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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 4 January 2017; Vol. 36, No. 1

4 January 2017 | Volume 36, Number 1 Submit

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News & Views

Volume 36, Number 1

Thorsten Hoppe and Dana Branzei
Published online 14.12.2016

News & Views

Prostaglandin PGE2 triggers mouse and human intestinal wound associated epithelial cell generation in response to injury, acting through its epithelial receptor EP4.

Rene Jackstadt and Owen James Sansom
Published online 08.12.2016 Open Access


Intestinal wound‐associated epithelial (WAE) cells are a transient class of repair cells critical for repair initiation. Prostaglandin PGE2 triggers WAE cell generation in response to injury, acting through its epithelial receptor EP4.

Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Kelli L VanDussen, Nicole P Malvin, Stacy H Ryu, Yi Wang, Naomi M Sonnek, Chin‐Wen Lai, and Thaddeus S Stappenbeck
Published online 24.10.2016


Hydrodynamic regression is used to infer mechanical parameters from microscopy data obtained during epiboly in zebrafish. This novel approach identifies a polarized gradient of cortical tension as the driver of tissue movements.

Amayra Hernández‐Vega, María Marsal, Philippe‐Alexandre Pouille, Sébastien Tosi, Julien Colombelli, Tomás Luque, Daniel Navajas, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, and Enrique Martín‐Blanco
Published online 09.11.2016


Secretory autophagy, an unconventional secretion pathway for cytosolic proteins such as IL‐1β and ferritin, diverges from degradative autophagy by utilization of specialized SNAREs and cargo receptors.

Tomonori Kimura, Jingyue Jia, Suresh Kumar, Seong Won Choi, Yuexi Gu, Michal Mudd, Nicolas Dupont, Shanya Jiang, Ryan Peters, Farzin Farzam, Ashish Jain, Keith A Lidke, Christopher M Adams, Terje Johansen, and Vojo Deretic
Published online 08.12.2016


Gata6 controls survival of proliferating epithelial precursor cells by protecting from DNA damage and balancing differentiation via Edaradd and NF‐κB.

Alex B Wang, Ying V Zhang, and Tudorita Tumbar
Published online 01.12.2016


Dephosphorylation of yeast Spc110 by Cdc14 helps to stabilize mitotic spindles and promotes recruitment of damaged DNA to spindle pole bodies for efficient repair.

María Teresa Villoria, Facundo Ramos, Encarnación Dueñas, Peter Faull, Pedro Rodríguez Cutillas, and Andrés Clemente‐Blanco
Published online 16.11.2016 Open Access


Interleukin‐1β regulates the expansion of pathogenic Th17 during autoimmune neuroinflammation.

Ilgiz A Mufazalov, Carsten Schelmbauer, Tommy Regen, Janina Kuschmann, Florian Wanke, Laureen A Gabriel, Judith Hauptmann, Werner Müller, Emmanuel Pinteaux, Florian C Kurschus, and Ari Waisman
Published online 08.11.2016


The transcription factor AhR links sensing of environmental stimuli to the regulation of B‐cell proliferation by promoting the ability of B cells to enter the cell cycle.

Matteo Villa, Manolis Gialitakis, Mauro Tolaini, Helena Ahlfors, Colin J Henderson, C Roland Wolf, Robert Brink, and Brigitta Stockinger
Published online 14.11.2016 Open Access

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