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Nature News highlights: 2 February 2017

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  02 February 2017    

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Nature Milestones: Antibodies
chronicles the history of antibodies from their earliest description in antisera, their structure, generation and function, right through to their recent application in cancer immunotherapy. It also includes a timeline and a collection of seminal papers reproduced from Springer Nature.
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Trump immigration ban upends international work on disease

01 February 2017

The ensuing damage to scientific collaborations puts the United States at risk, researchers say. Read More


Physicists propose football-pitch-sized quantum computer

01 February 2017

Blueprint outlines ambitious scheme to solve uncrackable problems using existing technology. Read More


Science and the US Supreme Court: The cases to watch in 2017

01 February 2017

Drug patents and environmental regulations feature in upcoming court cases as Trump nominates a justice. Read More

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US turmoil, oil pipelines and a treason arrest

01 February 2017

The week in science: 27 January–2 February 2017. Read More


What it would take to reach the stars

01 February 2017

A wild plan is taking shape to visit the nearest planet outside our Solar System. Here's how we could get to Proxima b. Read More


The developing world needs more than numbers

01 February 2017

Policymakers should read the contents of published papers and not just count them, says Dyna Rochmyaningsih. Read More 


Race to provide commercial weather data heats up

01 February 2017

A movement to privatize Earth-observing satellites is gaining ground. Read More


Astronomers explore uses for AI-generated images

01 February 2017

Neural networks produce pictures to train image-recognition programs and scientific software. Read More


Gene drives thwarted by emergence of resistant organisms

31 January 2017

Until this obstacle is overcome, the technology is unlikely to succeed in the wild. Read More


How heat from the Sun can keep us all cool

31 January 2017

As demand for air conditioning climbs, some see a solution in the very thing that makes us sweat: the Sun. Read More


Obama science adviser: Trump immigration ban 'an abomination'

30 January 2017

John Holdren worries that immigration restrictions could harm researchers' ability to collaborate across borders. Read More 


Meet the scientists affected by Trump's immigration ban

29 January 2017

Order barring citizens of seven countries from entering the United States has left many confused and afraid. Read More


Trump agenda threatens US legacy of science diplomacy

27 January 2017

Concerns mount that the new US president will sideline science's role in international relations. Read More


Swimming starfish, a departing dinosaur and a lot of ice

27 January 2017

The sharpest science shots from December and January, selected by Nature's photo team. Read More


Researchers shocked at UK's plan to exit EU nuclear agency

27 January 2017

The United Kingdom's role in major fusion projects remains in limbo. Read More


Pixels to data: Quantitative cell biology using high-content imaging and analysis.
Date: Tuesday 28 February 2017

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