uncover functional deficits of AD in these tasks it is meaningful to first …


Detailed Vascular Anatomy of the Human Retina by Projection-Resolved Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography


J. P. Campbell, M. Zhang, T. S. Hwang et al.


Optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) is a noninvasive method of 3D imaging of the retinal and choroidal circulations. However, vascular depth discrimination is limited …


Localization of Short-Chain Polyphosphate Enhances its Ability to Clot Flowing Blood Plasma


Ju Hun Yeon, Nima Mazinani, Travis S. Schlappi et al.


Short-chain polyphosphate (polyP) is released from platelets upon platelet activation, but it is not clear if it contributes to thrombosis. PolyP has increased propensity to clot …


Topological determinants of self-sustained activity in a simple model of excitable dynamics on graphs


Christoph Fretter, Annick Lesne, Claus C. Hilgetag et al.


Simple models of excitable dynamics on graphs are an efficient framework for studying the interplay between network topology and dynamics. This topic is of practical relevance to …


Partially orthogonal resonators for magnetic resonance imaging


Jorge Chacon-Caldera, Matthias Malzacher, Lothar R. Schad


Resonators for signal reception in magnetic resonance are traditionally planar to restrict coil material and avoid coil losses. Here, we present a novel concept to model …


Strain Gated Bilayer Molybdenum Disulfide Field Effect Transistor with Edge Contacts


Yu Chai, Shanshan Su, Dong Yan et al.


Silicon nitride stress capping layer is an industry proven technique for increasing electron mobility and drive currents in n-channel silicon MOSFETs. Herein, the strain induced …


Green tea polyphenol tailors cell adhesivity of RGD displaying surfaces: multicomponent models monitored optically


Beatrix Peter, Eniko Farkas, Eniko Forgacs et al.


The interaction of the anti-adhesive coating, poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLL-g-PEG) and its Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) functionalized form, PLL-g-PEG-RGD, with the green …


In vivo Pharmacological Evaluations of Pilocarpine-Loaded Antioxidant-Functionalized Biodegradable Thermogels in Glaucomatous Rabbits


Shih-Feng Chou, Li-Jyuan Luo, Jui-Yang Lai


To alleviate oxidative stress-induced ocular hypertension, grafting of antioxidant molecules to drug carriers enables a dual-function mechanism to effectively treat glaucomatous …


All-in-one 3D printed microscopy chamber for multidimensional imaging, the UniverSlide


Kevin Alessandri, Laetitia Andrique, Maxime Feyeux et al.


While live 3D high resolution microscopy techniques are developing rapidly, their use for biological applications is partially hampered by practical difficulties such as the lack …


Algal Cell Response to Pulsed Waved Stimulation and Its Application to Increase Algal Lipid Production


Oleksandra Savchenko, Jida Xing, Xiaoyan Yang et al.


Generating renewable energy while sequestering CO2 using algae has recently attracted significant research attention, mostly directing towards biological methods such as systems …


Facing the phase problem in Coherent Diffractive Imaging via Memetic Algorithms


Alessandro Colombo, Davide Emilio Galli, Liberato De Caro et al.


Coherent Diffractive Imaging is a lensless technique that allows imaging of matter at a spatial resolution not limited by lens aberrations. This technique exploits the measured …


The Multiple Roles of Small-Angle Tilt Grain Boundaries in Annihilating Radiation Damage in SiC


Hao Jiang, Xing Wang, Izabela Szlufarska


Lattice defects generated by radiation damage can diffuse to grain boundaries (GBs) and be annihilated at GBs. However, the precise role of GBs in annihilating the segregated …


Determining the nature of the gap in semiconducting graphene


J. C. Prestigiacomo, A. Nath, M. S. Osofsky et al.


Since its discovery, graphene has held great promise as a two-dimensional (2D) metal with massless carriers and, thus, extremely high-mobility that is due to the character of the …


Corrigendum: Entanglement revive and information flow within the decoherent environment


Jia-dong Shi, Dong Wang, Liu Ye



Precise measurement of ultra-narrow laser linewidths using the strong coherent envelope


Shihong Huang, Tao Zhu, Min Liu et al.


Laser linewidth narrowing down to kHz or even Hz is an important topic in areas like clock synchronization technology, laser radars, quantum optics, and high-precision detection. …


High-power dual-wavelength Ho-doped fiber laser at >2 μm tandem pumped by a 1.15 μm fiber laser


Xiaoxi Jin, Zhaokai Lou, Yizhu Chen et al.


We demonstrated a high-power continuous-wave (CW) dual-wavelength Ho-doped fiber laser (HDFL) at 2049 nm and 2153 nm with a simple coupled-cavity configuration. A ~100 W laser …


Non-patchy strategy for inter-atomic distances from Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure


Gu Xu, Guifang Li, Xianya LI et al.


Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) has been one of the few structural probes available for crystalline, non-crystalline and even highly disordered specimens. …


Mono-Energy Coronary Angiography with a Compact Synchrotron Source


Elena Eggl, Korbinian Mechlem, Eva Braig et al.


X-ray coronary angiography is an invaluable tool for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. However, the use of iodine-based contrast media can be contraindicated for patients …


Novel concept for neutron detection: proportional counter filled with 10B nanoparticle aerosol


F. D. Amaro, C. M. B. Monteiro, J. M. F. dos Santos et al.


The high neutron detection efficiency, good gamma-ray discrimination and non-toxicity of 3He made of proportional counters filled with this gas the obvious choice for neutron …


New 2D diffraction model and its applications to terahertz parallel-plate waveguide power splitters


Fan Zhang, Kaijun Song, Yong Fan


A two-dimensional (2D) diffraction model for the calculation of the diffraction field in 2D space and its applications to terahertz parallel-plate waveguide power splitters are …


Plasmonically enhanced metal–insulator multistacked photodetectors with separate absorption and collection junctions for near-infrared applications


Sina Abedini Dereshgi, Zulkarneyn Sisman, Kagan Topalli et al.


Plasmonically enhanced metal-insulator-metal (MIM) type structures are popular among perfect absorbers and photodetectors in which the field enhancement (for increased …


32 × 32 silicon electro-optic switch with built-in monitors and balanced-status units


Lei Qiao, Weijie Tang, Tao Chu


To construct large-scale silicon electro-optical switches for optical interconnections, we developed a method using a limited number of power monitors inserted at certain …


Activation volume of selected liquid crystals in the density scaling regime


A. Grzybowski, S. Urban, S. Mroz et al.


In this paper, we demonstrate and thoroughly analyze the activation volumetric properties of selected liquid crystals in the nematic and crystalline E phases in comparison with …


Self-Polarizing Microswimmers in Active Density Waves


Alexander Geiseler, Peter Hänggi, Fabio Marchesoni


An artificial microswimmer drifts in response to spatio-temporal modulations of an activating suspension medium. We consider two competing mechanisms capable of influencing its …


Ultra-wideband, Wide Angle and Polarization-insensitive Specular Reflection Reduction by Metasurface based on Parameter-adjustable Meta-Atoms


Jianxun Su, Yao Lu, Hui Zhang et al.


In this paper, an ultra-wideband, wide angle and polarization-insensitive metasurface is designed, fabricated, and characterized for suppressing the specular electromagnetic wave …


Rare-earth free self-luminescent Ca2KZn2(VO4)3 phosphors for intense white light-emitting diodes


L. Krishna Bharat, Soo-Kun Jeon, Kurugundla Gopi Krishna et al.


The commercially available white-light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) are made with a combination of blue LEDs and yellow phosphors. These types of WLEDs lack certain properties which …


Corrigendum: Structural revisions of small molecules reported to cross-link G-quadruplex DNA in vivo reveal a repetitive assignment error in the literature


Paul E. Reyes-Gutiérrez, Tomáš Kapal, Blanka Klepetářová et al.



Open-source algorithm for automatic choroid segmentation of OCT volume reconstructions


Javier Mazzaferri, Luke Beaton, Gisèle Hounye et al.


The use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) to study ocular diseases associated with choroidal physiology is sharply limited by the lack of available automated segmentation …


Trapping Phenomenon Attenuates the Consequences of Tipping Points for Limit Cycles


Everton S. Medeiros, Iberê L. Caldas, Murilo S. Baptista et al.


Nonlinear dynamical systems may be exposed to tipping points, critical thresholds at which small changes in the external inputs or in the system’s parameters abruptly shift the …


Fe doped Magnetic Nanodiamonds made by Ion Implantation


ChienHsu Chen, I. C. Cho, Hui-Shan Jian et al.


Here we present a simple physical method to prepare magnetic nanodiamonds (NDs) using high dose Fe ion-implantation. The Fe atoms are embedded into NDs through Fe …


Photodeposited Pd Nanoparticles with Disordered Structure for Phenylacetylene Semihydrogenation


Qining Fan, Sha He, Lin Hao et al.


Developing effective heterogeneous metal catalysts with high selectivity and satisfactory activity for chemoselective hydrogenation of alkyne to alkene is of great importance in …


Plasma cell treatment device Plasma-on-Chip: Monitoring plasma-generated reactive species in microwells


Jun-Seok Oh, Shinya Kojima, Minoru Sasaki et al.


We have developed a plasma cell treatment device called Plasma-on-Chip that enables the real-time monitoring of a single cell culture during plasma treatment. The device consists …


Millitesla magnetic field effects on the photocycle of an animal cryptochrome


Dean M. W. Sheppard, Jing Li, Kevin B. Henbest et al.


Drosophila have been used as model organisms to explore both the biophysical mechanisms of animal magnetoreception and the possibility that weak, low-frequency anthropogenic …


Emission properties of Ga2O3 nano-flakes: effect of excitation density


G. Pozina, M. Forsberg, M. A. Kaliteevski et al.


In the quest of developing high performance electronic and optical devices and more cost effective fabrication processes of monoclinic β-Ga2O3, new growth techniques and …


Ferroelectric symmetry-protected multibit memory cell


Laurent Baudry, Igor Lukyanchuk, Valerii M. Vinokur


The tunability of electrical polarization in ferroelectrics is instrumental to their applications in information-storage devices. The existing ferroelectric memory cells are …


Dynamical beam manipulation based on 2-bit digitally-controlled coding metasurface


Cheng Huang, Bo Sun, Wenbo Pan et al.


Recently, a concept of digital metamaterials has been proposed to manipulate field distribution through proper spatial mixtures of digital metamaterial bits. Here, we present a …


Atomic vapor as a source of tunable, non-Gaussian self-reconstructing optical modes


Jon D. Swaim, Kaitlyn N. David, Erin M. Knutson et al.


In this manuscript, we demonstrate the ability of nonlinear light-atom interactions to produce tunably non-Gaussian, partially self-healing optical modes. Gaussian spatial-mode …


Switchable Multiple Spin States in the Kondo description of Doped Molecular Magnets


Rajyavardhan Ray, Sanjeev Kumar


We show that introducing electrons in magnetic clusters and molecular magnets lead to rich phase diagrams with a variety of low-spin and high-spin states allowing for multiple …


Meta-Optical Chirality and Emergent Eigen-polarization Modes via Plasmon Interactions


Matthew Moocarme, Nicholas V. Proscia, Luat T. Vuong


The response of an individual meta-atom is often generalized to explain the collective response of a metasurface in a manner that neglects the interactions between meta-atoms. …


Metamaterial study of quasi-three-dimensional bowtie nanoantennas at visible wavelengths


Yukun Zhao, Feng Yun, Yi Huang et al.


In this paper, a novel array of quasi-three-dimensional (quasi-3D) bowtie nanoantennas has been investigated numerically and experimentally. A low-cost and facile method has been …


Nanocarbon condensation in detonation


Sorin Bastea


We analyze the definition of the Gibbs free energy of a nanoparticle in a reactive fluid environment, and propose an approach for predicting the size of carbon nanoparticles …


Tunability and Sensing Properties of Plasmonic/1D Photonic Crystal


Mohamed Shaban, Ashour M. Ahmed, Ehab Abdel-Rahman et al.


Gold/one-dimensional photonic crystal (Au/1D-PC) is fabricated and applied for sensitive sensing of glucose and different chemical molecules of various refractive indices. The Au …


Multistable states in a system of coupled phase oscillators with inertia


Di Yuan, Fang Lin, Limei Wang et al.


We investigate the generalized Kuramoto model of globally coupled oscillators with inertia, in which oscillators with positive coupling strength are conformists and oscillators …


Microscopic description for the emergence of collective dissipation in extended quantum systems


Fernando Galve, Antonio Mandarino, Matteo G. A. Paris et al.


Practical implementations of quantum technology are limited by unavoidable effects of decoherence and dissipation. With achieved experimental control for individual atoms and …


Magnetic hard gap due to bound magnetic polarons in the localized regime


Gaurab Rimal, Jinke Tang


We investigate the low temperature electron transport properties of manganese doped lead sulfide films. The system shows variable range hopping at low temperatures that crosses …


Laser-plasma-based Space Radiation Reproduction in the Laboratory


B. Hidding, O. Karger, T. Königstein et al.


Space radiation is a great danger to electronics and astronauts onboard space vessels. The spectral flux of space electrons, protons and ions for example in the radiation belts …


The Growth Mechanism of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by using Sulfurization of Pre-deposited Transition Metals and the 2D Crystal Hetero-structure Establishment


Chong-Rong Wu, Xiang-Rui Chang, Chao-Hsin Wu et al.


A growth model is proposed for the large-area and uniform MoS2 film grown by using sulfurization of pre-deposited Mo films on sapphire substrates. During the sulfurization …


Cognitive impairment categorized in community-dwelling older adults with and without dementia using in-home sensors that recognise activities of daily living


Prabitha Urwyler, Reto Stucki, Luca Rampa et al.


Cognitive impairment due to dementia decreases functionality in Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Its assessment is useful to identify care needs, risks and monitor disease …


Comparative Study of the Collective Dynamics of Proteins and Inorganic Nanoparticles


Esmael J. Haddadian, Hao Zhang, Karl F. Freed et al.


Molecular dynamics simulations of ubiquitin in water/glycerol solutions are used to test the suggestion by Karplus and coworkers that proteins in their biologically active state …


Massively parallel digital high resolution melt for rapid and absolutely quantitative sequence profiling


Daniel Ortiz Velez, Hannah Mack, Julietta Jupe et al.


In clinical diagnostics and pathogen detection, profiling of complex samples for low-level genotypes represents a significant challenge. Advances in speed, sensitivity, and …


Fundamental limits in high-Q droplet microresonators


A. Giorgini, S. Avino, P. Malara et al.


Liquid droplet whispering-gallery-mode microresonators open a new research frontier for sensing, optomechanics and photonic devices. At visible wavelengths, where most liquids …


Image reconstruction from photon sparse data


Lena Mertens, Matthias Sonnleitner, Jonathan Leach et al.


We report an algorithm for reconstructing images when the average number of photons recorded per pixel is of order unity, i.e. photon-sparse data. The image optimisation …


Graphene-copper composite with micro-layered grains and ultrahigh strength


Lidong Wang, Ziyue Yang, Ye Cui et al.


Graphene with ultrahigh intrinsic strength and excellent thermal physical properties has the potential to be used as the reinforcement of many kinds of composites. Here, we show …


A hybrid electrochemical device based on a synergetic inner combination of Li ion battery and Li ion capacitor for energy storage


Jun-Sheng Zheng, Lei Zhang, Annadanesh Shellikeri et al.


Li ion battery (LIB) and electrochemical capacitor (EC) are considered as the most widely used energy storage systems (ESSs) because they can produce a high energy density or a …


Surface Passivation of CdSe Quantum Dots in All Inorganic Amorphous Solid by Forming Cd1−xZnxSe Shell


Mengling Xia, Chao Liu, Zhiyong Zhao et al.


CdSe quantum dots (QDs) doped glasses have been widely investigated for optical filters, LED color converter and other optical emitters. Unlike CdSe QDs in solution, it is …


Improved Flexible Transparent Conductive Electrodes based on Silver Nanowire Networks by a Simple Sunlight Illumination Approach


Pengfei Kou, Liu Yang, Cheng Chang et al.


Silver nanowire (Ag NW) networks have attracted wide attention as transparent electrodes for emerging flexible optoelectronics. However, the sheet resistance is greatly limited …


Emergent Hyperbolic Network Geometry


Ginestra Bianconi, Christoph Rahmede


A large variety of interacting complex systems are characterized by interactions occurring between more than two nodes. These systems are described by simplicial complexes. …


Electromagnetic pulsed thermography for natural cracks inspection


Yunlai Gao, Gui Yun Tian, Ping Wang et al.


Emerging integrated sensing and monitoring of material degradation and cracks are increasingly required for characterizing the structural integrity and safety of infrastructure. …


Polarization conversion in cubic Raman crystals


Aaron McKay, Alexander Sabella, Richard P. Mildren


Nonlinear conversion of unpolarized beams to lower frequencies is generally inefficient in c(2) materials, as it is challenging to achieve phase-matching for input ordinary and …


Phytoalexin Phenalenone Derivatives Inactivate Mosquito Larvae and Root-knot Nematode as Type-II Photosensitizer


Runjiang Song, Yian Feng, Donghui Wang et al.


Phytoalexins phenalenones (PNs) are phytochemicals biosynthesized inside the plant in responsive to exterior threat. PNs are excellent type-II photosensitizers, which efficiently …


Rewritable Painting Realized from Ambient-Sensitive Fluorescence of ZnO Nanoparticles


Kai-Kai Liu, Chong-Xin Shan, Gao-Hang He et al.


Paper, as one of the most important information carriers, has contributed to the development and transmission of human civilization greatly. Meanwhile, a serious problem of …


Phase Diagram of Continuous Binary Nanoalloys: Size, Shape, and Segregation Effects


Mingjin Cui, Haiming Lu, Haiping Jiang et al.


The phase diagrams of continuous binary nanoalloys are important in providing guidance for material designs and industrial applications. However, experimental determination of …


Lithium intercalation mechanism into FeF3·0.5H2O as a highly stable composite cathode material


Ghulam Ali, Ji–Hoon Lee, Wonyoung Chang et al.


The growing demand for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) requires investigation of high-performance electrode materials with the advantages of being environmentally friendly and …


Room Temperature Characteristics of Polymer-Based Low Ice Adhesion Surfaces


Zhiwei He, Elisabeth T. Vågenes, Chrisrosemarie Delabahan et al.


Ice adhesion is mainly dictated by surface properties, and water wettability is frequently correlated with ice adhesion strength. However, these established correlations are …


Surface Structuring with Polarization-Singular Femtosecond Laser Beams Generated by a q-plate


Jijil JJ Nivas, Filippo Cardano, Zhenming Song et al.


In the last few years femtosecond optical vortex beams with different spatial distributions of the state of polarization (e.g. azimuthal, radial, spiral, etc.) have been used to …


Nanosecond time-resolved characterization of a pentacene-based room-temperature MASER


Enrico Salvadori, Jonathan D. Breeze, Ke-Jie Tan et al.


The performance of a room temperature, zero-field MASER operating at 1.45 GHz has been examined. Nanosecond laser pulses, which are essentially instantaneous on the timescale of …


Anti-site-induced diverse diluted magnetism in LiMgPdSb-type CoMnTiSi alloy


T. T. Lin, X. F. Dai, R. K. Guo et al.


The effect of three kinds of anti-site disorder to electronic structure and magnetic properties of the LiMgPdSb-type CoMnTiSi alloy are investigated. It was found the Mn-Ti …


A comparison of the uniaxial deformation of copper and nickel (1 1 19) surfaces: a molecular dynamics study


Nuša Pukšič, Monika Jenko, Matjaž Godec et al.


While a lot is known about the deformation of metallic surfaces from experiments, elasticity theory and simulations, this investigation represents the first …


Growth-inducing effects of argon plasma on soybean sprouts via the regulation of demethylation levels of energy metabolism-related genes


Jiao Jiao Zhang, Jin Oh Jo, Do Luong Huynh et al.


This study was conducted to determine the effects of argon plasma on the growth of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] sprouts and investigate the regulation mechanism of energy …


In vivo remineralization of dentin using an agarose hydrogel biomimetic mineralization system


Min Han, Quan-Li Li, Ying Cao et al.


A novel agarose hydrogel biomimetic mineralization system loaded with calcium and phosphate was used to remineralize dentin and induce the oriented densely parallel packed HA …


Quality Evaluation Focusing on Tissue Fractal Dimension and Chemical Changes for Frozen Tilapia with Treatment by Tangerine Peel Extract


Qi He, Zhao Yang, Bin Gong et al.


This work aimed to establish an effective approach to evaluate the quality of frozen fish, focusing on changes in fish tissue structure and chemical composition during storage. …


Operator Radiation and the Efficacy of Ceiling-Suspended Lead Screen Shielding during Coronary Angiography: An Anthropomorphic Phantom Study Using Real-Time Dosimeters


Qianjun Jia, Ziman Chen, Xianxian Jiang et al.


Operator radiation and the radiation protection efficacy of a ceiling-suspended lead screen were assessed during coronary angiography (CA) in a catheterization laboratory. An …


Ultra-high resolution profiles of macular intra-retinal layer thicknesses and associations with visual field defects in primary open angle glaucoma


Qi Chen, Shenghai Huang, Qingkai Ma et al.


The structural characteristics of the outer retinal layers in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) are still controversial, and these changes, along with those in the inner retinal …


Allometric scaling in-vitro


Arti Ahluwalia


About two decades ago, West and coworkers established a model which predicts that metabolic rate follows a three quarter power relationship with the mass of an organism, based on …


Aza-heterocyclic Receptors for Direct Electron Transfer Hemoglobin Biosensor


Vinay Kumar, D. M. Nikhila Kashyap, Suraj Hebbar et al.


Direct Electron Transfer biosensors, facilitating direct communication between the biomolecule of interest and electrode surface, are preferable compared to enzymatic and …


Predictive Value of Cumulative Blood Pressure for All-Cause Mortality and Cardiovascular Events


Yan Xiu Wang, Lu Song, Ai Jun Xing et al.


The predictive value of cumulative blood pressure (BP) on all-cause mortality and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (CCE) has hardly been studied. In this prospective …

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