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Molecular Systems Biology - New articles published - 1 Dec 2016

Frontiers in Metabolism
November 2016 | Volume 12, Number 11 Submit

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Volume 12, Number 11


Physiological circuits must keep their output dynamics precise despite wide variation in circuit parameters. We present a design principle for this robustness, find that it explains experimental observations on glucose homeostasis, and show that it may apply to other physiological circuits.

Omer Karin, Avital Swisa, Benjamin Glaser, Yuval Dor, and Uri Alon
Published online 08.11.2016 Open Access

News & Views

Characterizing the chromatin proteome is essential for understanding transcriptional regulation. To this end, Krijgsveld and colleagues (Rafiee et al, 2016) report ChIP‐SICAP, a method combining ChIP, isolation of chromatin‐associated proteins and mass spectrometry.

Dalila Bensaddek and Angus I Lamond
Published online 10.11.2016 Open Access


An approach is presented for mapping single‐cell expression profiles to sequentially acquired mutations identified by exome sequencing. Phylogenies of EGF‐driven and PDGF‐driven gliomas are constructed, modeling transcriptional kinetics during tumor evolution.

Sören Müller, Siyuan John Liu, Elizabeth Di Lullo, Martina Malatesta, Alex A Pollen, Tomasz J Nowakowski, Gary Kohanbash, Manish Aghi, Arnold R Kriegstein, Daniel A Lim, and Aaron Diaz
Published online 25.11.2016 Open Access

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